Property Ch. 02


I had just spent a full day in my Master’s presence, the first full day we’d had together. He had taken my anal virginity, stretching out my poor asshole with his thick cock. He had commanded me to serve him orally, and I’d swallowed several of his loads. I had tried my best to be a good slave, to make him glad he’d taken ownership of me.

At some point during a day spent walking around town he had asked me: “What’s the greatest number of times you have cum in one day?” I wasn’t quite sure.

“Three, I believe, Master,” I answered him.

“Tonight we’ll make it four,” was his reply.

I was immediately excited, and a little worried. Would I even be able to have four orgasms in one night? As usual, I should not have doubted Master.

Back at our hotel room, I had followed the new ritual of immediately removing all of my clothing, then kneeling to wait for his command. He removed his own clothes, and settled himself on the bed. He relaxed there for a few moments, then patted the bedspread next to me and told me to join him there. I did so eagerly, and lay down beside him. He wrapped his arms around me for a moment, then slid a hand down to my pussy.

“Your pussy is mine,” he said as his finger slid into me, working to build up my juices. I moaned at the invasion of his finger. “You will cum four times tonight, slave,” he reminded me. “The first time you cum will be with my cock in your pussy.”

Although he’d used me well, Master hadn’t yet filled me that way. “Spread.” At this single word my legs spread without question, as if they had a mind of their own. His hard cock was poised at my tight hole, ready to stretch my pussy as he’d stretched my ass the night before. As I felt the slow slide of his warm member into my slick hole, my moans became deeper and uncontrollable. The juiciness of my pussy mixed with the precum oozing from his cock as he began to fuck me.

“Now, begin to masturbate, slave.” My hand moved to my clit without hesitating, and I began the familiar türkçe porno ritual of rubbing and pressing that spot.

Master fucked me slowly, the head of his cock forcing the walls of my pussy slightly wider with each thrust. I groaned a little louder each time I felt my muscles stretching to take the full length and width of his cock. The constant rubbing of my fingertips on my clit made my juices flow even more; my body was submitting to him just as thoroughly as my mind already had. I felt the deep stirrings of an orgasm, and my eyes rolled up as I felt the wave building.

“That’s it, slave,” I heard Master encouraging me. “Give in. Cum for me.” His thrusts were moving faster, pushing me past the point of no return. Just as I reached the height of my orgasm, my mouth opened wide in a ravaged scream. Master shoved his cock as deep as he could into my tunnel and held it there, taking ownership as my muscles pounded out their orgasm and gripped his member with their rhythmic tightening.

My scream became soft moans as the sweet pleasure subsided into that contented post-orgasm feeling. I sighed and stretched, enjoying release from the aroused tension that had been building since Master first fucked my asshole a mere 24 hours before. Master lifted his hips and let his member slide out of me, leaving my pussy gaping wide. As he rolled over to lie on his side, I smiled and gazed down at his firm cock, now glistening with pussy juice and cum. He squeezed my nipple with his fingers, and reminded me that I wasn’t done yet.

“One down, three to go,” he said as he guided my hand back to my pussy. I groaned as a wave of aroused heat flushed through me at his words. The wave centered at my full clit as I began to rub and stroke myself again. Master just smiled slightly, his intense eyes watching me perform for him. My hips bucked and twitched involuntarily, yet another sign that I was becoming his property totally in both body and mind. I obediently worked sikiş izle my clit as another orgasm began to build. Master reached out to flick my nipple, and I gasped at the slight prick of pain and pleasure. His fingers squeezed around the stiff aureole, rolling it back and forth.

“You’re mine, slave,” he whispered as I moaned in pleasure. “You will cum or not cum as I choose. Tonight you will cum three more times.” His words pushed me over the edge again towards an orgasm even stronger than the last. I felt the muscles of my pussy clench and release, clench and release, until the spasms subsided into a twitching of the muscles. I moaned and panted, a sheen of sweat covering me as my masturbation slowed. I let my hand relax against my thigh while I recovered. Master grabbed my hand and pushed it back to my slit.

“No, slave. You are not done. You may not stop until you have cum four times.” I whimpered, already exhausted from my two orgasms. But it seemed that my body was more obedient than my mind, for I felt the juices flowing again from my stretched pussy. Master dipped a finger into the hole and felt the wetness.

“You want to please me, don’t you, my Property? Keep going.” My hips twitched. My finger gently rubbed my labia and clit, now aching and sore. I could not disobey Master. His eyes were locked with mine, both encouraging and commanding me to accept and obey his orders.

It was becoming more difficult to reach that peak of pleasure, as my clit was slightly numb from being worked so thoroughly. Master helped me by teasing my nipples, rolling and squeezing them in turn between his fingers. He stroked my hair with his other hand, encouraging me. I looked into his eyes, unable to speak but desperately trying to show him how much I wanted to please him. He picked up the fur he’d used on me the day before, and began brushing it over my breasts and nipples. The light touch on my sensitive skin was enough to once again push me toward another orgasm. porno 64 My hand was working so fast and my pussy was clenched so tightly that my legs trembled. Beads of sweat formed on my skin and my voice, hoarse with moaning, could barely thank Master for the pleasure he’d allowed me. Finally, the climax ending, my arms and legs went slack against the bed. I didn’t think I could go on. Master gently kissed me, and stroked my hair and breasts.

“Such a good girl,” he whispered. “So close to being done. Just one more orgasm for me.” I was exhausted, and my eyes begged for mercy. He gently caressed me, allowing me a chance to recover. “I know you can do it for me. Just one more.” I felt tears coming to my eyes, so tired and yet so anxious to make him happy. My hand slid once more toward my pussy; my labia and clit were red, engorged and sore from the constant rubbing. I lightly stoked myself as he whispered encouragements in my ear. I knew this last orgasm would take all of my concentration to achieve.

I lifted my knees, and began to work. It was getting harder to keep my tired hand moving fast enough, but I kept going. My hips rose and fell as I worked, rising each time I clenched my pussy muscles and lowering each time I relaxed them. I was near tears, almost pushed to the breaking point. But I knew Master was teaching me to be an obedient slave, and I could not disappoint him. As time went on, my hand rubbed more and more firmly, pressing my clit so hard that it was almost flattened. My mind emptied, unable to think of anything but obeying Master. That meant cumming once more, no matter how long it took.

Finally, with tears in my eyes and Master’s hands and voice encouraging me, my hips rose high off the bed and the fourth orgasm gripped my pussy. I could only moan and whimper, hoarse and exhausted, as the sweet waves rippled through my hips and thighs. My entire body trembled as the climax subsided. Master wrapped his arms around me as I shook, telling me what a good and obedient slave I was. Once again, Master had proven that he owned me. As his property, I had pushed myself almost beyond endurance to please him. It was one more step on my continuing journey toward complete obedience.

This story, as is the first chapter of ‘Property,’ is true.

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