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Jake awoke to the sound of thunder and found himself sitting straight up in his bed. He was covered with a fine sweat that he could only partially attribute to the sultry August heat. Knowing automatically that something wasn’t quite as it should be, he grabbed his gun from the night stand. Even though he was naked, he began to cautiously search his house; only then did he hear the doorbell ring.

He stopped, a little surprised at his paranoia. In any case, he should answer the door, and he couldn’t, or shouldn’t, do that naked. He stopped in the bedroom, and quickly pulled on a pair of jeans, just as the doorbell rang again. He went to answer it, gun still in hand. As he got to the door, what he saw through the peep-hole wasn’t at all what he expected. In front of his door, he could see Sandra, his supervisor from the station. The fact that she was a gorgeous brunette with a fantastic body, who was standing soaking wet at his door in the middle of night, did little for his shock. He shoved the gun into the back of his pants, and yanked open the door.

Sandra had thought about this for a long time, almost as long as she had known Jake. A part of her, the same part that lit the fire in her loins, had wanted him since the first time she’d run her eyes over the uniform that covered his muscular body. She had noticed a longing look in his eyes, but tonight she was going to make certain one way or the other. To do it she was laying all her cards on the table, exposing everything, in more ways than one.

Her original idea had simply been to ring his doorbell wearing only some revealing lingerie and matching heels. For months she had thought about how the night would progress, how he would accept her willingly, how the passion that would ignite between them would burn brightly, how the love making that followed would cool the physical heat while sparking the flame of love. She’d imagined this evening a thousand times, feeling Jake’s kiss and caress; his hands on her body and face; the feeling when their bodies met. She imagined it differently each time, at times becoming so aroused she would masturbate, some times for hours, becoming lost in her fantasy.

Yet, so far it had only been a fantasy. Her insecurity had kept her from even making any move towards a relationship with Jake. Tonight that had changed. Jake, knowing that he was violating his professionalism, had suggested they have a drink together. How badly she had wanted to accept. She’d thought her entire body was blushing instantly; the sensation between her legs telling her that she was correct. But she worked later than Jake, so she had to decline. While she could see the disappointment on his face, she thought things would work out perfectly. After all, the best fantasies needed fulfilling and tonight, it seemed, would be her night.

She went home after work to get cleaned up and “dressed”. In the shower, she became so aroused washing her breasts that she began to play with herself. Not wanting anything but Jake in her, she only let herself rub her clitoris. Still, when she started playing with a nipple as well, she got so aroused that she had a shattering climax.

After toweling off , she picked out her outfit. She’d wear a raincoat because of the weather, so she decided to be more daring with her outfit. She selected a leather bra that framed her breasts and kept them perky, but didn’t cover them at all. Smiling, she added to it a leather garter belt, dark nylons, and black leather pumps. Just for the effect, she added a pair of black, silk, crotchless panties. Looking at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t help running a finger through her wet slit. She sighed with pleasure, deciding to hurry to Jake’s.

It was the third time she’d rung the doorbell. The raincoat was truly only for show now, the thunderstorm sending beadlets of water running sensuously down her body, over her breasts and navel, running teasingly through her pubic hair and down her inner thigh. As she was about to knock on the door, it flew open. There stood Jake, a look of amazement on his face, in nothing more than a sumptuous pair of tight jeans.

Even Şerifali Escort drenched, she was one of the most beautiful women Jake had ever seen. He hoped she didn’t notice the growing bulge in the front of his pants. Then again, maybe he did. The thought of Sandra handling his erection aroused him that much more.

“Are you going to invite me in?”, she asked in an innocent voice. He clumsily stood aside, not wanting her to know that he’d gone to the door armed.

“I thought I’d come over for that drink,” she said with a smile that he thought hid something. “And a towel,” she laughed, her eyes sparkling at him. They were a beautiful doe brown and when they sparkled they touched his heart. He was glad he’d asked her to join him for a drink.

He’d shown her to the bathroom, ditched his pistol, and was in the kitchen mixing their drinks before it really hit him. The sparkle in her eye was the same one he’d seen when he asked her to have a drink, even though she’d said no. She’d had this in mind all along. He smiled. He set the drinks on the table, opening the sliding door to feel the storm as well as watch it. His evening might end like the storm, he thought: still hot, but now passionate and wet.

