And so we did on our first two days, see our story DINA AND DEAN. When Dina and Dean left for home the next day we decided to have a rest day before we sought new challenges.

“My libido is sky high, I have decided what my next challenge is,” Sarah told me as we watched some lesbian videos that night. “Lick me to orgasm while I tell you about it. Some of those older women having lesbian sex who we have watched fucking hung men are an absolute turn on for me. Lots of them appear to more comfortable with women than men. And I love watching them seducing younger women.

“Lay on your back so I can sit on your face and watch the lesbian clip with that older, glamorous, blond woman seducing a woman my age.

“I want to be seduced by a lipstick lesbian around ten years older than me. Would you like to watch baby? Could you handle that?,” she teased knowing my answer to be both questions would be in the affirmative as I grasped her ass cheeks and helped her slide her engorged clit along my tongue.

“And as a final challenge, a younger man with a twelve-inch erection. Could you handle that baby? Lots of possibilities. You could suck his huge erection, you enjoy a challenge just as much as I do. Or I could watch him give you a blow job. Or you could watch him fuck me. You know size is important to me. Perhaps I could suck your cock at while he fucked me?”

We spent the next afternoon sun tanning on the nude beach enjoying the attention our naked bodies received as we compared and commented on other naked bodies.

A cocktail party at seven that night provided an opportunity for Sarah to connect with a new partner.

“My name is Michelle, and you must be Sarah and Roger, I know you both from reputation. I could see Sarah sizing her up, an obvious lipstick lesbian with cropped, blond hair and a feline, size-12 body, around ten years older than her.

“My partner was called away on business so I am all alone for the next few days. And nights,” she told us as Sarah and I both sized her up. Expensive killer heels, and a designer label backless dress with a wide, long opening at the front to highlight her modest cleavage.

I was reminded of one of Sarah’s questions when we consider alternate partners, ‘Would you be comfortable giving and or receiving twenty or thirty minutes of oral sex from that person.’ From her body language the obvious answer was a resounding yes, she would be very comfortable.

As we shared our second bottle of wine with Michelle, her questions became more direct. “Are you two bi? Do you shave or wax? Did you come to this resort for new sexual experiences? What do men and women find most attractive about your naked bodies?”

I decided to answer her questions to add to the sexual frisson. “Sarah and I are both gender fluid, we shave each other every Sunday. And yes, we did come to this resort for new sexual experiences. We are both business professionals and we make a point of setting goals. Sarah’s current goal is to be seduced by a lipstick lesbian around ten years older than her. And she wants me to watch.

“What do men and women find most attractive about our naked bodies? For Sarah, men love her magnificent ass, as do many women. She loves it being worshiped by either sex, even better both sexes at the same time.”

“And for my man, both sexes love his thick, nine-inch erection,” Sarah chimed in.

“Would you like me to tell Michelle you love your naked body being licked and teased while I watch Sarah?,” I asked.

“You have my full attention. Is that a proposition?,” Michelle smiled as she held our hands. “I love your skin tight leather slacks Sarah, they would look much better around your ankles,” Michelle told her as she tongue kissed Sarah and she returned her kisses, the sexual chemistry of the two women obvious.

“It’s almost a cliche, but your place or mine Sarah and Roger?”

“Mine,” Sarah tells her as we left holding hands with Michelle.

“Will you be comfortable with my man watching Michelle?,” Sarah asked on the short walk.

“Very yavuzeli escort comfortable as long as he is naked for both of us.”

“I love your skin tight leather slacks Sarah, they would look much better around your ankles,” Michelle repeated as she passionately kissed Sarah with her hands all over her.

“Then do it for me, you know I want you to seduce me.”

I always get a buzz looking at my lady’s naked body. She still has her top on as she is naked from the waist down, after Michelle removed her slacks and helped her back on with her heels. Wonderful thighs, trimmed black pubes contrasting with her blond hairdo with her magnificent ass on show.

“I want your man to undress me for you Sarah, or is it for both of you?,” Michelle whispered as she undressed me. “I knew you would be hung.”

She looked wonderful naked in nothing but her expensive killer heels, after I deftly removed her designer label backless dress. Her modest tits on show first as I lowered the top to her waist, then unfastened it so it fell to her ankles. “Not bad for fifty plus,” she smiled as Sarah and I ogled her naked, feline body.

Fabulous long legs, a manicured tuft of jet black pubic hair over her bald cunt lips, feminine hips, flat stomach and small attractive tits with large, erect nipples. “I am pleased at your reaction, very pleased. I am going to be very comfortable with you watching,” she smiled as she ogled my semi-erect cock before she gave Sarah her full attention.

