Pool Party

I was asked to write this story for a Literotica reader all names bear no resemblance to the reader who requested the story.



My cousin Elise and I returned to the car to carry in the last of our stuff. It had been an exhausting five days, and we both breathed deep sighs of relief when the last bags were dumped ceremoniously on the loungeroom floor. Sitting with a flute of Champaign we looked at each other in silence waiting for the pizza we had ordered.

I should take a bit of time to introduce my cousin and me. I am Sian and I share the same birthday with my cousin and lover Elise. We are twenty-four years old and Elise has been living with my mother and I since she lost her parents in a yachting disaster when she was nine. All the people in our family are small and while Elise is five foot four, I am just five foot two. Elise is a honey blond with hair almost to her waist while I have my auburn hair cut short more like a man’s style and like most of our relatives, we both have small A-Cup breasts.

Once we completed year twelve, we shared a small bedsitter while at university where we studied graphic arts and design. It was while at university that Elise and I fell in love and we have shared a sexual relationship ever since. Another trait we have inherited from our family is a naughty imagination where both of us love to fantasize about sexual situations we would love to explore.

The following two weeks were pandemonium with mother in a nursing home and our taking over the running of the Lingerie business. It was on the second weekend in our new house that we first spied our nearest neighbor reading a book under the shade of her poolside gazebo. It was close to midday and the weather was hot and steamy with the promise of a storm later that afternoon when Elise nudged me pointing towards next door. We couldn’t believe our eyes because before us was one of our all-time fantasies.

We were looking at a woman that we imagined to be close to fifty: although she only looked around forty. She was obviously very tall: we guessed six foot three. Not only was she tall but she was big in all respects and what attracted Elise and me, were her huge breasts which Elise described as small watermelons. We couldn’t take our eyes off her noticing that although very big she did have a natural beauty which we had to acknowledge attracted us.

Having gone back inside to get a coffee refill we were disappointed to see that our neighbor had left the gazebo, so we began our old game of fantasizing about the kind of woman she was and how we wanted to play with her. First, we wondered whether she was married or single which caused much laughter until we finally agreed she was most likely married yet ether bisexual or a latent bisexual.

Ever since our university days, Elise and I had a fantasy where we became involved with a very big-boned woman. So, the mysterious woman in her gazebo became the subject of our discussion.

“Hay Elise I wonder if she’s like us?”

“Of course, Sian she could be bi or even bi-curious.”

“I would love to get lost between those perfect breasts. I would need a GPS to find my way out.”

Hearing that Sian pushed Elise against the wall where they both kissed until Sian stood back with a mischievous smile.

“Next time we see her let’s start a slow seduction. At first, we’ll make sure she has noticed us: you know getting around in some of our sexy lingerie and then we’ll start snogging and feel each other up.”

“That’s an evil idea at least we will work out where she stands.”

That night we made love for hours and the following morning we hurried out onto the balcony to see if she was taking an early morning swim. I was naked with a very short see-through white silk bathrobe that left nothing to the imagination while Elise was topless with black lace knickers. Shutting the screen door behind me I heard Elise give a quiet whoop of joy pointing down to the pool where our neighbor was in the pool with the aid of a red and white swimming noodle. We stood just in her line of sight watching as she lay across it her big bum pointing skywards. She was so incredibly sexy and we both felt shots of moisture hit our pussy lips.

After fifteen or twenty minutes she climbed out and standing before us began to towel herself dry. We could see that she had wavy blond hair over her shoulders and was wearing a very brief green one-piece costume that just covered her nipples while leaving a lot of her breasts open to the warm air. The cloth ran from her breasts forming a ‘V’ with the apex only just hiding her pussy. Elise and I stood breathless as we watched her bend over her butt pointing up at us as she dried her hair. Standing like this there was little left to the imagination as we noticed her costume tuck up into her camel toe. Leaning back Elise opened and slammed the fly-wire door hard and we saw her quickly look our way pausing to see who was watching before scurrying indoors.

“Well, Sian escort bayan we have alerted her to our presence. Now let the games begin.”

It was a shockingly hot humid day with the thermometer hitting forty-two degrees. It was obvious that we were in for a storm because the barometer on the study wall was nine hundred and ninety-five millibars and falling. Later that afternoon we heard our lady friend return to the gazebo where she sat down with what appeared to be a chilled tomato juice and her trusty book. Seeing this we quickly dressed as we were in the morning before stepping onto the balcony. Elise pushed me against the high balcony fence tickling me hard and as I laughed, we looked out of the corner of our eyes towards the gazebo noticing the woman lookup. Seeing this Sian gave me a long searing kiss while her hands opened my robe cupping my breasts which brought a soft gasp from next door and so with me sucking Sian’s bottom lip, she eased my robe off my shoulders exposing my titties to the warm air and the shocked eyes of our neighbor who paused a little longer while I made sure she got a good glimpse of me. We stood there for five or ten minutes as shots of moisture pooled on our pussy lips. Going back indoors Elise fell upon me and with her thigh grinding against my pussy began to suck my nipples biting and licking until I was crying out feeling the urgency of my oncoming climax.

