Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


It started one night when I was visiting my sister at her college, just outside Minneapolis.

I was just finishing up my senior year in high school and my mom wanted me to see if I’d like to be at the same school as my older sister.

A group of us girls were sitting around, drinking wine, listening to music and generally behaving like fools. We talked and gossiped and all agreed that Karen was a bitch, even though I had no idea who Karen was. Eventually we got around to playing truth or dare. There were the normal “dance with your eyes closed” and “tell us whose boyfriend has the biggest dick” dares and questions. About 3 bottles of wine into the game the dare went out to my sister, Natalie, “Kiss your sister Alison on the lips for 10 seconds.”

I was unsure and my wide eyes as I turned toward Natalie, who was sitting on the ground next to me, surely showed it. “Ok” Natalie said and leaned toward me. I leaned slightly toward her and she moved ever closer to my face. Looking at her closely, she had a slight sly smile on her, what I now noticed, moist lips. Her eyes had a twinkle to them as I heard the girl who had given the dare say “Start. . .NOW.”

As Natalie leaned in for the kiss she closed her eyes, and I followed in kind. I felt her lips touch mine. Soft. Moist. Warm. I felt her hand come to rest upon mine as the kiss continued. My mind was a buzz. Was I really kissing my sister? I’d never kissed ANY girl before. And this felt so. . . good. It felt better and more natural than any kiss I’d ever had from a boy. The kiss continued. Her lips moved and I pressed toward her. I felt a hint of tongue as the kiss got wetter and more intense. I felt as if I were floating as the kiss went on and on. The longer it went on the more it felt so right. Natalie moved her head from right to left and we continued the kiss. Her mouth was warm and eager and I couldn’t help feeling the excitement of the moment all through my body. I couldn’t believe how excited I was to kiss another girl, and it being my own sister thrilled me and made my body sizzle with electricity.

We’d been kissing for what I assumed was 5 minutes now. I heard nothing but the sounds of our lips, and tongues, kissing. It sounded so erotic to me. Despite the length of the kiss, it was something I didn’t want to end. My mind and body were one with desire for, of all people, my sister Natalie. Eventually, after what had to be at least 20 minutes, I heard the other girl, “9 seconds, 10 seconds. . .done!” Natalie drew back from me and I gazed into her eyes. For a brief moment I thought I saw her give me a sexy sly smile. Then she turned to the group, “Ok, who’s next?” And the game continued. I was in a haze. My eyes must have looked glazed and unresponsive. I didn’t want to move my lips to talk, as I still had the taste of my sister on my lips, and wanted to preserve it. After another bottle of wine, we all drifted off to sleep, some on the couch, others on the floor. My last sight that night was my sister Natalie laying in her pajamas next to me, her blonde hair in a ponytail pulled around and laying on her chest.

For the record. My name is Alison. I had turned 18 halfway through my senior year of high school. I was pursuing both a traditional art curriculum as well as graphic art. I have hazel eyes, naturally light brown hair, but have been experimenting with different colors for a few years. At the moment it’s a red/auburn hybrid. I wear it with a part on the right, with my hair falling just over the left side of my face, which I then have as a long braid that at it’s longest, now, extends almost to my waist. As for my body, I’m 5’5″ and am in fairly good shape. My legs have a nice warm tan look and lead to my not small but not big butt. I like to say it has a little bubble to it, but it fits with my body. I am proud that the curve from my hips to my waist to my chest is effective. I am just barely a C cup but providing ample cleavage when I wear more revealing tops.

My sister Natalie is a year older and has a free ride at a small, though prestigious, liberal arts school in Minnesota. Despite being the one that everyone found gorgeous, she has always had a musical aptitude, and is currently sailing through the music program at her school, both performing and writing music for symphonies. 5’7″ and blonde with blue eyes, she had always been a pure beauty. Besides being pale blue, her eyes often seemed to accentuate her lithe face by being so bright and big. Unlike me, her skin was pale and without imperfection. Her long and lean legs lead up to her near perfect butt. Small, tight, and, again, nearly perfect, her butt curved perfectly to her flawless back. Taller and thinner than me, Natalie was given small but almost freakishly perky breasts, with tiny areolas, topped bursa escort bayan by what I would find are the hardest nipples that a woman has ever possessed. Her lips, as I just found out, were soft, moist, giving, yet firm and eager both to give and receive pleasure.

