Show Don’t Tell

Adventure Girl flew slowly down the corridors of the Liberty Squad’s satellite headquarters. It wasn’t that she couldn’t maneuver at higher speeds, even in these narrow hallways; to be honest, Adventure Girl was still new enough to the team that she had to take her time and keep a careful eye on the signs to avoid taking a wrong turn.

She still felt a little awed by her new position in the world’s premier grouping of superheroes. When the Rescuer had finally proposed her for membership and the whole team had unanimously agreed, it felt like the happiest day of her life. And to think, it all started with one small act of courage. She thought back to the day she’d been kidnapped from the debutante’s ball with all those other girls, and the Rescuer had come to…well, rescue her. But when he’d lost his powers due to the effects of the Parallax Key and been thrown right in the cell with them…it had seemed like the right thing to do, helping him break out. He didn’t have any powers, and it wasn’t stopping him from doing the right thing.

And that had led to her first meeting with Doctor Darke, and that had led to her bathing in the energies of the Parallax Key, and that had led to a secret life as a superhero, training with the Rescuer and helping to save the world, and all that had led her here, to the apex of everything a hero could hope for.

She stopped, finally finding the door to the steam room. Certainly membership had its privileges, she thought to herself as she went inside.

She was a little taken aback when she saw Venus Ascendant already bathing in the hot steam. Adventure Girl still didn’t know all her new allies as well as she knew the Rescuer, and she hadn’t had much chance to talk with Venus socially. All she knew about her teammate was what she’d picked up from conversations with other members, and that had been a little…weird. Not exactly tense, but…there was a history, there. Something nobody quite wanted to bring up, but something they couldn’t let go. Captain Patriot always glared at her whenever she walked into the room, the Rescuer never quite seemed able to meet her gaze, and Doctor Phobos always seemed to have a silly grin when he looked at her that really seemed out of place on the face of the Dark Avenger. But nobody seemed willing to explain it all to Adventure Girl.

Venus Ascendant looked up. “Hello, dear,” she said. She stretched a little, and Adventure Girl…not quite blushed or turned away, but certainly became a lot more interested in the detail of the ceiling tile. Venus seemed to be perfectly comfortable displaying her naked body in a way that Adventure Girl wasn’t. “Hope you don’t mind a little company. I just finished a battle with the Criminal Element, and I’m feeling a bit like my lungs were scrubbed out with a wire brush. I thought perhaps a few deep breaths of steam might help.”

“What did he turn into?” Adventure Girl asked. “Arsenic?”

“Chlorine,” Venus said ruefully. “Felt like I was inhaling bleach. So what brings you down here?”

Adventure Girl gingerly began to remove her costume, and not just because she felt a little nervous about the way her body compared with that of a Greco-Roman paragon of beauty. “The Freak Parade tried to spike New Amsterdam’s water supply with a mutagenic serum, and I went three rounds with Beatdown. Guy hits like a truck.” She peeled off her clothes, trying not to feel self-conscious about the way her own lithe, athletic form seemed girlish next to Venus’ supple curves. “In fact, he actually hit me with a truck.”

Adventure Girl sat down, trying to let the heat seep into her body and unkink the stiff, aching areas that still protested after the fight. “Here,” Venus said, shifting position. “Let me help you with that.” She put her hands onto Adventure Girl’s back and began kneading the muscles, working the soreness out of her shoulder where Beatdown had slammed her into a support pillar.

“Thanks,” Adventure Girl said gratefully. “That feels…oh, that feels nice, Venus.” That was the downside of being near-invulnerable, she thought. You really needed someone with super-strength to give you a massage, and there wasn’t always someone around who could bend steel with their bare hands when you really needed them.

“Not a problem,” Venus said. “And please, call me bursa sınırsız escort Helena. Secret identities are worth keeping, but I don’t think that knowing my first name is going to endanger my friends and loved ones.”

Adventure Girl sagged forward a bit under Venus–Helena’s touch. “Samantha,” she said a bit shyly. “I thought all your people had super-powers, like you,” she said. Not that she meant to pry, but…

“My family in Olympia have also received the blessings of the gods, yes,” Helena responded as she continued to work the tension out of Samantha’s back. “But I was really referring more to my secret identity in Man’s world. My mission to educate your society has required me to take an identity other than that of Venus Ascendant, and the friends I made in that identity are no less dear to me than my family back home.”

Samantha’s brow furrowed a little. “Um…you know, I don’t mean to be nosy or anything, but…you’re always talking about that whole thing, educating Man’s world and all. But I never really understood what you’re supposed to be educating us about. I mean, is it a political thing? Women’s liberation, equality of the sexes?” Samantha didn’t think she had to feel guilty about her own feminist credentials; any woman capable of defusing a nuclear bomb with her eyeballs shouldn’t need to wonder if they were the equal of a man.

“Oh, I don’t mind talking about it at all!” Helena said brightly, working her fingers down towards the small of Samantha’s back. “It’s a little difficult to explain, is all. A lot easier to show than to tell. It’s not really political, it’s more of a cultural exchange. You see…” She paused. “Hang on.” She stood up, and Samantha’s venture-senses picked up the tread of her feet as she walked over to where her clothing was piled up. Samantha wondered what exactly she was doing, but between the steam and the massage, she was feeling relaxed enough to let Helena explain in her own time.

