Sister Sex and a Massage


“Hey sis! Whatcha doin?” I ask her after barging into her room in my boxers.

“Studying,” she grumbles. She looks incredible, lying flat on her stomach on her Queen-sized bed in a tight pink shirt and light blue-jean short shorts, textbooks and papers sprawled out on the blanket. “I’ve got a huge test tomorrow night.” She was only in her second year of college, and hated it. I was just starting my first and hadn’t grown to hate it yet.

“Why don’t you study tomorrow afternoon then?”

“I’ve got too much to do in one day. I’ve already been studying for three hours and I’m not even close to finished.”

“Aww, you look stressed.” I move some of her books over and sit behind her on her pillow. “How about a massage?”

“Ah, that would be so nice bro.” I take her heavenly feet and rest them in my lap, tenderly massaging her high arches, the pads of her feet, and her perfect heels, her smooth, creamy skin soft to the touch. My boxers fill with lust. I lift her foot up to my face and lick from her middle toe, up her arch to her heel, savoring the sweet taste of her skin.

“What are you doing?” she asks sternly, a tinge of confusion in her angelic voice.

“How about a back rub?” I ask, changing the subject. I quickly kneel by her left hip, pressing firmly on the small of her back with my fingers, slowly working my way up her back.

“Oh, that feels so good,” she purrs. “But you’re making it hard to study!”

“So how about you take a break?” I suggest, closing the textbook in front of her face and moving it to the side, making sure to keep her pencil inside so she wouldn’t lose her page. “Do you have any oil or lotion?”

“Um, yeah, second drawer in my nightstand.”

I crawl over her and pull out a bottle of sweet almond oil, then loosely straddle her hips, lifting up her top.

“Can you take off your shirt? I don’t want it to get all oily.”

She does so, placing it under her chin like a pillow, her arms spread with her hands folded under the shirt. I undo her hot-pink strapless bra, completely uncovering her flawless back and slender shoulders. I brush her rich brown hair to the side, her head turned to the left with her cheek on her makeshift pillow, her caring brown eyes closed. I pour a good amount of oil on the middle of her back, rubbing it in firmly along her spine, across her flexed shoulder blades.

“Ohhh, that feels so good,” she moans, her voice low and sexy. “Right there honey, oh yeah…”

I keep lovingly massaging her back, taking pleasure in hers, trying to find every knot that ailed her.

“How about the front now?” I ask softly.

“What? No!” her voice rising.

“Oh come on, I’ll make you feel good,” I plead.

“Fine, but only because you give good massages.” She turns over onto her oily back, resting her head on her shirt after I throw her bra to the side. I kneel by her hip, marveling at her faintly tanned abs, sexy bellybutton, and perfectly shaped breasts, her arms at her side with her hands covering her nipples. “You’re such a perv!” she exclaims, noticing the bulge in my boxers.

“No I’m not, you’re just gorgeous,” I reply, pouring oil along the middle of her stomach. “Just relax Kayli,” I whisper, pulling her hands from her breasts by her wrists, placing them spread toward the sides of the bed.

She offers no resistance as I tenderly rub the gaziantep zenci escort bayan oil on her flat stomach, firm breasts, and unmarked chest, her eyes closed in comfort. I squeeze her supple tits together in my hands, lightly flicking her stiff points with my tongue before gently sucking on her nipples, the subtle taste of almond filling my mouth.

“This is wrong,” she says halfheartedly, pushing my head from her tit. “You have to stop, this isn’t right.”

“What’s wrong with this?” I ask, continuing to massage her breasts. “What’s wrong with someone who loves you making you feel good?”

She doesn’t reply, instead turning her head and pretending not to notice my hands groping her boobs.

“Take your shorts off.”

“What?!” she exclaims, her tone harsh.

“I’ll massage your ass,” I explain, trying to sound innocent.

“Fine,” she mumbles with a sigh. She unbuttons and unzips her sexy jean shorts, sliding them off as she turns onto her shiny stomach, revealing a sexy pair of light-pink panties with white trim. I gingerly kiss both of her incredible cheeks, running my right hand along her thighs.