He heard Sandra pick up the glasses. She handed one to him as she pushed open the screen-door. “Let’s sit on the porch for a while,” she said as she brushed passed him. She might have been wearing a raincoat, but he could still picture and admire her ass underneath it. The coat also only came half-way down her succulent thighs, which helped his active imagination. Just thirty years old, she stayed in good shape, and he could see the muscles in her thighs and calves as she walked in front of him. If he wasn’t hard before, he certainly was now.

Knowing what she was about to do, Sandra’s juices were absolutely flowing. She stood near the end of the porch, almost hoping that the misty rain that landed softly on her body might cool the fire within her, so she could go home without having to step across the line between them: the line of supervisor and employee. It didn’t. She turned to look at him, noticing his eyes came up from her legs. She liked his wanting her, his admiring her. She admired his physique as well, muscled, but not overly so, and tan. She ran her eyes over his arms and chest, wanting to touch him. She took several big gulps of her drink, looking him in the eyes. He was smiling.

She set her drink down and turned completely away. As she untied her raincoat, she said, “There’s something I want to tell you.” Her voice was so thick with lust she could barely recognize it. “What’s that?”, she heard through the thunder. She felt his breath on the back of her neck just before she felt his tongue, then his lips, kissing her. It hit her in all the right spots. Thank God, she thought, I’m not alone.

She stepped away, turning to face him, dropping the coat, showing all of herself to him, wet crotch included. The look of rapture on his face told her that he more than liked what he saw. “I want you,” the words finally came to her lips. “I have for a while. I don’t mean just in bed, but if that’s all I can get from you, I’ll take it.” She sighed. She had now exposed not only her body, but her heart, and she was his to do as he pleased.

His expression changed to one of immense caring as he slowly approached her. She prepared for the worst, receiving instead a surprise of her own. He reached out to caress her cheek, pulling them gently together in a soft kiss. She felt his hand take hers. When he moved her hand to his crotch she was slightly shocked in spite of everything and almost broke their kiss.

He must have felt her hesitation, because he pulled back. “I’m sorry,” he stammered, “I thought… it’s just that… this isn’t all that I want, but I wanted you to know what you do to me, and…”. She shut him up with a kiss, placing her hand firmly on his erection, rubbing it through his pants. She pushed her breasts, with their nipples long and hard from the cool rain, against his firm chest, sliding her hand inside his jeans. She felt him İstanbul Escort tense up then, but as she took his firm member in her hand, they both began to truly relax.

Still holding her head in one hand as they kissed, his other hand slid from her back to her chest, where he toyed with her nipples. As their tongues danced, she deftly unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, sliding her hand up and down the full length of his firm erection. His hand caressed her stomach, then began to explore her groin, and she sighed into his mouth as his fingers parted her.

As he slid a finger inside her wet canal, she broke their kiss to moan out loud. How long she had waited for this night to begin. He kissed her chin, kissed his way back to her neck and down her shoulder, creating a trail of warm ticklish pleasure. She began to squirm to the movements of the hand on her vagina as she stroked him. She ran her hand the full length of his cock, caressing his sack at the bottom, running a finger over his slit at the top. She loved the way he felt in her hand, the way what he was doing to her made her feel. She imagined it was really him inside her, humping his hand at the same pace she was stroking him. They were having sex using their hands, which felt absolutely glorious, but it was the passion that was truly arousing. Their movements had become that of a duet, their instruments were their bodies. They were playing beautiful music.

The rain splashed against her, warmer now than before. It gave her an idea. She withdrew her hands to push his pants down while she kissed him. She felt his hands tugging at her bra, finally undoing the clasp. She shrugged her shoulders out of the bra as he pulled it off of her arms, then ran her fingers through his hair as he kissed her neck and chest, moving on to her breasts. She felt him kiss his way down to her navel, encircling it with his tongue. His hands reached her garter belt and panties, sliding them down her legs. He caressed her thigh with his mouth, close to her groin, just above her stockings, an unbelievable turn-on for her. He rolled down each stocking, kissing each leg the entire way. When he was done, he helped her out of her heels, then stood up. They were completely naked in front of each other.

She kissed him, somehow loving him more than she thought was possible. Then, taking his hand, she ran out into the rain. Her breasts bounced as she did so, the rain showering her entire body, running down in little trails that tickled her. She stopped and turned when she reached the middle of the yard, while he continued right into her arms, his momentum picking her up. He kissed her passionately as they swung around, their bodies rubbing together, lubricated by the rainwater.

