Secrets of forest – Memories

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Secrets of Forest. Memories.

July 4th party finished at 2 or 2:30 am, Ben and me went back home, I was so happy because of my birthday present. Ben was so happy too by the same reason, strange? No, just funny we gave each other a great gift and was delicious

In the way home we talked about 4th july carnival, the play and fireworks, we were pleasant and relaxed, our bodies were rested and we both satisfied, well that was that I thought.

At home, near 3:00 am, we were starving, sex produces hungry, we wento to the kitchen and search in the fridge for something to eat, we found ham, mayonnaise and some pickels, we did a pair of sandwich each and went to the tv hall to watch a movie, we take our “dinner” and tv was not good so we prefer talk a little while. I invite Ben to upstaris to my parent´s bedroom, there were a pair of rest armchairs which my parents use in summer nights to see the back garden and the rest of the neighborhood to relax and talk, he was agree and we went there.

During walking ladders Ben touched my butt and got me horny, We started to drop our clothes while walking to the bedroom, wen we went into it were completely neaked again, I invited him to sit down on an armchair and I take the other one, there was a blanket on them all the time so we take one each and cover our legs with them.

The sight was pretty, the night clear without a cloud in sky, we could see the stars up us and the neigborhood under our feet.

– It’s very comfortable here Fred.

– yeah, my parents say the same always.

– And, What they talk when they’re here.

– Some memories, you know, as they kknow each other, when I was born, funny things they or me did.

– Memories… mmm, I see, this site invite to remember, i really can feel it.

– You’re joking, I don’t feel that at all.

– I’m remembering somethings right now.

– Tell me, please, I’m not tired.

– It’s about us, when we were children, and I started feeling some stranges things about you.

– Me? your kidding?. I can’t believe it. Tell me, what do you remember?

– The first memorie I have from you is when we knew each other, it was in third grade, you was sitting next to me, I was the new kid on the block and you tended me your hand, we shaked, and that was when our friendship began.

– Yes! I remember that, I was nervous, yo know? I didn’t expect you were so nice, my other friends were nice but you were “the new kid” and I didn’t know about your way of being.

– I felt chills that time, and I started to follow you, with or without your authorization.

– Really? I didn’t take care of that.

– that is, I felt something weird, it wasn’t just friendship, in fact I thought that you felt the same, and I imagined playing all the time cowboys and Indians with you.

– Guau, go on, go on, please. It’s interestinf Ben.

– We were almost ten in that epoch, I discover something new in my body when we were at gym class, you arrived into the dressers with me, and started to change your clothes, without pain you got almost naked in front of me, you left your underwear on only, and I can see your back, your buttocks and of course your little cock and the way this lifted up your breechs.

– Well! I see you remember great details.

– I’m sorry – He blushed – It’s the first time I talk about this.

– Don’t worry friend, after this day we can talk anything. – i extend my arm and took his hand – come on, go on.

– That day I remember my dick got hard when I see you in under wear, I caressed it to calm and we stay normally at class.

– tell me more, another brief thing you remember.

– Oh, there are a lot of them, another memorie was on your eleventh birthday, we was very funny in the garden, then you go to wear your Iron man suit.

– Yes, yes, i remember Ben, the movie of the year and the super hero of the year. It’s one of my favorites films til now.

– Of course I noted something else from you in that costume, and was your rounded butt and your big balls, in fact, there was a moment when your cock got hard and stand out in your costume. I ran to reach you and rub Sex hikayeleri my hand on your penis, It was awsome, but you didn’t note it.

– No, I’m sincere, never thought your preferences and those coincidences. Although I remember that day, when I took off my suit my cock was still hard, and I remembered you touched it, then I couldn’t stop thinking and played with my penis for a while thinking about you, but i was fearful you were wrong and I misunderstood your movements.

– omg, if I had known. I spent that night dreaming with your cock in my hand, and how did I’d hold it and played with it, I used mine to imagine better.

– What else, Ben, tell me?

– You usually don’t take care of what you show at gym class, you know?

– omg, why you say that?

– some classes your underwear breeches are so shorts than they let me see your buttocks, even your balls and dick two or three times, And I wasn’t the only one. Frida saw those too, and she blush when looked at me. That helped me to hide my erection because I was looking the same as yours.

-I can’t believe what you say, you admire my balls since you were ten, and I don’t noted, It’s just incredible!, and that day, with Frida, what happened? you said something to her or…

– I apologized in your name, I told her men are careless with our private things and usually don’t care who could saw accidentally. She said “there isn’t trouble, just tell him be careful and he has a pretty butt and other things i see are pretty too, you understand me, do you?” she was very blushed and ran to the women showers with a “sassy” smile.

