Sinning in Church Ch. 02


Authors note: Sinning in church was never meant to have a sequel. I wrote it because I enjoyed that particular scene and I intended to let readers finish it on their own in their heads. If you did read the first part and you think the ending you envisioned is better than the one I’ve come up with, by all means disregard what I’ve written here.

Sandra led her father out of the church, avoiding anyone she suspected would want to stop and talk. Mrs. Jenkins was their last hurdle and Sandra sighed heavily when she knew she couldn’t escape her. Jerry, her father, stood closely to Sandra’s backside, his hard on pressed up against the fleshy cheeks of her ass.

“Mrs. Jenkins,” Sandra exclaimed, “I have been meaning to call you.” Sandra wiggled her bottom imperceptibly as she hugged the woman. Jerry suppressed a groan as his daughter’s ass applied the most delicious pressure against his cock. “I think we need to get together sometime this week. Is Tuesday good for you?”

“Oh that would be lovely dear,” the silver haired woman said. “Is everything okay Jerry? You don’t look so good.”

Jerry didn’t look well at all. His face was flushed, sweat was clearly visible on his brow and he tried to speak but only a squeak came out.

“I think he’s coming down with something,” Sandra mused. “I need to get him home and into bed. I’ll see you Tuesday.”

Mrs. Jenkins waved them through the door, Jerry still hiding his obvious arousal in his daughter’s derriere. Sandra sped up once they passed the first row of cars in the parking lot. Jerry, no longer afraid of anyone spotting his erection that was tenting his pants, elongated his pace and soon both were by the truck he owned. He flicked the keyless entry and they clambered in.

“Holy –”, Jerry began.

“Daddy, not while we’re at church,” Sandra reprimanded.

He gave her an incredulous look and then began gesturing towards the church, her torn dress, and her crotch all the while trying to speak.

“Home,” Sandra commanded.

Jerry pulled out of the parking lot, his mind racing trying to put it all together. He couldn’t believe what had happened in church, but there was no way he could deny it either. His hand still smelled like her pussy, his cock was as hard as a steel beam, and his daughter was leering at him every time he looked her way.

“Why today?” he finally asked as they came to a halt at a stop light.

“You finally noticed,” Sandra said simply.

“Noticed what?” he said, lost as to her reasoning.

“That I’m a woman,” she said with a lecherous grin. He stared at her dumbfounded until she continued. “I noticed a long time ago that my daddy was a man. I just waited until you noticed that I was a woman.”

“So you planned this?” he asked bewildered.

“Well, no not really planned,” Sandra explained. “I mean I knew what I wanted and I waited for you to notice. I had no idea it would finally happen in church of all places.”

“What if I never noticed? What then?” Jerry pressed.

Sandra laughed. “Oh I had no worries. If you hadn’t done it on your own I would have made it impossible to miss.” Suddenly Jerry had no doubt that she could have made him pay attention if she had put her mind to it.

A car honking behind them brought his mind back to driving and the truck lurched forward in his haste to get home.

“So what now?” he asked, half afraid and all excited.

“What do you think?” Sandra teased. She pulled her skirt up and exposed her legs and upper thighs to her father while he drove. His eyes were riveted to the flesh underneath the hose. “Road,” Sandra said putting her skirt back down.

Jerry dutifully steered his eyes back to the road and tried valiantly to pay attention to driving. He glanced at her so often that Sandra giggled musically each time he did it.

“You won’t make it,” she announced. They were in a shabby part of town and many of the strip malls they passed had half or more of the shops empty. “Pull in here,” she indicated a parking lot with only a couple of cars in it. “Park over there.” She pointed towards a corner where all of the stores were empty of businesses.

Jerry pulled into the space and put the truck into park. As he leaned back Sandra had unfastened her seatbelt and was kneeling on her seat leaning in close to him. Her face was right before him and he gazed at her with anticipation, dread, and lust. She could see the conflicting emotions racing in his eyes. Before he could object his daughter pressed her lips against his and forced her tongue into his mouth, past his unsure lips. Sandra pulled herself closer by grabbing his sport coat and thrusting her breasts hard against him. She raked her fingers through his hair with her free hand and moaned wantonly into his mouth.