The following day was a workday, so we didn’t see anything until arriving home and changing into white cotton shorts stepped out onto the balcony with a cooling beer. Looking towards our neighbors we saw her in the pool. Not wanting to waste time, I stood behind Elise licking her neck while my hands fondled her breasts causing her to moan loudly which caused our neighbor to look up. This time she just stood watching Elise as I began to kiss and bite her neck while my fingers stretched her nipples making her moan again. This time it must have been ten minutes before our neighbor realizing what she was doing bolted indoors. That night as we lay in bed we discussed the latest development both of us agreeing that she was probably bi-curios.

Arriving home on Tuesday evening we found a note in the letterbox: it was written on an expensive gold-edged card inviting us to a pool party on Saturday evening. The note continued saying that as it was to be a Polynesian theme clothing should be bikinis and beach robes only.


I was delighted to see people moving into the house next door because it had been on the market for almost nine months. Although I am happily married my husband is away sometimes for several weeks on business for his work as a civil engineer. We have a son who now lives in Canada where he is working as a chef which means that I may spend several weeks alone.

My house is located in a lonely cul-de-sac in an outer suburb so seeing the two young women moving boxes in over several days and finally a big removal van backing into the driveway with all their heavy furniture was a great relief. They appeared to be in their mid-twenties and very well dressed.

My name is Penny McCallister and I am forty-nine of a big build with DD breasts. I used to work in online marketing until the company decided to amalgamate with a larger online business that already had a marketing team. Since those days my life has been lonely so I am delighted that I will have neighbors once more.

Being of a big build I try to exercise daily and in the warmer months of the year, this means swimming in the big inground pool that is in the back garden. Not only is it nice to swim in but the shaded gazebo that is attached to the pool area is a lovely cool place to read and eat meals in.

It was two weeks later that I saw my neighbors again. I had just gotten out of the pool and while toweling myself dry heard their balcony door slam: looking up I saw them standing starring down at me. Looking closer I couldn’t believe my eyes because one was dressed in a see-through negligee while the other was topless. I don’t know why but I paused for a second taking in the view before bolting for my back door.

That night I lay in bed thinking about what I had seen … silently acknowledging that they were two young and very beautiful women. One thing that really attracted me was their small stature and A-Cup breasts: I love small breasted women especially when their nipples and areolae are very pronounced. Having lain there reminiscing about what I had seen I realized that my pussy was very moist.

Taking ‘Lucy’ my trusty vibrator from the draw I began to masturbate … at first, rubbing the revolving tip across my swollen clit and when it got too much sliding it into my pussy. As it had been several days since I last masturbated it didn’t take long for me to climax. The night was incredibly hot and humid and at three in the morning, we had a short sharp storm with the water drumming on the roof.

As it was a workday, I didn’t see my fascinating neighbors until just after görükle escort six in the evening. Once again, I had stepped from the pool when I heard a long moan and looking up saw one of the women standing behind the other fondling her breasts and kissing her neck: I couldn’t look away.

It was so hot, and I felt an explosion of moisture hit my swollen pussy lips. They were obviously very much in love as the woman in front bent her head to the side giving her lover greater access to her neck: I could almost feel her teeth on my neck. Finally shaking myself I rushed indoors and arriving in my bedroom lay down as ‘Lucy’ began to buzz across my already aroused clit. This time it took longer as I pushed the vibrator deep inside before withdrawing it fantasizing that it was one of my neighbors fucking me until with a cry, I came hard my juices squirting across my duvet cover.

My thoughts that evening was about my neighbors and the predicament that I was in. It had been months since I had had sex with my husband, and I was incredibly horny. To make things worse I had been thinking about a documentary I had seen about lesbians and bisexual women. Until watching this documentary I had never thought about making love with another woman before and now just two months later I witness my neighbors doing it on their balcony. It made me so hot and frustrated that once again I went to my bedroom and ‘Lucy’.

I had three intense orgasms that night and over breakfast the following morning decided to take my destiny in hand. Taking a gold lined card, I wrote: ‘Dear neighbors, welcome to our neighborhood. This Saturday evening, I am having a pool party and as the theme is Polynesia the dress is bikinis and beach robe only. Looking forward to getting to know you, Penny.’


We had selected matching bikinis from our latest summer collection Elise wearing a red and white stripe while I wore the blue and white stripe with white see-through silk beach robes. Selecting an excellent Rosé from the wine cooler we walked down through Penny’s side gate to her pool area finding her lounging in the shade of the gazebo. She had obviously gone to a lot of trouble decorating the area with twenty-six gas flares surrounding the pool while coming from somewhere within her house we could hear music which supported her Polynesian theme. Approaching Penny, we couldn’t miss her scanning quickly down stopping at where our incredibly brief bikini bottoms were displayed through the white silk robes.

“It’s wonderful to meet you, at last, I’m Penny.”

“Hi Penny, I’m Sian and this is my cousin and partner Elise.”