Once more he kissed his way down her body, all the way to her thighs. He licked the water dripping from her thighs, caressing his way inward with his tongue. He ran his tongue up to her mound, through her pubic hair, over to her other thigh. It tickled her, but the feeling while he was licking the water off of her was indescribably pleasing. It fanned the fire inside her, making her longing burn like never before. His mouth moved deep on her inner thigh, sucking hard, stirring the passion within her. Then, suddenly, she felt his tongue on her vagina.

She felt his tongue sliding along the lips of her mound, then gasped as he parted her, his tongue pushing its way across her clit. He sucked her into his mouth, flicking her clit with his tongue, toying with her pleasure. His tongue circled her, caressing her, pleasing her. It rubbed her clit, her whole vagina, in a way she had never felt. She hoped it was because he was making love to her, letting go of all thoughts but that of her pleasure. She was so aroused now she could barely stand, and he seemed to read her thoughts.

As the fury of the storm increased, he leaned back, pulling her on top of him, helping her to the ground. She was hungry for him now, a hunger that was going to take some time to satisfy. She leaned forward far enough to kiss him, dangling her breasts in his face. The water ran in a stream from her nipple Ümraniye Escort into his mouth. He chuckled, squirting it back out of his mouth, then starting to suck on her teats.

She couldn’t stand it anymore. The water was trickling down her back, forming a stream which ran between her ass cheeks. The water went right over her anus, which was more pleasing than she would have thought, then rushed over her clit, softly pushing it this way and that. Streams were also running down her sides, around her breasts, and off her nipples. She had water caressing every inch of her body; she wanted to feel a man now.

She pulled her chest away from him, moving down to kiss him, making sure his hardened pecker was sliding up between her legs. While she certainly enjoyed feeling his member against her thighs, she intended something more for it. He wasn’t guiding himself too well, so she wiggled until she felt his head opening her. Slowly, she worked his rod into her canal. She rubbed her juices on him, moving up and down his shaft, getting more and more aroused, feeling better and better, and wetter and wetter. Finally she sat completely upright, then dropped herself onto him, the force sending all of him inside of her, forcing her open, bringing her that special pleasure that can be found no other way.

She was holding herself up by pushing against his chest and now she dug her nails in, writhing against the pleasure rocketing through her, trying to prolong the feeling. The more she struggled, the better she felt, and the more she struggled. It was an endless circle, peaking in a shattering orgasm, which made her entire body tingle. She was gasping for breath and closed her eyes while she tried to catch it.

Suddenly he rolled her over, then she felt her back sink into the soft wet grass. Like a warm water-bed, it was a pleasant feeling. The best part was the way he wiggled around inside of her as they switched. She had been longing him for some time, but she had been deprived for even longer. She had been by herself to the point that she almost couldn’t remember what a man felt like. After this she didn’t see how she could ever forget. His erection pulsed inside her, she felt the swelling, sensing his eagerness for orgasm.

Her juices covered him, allowing him to begin his movements with ease. He stroked her inner canal, his full member rubbing every part of her. She was filled with lust, the rain now running off of his cock and into her. The water around her, and in her, added a sensation that was new, which made their love making that much more special. He was coursing through her fervently, she could barely distinguish his movements; in from out, side from side, up from down. All she could tell was that he was pleasing her, creating a warm pleasure in her loins which sent rays all through her body, getting her so aroused that she didn’t really care what he was doing as long as he didn’t stop. All she knew was that her pussy was receiving enough pleasure for her entire body. She was astonished.

As he moved, she could feel his hips bump against her; feel his balls, wet with rain, slap against her ass; his chest, muscles flexing as he held himself above her, brushing against her nipples; little pleasures that made the massive one between her legs even more intense. Her pleasures climbed along with her arousal level, until they suddenly jumped upwards and out of control, taking her senses and reality with them. Her orgasm was long and powerful, pounding through her body like the strokes of his erection. She lay there sighing, while she recovered.

He could see by the look on her face that she was pleased. It was the noise that she had made that led him to believe she had orgasmed. Not that she had noticed, since her moans had blended right in with the storm. He slowed his movements, not only to prolong her orgasm, but to allow her to come to a peak as well. His own orgasm was impending, but he was going to hold off as long as he could. He paused to give himself that chance. She was holding him close, keeping his hard-on inside her. When she let him go, she surprised him by suggesting they go inside. He helped her up, thinking about how he could keep her aroused. As he picked her up she clung to him, which he liked. They teased each other and giggled as he carried her through the back door, making him wonder what would come next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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