Serene Ch. 02

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Serene awoke with a start. It took her a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She sees that the embers from her fire almost out. Her hands touch the intricately embroidered comforter and sheets that cover her naked body. She had never felt anything more elegant in her life.

She moves towards the window, covered in an equally elegant set of curtains. She delicately opens one of the curtains, just enough to see out. Serene gasps softly, putting her slender fingers to her mouth. The day has barely broken, and she sees a pair of, what she believes to be, slaves on the lawn. Two females, one on her back, legs open, while the other dives between her legs. The one on her back writhes and moans loudly, pinching her nipples. Suddenly, Serene sees the slaves body tense up, screaming with pleasure. Her partner puts her hand over her mouth, as it seems she does not want to wake anyone. As she come up from the others pussy, she locks eyes with Serene. Her deep hazel eyes pierce right into Serene’s soul, and she smirks. Serene quickly shuts the curtain and returns to her bed.

Unable to fall back asleep, Serene recounts the events of the day before. It all feels a little like a dream to her. She sighs softly as she remembered being pleasured for the first time. Her hands find her sensitive nipples, as they stand to attention. Her fingers then move to her sensitive cunt. She winces as she touches the outer edges of her hole, recalling the rough deflowering she had received. Though the area is tender, she feels herself become wet, dripping almost. Serene slowly works her slender fingers inside of herself, slowly pumping in and out of her tight hole. She moans softly.

The door to her room sudden flies open. James stands in her doorway; his tall figure leaves a large shadow across the room. Serene quickly tries to cover her body with the sheets.

“I see you’re already up.” He says sternly, as he looks her up and down. “Get dressed and meet me in the kitchens.”

Serene nods as James closes her door. She quickly goes to her wardrobe. Looking inside, Serene was surprised by what she saw. Though there were plenty of clothes, it seemed that many of them, if not all of them, had cut outs or were shorter than she had expected. She grabs a blouse, corset, bloomers, a skirt and heels. She starts to put on the clothing that is provided to her. Once everything is on, she looks at herself in the mirror. She gasps, as she sees that the blouse is almost completely see through, her corset us undercut her breasts, pressing them up. Serene’s nipples harden immediately as the fabric from her blouse hit her tender nipples. Her skirt barely covers her bloomers, which not only are barely covering the tops of her thighs, but have a large slit between her pussy and her ass. Serene bends over to put on her heels, noticing a breeze between her thighs when she does. She softly sighs, excited to see what the night brings. She then heads to the kitchens.

When Serene arrives, there is quite the hustle and bustle. James stands in the middle of it all, watching all the other slaves. She notices that the other slaves, male and female, are in different states of undress. Some with more clothing on than her, some with less. He motions Serene over to him.

“You took your time.” James says.

“I’m sorry. It took me a while to figure out how to put on these new clothes.” Serene says, shivering.

“Just don’t be so late again.” He firmly says.

Serene nods, noticing the hazel eyed slave from this morning. They lock eyes, and Serene gets goosebumps.

The morning goes by without any hiccups. James was kind, but firm toward Serene, and showed her how to do her morning chores, which consisted of mainly helping other senior slaves with their tasks. Once, a slave was taken from her task, which Serene then had to complete. When she asked James about this later, he only said that the Mistress wanted her.

They had a quick and small lunch, which consisted of bread, cheese, and meats. James, sitting across from Serene, looks at her up and down.

“How are you adjusting to your new duties?” He asks, inquisitively.

“I don’t know… I suppose I’m adjusting well.” Serene says, just then noticing how exposed she was to him. Her nipples suddenly hardened from the shear fabric of her blouse. She had become so quickly accustomed to the nudity of the house, that she was surprised by her sudden arousal.

“I noticed that your sexual appetite is already growing.” He says off handedly.

“What… what do you mean?” She says softly.

“Don’t act like you didn’t know I saw you this morning.” He pauses, before speaking again. “This is a good thing. The longer you spend here, the more you will understand our ways. And the Mistress has appointed me as your tutor, as it were.” He takes a bite of his meal.

Serene squirms in her seat.

“Are you getting wet now?” He asks frankly.

Serene blushes, not saying anything.

“Well if you’re not going to tell me, spread your legs. I’ll find out myself.” James says sternly, coxing her legs open. Serene obliges and her pussy is exposed to him. His thick fingers find her tiny slit, spreading it. “Oh, you are I see.” James says, lightly rubbing her clit. Serene’s eyes roll back, as she pants softly. James suddenly takes his hand away from her cunt. “Good… good. Finish your meal and come to the music room.”

Serene turns bright red embarrassed how quickly she was aroused, and her sexual frustration. The hazel eyed slave walks behind Serene, whispers in her ear. “Don’t worry, we all go through it with our trainers. You’re going to get a lot more where that came from before you’re fully trained.” She smiles and winks at Serene, before walking away.

Serene cleans her area, and heads to the music room. She hears more moaning as she walks down the long hallway. She softly knocks on the large wooden doors, before entering. The moans get louder as she opens the door. Serene sees two female slaves teasing each other with feathers, while kissing. James motions her to come to him.

“You’re going to learn about arousal and orgasm denial.” He says, standing behind her. “This is Leah, and this is Miriam.”

Leah has beautiful long black, curly hair, caramel skin and large hanging breasts. Her partner, Miriam, also has black hair, but cut in a shorter style. She has smaller, yet full breasts, glistening with jewelry. Serene bites her lip as she watches their nipples harden as they tickle each other. Miriam pushes Leah over playfully, as she moves the feather up and down her wet slit. Leah moaning with excitement.

