Sibling Benefits Ch. 04

Big Dicks

***Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.***


Despite being half past six, the sun had only just set, leaving the world in a cool twilight. I had set up my little folding table by the double windows and Alyx and I sat down for dinner, enjoying the evening breeze. It was still a warm autumn, and outside the crickets began their night serenade, punctuated with the occasional chirping of a night bird.

“So you can use their stove anytime you want?” Alyx asked me. She was digging into her noodles with enthusiasm, I guess pleasantly surprised it wasn’t the microwaved stuff.

“That’s what they told me…” I replied, thinking back on the old couple who had rented me this room. I had explained to my sister that they would most likely let it slide that she was going to be living with me. Like I mentioned previously, they were nice, carefree folks. They had even dropped a few hints that they were all but expecting me to shack up with someone eventually. With many a wink and a nudge, I may add. Charming people, and I say that sincerely, but I wondered what they would think of the fact I was shacking up with my sister.

I smiled briefly and shook my head. Noting the questioning look on Alyx’s face, I shrugged. “Well, that’s what they told me, but I stick to the microwave here unless they’ve gone out. It’s kind of awkward, going downstairs to cook and all, and I guess I’d rather keep the illusion that I’m living in a separate place.”

Alyx grinned at that and I couldn’t help but notice how pretty she was in that moment. The light in the room played in her soft, brown eyes; and the night breeze played gently with her hair, chestnut locks framing her pale, young face. In it, I could see the girl I had grown up with and the young woman she had blossomed into. I had an urge to lean over and brush my lips over hers.

“I’m just glad there’s a bathroom!” she continued, unaware of her own charms.

The evening passed pleasantly enough and we filled the hours in the usual manner. Texting friends, going online, watching TV, etc. We even made a half-hearted attempt to clean up the room, but in the end, the place was still strewn with clothes. Mostly my sister’s, but you can imagine I wasn’t all that upset about it. However, I noticed Alyx seemed just a tad bit nervous. It was pretty subtle, but whenever she noticed the time she seemed to glance ever so slightly at the single bed in the room. I wondered what she was thinking, exactly. There was no mystery in what I was thinking, though. With every hour that passed, my own nervousness grew along with my anticipation. I think we both knew a handjob wasn’t all that was going to happen tonight.

It was well past midnight when we decided to turn in after a long Wii session. Cue obvious ‘playing with my Wii’ jokes. I didn’t make any, though.

Once the TV was turned off, an awkward sort of silence grew between us. Alyx looked around skittishly, taking ever so brief glances at the floor, the furniture, the ceiling, just about anywhere but the bed or me. Which was just as well, since a tent had formed in my shorts. I went over and turned on the bedside lamp, keeping it dim. Then I shut off the other room lights. Alyx jumped a little at that.

I was a bit hesitant in what to do next, gaziantep ofise gelen escort bayan how to do this smoothly. Well, in my current lust fueled state, I decided to just go for it. I stripped off my shirt and laid down on one side of the bed, making sure Alyx saw there was more than enough space on the other side. She got the hint, and made her way into the dim light of the bedside lamp. Her hair was bound up in a braid and she was wearing pink boy shorts that hugged her hips as well as a white baby tee that accentuated the luscious curves of her breasts. I really wanted a look at those breasts. Even better, a feel, but I restrained my hands. Not yet.

I propped myself up a little bit to get a better view of what was to come and spread my legs apart slightly as Alyx sat on the edge of the bed, near my hips. She didn’t look at me, her eyes were fixed on the noticeably large bulge in the middle of my black shorts. Even by the dim light I could see her blush prettily. I proceeded to turn her red face a few shades brighter by slowly pulling down my shorts. My thick cock just sprang up, rigid and at attention. Gently, I grasped my little sister’s hand and guided it to my solid shaft. Her fingers were warm as they wrapped softly around my dick.

“Up and down…” I breathed, as my little sister began stroking my cock for the second time.

I watched her hand for a while, reveling in the sheer sensation. Then my gaze shifted to my sister’s face. She was completely focused on my cock. Good girl, but I wanted a little more. I reached out, tentatively, and placed my hand on her back. She gave a startled a gasp and flinched away momentarily. Although Alyx didn’t look entirely comfortable, I continued rubbing her back, insistent on the additional contact. My breathing started growing heavier but I was pushing myself to maintain control and avoid cumming too soon. Slowly, but firmly, I began exerting some pressure on my sister’s back. At first, I made it subtle, as if my pushing was just an unconscious effort on my part, being in the throes of pleasure. But well before my little sister’s luscious, pink lips were anywhere near my throbbing manhood, she figured it out. Probably the less than subtle upwards jerk of my hips gave a clue as to my intentions.

I gasped softly as she suddenly stopped jerking me off but was relieved to find her hand still wrapped around my madly pulsating cock. She looked at me for the first time since we had started our little session. Wide-eyed, half in alarm, half in confusion, with her lips parted ever so slightly, my little sister looked so very sweet and so very vulnerable.

I thought my cock would just explode if it wasn’t held together by her sweet little hand. Instead it jerked up, causing my little sister to inadvertently tighten her grip. I propped myself up a little more and moved my hand to her face. Gently, softly, I stroked her cheek and traced her pretty lips with one finger.

“Just a bit,” I murmured. She lowered her eyes as her face turned a new shade of crimson. I placed my hand at the back of her head and began guiding her. She resisted ever so slightly, but I was firm. No way was I going to be denied those lips tonight.

Her face hovered gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan just a few inches over the head of my cock. I shivered as I could feel her quick little breaths. Although still nervous, I was surprised to find Alyx looking almost… determined? Or perhaps it wasn’t so surprising. While this was going to be her first blowjob, it wasn’t like she was completely unfamiliar with the concept of giving head. I imagine she had been curious about it for quite some time, like most virgins when it comes to sexuality.

