Powers of Persuasion Ch. 02: Willing

The Story So Far/tl;dr – Jamie has the ability to make anyone comply with her little commands. After using her power to turn Mary — her former nemesis and the head cheerleader — into her own pussy-pleaser, the two develop an unlikely relationship and determine to start corrupting the rest of the people in their lives.

“Yeah, but Brad’s such a tease. I’ve been on two dates with him and he won’t do more than kiss,” said Evangeline, tossing aside a lock of her black hair. She was tall and lanky, with a thin, diamond shaped face.

Mary glanced at her clock, double checking the time. 10:34. Another minute before she was supposed to meet Jamie in the bathroom. Ugh. Why was lunch so early? Stupid high school. The other girls in the cheer squad surrounded her at the lunch table, blathering about…whatever.

“Maybe he’s gay? He’s just looking for a beard,” said Brittney with a chuckle.

Opening the clock app, Mary watched the second hand go by, hiding her phone and pretending to text. Forty-five seconds.

“What? A beard? Mary, do I have a beard?”

“No,” said Mary without looking up. “Eva, a beard is someone of the opposite sex that a gay person dates to seem straight in public.”

“Ohh. Would I still get laid?”

Mary just rolled her eyes. The conversations hadn’t always felt so vain, but it was different now that she was actually getting closer to Jamie. They spent less time talking about sex and more time having it, which was great. But when they did talk, it was about things that Mary actually liked. Not this stupid cheer persona. Mary liked Oscar-bait sad movies, and good music, and so did Jamie.

It was time. “I’m going to the bathroom. I’ll be back.”

“Okay!” said Evangeline. “Want me to come too?”

“No, it’s okay,” said Mary. “You just figure out what you’re going to do about your boy troubles.” With that, she walked over towards the bathroom, ignoring the cleaning sign on the door, and went inside.

Jamie was already on the counter, naked from the waist down her legs spread wide and with a smile on her face. “Right on time, slut.”

Mary blushed slightly before walking over and kneeling in front of Jamie’s gaping slit. “Good morning, Mistress.”

The two stared at each other for a moment, Mary managing a sly smile of her own.

“So it’s like that today, huh?” said Jamie. “Fine. Start eating my pussy.”

Mary’s neck moved of its own volition, shoving her mouth onto her girlfriend’s wet snatch and eating her pussy with immense pleasure.

That was what was really special about Jamie: she had an ability to command anybody to do anything. Mary had been an unwilling subject at first, having bullied Jamie for most of their time in high school and being ordered to have a “box lunch” constantly after school, along with what must have been a dozen other women. But things changed. She and Jamie were making a go at a real relationship now. It was just one that involved Mary submitting to Jamie, and Mary loved it.

“You distracted, slut?” asked Jamie.

Mary shook her head, though she couldn’t speak with her mouth full of cunt. She could have stopped and spoken, since all she had been ordered to do was start eating, but she wasn’t going to waste a moment of their precious lunchtime.

“Good. Touch yourself,” said Jamie, her breathing growing more rapid.

Grateful for the suggestion, Mary shoved a hand down her shorts into her panties and began rubbing her clit. She was soaking wet, having been thinking about this moment all morning.

That’s when something new happened: the door opened.

Shocked, Mary stopped eating cunt for a moment to turn around to see Evangeline standing in front of the doorway, carrying a purse, her mouth agape.

“Um…I, er…” stammered Evangeline, blushing and averting her eyes.

“Dammit. What’s her name, Mary?” asked Jamie.

“Evangeline,” replied Mary, blushing bright red, mouth still slick with pussy juice.

Jamie wasted no time. “Evangeline, come in and close the door.”

Evangeline did so instantly, clearly surprised by her immediate compliance. “What was —”

“Shut up,” said Jamie, causing Evangeline’s words to dry up in her mouth. Jamie turned to Mary. “Pet, I want to ask you some questions. You may stop touching yourself and disregard earlier orders.”

Mary did so, mortified at the realization that she had still been flicking her clit through the last few moments of Evangeline’s interruption.

Jamie’s relationship with Mary was built around some firm ground rules. The first was that Jamie would not use her gift on Mary against her will, and would always consult her as an equal. The second was that Mary wanted to submit to Jamie. The third was that they wanted to use Mary’s popularity and Jamie’s gift to corrupt as many people in the school as they could.

Mary stood up, walking over to Evangeline. “This seems like a good start to our plan, Mistress.” When they weren’t actively having sex, Jamie always wanted to be called by her name, bursa escort but Mary figured this would be good to get Evangeline grooved in on the power dynamic here.