Well, the morning after I woke up alone on the couch. I assumed everyone had gone off to class. I got up and found a note on with my keys from my sister. “It was great having you here. Have a safe trip home.”

I went home, my mind filled with the kiss. The kiss and all the myriad scenarios that the kiss could have meant. Or not meant, to be fair.

At home I felt like everything I was doing was just going through the motions. It was as if the kiss itself was what made things ‘real’. I sent a few texts to Natalie. Not really about anything, just hoping she might say something about the kiss. No such luck. Just normal sisterly talk. Almost nightly I felt compelled to masturbate. But instead of seeing Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds in my minds eye, I would see Natalie. Laying back on my bed, my legs wide, I’d let my fingers run slowly and lightly over my wet pussy lips. I’d close my eyes and see Natalie looking at me. It was as if my hand was hers and I would move my hips toward my wandering fingers. My fingertips circled my hard clit, getting me closer and closer. I open my eyes and look to my side table. Among the pictures there was one of Natalie and I at her graduation. I could almost feel her eyes boring into mine as I pressed two fingers into my willing hot pussy. I moaned loud, never breaking eye contact with the picture. Wanting my body to know it was her that was making this all happen. I pumped my fingers in and out, juices dripping down and onto my sheets. The sound of my soaking fingers pumping filled the room. I needed to cum. “Oh Natalie!” I said aloud as my pussy clamped down on my fingers. My body was washed back and forth with a shaking orgasm. I came and came. I pressed my legs together, holding my fingers inside. My breathing was stilted and sharp. My body finding its way back to normal after my sister-fantasy orgasm. I blushed, and fell asleep.

A week went by and my mom was asking when my interview for entrance to my sisters’ college would be. Inside I was both excited for an interview and scared. If I attended the school with Natalie there and she didn’t feel the same about our kiss as I did.. . I didn’t want to contemplate how I’d feel.

Natalie facetimed me and told me that she set up interviews with both the art department head and the graphic design department in two days. I was excited to go back and see her again.

“It’ll be great to have you here again Alison.” Her smile was quick and animated.

“Yeah, I just hope I make a good impression there.”

“You always make a good impression. . .you did last time.”

What did she mean?

“I’m not sure party games are going to get me into college,” I paused, “Nat, can I ask you a question about last time I was there?”

Natalie gave me a mock serious look, raising an eyebrow, “What’s up?”

I stumbled and mumbled a bit, “Well, when we played the game and then. . .you know. . .we. . .”

“You want to talk about the kiss?” She said it so matter-of-factly.

“Umm, yeah,” I looked around the kitchen to make sure mom wasn’t listening in.

“What’s wrong?” Natalie’s blue eyes glistened on my phone screen, “You liked it right? You aren’t going to tell your sister she doesn’t know how to kiss are you?”

“Not that. . .it’s just that it was. . .I wasn’t expecting. . .I mean. . .how did you .. .did you enjoy it or. . “

“Alison,” Natalie was looking away from her phone, “we can talk about. . .that. . .when you come up here, ok?”

“Sure sure,” I felt my heard drop, “I’ll see you Tuesday.”

I guess it was a blessing that we ended the conversation before it got too embarrassing, because right then my mom walked in. She has a classic hourglass figure of a body. I’ve always thought that when I got older my body would eventually end up looking like hers. Natalie, on the other hand, would probably end up like our Aunt Jenny, who is as thin and in shape as she’s always been.

Late Tuesday morning I pulled up in front of Natalie’s apartment. I called her. “Nat, I’m here.”

“Sounds good Alison, come on up. .”

“Look, before I come up I have to tell you. . .about the kiss. . .I really liked it and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.”

There was a pause. Too long of a pause. A deadly soul crushing pause.

“Is that right?” I couldn’t gauge her tone.

“Yes, I. . “

“Second floor, apartment 4.” And she hung up.

Standing before her apartment door I felt an urge. An urge to run down the stairs, hop in my car, drive until I ran out of gas and then hide under a bridge. Was I bursa bayan escort insane? Did I just screw up my entire life and my relationship with my only sister?