Jerry had never been kissed like that. His cock grew even stiffer in his pants, if that were possible. gaziantep özbek escort bayan His turgid flesh ached in a steady pulse and he could feel the wetness on his leg where he dripped his seminal lubricant. His mind fought with the need to protect his daughter, to preserve the parent-child relationship, and the mounting desire to do unholy things to his only offspring.

Sandra grabbed his hand and placed it over her tit, pushing his fingers into her soft flesh. He emitted a howl that was the cry of a wounded beast as he began to maul her body in the most unfatherly fashion. Sandra would have sighed, but she was too busy dueling his tongue with hers.

When at last she pulled back Jerry looked at her with animalistic lust. “I don’t care if I go to hell,” he said.

“Good,” Sandra smiled lasciviously, “because I’m going to take you to heaven and never let you leave!”

Jerry gasped as his daughter clawed at his belt buckle and nearly ripped his pants open. When at last his slacks had been pulled down to his thighs his cock sprang out, a clear liquid leaking steadily from the tip. He watched as his daughter licked her lips like a starving hyena. With one last glance at her father, Sandra lowered her face into his exposed crotch.

She pressed her face against the towering stalk of his manhood, pressing it against her cheek and taking deep breaths through her nose. Sandra licked the base of her father’s cock and toyed with his heavy balls. She moved it from side to side to apply more spit, careful not to stroke him for fear he would explode before she was ready. Her tongue darted out and licked his hairy sack until he whimpered.

“Here we go daddy,” Sandra whispered taking a hold of the base of his cock with her fingers and aiming the tip at her pursed lips. She extended her tongue and pushed him into the tight oval of her lips, licking the underside of his cock with long sweeps as she took him in. When she got him as deep as she could she began to stroke the rest of his pole, her hand bumping into her chin with each upward motion.

“Holy fucking! Jesus Christ!” Jerry shouted, punching his hand into the roof above him and pressing down so that he could arch his pelvis upward. Cum exploded from his cock in a torrential flood. Sandra tried desperately to contain it, but the rush of seed kept coming, bulging her cheeks and then pouring out of her mouth.

Jerry slumped into the seat as his orgasm subsided, his breath coming in ragged gasps. Sandra swallowed what she could and then wiped her chin with the back of her hand. His cock was still semi-erect in her mouth as she made lewd slurping sounds trying to vacuum up the overflow. She took her mouth off of his cock and lapped up the spent semen and saliva that had pooled in his pubic hairs over his balls.

Satisfied that her father was as clean as she could make him in such cramped quarters, Sandra sat back on her haunches and looked at her father, dribbles of cum drying on her chin and cheek. She sucked each of her fingers clean in turn as she gazed at him with lust filled eyes.

“I love the way you taste,” she whispered breathily, “Daddy.” She mimed biting him and he flinched convulsively.

“I love you,” he whispered in amazement.

Sandra sat back in her chair and pulled down the visor to look in the mirror. Jerry thought she would be cleaning up the mess but instead she just seemed mesmerized by the sight of herself. Pushing the visor up again she looked at him expectantly.

“You’re not going to clean your face?” Jerry asked.

“No,” she said flatly. “I kind of like the look of my daddy’s cum drying on my face. Think anyone will notice?”

Jerry shook his head in disbelief. He started the truck and pulled out of the parking lot. As they made their way through traffic towards home Sandra kept staring out her window at the people in the other cars.

“Oh!” she yelled once. “I think that lady saw me and I definitely think she knows I have my daddy’s cum on my face!”

“Well she will if you keep yelling that. I’m surprised she didn’t hear you,” Jerry said with a chuckle.

“You think I should roll my window down?” Sandra laughed at the panic look upon his face. “Fine, I won’t yell it out the window. Though I would if you asked me,” she said with a sly wink.

When they arrived home Jerry pulled the car into the driveway and waited for the garage door to open. Sandra couldn’t be bothered though; she undid her seatbelt and got out, making her way up to the front door. He quickly shut off the truck and scrambled to catch up with her.

“Are you crazy?” he whispered loudly when he made it to her side.

“Crazy about you,” she replied, twirling his tie in her fingers. “Crazy about my daddy,” she added wiggling her ass lewdly.

“Good lord, porno videolar I’ve got to get you into the house,” Jerry stammered.