“Do you see that?” says James “Miriam knows what Leah likes. They both know what every play slave in this house like. Including me, and soon, including you.” He roughly puts his hands on her shoulders. “Let’s move closer, they don’t bite, unless you ask.” James moves Serene right next to the two playing together. “Now. Watch how Miriam moves her feather slowly. Do you see how wet Leah is getting?” James starts to gently pull down Serene’s top.

“Yes… Yes”, Serene whimpers, her nipples already getting hard.

“I’d like for you to take notes. When you are called upon to play with Leah, you had better remember this. Being horny will not count as an excuse for not remembering.” His rough hands lightly touch her nipples.

Serene pants as Miriam dives down into Leah’s pussy. Her nipples get rock hard under James’ thumbs and she moans softly. Miriam slides three of her fingers into Leah’s sweet, glistening cunt. As she does, Leah groans out louder. Serene presses her breasts into James’ hands. She feels a firm swat on her right breast.

“Don’t be greedy. The Mistress does not like her slaves greedy. Remember, we are all here to serve her and are here for her pleasure. It is an honor and a privilege to be here. Do you understand?” James firmly tells her. Serene nods and whimpers. “Good girl. Keep taking notes.” He turns her back to the scene, pinching her nipples now. She whimpers and cries out with pain and pleasure as he does. “Do you notice how Leah hasn’t cum yet, though her body is trembling? She must ask permission first. And, because I’m the highest-ranking slave in the room, she must ask me.” James slides his hand under Serene’s skirt, finding the easy access slit, finding his way to her hot, sensitive cunt. “That’s one of the house rules. Leah, you may ask me.”

Leah’s eyes are rolling back in her head. “Please James, can I cum?” She squirms under Miriam’s mouth.

James laughs, lightly rolling Serene’s sweet bud in his fingers. “No.” Serene gasps, partially from the pleasure of James’ fingers, partially from his denial of Leah. “That is what we call orgasm denial, sweet girl.” He chuckles. “Leah, aren’t’ you going to show your appreciation to Miriam?” Leah quickly nods and gets in front of Miriam. She laps and sucks on her slave sister’s clit as Miriam pinches and plays with her own nipples. James rubs Serene’s cunt faster and harder, feeling her squelching wetness as he touches the opening to her pussy. “That is a good girl, Serene. Good girl…”

Miriam moans louder and louder, starting to beg to cum. “Please… please James… please. Please can I cum?” James nods towards Miriam. “Thank you!” She screams and cums hard all over Leah’s face. James feels Serene start to climax and suddenly stops.

“You will have to wait a little longer.” He says to her. “Ladies, please let Mistress know that Serene is ready for her.” They both nod, both with wetness dripping down their legs, and leave the room. He roughly bends Serene over the piano, rubbing her wetness. She whimpers and moans with pleasure, completely forgetting herself or this situation she is in. Her firm breasts press against the piano as he rubs her sweetness. She moans louder and louder, feeling her body shake. James suddenly pulls away from here once again. She groans out with frustration. “Were you going to cum without permission?” He roughly asks her.

“No… of course not.”

“It certainly felt like you were about to cum.” He spanks her ass hard. Serene yelps out with pain. “If you don’t obey the rules, you will feel that pain and more, do you understand?” Serene nods. “Good girl. If you keep obeying, you will soon earn back your name.”

Suddenly, the door opens. “And what do we have here?” Mistress Katerina asks. Serene quickly gets up, gasping as she does. Katerina enters the room, wearing a purple dress. Less structured than the ones she would wear in public but hugging her body in every way it could. Her large breasts bouncing as she walks. She walks towards James. “How is our new plaything today, James? Is she a fast learner?” Katerina says as she kisses him.

“She is Mistress. Though not perfect, seems like she is willing to learn.” He says to his Mistress, as if Serene was not there.

“Glad to hear. Hopefully, we won’t have any more training problems like we did a few months ago?”

James nods. “Of course, not Mistress. I will do everything in my power to make sure this one succeeds.”

“Good… good.” Katerina slides her hand where James’ just was. “How far along are we today?”

“She’s now learning about orgasm denial. I just had to stop fingering her because she couldn’t control herself.”

“Maybe she will be better now her Mistress is here.” Mistress Katerina started to rub Serene’s tender nub. Serene yelps with the sudden pleasure and begins shaking. Mistress Katerina once again pushes Serene on the piano, rubbing her wet slit and hard clit. Serene whimpers with pleasure and denial.

“Please.. please Mistress. May I cum? Please!” begs as her Mistress increases the pressure and speed. Mistress Katerina hears the squelching of Serene’s cunt as she touches her.

“Yes Pet.” Katerina whispers in her ear. Serene immediately gushes as she cums. Her body shaking and her hand clawing at the piano’s edge. Serene’s orgasm seemed to go on forever, until her body subsided to it. Katerina, still rubbing Serene’s clit, shooshes and calms her. “That’s it Pet. Give into the orgasm. That’s a good girl.” Mistress Katerina turns to James. “She might be ready for the party this weekend.”

“Mistress, its only in a couple of days.” James mentions.

“Well, we will just keep our hopes up, wont we then?” Mistress Katerina touches James’ face softly. “I’m glad to see that you’re teaching her well James.” She gives him a soft kiss on the cheek. “Make sure this room is cleaned up when you’re done James.” Katerina says as she exits the room.

James turns to Serene, picking her up off the piano. “You heard Mistress. Clean this room up. This area is covered in your juices.” He spanks her ass hard as he leaves the room. “Come find me when you’re done.”

Serene nods as he exits the room. Her head flooding with thoughts as she wipes up her juices from the floor. “If this is just day one… what will the rest of my life here look like? How did they get me to gush like that? What is this party they keep alluding too…?” She shivers at the thought, as she finishes cleaning up. She pushes those thoughts to the side, as she leaves to go find James.

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