I knocked. There was a pause. Glimpses of a solitary life under a bridge flashed pleasantly across my mind. I heard footsteps approaching the door. Ok Alison, you could still run, I was thinking.

The door opened and there was my sister, gorgeous face, framed by her flawless even-when-disheveled hair, looking at me. She had on a pale blue tanktop without, I could easily tell in an instant, a bra and a white skirt. No shoes. I started to speak.

“Nat, I. . .”

That was as far as I got before Natalie launched herself at me, kissing me. Her left hand on the back of my head and her right on the side of my face. Her lips were soft and warm and moist and hungry. I was initially confused and stunned, but soon my body instinctively knew how to react. I could see her eyes were closed. I could feel her breath on me. My left hand went to her waist and my right ended up on her lower back, pulling Natalie to me. I could feel her heart racing, almost as fast as mine, as she kissed me deeper and more passionately. Her small but perfectly shaped breasts pressed into mine. I was utterly lost to her. She moved her head from side to side as she kissed me, her tongue seeking out and playing with mine. Her hair tickling the skin on my face. It felt as if the only sound in the whole world was the sounds of our mouths and the gasping near moans of our breaths, merging effortlessly.

After 100 years, Natalie pulled her head away and looked at me, her eyebrows raised. She looked. . . uncertain. This was unusual. She had never looked uncertain about anything her entire life.

“Wow” was all I could whisper, staring at her in a cloud.

“I wasn’t sure,” she said softly, “how you would take this. . .I mean. . .you know?”

I knew. I leaned forward and kissed her again, melting into her mouth as my right hand moved up and down the exposed skin of her lower back down to her little perfect ass. None of this felt strange or odd or strained. It felt inevitable.

Somehow we made our way to her couch. At this point I couldn’t tell what her apartment looked like, if it was wood floored or not. My entire focus was upon My mouth pressed to hers. My body was all but trembling I was so amazingly turned on.

My hands were on her, hers on mine. My left hand moved easily to her breast. I wasn’t too sure exactly what to do, but just remembered the times boys had awkwardly and clumsily grabbed my breasts. I was intent to not repeat that. I did to her what I enjoyed myself. I used my thumb and rubbed lightly around her very hard nipple. As I did so I kissed from her lips, down her chin and began to kiss her neck. Natalie moaned as I licked a line from her chin to the top of her chest.

“Oh yes Alison,” Natalie sighed, her hands cradling my head. I kissed my way down the edge of her tanktop,

“This needs to come off,” I looked into her eyes and without a moment’s pause, she lifted the top up and off, flinging it aside.

Amazingly and wonderfully, my sister’s naked chest was exposed before me. “Just do what you enjoy,” I kept telling myself.

I kept kissing down her chest, feeling the warmth of her bone white skin. My lips moving between her breasts. I could hear her breathing quicken as my mouth moved toward her rock hard nipples.

Slowly I began to lick my way toward her right nipple. With precision, I moved my tongue around the edge of her areola. Natalie let out an audible moan. Her nipple was brushing against my lips.

I paused.

Looking up at her face, flush with excitement, I surrounded her erect nipple with my lips, slowly and softly pressing my lips together and sucking. “Oh my god!” Natalie blurted out, her eyes struggling to keep my gaze.

Almost by accident, as I was sucking her nipple, my right hand came to rest on her upper thigh. I slid it upward and under her skirt. As my hand moved up her thigh, Natalie moved, catlike, and unbuttoned her skirt and letting it fall to the floor. My hand came to rest on the front of her t-back panties. I kissed down her stomach, watching her big eyes. I could feel how hot her pussy was through the fabric. Fingers under the edge, I pulled her panties down, slowly sliding them down her lithe legs and off.

Her pubic hair was fine and as blonde as the hair on her head. And neat. I made a mental note to follow suit.

I ran both hands up her inner thighs as she instinctively spread them wide for me. Her pussy lips were pink and glistening and as inviting as anything I’d ever seen before. Looking up I saw not just my naked sister, full of lust, before me, but a moment of truth and realism I’d been searching for my whole life.