“Tell me what you want me to do to your gorgeous naked body Sarah,” Michelle teased as she knelt behind her with her hands on her hips as she licked and kissed her ass cheeks. “Your ass is magnificent, firm and no dimples. How do you do it?”

“Tell me Sarah, what do you want from me?” she asked again as Sarah parted her legs so Michelle could reach between her legs with her arm and tease her cunt lips with a fingertip as she continued licking and kissing her ass cheeks.

“I want it all. Lick my cunt until I cum for you. Then do it again. I am multi-orgasmic. Then do it again, and again until I squirt. I want want to squirt for you,” Sarah told her as they kissed and rubbed each others erect nipples together.

Sarah loves being tongue fucked sitting on a chair in front of a wall length mirror. Tonight was no exception as Michelle knelt between her thighs with her arms wrapped around them and slowly licked her way to cunt lips. “I love it you are very good, very talented,” Sarah told her as she orgasmed for the first time. “I warned you I am multi-orgasmic Michelle,” Sarah told her as she orgasmed again and again.

The chair was creaking as Sarah and I tongue kissed while we both watched Michelle licking her cunt lips. I tongue kissed Sarah as I attempted to mimic with with my tongue what Michelle was doing to her very wet cunt lips with her tongue.

“Is this what you wanted baby, a seduction by a lipstick lesbian around ten years older than you?”

“Yes, I love it, she is very talented. Do you like watching baby?,” Sarah asked as she slid her closed hand along my very erect cock.

I understand Sarah so well, I know when she is almost ready to squirt for a woman or man as they pleasure her. She was breathing very heavily as Michelle kept on licking her cunt lips as she inserted a finger into her. “Fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt, I love it, fuckamycunt.”

“You are a magnificent lesbian fuck Sarah, I knew you would be, and ten years younger than me. I love it, so good and so wet,” Michelle managed to mutter as she curled her finger to find her g-spot. Sarah was right on the brink as Michelle withdrew her finger, both of them enjoying the tease. Then repeating it twice. She had Sarah’s body trembling as she moaned, “Gunna squirt for you Michelle, gunna squirt, watch me squirt.”

My erection was rock hard as I watched my lady squirting for a new woman, her eyes closed, a look of absolute sexual pleasure on her face as she squirted in large bursts.

Did you like watching yavuzeli escort bayan that? Your lady is awesome, so good. Now what can I do for you and your rock hard erection? Would you like me to give you a blow job while your lady watches? May I Sarah? Would you like to watch me blow your man?”

“You may, I would love to watch,” Sarah told her a she provided a wonderful long, slow, teasing blow job.

“If you are free tomorrow afternoon, there will be some adult entertainment in this room,” Michelle told Sarah as she handed her a slip of paper with a time and room number. Vey adult, I think you will both enjoy it. And I look forward to having you both again soon.”

When we arrived just before three there were eleven other couples, aged between late-twenties and sixty-plus seated waiting for the curtain rise.

A collective gasp when the curtain rose to show a naked, well built black man in his late twenties, smeared with oil, his ass to the audience, with his hands on his hips.

“What a body, look at his shoulders and ass,” Sarah whispered as the others made similar noises, before he slowly turned around, still with his hands on his hips. “Oh wow, fuck he is huge, fucking huge, much bigger than you baby,” Sarah whispered as everyone in the room ogled his very large flaccid cock.

“That’s Garth, he is twelve-inches,” a knowledgable female voice told us.

Absolute silence as he teased his nipples, before he commenced teasing and stroking his cock as he enjoyed flaunting it for all those watching. He quickly achieved a full on erection poking out at ninety degrees.

“He really is twelve-inches, and so thick. Huge, fucking huge. Some of the men are even more interested than their women,” Sarah whispered, obviously turned on as he slowly stroked his erection while making eye contact with every couple.

“A sure bet most of the men have hard ons, just like you,” Sarah smirked as she rubbed a hand over mine as we wondered how this might play out.

Garth motioned with one hand on his erection to a very attractive Asian lady and her caucasian man, the youngest couple in the room, before they climbed to the stage.

“Lee and Li Xi, this is for you, especially for you to share,” Garth told them, the first words he had spoken.

Li Xi has wonderful legs under her very short dress, which her man quickly discards leaving her naked as he removed his briefs. “Gorgeous girl, he has a good body, though his cock is average,” Sarah whispered.

Huge sexual tension as her man licked Garth’s nipples while Lu Xi stroked his erection. A chair appeared on stage and Lu Xi sat on it, sideways to the audience. Precisely the correct height for the audience to watch Lu Xi give him an incredible blow job.

“I did warn you very adult entertainment. Did you enjoy it?,” Michelle asked shortly after. “Did it turn you on? Both of you?”