“I agree. What do you want her to do, my pet?” Good. Jamie was on the same page.

Mary opened her mouth, but realized she had no idea. “We should have her finish you, Mistress.”

Looking surprised for a brief moment, Jamie recovered into a smile. “Of course. Evangeline, strip. Completely naked.”

Evangeline’s shock had not dissipated, but her hands began moving to remove her clothing, peeling off every stitch until she was as naked as the day she was born.

Mary had never really thought about how her friends looked naked. Most of them were cheerleaders, so they had seen each other before. But it was business-like, just trying to get changed and get to the gym or back home. Besides, Mary was straight…at the time. The last few weeks with Jamie had been eye-opening. Now, she saw Evangeline for how beautiful she was: small breasts, with a lithe, long body and a pert little ass. Her pubic hair was trimmed, but very much present, as opposed to both Jamie’s and Mary’s shaved pussies.

“Pet, would you mind checking to see if she’s wet?”

Not a command. Mary smiled. “Of course, Mistress.” She walked behind Evangeline and reached a hand between her legs.

When Evangeline began to protest and squirm, Jaime let out a simple, “Stop.”

Evangeline did so, allowing Mary to rub her fingers along her slit.

“She’s not soaked or anything, but there’s some moisture.”

“Guess there’s only one way to find out if she’s into it,” said Jaime. “Evangeline, kneel in front of me.”

The raven-haired girl walked over, as if in a trance, and knelt in front of Jamie’s spread legs, eyeing her pussy with wide eyes.

“Lick,” said Jamie.

Mary watched as Evangeline leaned in, taking a tentative, exploratory motion of her tongue just on the outside of Jamie’s outer lips, then another, and another. Gradually, the licks became longer, more determined, the flat of her tongue going from just above Jamie’s tight rosebud to the tip of her clit, tasting her nectar.

“That’s a good pet,” said Jamie. “Why don’t you try and make me cum?”

As Evangeline stopped her exploration and began sucking at Jamie’s clit in earnest, even bringing a finger up to slide into Jamie’s pussy, Mary had to stop herself from laughing. The only orders that Jamie had actually given were to come in, shut up, strip, and lick. She didn’t even say what to lick, or how many times. Mary knew from experience that when an order was ambiguous, it tended to leave it open to what the person was naturally inclined to do. So it wasn’t like Jamie wasn’t compelling her at all, and at the same time if Evangeline really wanted to, she would have stopped. And she certainly wouldn’t have started finger fucking Mary’s girlfriend, lapping at her clit like she was thirsty for girl-cum.

“Mary, would you check again?” asked Jamie breathlessly. Mary had seen her girlfriend like this enough times to know that she was close.

With a nod, Mary knelt next to Evangeline and traced a finger along the girl’s pussy lips. “She’s soaked, Mistress,” she said, fingers still tracing the girl’s slit.

A moan escaped from Evangeline’s throat, muffled against Jamie’s gash.

“Oh? My new pet likes when her cheer captain fingers her dirty little cunt?”

Evangline said nothing, but started moving her hips against Mary’s hand.

Mary obliged her friend, sliding her finger along Evangeline’s wetness a couple more times before slipping a finger in and eliciting further moans.

The vibrations from the moans were driving Jamie wild, and Mary could tell she was about to go over the edge. “Make her cum, slut,” said Mary picking up the pace on Eva’s pussy.

Eva brought up the pace of her finger and kept up the pressure on Jamie’s clit, bucking against Mary’s hand and trying to drive Mary’s finger even deeper inside.

Soon, Jamie let out a small yelp and gripped Eva’s hair as she came, a squirting into Evangeline’s waiting and open mouth.

Eva took another few licks, cleaning Jaime’s pussy before she apparently came to her senses. But when she did, she didn’t run or scream. She just looked up into Jaime’s face, then over at Mary, who had withdrawn her finger.

Jaime smiled, sighing as she came down from the throes of her orgasm. “That was lovely, Eva. Thank you. Such a good slut.”

Evangeline looked down at the floor, her face flushed.

“What should we do with her, Mary?” asked Jaime. “I noticed she didn’t get to cum. Are we going to do anything about that?”

Mary, agan, hesitated. “It’s up to you, Mistress.”

Jaime looked confused. “Alright. Let’s put a pin in this one then. Do you two have cheer practice today?”

Eva and Mary both nodded.

“Alright. Eva, tell me: how do you normally get home?”

Worded as a command, Eva answered. “I walk. I don’t live far.”

