Stunned and Satisfied


Jade is 39 never married heiress to a massive family wealth staying at my Preston Hollow estate as a guest. I was recommended to her by family friend. She called and we had a short conversation, I invited her to spend a weekend with me to discuss investment possibilities . Jade looked critically at her body in the full-length mirror of her room as she waited for the bathtub to fill with water and bubbles. She took off her shirt and sweatpants and appraised her assets. Jade is a willowy 5’9” has pert 36C breasts that are not too big but not too small; two delectable mounds of creamy flesh topped with two rosebud nipples. That tapered off to a slim svelte waist and flared out into gorgeous hips. Her buttocks is firm and round, looking like two creamy mounds with a dark crevasse down the center leading to her puckered anus and musky center. Her long legs are smooth and gorgeous. Due to frequent gym visits, she is fit.

Jade’s doe shaped hazel eyes are fringed with dark lashes. Her blonde hair hangs straight to her armpits. Jade squinted at the mirror, scrutinizing her body. Her sweet bow-shaped mouth and cute button nose are speculative. Her complexion is flawless, smooth and creamy. Jade gave up scrutinizing herself as she knew in the back of her mind that she is drop-dead beautiful for her age and went into the bathroom. She turned off the water and slowly got into the tub. It feels so good on her tired body. She tries to relax, but ends up fidgeting. She still had some pent-up energy. She needed a release. Jade opens her legs and fluttered her fingers in front of her soft pussy and groans. The motions has caused the water to flow against her pussy, arousing her. As Jade looks down at her bubble-obscured body, her hand lightly flicks her swelling clit, eliciting further moans. As if on their own accord, her fingers slowly start stroking her mound.

This is more than Jade can take. She climbs out of the tub grabbing a towel, quickly drying off. She took a while toweling off her pussy, the rough fabric of the towel resulting in more arousal. Jade hurried to the bedroom and threw herself on the bed. She flicked on the television, and watched the porno she had rented yesterday. As the two bleached blondes romped with each other, Jade’s fingers begin to do their magic on her body. She threw her head back and closed her eyes, listening to the moans coming from the television as one hand played with her breasts and nipples, and her other hand begins earnestly rubbing her wet mound. Her soft fleshy cunt is dripping in her juices – she is wetter than she had thought. Two fingers slowly separated her fleshy labia and sink into her molten depths. Another groan escapes between her parted lips. With her eyes closed and the movie playing, she hadn’t heard me come into the bedroom. Jade is on her back with her legs apart, her fingers stuffed into her melting pussy, while a porno played an accompaniment to her pants and gasps.

I closed the door softly as my pants quickly begin to feel tighter. I looked down and see my 9” long, 3.5” wide cock fighting to release itself from my pants. I quickly stripped down as Jade pleasured herself. I watched as she squeezed 3 fingers into her tiny dripping cunt. Jade fucked her pussy harder, riding on waves of ecstasy as her fingers pistoned between her open long legs. She feels a burning deep inside her that spread like a tidal wave. Her tight cunt clamped onto her fingers and milked them as her body surrendered to her orgasm. I watched Jade reach an orgasm, her scream of pleasure music to my ears, her body bucking as her fingers flew in and out of that aching hole. When I saw that she is finished, I finally announced my presence, my aching twitching cock begging to be buried into Jade’s burning depths. “ That was good bitch. Now lets fill it up and see if you can cum like that again.” Jade’s eyes snapped open. She recognized that voice. “ John!!! What are you doing here!!!” Before she can do anything, I had my hard cock lined up with her dripping pussy. “ What the hell are you doing John?! Stop it!”

I entered her quickly, shoving my hard cock into her still spasming pussy. It feels so good to slide into this tight little bitch. She is so wet and warm inside. I look down at her beautiful face – it is contorted with pain. “ Stop, stop! It hurts! Please stop!” I’m thrusting in and out of her, ignoring her pleas. “ Stop John! It hurts, it really hurts!” she is trying to sit up and get away from me. I continue, the width of my cock is stretching her small unused pussy wide open. I see her flesh grip me tightly as I slammed into her. “ Stop! Stop it right now!!!” Jade’s eyes filled with tears and her teeth are clenched together. Her pussy betraying her as it welcomes the invasion of my hard thick filling cock. “ Your pussy is dripping, you know you want this. You’re a dirty little slut. Taking it like this.” I slammed my hard cock into her sweet hole. She howls in pain and I grinned. “ Feel good?” I shoved my cock roughly into her, her pussy clenching around my cock, trying to eject me from her honeyed depths, but it only succeeded in stimulating me even more. I hear the loud wet sounds her clenching pussy made as I slammed into her.