“Yeah, you better get me inside before I can’t wait anymore and I take you on the lawn.”

He unlocked the front door and opened it for her. Sandra had moved back a step and when he turned around she was waving to some neighbors who were walking by on their side of the street. Only thirty or so feet separated them and Sandra looked as if she meant to speak with them. Jerry dashed to her side and spun her around, leading her back towards the door.

“God,” he said with a hint of anger, “You are acting like you are drunk. What the hell is wrong with you?” he said shutting and locking the door behind them. When he turned around Sandra was facing him.

“Ten years.” She said forcefully. “Ten years I’ve waited for this day. And I don’t give a fuck who knows about it. I feel like shouting it from the rooftop, broadcasting it on television, going to the mall and passing out fliers that say ‘I sucked my father’s cock and now I’m going to fuck him’. “

Jerry was taken back by her confession. Ten years? He wondered. That would have been only a couple years after his wife, Sandra’s mother, had passed on. She had been waiting for him since she was seventeen? Jerry leaned heavily against the door and rubbed at his head.

“Do you understand now? You’re not the only one who has been without for a very long time.”

“But you dated,” Jerry said defensively.

Sandra harrumphed. “Dates, yes. Action? No. You never wondered why I didn’t move out? Get a place of my own?”

“I thought you stayed because of me, keeping me company.”

“I did,” her voice was soft now. “I stayed because I wanted to make you happy. And I fell in love with you. I fell in love with the same loving, gentle, caring, funny man my mother fell in love with. And now I’m going to love you enough for the both of us.”

Jerry looked up to see his daughter advancing on him. Her eyes were filled with a tender hunger that he couldn’t deny. She slid her fingers up his cheek and she pulled his face close to hers as she speared her tongue into his mouth. Even though his mind was at odds with the fact that this was his daughter Jerry felt his body responding and he pulled her tight against him.

She fumbled with his tie as he tried to unzip her dress all the while kissing noisily. Unable to take it any longer he broke the kiss and pushed her farther into the living room, yanking his tie off and shrugging his coat to the floor. His daughter turned around and presented her back to him. He slid the zipper down and pushed the dress of her shoulders.

As the creamy skin was exposed he laid hot kisses from her ear to her shoulders and back again. His hands slipped under her arms and he groped her breasts. Sandra pressed back against him, his growing cock pressing into her fleshy buttocks enticingly and moaned deeply.

“Do you think we should go into the bedroom? The neighbors might see us in here,” she warned.

“No,” Jerry said between nibbles on her ear. “Let them see.”

He spun her around quickly and pulled her tight against him, her exposed breasts crushed against his chest.

“God, I’ve got to feel more of you,” he growled.

He pulled his shirt apart, buttons flying in every direction in his haste to be naked. He pulled her to him again, her blazing skin pressing into his bare flesh. Their tongues battled in and out of their mouths as they hurriedly removed the rest of the clothes that still entrapped them.

When at last Jerry stood before his daughter in only his socks and she in her hose he pushed away and stared at her openly. Her skin was like powdered ivory, blue veins streaking just below the surface of the skin on her breasts. Her rounded tummy tapered into flaring hips that accentuated her feminine nature. He knelt before her and tugged at her panties until they slid down her body.

“Hungry daddy?” Sandra asked, her voice dripping with sex.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” he said seriously.

Sandra sat on the edge of the couch and leaned back, her breasts spilling out invitingly. She spread her legs open before his eyes and then slipped her fingers into her pussy and pulled the wet lips apart.

“The buffet is open and it’s all you can eat,” she offered.

Jerry scrambled between her legs and lifted her heels so that they were resting on his shoulders. He dipped his face into her humid crotch and licked at her thighs. His lips devoured her flesh as he made his way to the fount he so desperately needed to drink from. At last his tongue swiped through the river of nectar that was now flowing freely from her pussy.

Sandra gasped and gripped the back of his head with her free hand and pulled his face tight against her. gaziantep rus escort bayan Jerry responded by spearing his tongue as far into her as he could and then began to lap ravenously at her sex. His wild, haphazard assault on her pussy soon gave way to a more experienced technique and Sandra was biting her lip trying to hold off the inevitable.

