Roommates Ch. 01


Summer had just begun and Belle Stanford was happy to be away from all the havoc she left back home. She was in place where nobody knew her and she could be someone completely new. Trade in the old nerdy Belle for a more sophisticated fun Belle. She gingerly opened the door to her apartment and walked inside into the lounge area. It looked spacious enough. Belle just hoped she wasn’t going to be sharing the place with someone really untidy because she tended to be a bit OCD about cleanliness. Her room had a wardrobe, a double bed and a dressing table. Nothing 5 star but Belle was sure she was going to manage. She stopped in front of a door with a sign written “Planet Jaz” and came to the conclusion that it was her roommate’s room. A part of her wanted to go inside and check out what type of person this Jaz was. Belle turned the handle to find that the door was unlocked and pushed it a few inches open before shutting it closed again.

‘What are doing?’ she scolded herself. ‘You wouldn’t want a complete stranger looking through your room.’ She carried on through the apartment.

Belle was checking out the kitchen of her new place when she heard a cheery voice.

‘Hey there! I guess you must be Belle Stanford.’

Belle turned around and opened her mouth to reply but no words came out. She was dumfounded. The cheery voice belonged to a blond in very short bahis siteleri shorts.

‘Um yeah. I’m Belle.’ she stuttered out the words.

Belle didn’t know what had come over her but she couldn’t help but stare at her roommate. The girl had on a figure hugging t-shirt with the word HOT stretching across her well endowed chest. Belle quickly turned away, realizing that she had been staring and hoping that her face hadn’t turned red.

‘Well, how do you like the place?’ Jaz said, oblivious to Belle’s admiration.

‘It’s perfect.’ Belle said, not knowing what else to say.

‘I just got back from the gym.’ Jaz explained, pulling at her tight tee and white shorts. ‘I’m gonna hop into the shower. We’ll catch up after that.’

Belle found herself involuntarily watching Jaz’s spandex clad ass as she disappeared into the bathroom.

When Jaz was out of sight, Belle let out a deep breath trying to cool herself down. She could feel herself getting hot in between the legs and she tried desperately hard to fight the urge to rub her crotch right there and then. ‘I can’t be attracted to another girl. I mean, I’m straight for crying out loud!’ Belle yelled in her head.

Twenty minutes later Jaz joined Belle at the lounge in a more modest combination of jeans and a t-shirt.

‘I’m on my way to meet a few friends. Wanna join me?’ bonus kodu she said, a friendly smile plastered on her pretty face.

Jaz had an appealing smile, Belle discovered. Her lips were full and looked soft and Belle was sure she could smell a whiff of pineapple lip gloss.

‘Um, no no. I’ll just relax here for the day.’

‘Ok.’ Jaz said. ‘Call me if you need anything.’

Jaz was out the door and Belle was alone again, a bit more relaxed. She wanted something to calm her down and since Belle was a non-drinker, she thought a shower would have to do. She needed something to get Jaz off her mind.

Belle stood in the middle of the bathroom as she slipped off her clothes in front of the mirror. She thought she had an ok body, after spending most of her life as a ballet dancer her long slim legs led to narrow hips and a slender waist. Though she wasn’t particularly ecstatic about her B cup breasts, she thought they matched her slight frame well. She unclasped her long auburn hair from it’s ponytail and let it cascade down her back.

Belle finally stepped into the shower and waited for the water to become really hot. It felt great as it went down her back and covered her whole body. With irritation, Belle realized she still had Jaz on the brain. The thick blond locks, the big blue eyes. Belle leaned against the shower wall and yeni slotlar 2024 sighed in frustration as she tried to push the images of Jaz out of her mind.

Belle’s hand moved involuntarily to her now throbbing mound and she finally let her senses take over. Maybe this was what she needed after the long flight. Maybe this whole thing with her being attracted to a woman she hardly knew was just her mind playing tricks on her. As she softly rubbed her aching mound, she wondered what color hair Jaz’s was down there. Maybe she wasn’t a natural blond at all. Belle slipped a finger in between her slit and gasped as she grazed it against her swollen clit. She was surprised to feel how slippery and wet she had become by just thinking about her new roommate.

Belle squeezed her pert breast with her free hand, imaging it was Jaz. She imagined the hot water was the warmth of Jaz’s body pushing up against hers, egging her on to an orgasm. Belle slipped two fingers into her hole without hesitation and started moving to her own rhythm, her moans barely covered by the water hitting the shower walls and her body.

Belle could feel that she was close to the edge, as she frantically grabbed the shower head and aimed it at her sore pussy. The jet of water sent her over the edge as she screamed an orgasm that could probably be heard throughout the whole apartment.

She fell back limp against the shower wall as she let the orgasm subside. Belle couldn’t believe she had climaxed by thinking about another female as she toweled her spent body. She came to the realization that she couldn’t just forget Jaz. But what the hell could she do?

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