“ Shit you have a tight pussy. Oh it feels good. Does this hurt?” I savagely drive my cock in and out of her cunt; violent thrusts that feel like they will tear her body apart. “ Fuck you!!!! Get the fuck away!!!” Jade lay writhing in agony as her pussy is violated and stretched beyond her pain tolerance. My cock is larger than she thought she could handle. The pain is over whelming her so much that she can’t fight me off. She tensed her body up, causing her pussy to clench harder around my cock. This is too much pleasure for me. Soon, I’m fucking her like a wild animal. I feel her body loosen up as her wet pussy milks me. Jade’s body cries out for my hot hard cock. She opened her legs more to allow me easier access to her hot molten depths. “ Oh, fuck me you cruel animal. You bastard. Fuck me harder. Rape my body, make it feel good!! Unnnh!!” She raised her hips to meet my thrusts, and I grunted Sex hikayeleri as my balls tightened and she feels me near climax. Her small pussy is so hard to resist, and because it is small, it made it harder to keep from cumming as it clenched around me. I fucked her pussy faster and faster. Jade tossed her head from side to side, feeling another orgasm coming on. our heavy panting and groans are loud, and only served to hasten our orgasms.

“ OH FUCK YES! MILK MY COCK BITCH!! FUCK YES!!” I bellowed as I rammed my cock deep into her and shot my seed into her womb, pumping rope after rope of steaming cum into her small sopping pussy. Jade can’t take it anymore, she begins to cum as she feels my hot jets of cum spraying into her cunt. She bucks her hips and milked every last drop out of me. There is so much cum from the both of them that it leaks out from around my dick and trickles down to Jade’s anus, leaving a shining creamy trail. I pull out and collapse on top of Jade kissing her cheek. “ Was that as good for you as it was for me, Jade?” I rolled off her and got up leaving her on the bed.

I have a reputation for being a master manipulator especially with women, but I have used this skill in business.
Jade got up went to the bathroom cleaned up and came down for dinner, after dinner we enjoyed some wine and conversation. I accosted her at the top of the stairs. From behind, I pull her hard against me, tilting her head to the left, up towards my face with my hand wide, wrapped around her neck and jaw. Six and a half feet tall, with broadness to match, I dwarfed her with my presence, using this to easily manipulate her physically. I reach my free hand down her shorts and roughly finger her. The aggression made her knees buckle and she slipped towards the floor, but with my arms, I held her upright as to not allow her to escape the rough fondling. My eyes rolling up as I pressed my nose and lips into the side of her head, inhaling the scent of her hair.

Jade thrashed her arm out, which was pinned under me, but this resulted in me pulling her in harder against my body and painfully thrusting another finger in with the other two. Instictively, this challenged her to thrash around harder, but I then wrapped my left arm around her torso, restraining her at the elbows of her arms. I spun her around and stared at her with a repulsing smirk of pleasure while her eyes retorted in fuming ire. I leaned in for a kiss and she reactively turned her chin up and away, shielding the skin of her neck with a curtain of blonde hair. With that challenge, I push her down the hall towards the bedroom. I dragged her over to the bed and bent her over it. I pull her shorts and panties down to her ankles, Jade hears me unzipping my pants and they drop to my ankles. With my knee I force her legs apart, with my fingers I spread her cheeks and lips apart and gently stretch her vagina open with two fingers before entering with my cock. I lean forward thrusting my cock into her hard and deep. I’m slamming into her like a pile driver harder and deeper. I pinned her so tight against the bed, ramming my cock inside her so she is held up off the floor suspended. She pointed her toes like a ballerina and still can’t reach the floor. My hand pushes firmly on her back maintaining her position on the bed, an unnecessary move, a move to assert further control.