Sure enough, Helena returned in moments. “It requires a little trust,” she said with a smile, “but I think at this point we’ve both saved the world enough to believe in each other’s fundamental good natures.” She held out a long silver rope-like belt. “This is the Girdle of Minerva. It has been enchanted with a number of magics, but the two most prominent are that it is unbreakable, and that anyone bound by its confines can speak only truth. Now, go ahead and put your hands behind your back.”

“I…” Samantha tensed up a little. Despite her vast physical power, magic was one of her few remaining vulnerabilities, and one that seemed to crop up just a little too often for her tastes. It wasn’t that she was developing a phobia about it or anything, but after being controlled by the Pendant of Persephone, possessed by the Amulet of Hera, entranced by the Crystal of Eros and bewitched by the Mirror of Aphrodite, she wasn’t particularly sure she wanted to find out what it was like to be tied up with the Girdle of Minerva. (And just what was it with the ancient Greeks and mind control?)

“It’s alright, my dear,” Helena said, resting her hand on Samantha’s shoulder. “You have absolutely nothing to fear from me.”

“That’s what the Rescuer said,” she grumbled, but she nonetheless put her hands together behind her back and allowed Helena to wrap the Girdle several times around her wrists. “Stand up, please,” Helena said, and Samantha got to her feet. *Just how long is this Girdle of Minerva?* she wondered, as Helena wrapped it tightly around her ankles as well.

“There we go,” Helena said, pulling the ropes taut. Samantha could stand, but little more, and a few experimental tugs made it clear that the Girdle of Minerva was as unbreakable as advertised. “Now, Samantha, how do you feel?”

She meant to say, “Fine,” but somehow the words twisted up somewhere between her head and her mouth and what came out was, “A little nervous.” Samantha gulped. It was true, then. She really couldn’t lie right now. It was kind of a scary feeling, knowing that all Helena had to do was ask, and she’d have to answer. Her secret identity, her weaknesses, her real feelings about what Captain Patriot’s new costume did for his abs…Samantha suddenly felt naked in a way that had nothing to do with her lack of clothes.

“Why do you bursa üniversiteli escort feel nervous? I promised you that you had nothing to fear from me.”

“I…” Samantha tried not to answer at all, just to see if she could keep silent, but the pressure to speak just kept building until the words spilled out of their own accord. “I feel kind of helpless like this.”

Helena put her left hand on Samantha’s shoulder again. Somehow, this time it didn’t feel quite so reassuring. She wished she could see Helena’s face. “Is that all, Samantha?”

“…No.” Samantha really didn’t want to answer these anymore, all of a sudden. “I feel like you’re enjoying seeing me helpless. Something about this feels…” She tried to bite off the words, keep them from escaping, even just to mumble them if she could, but her voice rang out clearly in the hush of the steam room. “It feels sexual.”

“If it were,” Helena said, trailing her fingers down Samantha’s back, “would that be bad?”

“Yes!” Samantha said. “You’re a girl!” She wriggled slightly, but she felt worried that if she tried turning around, she’d wind up taking a spill on the slick tiles. Her ability to fly seemed to have deserted her somewhere around the time that Helena tied her ankles together. “Even if you weren’t, I don’t even know you!”

Helena stepped closer, close enough that her body brushed against Samantha’s back. “On Olympia,” she said, “the gift of pleasure isn’t restricted by gender.” She continued stroking Samantha’s back, while her other hand rested possessively on Samantha’s hip. “It’s a gift one gives freely, and accepts freely in return. Does it feel good when I touch you, Samantha?”

Samantha clenched her jaw shut as tightly as she could, using all her venture-strength, but the force of the spell ripped the words from her mouth. “Yes!” she blurted out. “But that doesn’t mean I should let you!” Helena’s hand wound its way around her body, delicately stroking down the crease where her thigh met her hip. “Why not?”

“Because…” Because we’re not on Olympia, because it’s not right to just let some total stranger paw you, because I’m not gay, because someone might walk in any second and spot you taking your hand off my back and putting it on my tits… “Because good girls aren’t supposed to like sex,” she said.

Helena leaned in close to whisper in Samantha’s ear. Samantha felt Helena’s large, heavy tits pressing against her back, the nipples rubbing slightly against her skin. “So you feel guilty about enjoying this?”

No! “Yes!” Samantha shivered as Helena’s hand inched closer to her pussy. She could feel herself getting slick and wet as the fingers got closer. “I shouldn’t enjoy being touched like this, or being touched by another girl, or…” No, no, no, not saying that, not going to let that one out, not… “Or being tied up,” she whimpered out.

“Because being helpless is part of the pleasure, Samantha, isn’t it?” Helena asked.

Samantha shook her head, but her voice betrayed her again. “Yes. It’s like you can do anything to me, and I can’t stop you, and it just makes it so much hotter, knowing that…” Helena pinched Samantha’s nipples as she talked, and it felt like Helena’s fingers were drawing the confessions out of her as much as the Girdle was.