– I can’t imagine that, She looked for me later, you know?, and you never told me anything, why?

– I was too much shy to tell you, besides what could I say?: “We both saw your pretty cock, balls and rounded butt!”? Really? I don’t believe it.

– You could tried. Because she looked for me after school, you know?, and told me something like this: “Don’t think what I said to Benny is true, I’d really like to see your ‘things’ every class, please don’t change your shorts or underwear because it’s very well”, she wink an eye and went away. After that she stayed near me every time she could, even one day touched my dick and rub it with her butt.

– So? what did you feel?

– Not so much, maybe got a little hard but not as is with you.

– I see. Whatever, I was always spying your prety things but I had to be careful not to be catched by doing it. And It seems you liked that too, because every gym class you showed different positions, once your cock was hard and out of your underwear breeches, hanging under your shorts, by the way, Frida looked that too, she thought nobody saw her, but I did, she was under the gym stands looking to you, and i was sitting on the court in front of you and, we both were enjoying the view.

– Mmm, I understand now!

– What? Are you angry with me?

– What do you say? of course not! Y just understand why she send me mails links to erotic websites with naked girls, it was so good she moved las summer, don’t you think?

– Yeah, I think so.

– But tell me, another memories to remember.

– Look Fred, when we take showers after gym class we were always shoulder to shoulder, remember? and I was always with my penis hard and looking your asshole, you caught me sometimes

– yes, I remember that, and now that you said it I know why, at home, I played with my cock in the bathroom almost all afternoon, it was hard and I closed my eyes and see your sight on me, that excited me but i never thought to say it to you either, I do not know why, maybe I didn’t want you think I misunderstood what I saw, but today you showed me I was a fool for a long time.

– Don’t say that, in that case, we both were fools, because nobody said anything to each other about these feelings.

– Yes but now I’m hard again – Then I take off the blanket from mu legs and show him mi hard, long and wet cock.

– My folk, – he did the same with his blanket – I was expecting you to say that, besides my asshole is asking something from you. Do we go to bed?

I thought: It’s my Sikiş hikayeleri parents’ bed, it’ll be correct to do it there?.

– i prefer the carpet, bed is warm in this room – I said while I stand up and the blanket rolls to the floor.

– Ok, whatever you want is great for me.

-Ok, then come here – I lay on the carpet – with me and make me feel your love again, Benny.

– Yeah – he jumped from the armchair, and he was with me instantly – I really like to see your naked body asking me for sex.

– Please kiss my ass and wet it, I’d like feel your cock in me. -I turn til mi chest was under and mi buttocks show their hole to my best friend. – They are hungry, you see? come on, fuck me.

– take it easy friend, Although I’m asking that I prefer do it step by step, it’s a great moment to me, you know?, I was expecting this for a long time and I want you and me enjoy the moment.

– It’s just I’m burning out. your memories make me feel horny, I’d like recover all that lost time from years ago.

– don’t hurry man, we’ll recover it, since now and then we’ll encounter the way to be together and alone to play this sex games.

– it’s true – He close to my mouth and kis my lips tenderly.

I corresponded him, my body shaked up as if I was cold, he hughed me and rub his penis on my leg, I straight my cock towards him and he, without a doubt, suck it, he gave me the greatest blowjob I remember, maybe because I knew he’d penetrate me later.

He sucked mi long, precum, wet dick. then my balls, one by one, he traveled my perineum til mi ass and get back, slowly help me turns to expose my back and buttocks, obviously, then, he kissed my neck and behind my ears, I felt his legs rub mine and his cock rubing my back, he caressed my thighs with the feet, my buttocks with his balls and dick, my back with his soft hands and my neck and ears with his lips and tongue.

– Please, don’t stop – I whispered.

– Never – he answered.

– Go on, go on, please, use your tongue over my body, wet it, transmit me your hot.

– Mmm, you are very expresive, I like it.

He traveled from my neck to my ass hole and returned, some times, taht make me feel so loved. After the talk, I knew what he was keeping out from me for years: He loved me. And I discover the same feeling from me to him, I loved him.

He stoped ant told:

– I want to make love to you, loved, May I?

– What a question dear, please do it.

– I don’t want to hurt you.

– You’d like a blowjob?

– Please Fred, That makes me crazy.