Despite my ability to overpower her, she attempted to push me off of her. Lest I forget, this arrangement is on her terms, and she wanted to masturbate now. Jade righted herself while I still pressed against her back. She faced me and shoved me backwards. “ Sit down.” She demanded, firmly. She walked towards me with her feet apart exposing herself to me with thighs wide. My hard cock standing out and swaying, she kicked me hard in the shin, reminding me that I’m not allowed to get off yet. Jade is powerful and self-sufficient and now she is going to show me that she didn’t need me. Show me how much better she can fuck herself then I can fuck her. She grabs her vibrator inserts the dildo into her pussy, then turns it on, working with the dildo, she let out harmonic moans. While her dildo is
massaging her pussy, she is gasping and screaming. She braces herself shaking, and slamming her head back. In masturbation, Jade becomes a show; a vocal and bodily display of self expression. She closes her eyes and sees me, . She sees my hips thrusting hard between her thighs, my butt muscles flexing hard with each push, my eyes stoking her fire while I hovered over her with hot breath, propped on elbows by her ears, forearms guarding her head. Jade collapsed onto the floor. Her juices running down from between her legs. She slowed down and paused within the contractions of her orgasm.

“ Keep going. You’re not done yet. I know you can come again.” She held the dildo pressing it deep inside, orgasming further from the contractions around it. Her hips lifted up off the floor as she arched her back. Her eyes rolling back as she whispered my name. I tried to take hold and control the dildo, sensing Jade is elsewhere, not present and escaping inwards towards better thoughts. I aimed to remind her of my presence. “ No!” She said as I pulled the dildo out and put it down. I begin to rub the inside of her thighs while she is laying back with closed eyes, blissfully playing with her clit. She slaps my hand away. How dare I take her away from her dream?
I lunged forward pushing her left thigh across her body to the right and spanked her hard for her insubordination. Fuck him. She hates me. I took away her toy and slammed my cock into her again. I pinned her hands on the floor at her ears and stared into her eyes, seeking to make a connection. Denying me the satisfaction, she regained mental control to combat my physical control with her own powers of manipulation. Jade closed her eyes and pictured her ex-boyfriend’s kind eyes. She gasped my name, barely audible. I’m ravishing her vagina with my cock. She said my name again, louder, as she sucked in air. She ignores my inquiries as I slammed into her. Then she yelled Sikiş hikayeleri it. She yelled my name. She is exhausted as she orgasms again and her pussy contracts hard around my cock. I groan erupting deep inside her, she feels my cock throbbing and jerking spewing cum filling her.

AT 2 AM I woke up with a hard on needing immediate relief, I quietly enter Jade’s room and crawl into bed with her. She is laying on her side, as I lay down behind her pressing my body against her. Suddenly Jade woke up and froze. Breathing, somebody is behind her. She tries to twist her head around in a frantic attempt too see, but I prevent her from doing so. Suddenly there is a touch, my finger brushing her cheek. Then she is aware of me directly behind and above her. Again a touch, brushing the side of her cheek, but this time she sees my hand, large and rough. She shivers as my hand continues to stroke her cheek, she closes her eyes tight. She feels my breath, and then a kiss, gentle and soft. She wants to open her eyes, to see me, but she can’t make them. I kiss her again, more firmly, and then she feels a lick. She shivers as my tongue slides over her cheek, and then down, with little kisses and licks, down onto her neck. My hand gently but firmly pulls her head to one side, and the kisses and licks continue up and down her neck.

The other hand moves down the front of her body, and Jade tenses as my hand cups and squeezes first one breast and the other. She is proud of her breasts, still firm and erect. After a few minutes of squeezing, my hand moves slightly, and begins to fiddle with her night shirt. A few minutes of fumbling then my hand gave up and simply gave the shirt a sharp tug and the buttons fly off. Jade tried to make a muffled protest, and twist her head back up, but the other hand held it firmly and the kissing and licking continue. Meanwhile, my hand that had just yanked open her shirt is now squeezing one then the other breast. Suddenly my kissing and licking move downward, over her collar bone and down her front. She now sees me, she feels my kissing lips advance downwards onto her right breast, and she lets out a muffled moan as she feels my lips touch her nipple. To her shock, it responded right away and begins to swell and harden. ” Nooooooooooooo” she cries out, but the actual sound simply emerges as a loud muffled moan. She feels me sucking at her nipple, flicking and teasing it with the tip of my tongue. Meanwhile my hand begins to snake its way down, over Jade’s belly, down to her crotch. It moves along her leg until it reaches her panties.