“Would you like to meet him Sarah? And you Roger, would you like to meet Garth?,” Michelle asked. Our smiles told her yes.

“Nine tonight in my room then.”

When we arrived we were both initially disappointed Garth was absent. “Garth is in the bedroom getting ready,” she told us she tongue kissed Sarah. “You are a very exciting woman, a real cougar. I told Garth I have a fifteen-year older cougar who wants to meet him. She watched your show with her man. They were most impressed. She with your ass. Both with your twelve-inches.

“I told him you have a magnificent ass. Size-fourteen on a sexy size-twelve body. I want to oil for him,” she told Sarah as she removed her short, black dress. All that she was wearing apart from her killer heels and a very skimpy, high waisted g-string.

“Your ass was made to be oiled Sarah, magnificent. Do you like your man watching me oil your ass?”

“I love watching, I have an erection coming on,” I answered truthfully.

Come and meet Garth, both of you,” Michelle told us with the bottle of oil in her hand.

Just as earlier today, Garth is naked, escort yavuzeli legs spread, hands on hips, with his back to us. “Sarah was very impressed with your ass this afternoon,” Michelle told us as she rubbed a generous dose of oil over his ass cheeks as he clenched them for us. “So were around twenty other people, males and females.

“And she was incredibly impressed with your cock. So was her man,” Michelle smiled as Garth turned around so Michelle could oil his torso. “Look at his nipples, huge he likes them teased like that,” she told us before she worked his flaccid cock with two hands.

“Twelve women and twelve men watching me this afternoon, Incredibly arousing while I fantasised about you Sarah,” Garth whispered as he rubbed a hand over Sarah’s oily ass cheeks.

I have never ever been in close proximity to a man with such a huge erection. Twelve-inches, an absolute benchmark. And he has a hand on my lady’s ass as she ogles his erection before she strokes it with a clenched hand.

“Would you like to fuck him Sarah?,” Michelle asked as Sarah and I tongue kissed.

“Very tempting,” she whispered as her and I couldn’t take our eyes off his twelve-inches.

“Would you like to fuck her while her man and I watch Garth?,” Michelle asked.

Sexual tension like I had never known. My lady’s lesbian lover was asking her if she wants to fuck a much younger man with a raging twelve-inch erection while I watch on with my own raging erection. I was hoping Sarah would say yes. I wanted her to say yes. An exciting new sexual experience for us in the offing.

“Would you like to fuck Garth, while I fuck your man? Would that ease your conscience?,” Michelle asked Sarah.

“Yes it would, do it, I want to have him.”

Garth was flat on his back as Michelle and I had our hands on each others naked ass as we watched Sarah slowly slide her cunt lips onto Garth’s erection. Sarah is a noisy lover when fully aroused. And she was very aroused and very noisy as she took her pleasure with Garth.

Michelle had me lay on my back facing in the opposite direction to Garth before she lowered herself on to my erection. That way she could watch and emulate what Sarah was doing to Garth.

I couldn’t recall a ten-year older, bi-sex woman fucking me in this position. Michelle was very exciting and incredibly good, wonderful sex while watching my lady pleasure herself on Garth’s twelve-inches.

Sarah loves watching hung men masturbate for her. Garth and I commenced masturbating facing each other, legs spread, both very aroused and very hard, both seeking sexual release. A slow tease with my lady and her lesbian lover watching. I have masturbated for numerous females, males and couples, never with the same sexual tension as this. Then Garth positioned himself so he could masturbate me. His twelve-inch erection had been a turn on for me ever since I set eyes on it earlier.

It seemed the most natural thing in the world to masturbate him as he did the same to me. We were both determined not to cum before the other one. Garth is younger than me and orgasmed earlier today while we watched an Asian lady blow him. I suspected he was going to last longer tham me. Just looking at his twelve-inch erection while I stroked it with my lady and her lesbian lover watching on as he stroked mine was very exciting for me. He had me on the brink, right on the brink as he edged me with his fingertips.

“Now Garth, do it,” Michelle is whispered as he slid his erection over mine. “Now Garth, now,” she repeated as be knelt and sucked the tip of erection and swirled his tongue around it.

“Oh fuck,” Sarah and I both moaned as I had the most wonderful and long orgasm.

“That was incredibly exciting for Michelle and me, you know I love watching a hung man masturbate. Garth has redefined hung for me, and the way you bought each other off at the same time was brilliant,” Sarah told me as we showered together afterwards.

“A very exciting sojourn,” Sarah told me on the way home with a very self satisfied smile. You do realise the age difference between our lovers was around twenty-eight years? Garth was huge, fucking magnificent. And we both had a piece of him. Michelle was the most exciting woman we have ever had. She wants to keep in touch and introduce us to some of her friends.”

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