“Good. bursa ucuz escort When you leave the bathroom, you will text your parents that you will come over to my house for some tutoring after school today. After cheer practice, you will go with Mary in her car to my house. You will say nothing about what you saw in this bathroom to anyone, and will for —”

“Wait, Jaime. I…want her to remember.”

Jaime raised an eyebrow, then smiled. “Fine. Evangeline, you won’t say anything about this encounter to anyone, but you’ll remember every detail. Is that clear?”

Eva nodded, feeling the power of Jaime’s words settle in.

“That’s a good slut. Now wash your face, get dressed, and go back to your table.”

Hurriedly, Evangeline stood and bent over the sink, washing her face. Mary couldn’t help but notice her still-soaked cunt, begging to be fucked or licked. It was tempting to attempt to ravish her where she stood, but Mary knew that they had to be going soon, and that Eva would currently be working on leaving, and wouldn’t stop even if Mary physically tried to prevent her from leaving. Such was Jamie’s “gift.”

Mary looked up and caught Jaime’s eye, who had been watching her stare with a knowing smile. Mary blushed, glancing away, standing up and moving to lean against the nearby wall.

Evangeline finished dressing and left, leaving Mary alone with a still half-naked Jaime.

“So…couldn’t decide, huh?” asked Jaime.

Mary sighed. They had spent enough time together to know how to read each other, both in the bedroom and outside. “Yeah. Sorry I froze. I know we’ve been waiting for something like this.”

Jaime jumped up from the counter. “Right?” she asked excitedly. “Practically dropped into our laps! Or at least my lap,” she said with a wink.

Mary walked over to Jamie, chuckling. “It looked great. And she was so…into it. When you first had me go down on you, I was looking for every excuse to get out of it. You must have had to order me a dozen times before you finally ordered me to just make you cum as fast as I could.”

“I know. And technically, I didn’t even have to order pretty little Evangeline once.”

“I noticed. It was…really hot,” said Mary, running a hand up the outside of Jaime’s leg.

“So what was the trouble, my pet?” asked Jaime, a touch of worry in her voice.

“Oh! No, nothing like that!” said Mary. She knew Jaime well enough to know what was bothering her: she thought that Mary didn’t want to involve other people anymore, and didn’t like adding Eva. “I think I just…I always knew we’d add my friends to the mix, along with other people. But when I pictured it, I always thought we’d just both domme them into submissive little whores. After we talked about it, Eva was actually the first girl I thought of. I wanted her to lick my cunt and call her names…tie her up. But when she was actually in here, naked and eating your pussy? All I wanted to do was bury my face between her ass cheeks and lick every drop of wetness from her cunt.”

Jaime smiled wide. “That’s so fucking hot.”

“You think so?” asked Mary, a little shy when it came down to it.

“Yeah. Let me ask…sorry. No commands. If I said that I had the entire cheerleading squad ready to fuck our brains out, however we want, what do you picture?”

Mary thought for a moment. “I guess…for you I figure they’d be servicing you, licking your pussy or taking whatever treatment you wanted to give. But me? I think I want to eat them all out. I want them to shove toys in my pussy and use me like a little slut. It’s so…embarrassing.”

“Not at all,” said Jaime warmly, reaching for Mary’s hand and holding it in hers. “You’ve spent your entire damn life being this alpha bitch. It’s why I hated you, because it always felt so fake. It’s why I wanted to make you into my pussy-pleasing plaything. I wanted you to serve. But you ended up liking it, right?”

Mary nodded.

“So maybe, at least in the bedroom, you just want to be the school cum dumpster.” Jaime stood up from the counter and turned Mary until Jaime was at her back, pulling her in and fondling her breasts. “Boys and girls using your holes however they want? Licking pussy at my say so, while some big dumb jock fucks you silly?”

If Jaime needed an answer, she had it when Mary began to moan.

“That’s what I thought. What about Ms. Applegate? You want to go under her desk while she’s teaching a class, licking her hairy cunt while she grades papers?”

Mary moaned again, rubbing her ass against her girlfriend behind her. Ms. Applegate was their Anatomy teacher, a woman in her early forties who dressed like she was auditioning for the part of “sluttly librarian,” wearing knee-length skirts and a dress shirt with enough buttons undone to show her enormous breasts.

“Good,” said Jaime, whispering now into Mary’s ear. “So after school, if you want, Evangeline and I are going to use you like a little slut. You can eat pussy, of course. bursa elit escort But we’re going to fuck you and use you like the submissive little whore you want to be. What do you think?”