She feels my hand resting on her inner thigh and then it begins to advance back up her leg, making little back and forward stroking motions as it advances. It reaches her hip and then continues its journey, and Jade found herself holding her breath. Then my hand touches her panties, wet with excitement and arousal, a tingling sensation running through her body, mingling with the feeling from her breast causing Jade involuntarily arch her back. I continue to suck and lick her nipple, while my hand between her thighs begins to stroke and rub the crotch of her panties. At first it is gently, barely using any pressure, but with each motion of my hand I increase the pressure against her pantie clad pussy. Jade desperately tries to push back the growing wave of pleasure that her body is assaulting her brain with, but being unable to move or close her thighs, there is little she can do to repel them or me, she is completely at the mercy of her body and me. As my hand between her legs continues to increase its pressure, Jade simply sighs and gives up the battle allowing wave after wave of tingling, buzzing pleasure to sweep over her. However, just as she gave up the fight, the sensations stop and subside.

Jade opens her eyes, and I’m standing in front of her. My eyes have a glint in them in the low light. Jade wants to plead with me to stop, again all she can manage is muffled noises. It is so wrong, wrong that she has felt pleasure from my three attacks, that her body has betrayed her every time. Suddenly I moved over to the night stand, then I turn back, Jade took in a sharp breath. In my hand is a knife, not large, but in Jade’s heightened state of fear and arousal, it appears to be huge. As I move to stand in front of her, she shook her head and made pleading sounds . Then slowly, I lower myself down between her spread thighs, placing a hand on her thigh. Jade watches me wide eyed as I run my hand up and down her thigh, then moving to the other thigh and repeating the caressing. My hands move down rubbing her mound, and then drops down over her pussy, squeezing and caressing it. It moves back up and pulls at her panties. My hand with the knife came up and she closes her eyes in anticipation of pain. Seconds latter, they opened and she looks down, as she realized that I cut away her wet panties. She feels cool air on her hot wet skin.

Now Jade is fully exposed, her bare wet pussy, open to my gaze. As she watches, she sees me licking my lips, and then I bend forward kissing her thigh, and then again. Slowly I kiss my way down her thigh, and when I reach her bare pussy, I lick her. A new bubble of excitement begins to build up in her belly as my tongue slips its way inward to her pussy. Suddenly the bubble burst as a intense burst of pleasure springs from between her thighs, as I run my tongue around her pussy, and then it increases two fold, as I slip the tip of my tongue up and down her slit. Jade tries to raise her hips and push her wet pussy against my tongue, but I pull back. Damn, he’s teasing me, the bastard, she thought, as she moans in her frustration. I continue to play over her pussy with the tip of my tongue for several minutes, flicking it over and then circling her clit and then back down over her lips. Again she bucks her hips up against my mouth in an attempt to increase the pressure against her pussy. God she needed to cum, she thought, oh, how can I tease her like this, but all she can do is make soft moaning and whimpering noises.

I continue toying with her Erotik hikaye pussy for a few more minutes, then, I begin to apply more pressure, flicking her clitoris, and then licking it. I toy with her swollen rosebud, and then move down, slipping my tongue between her love petals and pushing inside her pussy. Yes, thought Jade, yes, please stick in, oh please. She lets out a loud sigh, as she lost herself as wave after wave of pleasure crashes over her. My tongue is licking deep inside her pussy, as my lips and teeth are rubbing against her love lips and clitoris, and she is now letting out a loud continuous wail as her orgasm crashes into her. Her body shaking and writhing. Juices flowing out from around my face, as she is lost in her cloud of ecstatic sexual pleasure, cumming continously for the first time in her life.
I continue to lick inside her, despite the flow of juices flowing out of her, until her spasms begin to subside and then finally stop. Jade is vaguely aware that I had moved away from her, but she didn’t pay much attention until a movement made her look up.