“What are you doing?!” she snaps as I pull her panties down.

“They’re going to get all oily.” I slip her underwear off her feet, giving it a quick sniff before tossing it to the floor. I pour some oil on both cheeks, rubbing it in hard, squeezing her ass cheeks together and then spreading them apart, unveiling her perfect, tight anus. I gently lift her left thigh and move it to the side, her knee pointed at the side of the bed, and kneel low between her legs. I squeeze her shiny ass cheeks while I lightly lick her pretty pussy lips, her soft moans as sweet as her pretty pink pussy. Without saying a word, she whips her left leg over my head and sits up.

“What’re you do-” I mutter before her lips meet mine in a passionate kiss. She sits up on her knees, wrapping her arms around my neck while I embrace her, her oily body pressing against me.

“I want you brother,” she whispers while we cover each other’s faces in steamy kisses. I pull her legs out from under her and lie her down, pressing my chest against her breasts while we kiss. I back up and kneel between her legs, my forearms resting on the bed with my hands on her hips, her knees spread outward with her feet pushing on my hips. I hungrily force my tongue between her inner lips, moving my tongue in a lapping motion inside her precious vagina. Her moans fill me with joy while she pulls my head down into her valley of happiness.

She forces her feet between my legs, pushing on my thighs to get me to spread them. She pulls the waistband down and puts both of her beautiful feet in my boxers, her smooth shins pressing on my stomach while she rubs my hard cock with the tops of her feet. I run my tongue up the length of her vag, flicking the hood of her clitoris each time until her throbbing clit peeks out. She clutches my stiff shaft between the pointer and big toe on her right foot, slowly moving back and forth, the toes of her left foot pressing on my balls while I lick and suck on her clit. Her moans grow louder and louder, her fingers clutching my head as she starts screaming.

“Ohhh, just like that baby, uhhh, yes you’re gonna make me cum!” she screams in delight. “Uhhh, yeahhh…!” She gaziantep escort bayan has trouble breathing as she reaches climax, her body trembling in euphoria, her toes stiffening, squeezing my hungry cock and pinching my scrotum.

I lightly lick her vag while she winds down, her hands now rubbing my head instead of squeezing, her toes unclenching my privates. She pulls her feet from my boxers and I lean over her, passionately kissing her cherry-red lips as her breathing steadies.

“I’ve always wanted you to do me brother,” she whispers in my ear. “Please do me.”

I sit up and pull off my boxers, unveiling my raging boner, my neatly-trimmed brown pubic hair matching hers.

“Wow, you have a sexy penis!” she purrs, fondling my red stick. She guides me into her pussy, her legs spread wide in anticipation. I inch my hips forward until her vag hides my cock, relishing in the sound of her deep exhale. I slowly thrust, holding her hands on the insides of her heavenly thighs, her feet parallel to her body, toes curled, slightly swaying to the rhythm of my thrusts.

I place my hands on her breasts and lean forward, putting most of my weight on her chest, squeezing her perky nipples between my index and middle fingers, our eyes locked with passion. Her moans grow louder, her eyes closed as I pound her delicious pussy, my balls slapping her with every thrust, her feet flailing at my side. Without missing a beat I reach back and grab her ankles, pushing her feet forward, in line with her head, elevating her hips.

“Oh fuck, ohhh fuck yes! That’s so fucking good, yesss, fuck me, oh yes!” she screams in delight. She grabs her ass cheeks, her nails digging into her skin as she spreads them, my balls pounding against her anus. “Ohhh, I’m gonna cum, don’t stop baby, don’t stop, fuck!” she screams, her voice high as she orgasms. Her pussy shivers in joy, shaking on my shaft, the walls of her vagina closing on my lust-filled penis, her body quivering in ecstasy.

I put her right leg down and to the side, her thigh resting on the bed, clutching her left thigh against my body as I ram her cunt. I put my left hand on her right shin, tucking her leg close to me as she wraps her forearm around the crook of her left knee, pulling her leg into her chest, toes pointed at me. I squeeze her ankle, holding her foot steady as I suck on her gorgeous toes, her nails painted a sexy dark-red. She rubs the fingertips of her right hand over her throbbing clit, rearing her head back and screaming in happiness.