Sensing that she was resisting the final onslaught Jerry slipped his hands under her buttocks and tilted her upwards for a better angle. As she adjusted her position he let his hands slide closer to where her plump ass cheeks met. His tongue danced over her clit in a heart racing rhythm and then he touched the tender rosebud of her anus. Her leaking juices and his drooling lubricated his finger as he pushed it in just a fraction of an inch, just enough to tease the rim.

“Oh fuck!” Sandra roared. “Oh fuck daddy! Daddy eat me! Eat me! Touch my asshole, daddy!” Her words became incoherent grunts and whimpered moans as his tongue and fingers brought her crashing through the wall and over the cliff. Sandra gasped and cried as the orgasm rippled through her body until at last she lay limp on the couch, uncaring that her body was a disheveled mess and fluids leaked freely.

“Maybe I should go out and show the neighbors what’s all over my face?” Jerry quipped.

“Well any woman that got within ten feet of you would know you were taken,” Sandra replied with a knowing gleam in her eye.

“Is that how you women mark your men nowadays?” he asked playfully.

“Yep,” she said pulling his face up to hers. “And everyday before you leave I intend to mark my man.” Sandra kissed her father deeply then she began to kiss the wetness from his face. She could feel his desire growing as he kissed her more urgently, his hands kneading her flesh more firmly. She pulled away from him and looked into his eyes with a serious expression.

“You ready to commit a felony, daddy?” Sandra asked.

When Jerry only stared at her blankly she slid off the couch and crawled away from him on her hands and knees. Arching her back she presented her ass to him, her puffy pussy lips obscenely spread open and waiting.

“Fucking your daughter is a felony in this state. Are you ready to cross the final line?”

Jerry stood up, his cock sticking straight out from his body. “Is that answer enough?” he asked, flexing his stomach to make his penis bounce up and down.

“Come give it to me and make it good enough we won’t mind going to jail,” she said, spreading her legs a little wider.

Jerry knelt behind his daughter and caressed her fleshy ass, his fingers gliding over the pale white skin. He pried her cheeks apart and stared at the winking brown eye.

“Here, let me,” Sandra said, reaching between her legs and grabbing the shaft of her father’s cock between her fingers. She guided the tip of his cock to her pussy and rubbed it across her clit a couple of times before pushing it back and positioning it at the entrance. “Fuck me, daddy. Fuck your little girl. Fuck your new wife.”

Jerry slid into the oven that was his daughter’s cunt. Her walls seemed to be a velvet vise, a prison his cock never wanted to escape from. Her gasps told him that she hadn’t been lying about not having sex with any man in ages.

“Oh holy -,” Sandra wailed. Her father pressed slowly into her and she felt her pussy expanding to accommodate him. It had been so long since anyone or anything had been in her pussy she had forgotten what it was like to be reminded she was a woman. Her orgasm started almost instantly. With each movement in and out of her she was rocked by small waves of bliss that sharded out to touch every part of her body. The hair on her neck stood on end, her toes curled and black dots blurred her vision.

“Fucking- my- little- girl,” Jerry huffed as his cock pistoned in and out of his daughter’s cunt. “I’m- fucking- my- baby- girl.”

“Yes, daddy,” Sandra urged him on, “fuck your little girl. Fuck me good!”

She could feel his cock grow even harder inside of her body. The tip scraped against the upper wall of her vaginal sheath, exerting extra pressure that seemed to burn her as he rapidly approached his climax.

“I did it mom!” Sandra screamed as her father unloaded into her. She felt the flood of warmth blast into her pussy and it sent her over the edge. As the orgasm wracked her body she could no longer hold herself up and she let her face fall to the floor. She braced herself as her father continued to pound into her, pumping spurt after spurt of cum into her wonderfully abused pussy.

Jerry heaved and gasped and finally collapsed exhausted, hunched over his daughter’s back. He hugged her awkwardly as he tried to regain his breath. Sweat covered both of their bodies as they spent minutes in quiet, the only noise the sound of their breathing.

At last Jerry moved off of his daughter, his cock coming out of her pussy with a plop. He rolled next to her and pulled her close and holding her tightly.

“You are absolutely amazing,” he said simply.

“An angel out of the bedroom and a whore in it,” Sandra quoted.

“Where did you hear that?” Jerry asked, twisting to look at her.

“Mom,” Sandra replied somberly.

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