Submission to Andre Ch. 11


We lay there in a fucked daze for a while. It was nice to lay here with him and just enjoy this time together. I thought about where this was going and how that would affect my life and marriage. I needed to talk to MJ. She should know that I was turning into, no, had become a bitch for a dominant. I could be satisfied if I never fucked or sucked her again as long as Andre would have me. I was becoming a resident of the state of confusion: I loved her, wanted her to be happy, would do anything to make that so but I had to have his cock. I needed that thing now like I needed to breathe. It made me feel so complete, so satisfied! If I’d been told a couple of weeks ago that I would be in a hotel room sucking a big black cock and loving every second, I would have laughed. It just wasn’t me, I was straight. At least I thought that I was. Now I wasn’t sure what I was or where Andre was taking me. The only thing for sure is that wherever that was, I was going.

He took me into the shower and we took a long hot one together. Caressing in the hot spray was very erotic and he had me hard before it was through. I took him into the bedroom and sat him down on the edge of the bed. Jed and Sean were gone, back to Jed’s room, I guessed. I knelt between his legs on the floor and began to worship that thick black tool. I stroked it and kissed it gently as he touched my face, ears and neck. I touched the soft skin of the head with my tongue. Licked it. I rubbed it all over my face and tongue. It grew thicker and longer with each stroke. He groaned as I licked the head over and over, tasting it. I gripped harder and licked the large vein that throbbed. I cupped one of his balls and moved down to suck it. I took the whole thing into my mouth as he made some grunting noises. I continued to stroke that huge shaft while his nuts tightened up. I sucked the other one, harder than before. I really had a good rhythm going. He gripped my head in his hands and gasped, “I’m really hard, I’m gonna cum”, He pulled me off his nuts and shoved my head onto his shaft, “Suck on it, bitch! Suck it!” He shoved it all the way down my throat making me gag, bucking his hips as he shot his load. I pulled back after he’d gotten off to get some in my mouth. A gob hit me right below my eye! Geez, he was big! I drained him dry by working the ridge and got every drop. I pumped my bursa escort bayan hardon until I got off.

He fucked me again the next morning, hard and long. He made me holla as he pounded my ass with that thick, nasty pole! He promised me I could suck him during lunch. I told him that I’d suck him before, during and after if he wanted. I just couldn’t get enough of his hot meat or his cum. It was all I thought about during the meeting with the Owensby team.

Jed made an appearance when we arrived, popping out of his office to be introduced and say hello. He’d told us the night before to be discreet and we were. We would meet him later at the hotel for some fun and games. He sure was a horny old bastard! I thought about his little show with Sean on the couch and wondered who was going to fuck whom tonight? Andre had promised Sean that they’d hook up later but he wasn’t specific and if he changed his mind and fucked me again, so what?

After the meeting Andre took me for a drive north along the coast road and parked along the beach. I’d been feeling him the whole time so he was really hard when I pulled him out. I ran my finger along a vein pulsing on his shaft. He exhaled slowly as I took him into my mouth. I sucked him long and slow for what must have been ten wet minutes till he came, and again, in my mouth. Andre rubbed my nips while I jacked myself off. Then he drove to a beach taqueria and we ate under the awning with the day laborers and tourists.

When we got back to the parking lot Jed was getting out of a car being driven by Sean. He smiled and greeted us.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen. Did you have a nice lunch?” He winked.

“Yes we did, thanks.” Andre answered.

“Have you made plans for dinner?” Jed asked. “I’d like to invite you to my suite tonight. The chef has some fresh snapper and he does it up right.”

Andre smiled and said, “We’d love to be your guests for dinner, Jeb, thank you.”

“Great!” Jeb ducked into the window of the car and spoke to Sean for a moment. He removed himself and spoke as Sean pulled away. “Sean is picking a surprise for this evening. I hope you like it.”

Andre was curious, “A surprise?”

“For tonight.” Jeb smirked.

We finished our meeting with Owensby’s Vice-President of Operations and went to a beach bar for a drink. Andre bursa evi olan escort was happy that the meeting had gone well and wanted to celebrate with a drink. I told him that I would like to celebrate by sucking his cock. I was really getting horny. It had been hours since I’d had any and I could think of little else besides sucking and fucking him.