I bursa merkez escort slid my fingers over her clit, feeling her body jerk as I moved them back and forth. Her clit stood out and I made sure to circle it and react to how her body was moving. I then pressed two fingers of my other hand slowly into her pussy. She was so warm and tight, I wasn’t sure my fingers would feel good, let alone fit. Natalie’s head fell back, her eyes closed as she let out a long sustained moan. I pressed my fingers as deep as I could get them, moving them to find just the right spot. When I did Natalie jerked her head forward and let out a loud animalistic grunt. I moved my fingers faster, in and out. Her hips moved with my rhythm.

“Oh god oh god oh god” Natalie implored.

I alternately watched her pussy swallowing up my fingers and her flushed enraptured face. I was in heaven.

I leaned up toward Natalie. “Are you going to cum for me?” I asked. I wanted to heighten her passion.

“Kiss me!” she wailed as spasms rocked her body. Our mouths pressed together, tongues attacking each other as her pussy trapped my fingers. Her body rigid as she came thunderously.

We maintained the kiss for a while until I slowly pulled back, removing my fingers from her exhausted pussy. My fingers were coated with wet slick juices. I stared at them, then looked at Natalie, whose chest was heaving mightily. While looking her straight in the eyes, I began to suck my fingers. I hoped she’d find this sexy.

“Come here” she said, pulling me to her. Her pussy juices were slathered on my mouth. She kissed me again, tasting herself in the process. I held her and she held me.

Natalie broke the kiss. “Your turn.”

I was excited. Almost too excited. In fact, I was so wet I was slightly embarrassed to have Natalie find out. An odd thing to worry about when you’ve just brought your own sister to orgasm.

“Stand up.” Natalie directed me. I complied. I always enjoyed being told what to do. Guess it’s the submissive in me.

I stood up as Natalie got on her knees in front of me, her hands reaching up and unbuttoning my jeans. I watched her thin delectable fingers undo button after button, then pull my jeans down to my feet, her eyes huge as she looked up at me, a naughty sly smile on her pretty face.

She leaned back on her heels. “Now take off your top. . .and bra.” She said with a playful tone. I followed instructions. Slipping my purple top over my head and reaching behind me to undo my bra. It flashed into my mind just how strange it normally would seem to be taking my bra off in front of my sister. But now it was thrilling. My bra fell to the floor and I ran my fingers over my breasts, my palms feeling my hard nipples.

Natalie let out an “mmmmm” as she let her gaze move over my body. Leaning forward, Natalie placed her hands on my thighs, her lips pressing softly on my stomach, kissing slowly downward.

Looking into her eyes as she watched my reactions, I spoke, “Nat, have you ever. . .with a girl . . ” Natalie shook her head ‘no’ and began to lick a line down the curve of my stomach toward my panties. By this time I was soaking wet and I could feel her hot breath on my mound. I wondered if she’d wonder why I didn’t trim my pubic hair, but she never said a word as she pulled my panties down and let her tongue wander through my hair. I ran my fingers through her hair, brushing it aside so I could watch her.

Her hands moved up and she used her thumbs to spread my soaked pussy lips. I moaned as her tongue ran around and over my very hot lips. “Yes, yes, keep going” was about all I could manage to say. I was leaning back as she gently was trying to open my legs wider, all the better for her tongue to touch me. I reached behind me and steadied myself by leaning against a table with my right hand while my I massaged my breast with my left hand.

As Natalie had never done this before her tongue was hit and miss. But that made it all the more exciting and stimulating. Her tongue moving along the inner folds and then suddenly flicking my clit quick and with just enough pressure to make my head swim. I was pushing my pussy to her precious mouth and breathing heavy. Her tongue kept finding my clit with regularity the longer she went on and my breathing became heavier and louder until she snaked her tongue into my hot and wet pussy. I was on the verge of cumming already, when she began rubbing my clit with her thumb. Up and down, side to side and then in a definitive circle, sending me over the edge.

“Fuck Nat, yes.. .I’m. . .” I blurted out as my legs gave way. I fell in a heap on the ground, looking up at my sister, her face wet with my pussy juices, laughing at me. I began to laugh too. Laughing at myself for falling but laughing in relief that this really WAS something I, and she, wanted.

“Let’s take a nap before we head on over to school, ok?” Natalie said, helping me up. We curled up in her bed, Natalie resting her head on my breasts. Her lips against my skin and she dozed, her breath still giving me goosebumps. I stroked her hair and drifted to sleep.

This may continue, depending on reaction.

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