Staycation With Max Part 3

Female Ejaculation

Max and I were halfway through our staycation and enjoying every minute. We had never spent this much uninterrupted time together, and it was just what we needed to get to know each other better and grow closer. We were up and out early a couple of days in a row to do some sightseeing, and any free activities we could find. Staying within a budget was actually proving to be a fun challenge. Well, a fun challenge other than sex. I mean we had to allow for recovery time between our amazing sex sessions!! Today was a rainy day, and going out and about seemed like a chore, so we decided to stay in.”Let’s watch a movie,” Max suggested. We settled on an R-rated movie that I had seen before. Lots of steamy sex scenes. My favorite kind of movie!When it got to the scene where the man feeds the woman blindfolded, Max said, “We can do this now instead of just watching it.” Aha, that’s why he picked this movie! I loved his creative, sexual mind.He took my hand to bring me to the kitchen and commanded, “Sit down.” It was exciting to obey him in this little scenario.”Ok,” I said, sitting down on the floor with my legs straight out in front of me on the floor and my back leaning against the cabinet. It was fun to be back on my kitchen floor with Max again. He could make me hot anywhere.Max started to open the refrigerator, but then shut it and said, “Oh, I almost forgot. I’ll be right back.” He went into my bedroom and returned with one of my scarves and tied it over my eyes.”Ok,” I said, as my heart started to pound. I didn’t really like being blindfolded and eating food. My parents used sikiş izle to play a game like that to get me to try new foods. It didn’t make me like anything new at all. But now Max was excited to try this, so I would give it a chance for him.”It’s ok, baby,” he said, kissing me sensing my tension, “Relax, you’re going to enjoy this.””Ok,” I said, taking a deep breath, “Just keep talking so I know what you’re doing.””I will, baby,” he agreed, “I’m going to get some stuff out of the fridge.” I listened carefully trying to guess what he might be putting on the counter.”First,” he said, “we need to take your clothes off. We don’t want to get them dirty.” I couldn’t watch him undress me because I was blindfolded, but I could feel his fingers lightly grazing my skin as he took off my clothes. I craved more of his touch.”How about you?” I asked, reaching out to touch him.”Sure,” he said, letting me try to undress him, which was difficult not being able to see anything. I just felt my way, fumbling through. Finally, we were both naked sitting on the kitchen floor. This was new. It felt so freeing to be able to just sit in the kitchen naked without fear anyone would come in.”Are you ready?” he asked.”Yes,” I said in anticipation.”Open your mouth,” he instructed. I obeyed. I felt a cold hard substance trace along my bottom lip. I smelled it before I tasted it.”Mmm,” I said and licked my lips, “Cheese.””Bite it, baby,” he said and stuck it between my lips. “I knew this would turn you on but I didn’t expect it to get me this hot.””Really?” I smiled, reaching for his cock.”No touching brazzers me,” he said, “Keep your hands down or just touch yourself.””Ok,” I said, putting both hands on my thighs. It felt good to feel something. Without my sense of sight, I needed more sensory input. My thighs were silky smooth which I enjoyed, and I hoped he was watching and getting even more excited.”Open your mouth again,” he directed. I listened and licked my lips again, knowing damn well what that would do to him. I felt something wet touch my top lip. I reached my tongue out to taste it.”Wait,” he said, pulling it back, “Keep your tongue in your mouth and let me put this on your lips first.” I listened and he traced my lips with it.”Mmmm,” I said excitedly knowing what that familiar salty taste was.”Bite,” he said, moving the pickle past my lips.I tasted it and then felt the juices run down my chin and onto my chest. Max took a sharp breath in and the next thing I felt was his tongue licking up the juices off of my chest and then sucking my nipples. I felt my clit jump and I began pressing my legs together as my whole pussy swelled.”Oh,” I moaned, “More please, baby.””Mmmm,” he said, “I’m glad we decided to try this.”I smiled and said, “I do like this.” Just then he kissed my mouth and I felt a bolt of excitement right to my clit.”Mmm,” he said, sliding his hand around to my lower back, “Lie down.” I arched back and lay down on the floor.”Oh please,” I begged.”What?” he asked innocently.”Please make me cum,” I requested. He slid a finger over my very swollen clit and rubbed.”Like fake taxi porno this?” he asked, knowing exactly how to touch me.”Yes baby,” I screamed, “Yes, keep going!” He slid his finger back and forth. Back and forth. His tongue joined his finger and the new wet sensation was more than I could take.As the first wave of my orgasm hit, his finger and tongue left and I felt his cock slam into my pussy. I was so wet he filled me up with one thrust. He ground the base of his cock down on my clit to continue the waves of my orgasm, which squeezed his cock into his own orgasm.”Yessssss!” he screamed along with me as his cock burst with the first of his cum. He continued pumping until we had ridden our orgasms to the last spasm. He gently lay on top of me.”Oh, baby,” he whispered with his lips next to my ear, “You are amazing.” He kissed me. Then I felt him stand up and his hand slipped into mine pulling me up to standing. He slid the scarf off my eyes and I was finally able to look at him and touch him. I reached my hand around his neck and grabbed his long hair.”I love you. And I loved that, baby,” I said.”I look forward to more like this,” Max said, kissing me. Who knew kitchens could be so much fun!?We showered and spent the rest of the day relaxing Later when we were going to bed, I remembered that I had ordered some fun things online but put them away and completely forgot about them.”Oh! Guess what, baby? I have something!” I said reaching under my bed and pulled out a box with some little bottles.”Have you ever used edible body paint?” I asked.”No,” he said, not looking interested and climbing into bed”It will be fun,” I said without giving him a choice. I kept the blue bottle in my hand and put the rest down. I opened it up and smelled it. I climbed on top of him straddling his hips. I gave him a sniff too.

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