“You’re gonna have to wait.” Andre wasn’t smiling now. “I promised Sean that he could have some. You’re going to spend some time with Jeb. I promised him that he could have you for a night.”

My phone rang before I could tell him what I thought of his plan. It was MJ. I excused myself and spoke to her, “Hi honey. How’s it going?”

“Just great, Lymon took me out on his sailboat and now we’re headed to dinner at the hotel. We had a great time!” I’m sure she did, MJ loved to sail. Lymon probably needed the break; he couldn’t bone her 24/7 could he? She continued: “How’s your trip going?”

“Really well, we just finished our meetings and we’re having dinner with the CEO of the client company.”

“That’s really cool, I hope the rest of the evening turns out for you guys. I’m going to drag Lymon up to the room after we eat and have my way with him!” She laughed. “Maybe you two will get lucky! A couple of good looking dudes hanging out at the beach?”

“I think that might be possible. There’s been some interesting stuff that’s gone on already.”

“I want to hear all about it.”

“You will, I guarantee.”

We said our good-byes and hung up. I hoped Lymon was up, really up to the task ahead, she sounded pretty eager! MJ was a force of nature on a normal day but when she got excited, it was hard to keep up with her. I had satisfied that hot cunt but never tamed it. I didn’t think anyone could, she was such a nympho! I was getting turned on just thinking about her sexual appetite. She was an amazing woman with a heart of gold and a hot pussy – quite a combo.

“It’s going to be a beautiful sunset.” Andre had joined me out on the beach. I’d been staring out at the ocean thinking about MJ. I was going to have to tell her what was going on sooner or later. I thought that she’d understand. I knew that she’d understand, but where were we going? She was enjoying her fling with Lymon, but what about when it ran its course? bursa otele gelen escort I answered him without taking my eyes from the waves. “Yes, it will. Do you want to take me to the hotel now?”

When we got to the hotel there was a message to join Jeb in his suite.

The clerk gave Andre a key. “Mr. Owensby said to let yourselves in.”

Jeb’s suite was spacious and luxurious; it was obviously the primo digs of this hotel. What the hell, he owned it, he should have the sweetest suite, right?

There was a woman panting and grunting in the nearest bedroom. We looked in to see Sean pounding away dogstyle on an attractive, buxom blonde who was enjoying every inch of his thick black meat. She was on her knees at the edge of the bed while he stood behind her on the floor. He held her ass cheeks in each hand while he worked her. He was definitely in control and strokin’ it! She moaned loudly with each sensuous stroke. He was giving her the longdick treatment! I was really getting hot watching this show!

Andre pulled me over to the other bedroom where Jeb and a brown island girl were locked in a nasty sixty-nine on the bed. She was on top grinding her muff into his face while she licked the length of his cock. She gripped it tightly around the base and had two fingers of her other hand up his ass. He was grunting and groaning with pleasure.

Andre put his arm around me and kissed my ear. He whispered, “Let’s get nuts.” I didn’t need to be told a second time. We kissed deeply, pulled each other’s clothes off and sank to the floor. His tongue was wrapped around mine as his hands worked their magic on my horny body. My mind swam as the familiar heat of arousal flooded my loins. I gripped him while I rubbed the huge head of his against mine. I couldn’t get my hand around his thick shaft and it was hard as ‘Chinese arithmetic’. I sucked harder on his tongue. He groaned from deep in his chest. I had him going, yeah! I wanted to put that hot meat in my mouth but didn’t because I wanted to make him come by strokin’ the heads together. Just touching them together produced an amazing sensation and rubbing them was almost unbearable! WOW! What a feeling! I started to come; he kissed me harder and pinched my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I was shooting spurt after spurt now and rubbing my dickhead and his together for all I was worth. He moaned and pulled his tongue out of my mouth. He pushed my face down onto that huge black hardon covered with my cum. I went deep onto that nasty choad, sucking as hard as I could! My efforts were rewarded as he unloaded gob after gob of thick, tasty juice down my throat.

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