I’m standing in front her, her eyes drop and widen sharply when she sees the size of my cock jutting out and swaying. She watches mesmerized, as I begin to stroke my cock with my hand. Jade can’t stop herself from watching me. She looks into my dark eyes for a second, before dropping them back to my cock. Again, slowly at first, I continue stroking my shaft. Jade’s mouth drops open wide, at the size of me, to her inexperienced mind, my cock looks bigger then before, she has never seen such a massive cock. She shivers, both in fear and anticipation. Oh god he’s going to rape me again with that monster. She feels an odd feeling of panic and excitement building up inside her stomach again. She waited, as I stood there, my huge cock standing out proudly, and then I step forward, between her open thighs, and my hand came up. She found herself face to face with my cock, now pressing against her cheek. With a deep sigh she breathes deeply. She is about to speak, to shout, but I lean back and raised my finger to my lips and she hesitated. I shook my head and dropped my hand back down to my cock. Jade watches fascinated, as I ran my hand up and down my cock again. Her eyes following my hand up and down my shaft, its at least 8 inches, if not more, it is massive compared to the few cocks she has experienced in her life.

Then I lean forward again, my hands coming up and reaching for her shoulders. Puzzled for a moment, then she begins to struggle, as she realized what is going to happen. But I’m very strong, and she is feeling weak and fatigued. As I pull her forward pushing my hips forward, pressing my cock head up against her lips. She turns her head, first one way and then the other as she sought to escape the one eyed monster. Suddenly, Jade cries out, as I squeeze her shoulder harder. I push my cock forward, pressing against her lips. Damn she thought, what choice do I have, and she lets her lips part. She feels the large cock head pushing into her mouth. She feels disgust, having never had a cock, let alone one so big, in her mouth before. It touched her tongue, and she pulls away, and I push more cock into her mouth and then there is no where for it to go. Her lips are firmly wrapped around the thick shaft. For a moment she considers biting down, but in the end she surrenders.

I start pulling back and then forward again, Jade lets out a muffled exclamation as my cock is slowly fucking her mouth. She tries to pull away as I slide my cock back in, my hands are behind her head, holding her firmly in place. As her lips reach my cock head, I pump my cock head back and forth in a short motion. She can’t see, but I close my eyes, as my head went back. Then I begin to make deeper sharper thrusts pushing my cock back into her mouth, her tongue pushing against the head of my cock and she feels and tastes something slippery and slightly salty. My hips move back and forth, sliding my shaft back and forth over her tongue. Jade is surprised to find that she is responding again, that her body is betraying her and getting aroused again. Suddenly, my cock pushes deeper, she desperately tries to pull away as my cock is forced into her throat and she begins to choke. She feels it moving back and forth, and then pulling back, almost to her lips, and I pause for a second. Then I begin to pump my cock back and forth again, short shallow thrusts at first, and then a few deeper ones, returning to short and shallow. Jade is now pushing her tongue up against my cock head as it thrusts into her mouth. I’m grunting and moaning in response, as she feels a certain degree of satisfaction.

She feels me tensing, as my thrusts become more urgent and my grip on her head tighter, my grunts and groans louder. Although she is expecting it, the first spurt of hot thick spunk caught her by surprise. She tries to pull away, but I grip her tightly and with a loud cry force my cock deeper, pumping more spunk into Jade’s throat. I continue to thrust my hips back and forth, her mouth is so full of spunk it begins seeping out of her mouth. She swallows involuntary feeling the spunk slipping down her throat, and still I continue to fuck her mouth, although my spunk seems exhausted for the moment. Finally I pull out of Jade’s mouth, and release her, and she slumps forward, gasping and coughing. She fights hard not to gag as her mouth full of my spunk. I slide down her body spreading her legs again wide. Jade grimaces as I enter her, ” Oh god…stop, you’re hurting me…please, it’s too big…too big,” She whimpers when I push my bulbous, purple cock head deeper inside her. Oblivious to her pleas, I hold her hips thrusting into her, my long thick cock filling every inch of her. Faster and deeper, deeper and harder until my body tenses and I begin to grunt with my urgent thrusting into her. Finally, holding her tighter, I stiffen and she feels me forcefully erupt, claiming her again what I already perceived as belonging to me.

I stood looking down at her for a long while. Then I look around, and bent down to pull the covers over her. Then I turned left the room. At the door, I turned and paused for a few seconds, and then left. She lay naked under the covers dazed at what had happened, and shocked at her own responses to it.

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