“Yes, please. I want it so bad,” said Mary, her lust building as Jaime continued to rub her breasts.

Then, Jaime stopped. She gave Mary a pat on the stomach then gently pushed her away, reaching down to find her discarded underwear and jeans. “Great. Now, I want to give you a task. Is that alright?”

Her face still flushed and her pussy in heat, Mary managed another nod.

“I won’t word it as a command. It’ll be so much more fun to know that you did it without me: I would like it if after cheer practice, you keep Eva in the showers and eat her out until she cums all over that pretty little face of yours. Can you do that for me?”

Mary blushed, burning red, but nodded.

Jaime let out a giggle and a couple of claps. “Best girlfriend ever!” Then, she gave Mary a kiss and went for the door, blowing her a kiss on the way out.

Mary waited the agreed-upon two more minutes, put the cleaning sign away, and went back to the lunchroom.

None of the others had noticed the apparent absence, or if they had they didn’t care. Every one of them had spent a whole lunch break texting a boy from a bathroom stall, or even sucking an actual dick under the pretense of a trip to the restroom. The truth was, Mary knew that many girls, both inside her circle of friends and outside, were either sluts or wanted to be. It’s what their plan hinged on.

Looking at Eva, who couldn’t meet Mary’s eye without turning red as a beet and was consequently absorbed in her own phone, was the perfect example. A decent student, popular as all get-out, beautiful as a sunrise, just spent part of her lunch break eating out Mary’s secret girlfriend, and by all accounts loved it.

No judgement, of course. If nothing else, Mary now knew that she was the biggest slut of all.


Coming in from cheer practice, Mary hurried over to Eva’s side and whispered in her ear. “Take your time in the shower today. We’re going to leave together after everyone leaves.”

“Okay,” replied Eva quietly, her face turning red.

The two of them then joined back into the conversation with the rest of the group, talking about homework and upcoming football games they’d have to attend.

Mary, however, was only half paying attention. She was thinking about the task that Jaime had given her. Would she go through with it? She could always tell Jaime that she wasn’t into it, and Jaime would say okay. No questions asked. Since Mary was still thinking about it — couldn’t stop thinking about it — she could safely say that she wanted it.

Looking over at her target, Mary watched Eva slowly peel off her cheer uniform, taking her time. Smart girl. Instead of a twenty minute shower, she was trying to add time to the whole thing. Keep up appearances.

Maybe she was just trying to keep her friend on her side through this? Mary remembered being terrified the first time Jaime ordered her over. At the time, she hadn’t liked feeling out of control, though she had begun getting off on it now.

They walked to the shower together, Evangeline keeping herself faced away from Mary through their shower. Tempted as she was to sneak a peek at Eva’s ass, she refrained. Unlike Jaime, she didn’t have the “get-out-of-jail-free” card that was Jaime’s gift, and the other girls might notice.

They both lingered in the showers, the rest of the squad saying goodbye to them and leaving.

When everyone was gone, Eva kept herself turned away from Mary. “Can we…start leaving?” she asked.

Mary’s heart began pounding. She wasn’t under any compulsion, so she knew she didn’t have to do it. But she found herself wanting to comply, not only because she liked doing what Jamie said, but also because it sounded fun.

Instead of asking permission, Mary walked over to her in the shower and knelt in front of Eva, not looking her in the eye, but grabbing her ass and pulling Eva’s pussy into her face.

“Mary what are you dooooing?” said Eva, moaning and leaning back against the shower wall.

Mary didn’t respond, instead taking long licks from her friend’s pussy, who was clearly wet from more than just the shower. She savored the taste, which was so different from Jamie’s pussy and yet still so delicious.

Eva didn’t protest, instead gripping Mary’s hair and moaning. “Yes…eat my pussy you little slut.”

Hearing the encouragement, Mary redoubled her efforts, squeezing her friend’s ass and shoving her face as hard as she could into Eva’s pussy.

“Oh! Mary! I’m cuuuuming,” screamed Evangeline, gripping Mary’s hair tightly enough to hurt.

That sure didn’t take long. She must have been pretty worked up.

Mary made sure to lap obediently through the orgasm, waiting until her friend let go of her hair to slow down, taking a few final licks before leaning back.

“I thought you said we were leaving,” said Eva breathlessly.

“My Mistress wanted me to eat you out first,” Mary replied, noticing the heat and moisture between her own thighs. Was she really such a submissive slut?

“My compliments to your Mistress,” joked Eva. “I guess you’re referring to Jamie, right?”

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