Round of Four Pt. 04


Friday Night

We cover up and flop on the beds, sipping Cokes and watching “The Dating Game”. Big Hollywood kisses.

“It’s so phony,” says Nancy. They all nod and keep watching. I brush my teeth and climb into the king bed next to the window, naked. I go to Nancy and remove her robe and tuck her into the king, and then I do the same to Cathy, who gives me another sarcastic remark about how horny I am. I slap her bare ass and tell her I have better uses for her mouth.

She goes off to the bathroom naked to brush her teeth, but she comes back pouting and slides under the king covers. I love the sight of pussy in motion between those creamy thighs.

Nancy’s already on her left side in bed, watching Kimmel. I’m on my left side too, tucked into her contours like a matching spoon.

Across the way, on the other king bed, I can see Jacqueline and Brooke in demure nighties as they turn out the bedside lamp and snuggle into their pillows.

I stroke Nancy’s ample flank with my right hand and run it up and down her side, feeling her warm skin and drinking in her woman smell. I drop my hand to her right breast and feel its weight, its round hard nipple, its soft jiggle.

She looks up and me gives a lopsided grin. She reaches for the remote. Kimmel disappears in the middle of a gag. Good riddance. The bedside lamp goes out.

We are bathed in moonlight. I didn’t draw the curtains because we’re on the 17th floor of the hotel. Yes, there’s another hotel across 56th Street, and someone could be watching with binoculars, but so what? Let them look. They might learn something in the moonlight.

I roll Nancy toward me and plunge my hand between her thighs, my fingers grazing in her pubic lawn and seeking her sex furrow. Ooops! Some dried semen has stuck some pubic hairs together. I gently set them free and open her vulva with my fingers, the index circling her clit.

She’s watching me and giggling. I snicker and cover Escort bayan her mouth with voracious kisses, biting her lips and thrusting my tongue into her mouth, kissing her hard on the lips, cheeks, and chin. She begins to pant. My right hand in her crotch is getting wet.

I move down slightly, my mouth seeking her nipples, my right hand caressing her thighs and belly and Mound of Venus. Nancy is a large, big-boned, solid woman with a fondness for chocolates that over the years have added substantial love handles to her hips and extra flesh to other pretty parts. I love that.

She makes a great, soft, wiggling, pneumatic bed for me as I lie on her with my cock up her cunt, and I can watch her pant and jiggle under me as I thrust deeper and harder into her lovely pussy with its luxurious thatch of auburn pubic hair.

I roll over on top of her, my mouth seeking hers in a hard, wet lip lock. She spreads her legs and her hand seeks my stiff stander. Hey! I didn’t have to ask! She’s really into it. I guess she figures now the first round is done and her modesty has been breached, she might as well enjoy it. Great attitude! It will work well with my plans for Saturday night.

Nancy maneuvers my cock toward her waiting cunt. She rubs my foreskin back and forth over my cock head with a pushing motion, feeling my stiffness. Then she rubs the cock head up and down her own sex slit, and I feel simultaneously the bristly brush of her pubic hair and the warm wetness of her labia on the tip of my penis. She repeats the motion for over a minute, pausing only to rub my penis around and against her clitoris.

We look at each other, face to face, eyes half-closed, panting, savoring the sexual contact, the unique feelings of arousal in both of us, and the delicious anticipation of the penetration to come.

Nancy lowers my cock to her nether cunt lips and sticks it in. I feel her warm wetness and push my penis fully into her vagina. Bayan escort

Our eyes remain locked as I hunch my buttocks to penetrate her as completely as possible. Her mouth forms an “O” as my cock head touches the end of her vagina and the cervical entrance. Aaaah, so she likes it deep.

I begin long, slow, deep strokes. “Uuugh. Uuuugh. Uuuugh.” Nancy’s breath gets shallower and faster. The bed shakes. Cathy opens one eye and looks at us.

“You’re a real horny rabbit, aren’t you?” she says with a nasty twinkle in her eye.

“Quiet,” I retort. “You’ll wake the others.” Pause. Wicked grin. “Besides, if you don’t shut up, I’ll make you suck my cock when I’m done in Nancy’s pussy.”

Cathy shakes her head and puts it back on the pillow.

I speed up. The fucking gets faster and harder, even deeper if that’s possible. Nancy’s about to cry out as an orgasm hits her, but she manages to grab an extra pillow and cover her face with it to stifle the sounds of full body orgasm.

Slap, slap, slap, goes my crotch into her crotch, penis into her vagina with a wet sucking sound. Finally, “oooh oooh ooooh” I go as my body stiffens in a moment of glorious sexual orgasm and my cock begins to fill Nancy’s pussy with sperm.

I thrust and thrust, long after my semen is spent, just to keep up that intense feeling of pleasure as my cock travels up and down the length of her vagina. The thrusts slow and stop. I hold my cock in her cunt and flop onto her pneumatic body and embrace her, my lips seeking hers and my hands grasping the globes of her buttocks to keep my penis firmly inside her as it shrinks to normal size.

It finally flops out and I flop on my side beside her, feeling her wet crotch and fucked pussy with my hand. A final feel of her womanly curves and we go back to being spoons and go to sleep.

Morning light from the window. I have to pee. I go to the bathroom and flush, return to the bedside to Escort see Cathy’s eye half open.

“You go,” I whisper. “I want to watch.” Her eyes pop open. That wicked grin. I think her nasty side will work out to my advantage after all.

I follow her to the john. She’s still naked, of course. I watch her sit on the can. “Spread your legs,” I order, “so I can see.”

She spreads and leans back a bit to show her golden brown pussy hairs. Then from low in her vulva furrow comes a yellow stream, the golden showers so prized by some bathroom sex perverts. Well, that’s interesting. I always wanted to watch Cathy pee, even if it’s just to humiliate her. But once is enough. I’m not turned on.

I get some toilet paper and wipe her pussy for her. Flush, and return to caressing her between the legs. Then stand her up and full body embrace, feeling ass and tits.

I push her in front of me back to the bed. I push her down on her front, her face buried in the pillow. I pull her legs apart and feel her ass and pussy. I fall on her with a stiff dick. She tenses as she feels my cock head near her asshole. Oh no! she is thinking. Is he going to fuck my ass?

She hates the idea. She never lets her husband do that. She’s so pissed off at being used like this. She thinks, “How did I get into this mess anyway with this nasty horn pit? How much will I have to put up with to keep my nice job with its nice salary and fat benefits package?” Before she could add all this up and react, I lowered my cock to her pussy slit and pushed in. No ass fuck. Not yet.

Cathy feels my cock invade her cunt and relaxes. She lets me pound away in her pussy. Her buttocks shake with each inward drive. There’s something dominating about fucking a woman from behind like this. She is flat on the bed in a submissive position, and my cock is driving into her from above.

Maybe it’s because she can’t see me because her face is buried in the pillow. She becomes truly a sex object, a piece of female flesh dominated and subjected to my sexual pleasure with little possibility of enjoying a sexual response of her own. I pound away until I come in her pussy.

Aaaah, sex in the morning! It’s the best!

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