Son and Mom Have Sex Ch. 03


Please read my previous submissions to see the leadup to this story.


Over the next month or so, Mom and I tried very hard to maintain a similar routine each week so as not to confuse my younger sister and three even younger brothers that Mom and I had a sexual relationship. I was invited to supper no more than two times a week (Mom said she was always sore the next day or two from the hard fucking I gave her). After supper, I spent the next couple of hours talking and playing with the kids.

Little did they know that, with Mom sitting next to me at the table, her knee was brushing against mine time and again. And when Mom’s hand brushed against mine, we both felt a rush of lust. When I looked over at her, she smiled and looked down at her lap, looking coy and flirty.

When the meal was over, the kids scattered to different parts of the house while Mom and I cleaned up the kitchen. We soon learned that this time cleaning up was a perfect time to tease and flirt with each other, a perfect time to cop a quick feel or kiss. Knowing that we could be caught at any second by one of the kids fed our lust.

When we were done in the kitchen, Mom and I would go into the den so I could spend the next couple of hours laughing, talking to the kids, helping with homework or just watching television. And the whole time, Mom sat in her favorite chair on the other side of the room.

When she saw me looking at her, she would slowly open her legs, giving her adult son a look up under the hem of her housedress, way up along the inside of her thighs, a look that most moms wouldn’t give their horny sons. And it made her feel so very naughty.

Only later on in the evening, when the kids were getting ready to go to bed, would Mom now look at me to make sure I was looking, then cross her legs, the motion slow and deliberate. Mom knew she was giving me escort gaziantep sahibe bayan an unobstructed view up under her housedress, way up to the very top of her thighs, a momentary flash of her tightly packed panty crotch. She would complete the move, one knee atop of the other, showing her adult son how hot and horny she was by staying this way.

Once the kids were upstairs and things were beginning to quiet down, Mom would slowly uncross her legs, then stand up and walk around the room turning off lights. With the den now illuminated only by the television, Mom would sit down by me on the couch, cuddling up in my arms.

This was a dangerous time for us, since one of the kids might come downstairs to want a drink. We played it cautious, my arm around her, rubbing her back, kissing, lightly exploring each other’s body. It was SO erotic.

Once it had been quiet for several minutes, Mom went upstairs. She freshened up, brushed her hair, put a small amount of cologne in special places, then checked to be sure the kids were asleep. Satisfied, Mom came back downstairs. I heard her coming, her weight making one or more of the upper stairs squeak lightly. I stood and met Mom at the bottom of the steps, her on the bottom one, me on the floor. We were now eye to eye with the difference in heights.

My hands found her hips as her hands found my shoulder with one and the back of my head with the other. We now had the first intimate kiss of the night. My hands moved to her back as I began stroking her, something that Mom really liked. She pressed more and more of her full-figured body against me, her nipples hard, her puffy mound against my swollen manhood. She moaned as my hands moved to her ample ass, squeezing her, stroking her ass cheeks, something Mom REALLY liked. Her mouth opened, I began escort bayan şahinbey to tongue her, her hips beginning to rub herself against her son’s forbidden cock. Yes, she was horny!!!

We stayed this way for several minutes, kissing and touching. Then I would step back and, taking Mom by the hand, walk Mom into the living room. She would go to the front door, making sure it was locked tight, adjusting the blinds on the door and front window to give us some light while I closed and locked the French doors, again closing us off from the rest of the house.

We would then meet in the center of the room for another several minutes of kissing and slowly exploring each other’s body. It was a real turn-on for me to feel up my own mom, her ass so full-figured, her breasts so large, her nipples to hard. Mom was equally turned on by me, her son, touching her, but also by my willingness to kiss her, my body so muscular, my ass so tight, my cock, her own son’s cock, so big and hard against her.

Every night we would sit on that couch, kissing, our hands slowly exploring each other’s body. I never tired of running my hands over her tits, undoing one or two buttons of her housedress, my hand feeling her up, her breast covered by only her bra.

I never tired of slipping my hand down her thigh to her knee, then slowly up along the inside of her thigh. It intrigued me that Mom, knowing this was her son’s hand, so willingly opened her legs for me, whimpering in my mouth, her legs shaking, knowing I would soon touch her panty-clad pussy. The crotch of her panties was always hot and wet and she showed her appreciation for what I did for her by stroking my above-average cock through the front of my pants. Damn, that felt good!

One way or another I always loosened up her panties to slip my fingers into escort şahinbey her pussy and finger-fucked her for several minutes be fore I moved my hand to her engorged clit. I rubbed and rolled Mom’s clit just the way she wanted and she always had one or two orgasms before she asked me to fuck her. And by the time I had my hand in her pussy, giving what she needed, Mom had my cock exposed, all nine inches, and was slowly stroking my manhood.

Every one of those nights, after giving her one or two orgasms on my fingers, Mom would strip off her panties. I would stand, taking off my pants and boxers, watching her turn and lay on her back on couch. It was SO erotic to see my plus-sized mom get comfortable on her back, then draw up her legs, bent at the knees. Her housedress would slide up her thighs, her legs would part, and I would see Mom exposed to me, her son, in all her naughty, nasty, horny beauty.

“Fuck me, Harry. Fuck your mom with that big cock, that cock I think about day and night. Fuck me, baby,, make your mom cum all over your dick. Fuck like your dad never did, Harry. Fuck me again and again and again. Pump your forbidden seed deep inside my pussy, Harry. I want your cum up my pussy, dripping down the crack of my ass. I want a deep, thick puddle of our cum under me, Harry.”

And every night I was there, I moved between her open thighs and gave Mom all nine inches of my cock, slowly, since her pussy was so tight. And once I had it all in her, I fucked her hard, fast and deep. I fucked her like I was raping her, viciously, repeatedly. And Mom always came numerous times, her legs around me, her heels digging into my ass, her fingernails clawing my back. Mom fucked me as furiously as I fucked her, as if this was her last night on earth.

Mom admitted that the fact that our relationship was incest pushed her to greater heights when it came to being turned on; that the fact this was incest made kissing me and touching me so very erotic: the fact this was incest made stroking my cock so taboo. And when she felt my oversized cock press against her pussy lips and slip up inside her, she just lost all inhibitions and fucked like she never fucked before.

By the end of that month or so, things began to change.

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