“Cum for me brother!” she pleads. “Cum inside of me! I wanna feel your warm cum inside me!” Intense euphoria takes over my body, hours of lust and anticipation tingling through from head to toe. I slow down and thrust deep inside her, gyrating my hips and pressing my pubic bone against her vagina. I clutch the toes of her left foot, closing my eyes and biting down on her arch as I explode inside of her. She flicks her clit with even more intensity, screaming at the top of her lungs as she orgasms moments later, her pussy gripping my quivering cock while cum continues to shoot inside her.

I let go of her foot and lean forward, my shoulder resting on the crook of her knee as we both wind down, our faces inches away while we wash each other in our heavy breaths, our bodies still shaking. We lock lips, my penis now limp inside her, our breathing steady. She pushes me off and onto my back, throwing her notebooks onto the floor.

“Now I want to taste your big cock,” she whispers in my ear before kneeling between my legs. She puts my whole flaccid penis in her mouth, gently sucking while juggling my balls in her fingers, her left hand sensually rubbing my stomach. She holds my growing penis up with her mouth, her moist lips wrapped behind the corona while she strokes my shaft, her index finger and thumb running up and down my cock. She takes my now-erect penis down her throat, resting her hands on my stomach, nuzzling my pubes with her pretty nose. She rears her head back and forth, gagging on my engorged member while I hold her hair away from her face.

I pull her into me by the back of her head, pressing her nose against my pubic hair with my cock fully down her throat. She gags, shaking her head from side to side on my pole. She parts her lips, sending a stream of saliva into my pubes and onto my scrotum. I let go of her and she rears her head back, a thick line of spittle running from her lip to my tip, her eyes watering. She wipes off her mouth and smiles, turning around and straddling my hips, holding my cock straight in the air with her hand.

She slowly lowers herself onto my hungry pole, bending her legs to rest her feet behind her on my stomach. She puts her hands on my thighs and leans over, riding my shaft while I hold her feet, watching her amazing ass slam my pubic bone.

She leans back, putting her hands behind her on the bed under my armpits, her tailbone resting on my pubic bone. She plants her feet on my thighs and lifts herself up, slowly riding my cock while I hold her arms steady. She starts slamming her ass onto my crotch, shaking the whole bed while she moans heavily, my hands on her hips.

I pull her hips down into mine to stop her from moving, then pull her onto her right side with me. We both prop ourselves up on our elbows, our bodies perfectly conformed to each other. She puts her left leg up and grabs her shin, tucking her foot into her ass, her knee pointed at the ceiling. I grab her foot and pull it toward me, pressing her toes onto my family jewels while I tuck my arm underneath her, squeezing her right tit as I slowly thrust my dick into her wet vag.

“You like that little bro? You like my pretty toes on your balls don’t you?” she purrs. I kiss her smooth neck, picking up speed, her toes rubbing my ball sack.

I put my hand under the crook of her knee and she straightens her leg, squeezing my hand on her thigh as her moans turn to screaming. I drill her wet pussy, her leg swaying in the air, her toes pointed, both of us growing closer to climax.

“I’m gonna cum again baby!” she screams. “Make me cum, yesss, keep going, keep fucking me baby!” Her vaginal walls hug my stiff cock tight, shaking violently while I hump as fast as I can, orgasm imminent. I hastily grab her ankle and bend her leg, pushing her toes on my scrotum, my joyous penis deep inside of her quaking cunt. I squeeze her breast, biting into her soft neck as I blow my load deep inside her gates of heaven, her toes curled, groping my ball sack.

She turns her head to give me a kiss, my swelling subsiding in her shivering vagina, her toes still clenching my scrotum. She turns into me, pulling her pussy away from my flaccid penis. I embrace her, pulling her warm body into mine, her hands resting on my chest, our foreheads touching, her body now covered more with sweat than oil.

“That was amazing bro. We’re gonna have to do that again soon,” she purrs.

“I would love that,” I whisper back, my lust fulfilled, exhausted.

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