I turn a little and sit on the floor, he kneed in front of me and I bended my neck to reach the glory of his sex, gently, I hold his penis, my fingers caressing his balls, my palm carried the dick and my wrist holded the head, slowly, very slowly, my wet tongue began to kiss his member, from beginning to end, slowly, always slowly, he grumped asking for more, I open my mouth, lifted a little my hand and send the head inside it, mmm, I remember the taste, salted and wet, sweet and hard, these combinations made me go to heaven, i just hear he feeling pleasure and expressed it groaning ang growling, mi mouth made the dick his prissioner, don’t wanna free it, I wanna hold the dick in my mouth all night long, sucking, licking, weting, going and coming, up and down, with my fingers scratching softly his balls and my tongue playing with his bald penis head, taking him to orgasm and receiving these small discharges of precum in my throat, tasting and savoring the liquids of sex and love. One of my fingers reached the anus, it was wet because of sweat that travel from his back to the butt, that helps to went into the hole without a problem and made him shout of pleasure, my naughty fingers wento on scratching softly his balls, in and out his hole, my mouth playing his cock and he pushing my head against his body, while asking me for more and I gave it him. then he shot his semen in my mouth, and I drink all, savoring by first time all his discharge in my tongue, teeth and throat, what a pleasure.

I drank all, absolutely all his milk. Now It was my turn.

I lay down again on Erotik hikaye the carpet admiring his dick still draining semen, it was hard, very hard, he asked me turn, i understand the order, he wanted to fuck and i was the most thankfulness by that. i did it and turn on my chest again, i felt his tongue making circles around my ass hole and then one finger scratch it, after that the finger goes into my hole, his tongue was still in my ass, I lift up my hips a little, to help him suck correctly my ass, he wet it and his left hand goes under me to hols my cock and masturbate it slowly. I groan. He put their legs side by side between mine, gently, used his knees to push mine by opening my compass and leting him see my buttock open wide to receive his “weapon”, he bended on my ass again, penetrating it with his middle finger, and kissing and kissing, weting it more everytime, his warm breath excited me a lot, I tried to open my ass as a wide door to let him see my excitation and asking he to go into, he separate my legs, bend my knees and colocated my ass to his penis height, my chest rest on the carpet and my face was loking thru the window, if a neighbor were out could see our sex position since the garden, i don’t take care of that but Benny do, He stands up and close the curtains. returns to atack me, he bended his k nees again and center his penis with my ass hole, i was trembling, i couldn’t believe he was to put his penis on me by the first time, i was going to give him my virginity, i never imagine my ass hole would be penetrated at 13, at home and by my best friend. In fact, i wasn’t thought about it or other related thing never.

He was pushing his dick slowly inside my ass, i helped him using my hands to separate my buttocks and let him see all my ass open wide, I felt his wet head going into, opening my ass, breaking his sealed space, my hearth beats quickly, my legs got hard too, my back got straigth and my mouth shout by pleasure, ii was nervous to fail in giving satisfaction to Ben. he continued pushing his dick slowly. the head pass the entrance and went on along my rectum, i felt every quarter of inch which go into my ass, his head rubing my long colon giving me pleasure. I groan and groan every time he push a little inside me, his hands hold firmly my hips until I feel his balls reach mine. I had all the cock inside me.

The dance of sex began, Benny push in and out his dick with my ass against the carpet, his hands were holding my hips and I grump every time.

– This is my dream come true, my loved Fredy.

– Mine too Benny, and I liked you came to in my mouth first, i still savor your milk in my tongue.

– Yeah, yeah, it’s exquisit to fuck your ass by first time.

– you’re taking my private virginity and I don’t care because it’s great give it to you my dear lovely friend.

– your ass is warm and “aprieta” my dick

– I feel your head and when it rub and scratch my ass hole all the way in and out.

– Mmmm, I want you move now, can you?

– of course.

I started moving my hips, I had to support me stretching my arms and lifting my back from the floor til be in a “doggy style”, then I started again to move front to back, in syncronic movement with Ben, When I was front he was back and viceversa, so we can get the full penetration of his dick on my ass and enjoy the way out, Once or twice his cock was out completely but we were so hot and wet that its penis entrance again without troubles.

– Fred, i love you, this experience is awesome!

– Yeah Benny, i love you too, please don’t stop, push it all into me.

– Like this? ah? you liked?

– yes! just like this, go on, go on, into my ass.

– aaa, aaaa, omg, mmmm again aaaa yeah, What a feeling!

He finally came into my ass discharging his penis once again but now inside my ass, his liquid run by my asshole burning me, and, when i was to relax my body he turns me and take my dick in his mouth, he moved his head quickly in and out by covering my dick, i can’t wait for more, and discharged my semen into his mouth, my excitement was so much that I shot at least 6 times. he tried to drink but it was too much milk to him, so I helped by kissing him and sharing my milk with him in a very horny kiss. We both had given one to each other the best gifts of lovers can give themselves: love and sex without limits.

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