Well, now it was time to satisfy that curiosity.

Alyx had one hand on my thigh and one wrapped around the base of my cock. I instructed her to grip my base tight. With both hands, I guided her head closer. “Give it a lick,” I said breathlessly. She hesitated, looking at my solid shaft. Then she closed her eyes and reached out with her tongue. I sighed as I felt the warm wetness of her tongue swirl on my manhood. Alyx opened her eyes and gave it a few more licks, each one lingering longer than the others. Her eyes darted to mine occasionally, I guess gauging the effect she was having on me.

I smiled briefly at her and stroked her hair. She stared at me. Really stared at me. She loosed her grip on the base of my cock and placed her tongue right there. Her eyes still pinned on mine, she moved up, giving me one long, slow lick from the root of my dick to the very tip.

“Alyx…” I groaned, amazed at her sudden boldness. My little sister was growing up, sexually, right before my eyes! I honestly think I would have taken her right there and then. Stopped with the blowjob, stopped with the handjob, and just lay her down underneath me for a good, hard fucking from her big brother.

But I didn’t. Her shyness returned almost as quickly as it had left and as I looked at her blushing anew and biting her lips in confusion, I knew Alyx wasn’t ready. Well, growing up is a slow process after all, and I’d help her along the way.

I stroked my sister’s hair for a bit, at the same time, stroking my cock, giving her a little time to gather herself. I clasped her head with both hands and guided her to the tip of my cock. Firmly, with no hesitation, I pushed her head down. Her lips parted and inch by inch, my little sister began engulfing my rock hard cock. I was in a daze.

“Ohhhhh…. your mouth is so nice…” I murmured. So warm, so moist. I savored every sensation, knowing I would never forget this moment. I would never forget my little sister’s sweet mouth, her pink little lips wrapped firmly and wetly around my hot, throbbing cock.

My reverie was interrupted shortly by a “Mmph!” Alyx wasn’t gagging, but she was probably close to it, and so I let go of her head, content to simply rest one hand on her head and stroke her hair. She lifted her head up and a string of saliva stretched from my dick to her mouth as she looked at me, questioningly.

I lowered her head again. “Suck on it. Like hard candy.” I told her and groaned my pleasure as I felt the suction on my cockhead. “Yeah, that’s it. That’s it… yeah. Move your head up and down when you’re sucking… Ohhhhhh…. that’s it…. up and down like before….”

My whole body was tensing up as I watched my oğuzeli escort bayan little sister’s head bob up and down on my shaft. She wasn’t really going down much past the head, but by then my upwards thrusting and her jerking my base, was making up for it. She was drooling all over my cock, her warm saliva dripping to my balls. Not the most expert blowjob, but the fact it was my little sister’s cute face looking up at me for approval with my dick still in her mouth… it was easily the best I’ve ever had.

Looking into her wide. brown eyes with her soft lips wrapped around my meat, I lost it and quickly grasped her head. That was all the warning Alyx had before I gave one good thrust into her mouth and let loose with a torrent of cum. Down the hatch. She coughed, or tried to at any rate, and maybe said something, though it was muffled by my rampaging manhood. Sticky, white semen spilled out of the corners of her mouth, to her chin, and dribbled onto my dick and balls.

I was on auto-pilot by now and was just thrusting away, though not deeply. My sister had her eyes shut tight and a not so pleasant expression on her face, but she was taking me like a good girl. As the intensity of my thrusts lessened, I felt another sensation. A slight but undeniable sucking. Despite the roughness at the end, my little sister was swallowing what she could of my cum. Such a sweet girl, my sister.

“Good girl…” I groaned, stroking her chestnut hair. “Good girl…”

Finally, I lay back, in bliss. I watched Alyx pull away from my wet dick with a thin string of cum and drool. She was looking a little dazed herself. Couldn’t blame her, she had just blown her big brother’s cock, after all. Alyx wiped her face and just stared at the strings of cum and saliva on her hands for a while. Then she turned to me and made just the cutest face, a little grimace like she was about to go, “Ewww…”

She just looked so lost, so innocent, and so sexy all at once, I got up and kissed her. I kissed her gently, just brushing my lips over hers. Alyx gave me such a sad little pout, I couldn’t help but laugh a little and give her a firmer, more lingering kiss, and just a little tongue. I didn’t give a shit about my cum.

Alyx now smiled shyly. “Was it good?” she murmured.

In response, I hugged her tight and pulled her down beside me. She gasped her surprise, but I just whispered, “Your turn.”

The next time Alyx gasped, it was at the touch of my fingers on the slightly damp crotch of her shorts. I fingered her for a while, gazing at her sweet face in the throes of sexual pleasure. I was about to go down on her, but Alyx just clutched at me so tight, I decided to stay where I was and just let my fingers do the job, while I hugged her with my free arm. As my little sister moaned softly and tensed up, I kissed her lightly on the forehead. It was very brotherly, except for the fact I was assisting my sister to orgasm.

Afterward, I lay awake for a few minutes, just looking at my sister. Alyx was fast asleep, her head on my chest. A bit of drool dribbled from the corner of her mouth and I smiled faintly as I brushed it away. I gave her tits a brief feel through her shirt, then wrapped one arm around her and prepared for some sleep myself.

As I listened to the crickets and cicadas outside, I wondered about the next step. I wanted my little sister. I wanted to be the one to take Alyx’s virginity. Her first. There was no room at all for doubts or misgivings now.

“Soon… ” I whispered to my sleeping sister. I kissed the top of her head. “All in good time.”

I fell asleep to visions of Alyx waiting for me with her legs spread wide.


To be continued…

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