“So you like the pleasure, and you like being helpless.” Helena’s breath sent shivers down Samantha’s spine, and her knees felt suddenly weak. “But you’ve been taught that this is wrong. Why is it wrong? Why aren’t good girls supposed to like sex, Samantha?”

Helena’s fingers brushed down, just touching Samantha’s pussy for a second, and she felt her knees give out from under her. She felt like she was going to fall, but Helena held her, guided her down to her knees even as she continued her caresses. “I…I don’t know, it’s just what I’ve been taught, that it’s bad, that it’s naughty, that good girls don’t have sex for fun, that good girls don’t touch other girls, that good girls don’t get into S and M.” She could feel the Girdle tightening as she spoke, taking up the slack and making it impossible now to rise from her kneeling position.

Helena kissed Samantha’s neck, right at the point where it met her jawbone. “What you’re doing right now isn’t bursa anal yapan escort S and M, dear. It’s just bondage. This is S and M.” And she pulled her fingers away from Samantha’s crotch and swatted her on the ass with super-strength. Samantha yelped. “How did that feel?”

“It hurt!” she said. Please, please, she thought, don’t make me keep talking. “But I liked it. It wasn’t painful enough to really hurt a lot, and feeling the pain and the pleasure at the same time made the pleasure feel more intense.” She was blushing furiously now, but she couldn’t stop herself from saying it.

Helena spanked her again, running her fingers all over Samantha’s breasts as she did so. “And you want more, don’t you?”

“Yes!” Samantha moaned out, the tingling pleasure in her breasts making her eyes flutter in ecstasy. “But I, I shouldn’t, it’s…” She didn’t even know why she shouldn’t anymore, nothing seemed to make sense except for those fingers, those hands, the sensation overwhelming her and drowning her in an electric mix of pleasure and pain.

Helena ran her tongue down Samantha’s neck. “Why is it wrong, Samantha? We’re not hurting anyone, you’re enjoying everything I’m doing to you. This is just a gift of pleasure I’m giving you, freely and openly. Why is it wrong?”

Samantha sobbed out, “I don’t know!” as Helena’s hand returned to her pussy, this time without any teasing. This time, Helena sank her fingers into Samantha’s cunt and pumped them in and out with a passionate intensity, giving her the pleasure she suddenly needed so bad as she arched herself back into the other woman’s touch, suddenly wanting to feel every inch of her skin pressed against Helena’s body. She didn’t know, she couldn’t think of any reason why it could possibly be wrong to feel this good, and everything that she thought she knew just seemed to be breaking down under the urgent pleasure until all she could think about was how badly she needed to cum.

“This is what I came to Man’s world to teach you, Samantha,” Helena whispered in her ear as she teased every inch of Samantha’s sensitive flesh. “That pleasure isn’t wrong.” Samantha moaned, her cries of bliss echoing off the walls. “That submission doesn’t make you weak.” She struggled against her bonds; not to free herself, but simply to feel the pleasure of struggling. “That love is a gift to be given freely.” Her moans became shrieks, now, as her hips bucked and spasmed as she moved closer to orgasm. “That a woman’s touch is not shameful.”

Samantha’s whole body went taut underneath Helena’s touch as she came. She opened herself up to it, let herself feel it without anything holding her back, no guilt or shame, and somehow the pleasure seemed even more intense when she gave in to it completely. It just felt…right. How could it not?

Helena held her the entire time, letting her slide completely to the floor, cradling her body until the last shocks of pleasure finally ran through her. Finally, she loosened the girdle, setting it aside. She smiled down at Samantha. “How do you feel?” she asked.

“A little weird,” Samantha said, her eyes still a little unfocused from the afterglow. She couldn’t feel the magic of the girdle anymore, but she wanted to tell the truth to Helena about this. “But it was…” She looked up at Helena, hearing a little voice inside of her that told her she should be ashamed, but refusing to listen to it. “It felt good.”

“That’s good, Samantha,” Helena said, cuddling up to Adventure Girl as she lay there on the tile floor. “It’s only to be expected that you’re taking a while to adjust; it’s a very intense experience, what you just went through.”

“Uh-huh,” Samantha said, relaxing into Helena’s touches. “I see what you mean about being easier to show, too.”

Helena stroked Samantha’s hip contentedly. “It also means I can’t exactly spread the word quickly. It’s really the sort of thing that requires a personal touch.”

Samantha giggled. “It’s more about the journey than the destination, huh?”

“Exactly.” Helena began to disentangle herself from Samantha, but the other girl stopped her as she got to her feet.

“Wait,” Samantha said, her voice suddenly husky. “I was thinking. About what you said. About love being a gift freely given.” She rose, but only to her knees. Helena’s pussy was right in front of her, seeming to fill her field of vision. “You gave me a gift, and I…I want to give you one in return.”

Helena slipped her fingers through Samantha’s hair. “Thank you, my dear,” she said, pulling Samantha close. “It’s always so gratifying to know that your teachings have…ohhh…have sunk in.”


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