“Oh my God cousins and lovers. I am married but unfortunately, he has to travel a lot for work we have a son but he’s now working in Canada. He’s a chef at a restaurant in Banff so that just leaves lonely me at home. I know that I shouldn’t have stared at you both while making love on your balcony, but I just couldn’t help it.”

“That’s okay its such a lovely balcony with the trees and nature that we seem to flow onto it after returning home from work: anyway, Elise and I have always believed that it shouldn’t matter if people display their love in public.”

“Sian and her mother inherited the house as well as the big Lingerie superstore and seeing her mother is bedridden in a nursing home the management of the business is our responsibility. At first it was exhausting but now that we have gotten to know the business and staff things are much easier.”

“Look Sian and Elise another reason I have been staring is that I am fascinated by bisexual people okay, I accept that you are lesbian but it’s much the same isn’t it. Ever since I first noticed you kissing, I have been horny: I’ve been masturbating every evening since I first noticed you.”

After we had dined and seeing the evening was still super hot, we just seemed to gravitate to the pool and again Elise and I noticed Penny’s eyes drop to where our bikini’s cut into our pussies. The water was so refreshing, and I made a mental note to get one built in our garden. As we moved around in the pool Elise and I noticed how Penny kept brushing against us so being the forward partner I moved behind Penny.

“Hey Penny, we are all girls here and like you Elise and I have fantasized about you. You see it has been a wish to become involved sexually with a woman like you. How about we do away with the costumes after all no one can see us.”

Not waiting for Penny Elise and I undid the ties on our bikinis allowing them to sink slowly to the bottom. Penny just stood motionless looking at our small breasts with their prominent nipples standing high. After several minutes Elise stepped behind Penny unclipping the strap behind her neck allowing the green cloth to slip into the water leaving her standing on display.

I heard Elise gasp when she noticed Penny’s shaved pussy the petal-like lips defining the line of her sex while her magnificent breasts stood before us like large bursa elit escort rock melons with large areolae and flattened nipples: she was statuesque, and I felt a gush hit my pussy.

“You are so dam sexy Penny I think now is a good time to start to explore your thoughts about Sapphic love, don’t you?”

As I said this Elise ran her small hands along Penny’s breasts and I stared as Penny just stood breathing quietly feeling Elise’s fingers tickle her nipples making them stand up. Seeing that Penny wasn’t objecting Elise began to massage Penny’s boobs her hands pressing into the soft flesh causing Penny to moan quietly. Hearing this I stepped forward and standing on my toes began to suckle her nipples while Elise continued caressing the magnificent breasts with one hand while the other trailed lightly across her stomach.

At Penny’s insistence, we moved into the house where we lay across her king-size bed with Elise continuing to caress and suck the spectacular breasts while I slid along her heavy thighs first sliding my fingers along causing Penny to open slightly. Like Elise it had always been a fantasy to lose myself between a heavy pair of legs and I couldn’t believe my luck as Penny opened up allowing me to slid in deeper my hands sliding along her inner thighs towards her now very wet cunny. Outside we could hear the wind building before yet another electrical storm as I brought my lips in contact with Penny’s lips licking from arse to clit smiling as she cried out her hips rising off the bed.

As Sian began to eat Penny, I sat across her face pressing my cunt onto her open mouth. At first, she seemed hesitant but as Sian continued to slide her tongue along her open pussy she had no option but lick across my wet pussy making me cry out as shockwaves rolled through me. The bedroom was beginning to echo with the moans and cries as Sian and Penny sucked cunt together.

I cried out feeling Penny push a finger into me as Sian began to fuck her with three fingers: pumping in and out as her tongue continued to caress Penny’s swollen clit bringing her close to climax while I strained against Penny’s tongue sliding across my clit while she continued to finger fuck me. Sitting on Penny’s face with my hips rising and falling I noticed Sian push her hand into Penny’s gaping pussy hearing her guttural cry as her orgasm crashed through her. As Penny experienced the final rippling shocks of her climax I cried out as I gripped Penny with my thighs as my climax broke through me.

Everything seemed to go into darkness until Elise and I were woken by Penny sliding between my legs as she placed her mouth against my wet cunny. Penny had certainly learned how to eat pussy because her tongue began to flick quickly across my swollen clit making me moan every time her tongue tip flicked against my clit.

Hearing my deep cries and moans Penny pushed her big hand wrist deep into my gaping cunt smiling as I rose off the bed crying out my violent climax.

It was Sunday morning when we woke up and over breakfast, I asked Penny if she would be interested in modeling our outsize lingerie range. At first, she seemed hesitant and then confused until looking across at us she asked what we meant which confused me in turn until Elise with a naughty smile suggested that one of the benefits would be that we would all get to be together a lot more.

Penny sat in silence for a minute or two before her face lit up when she finally understood what Elise had meant.


Four weeks after the party Sian told me of a modeling event where they would be exhibiting their range along with the range of other big lingerie businesses in the city.

I was terrified when I stepped behind the curtain into what was to be the changing lounge. As I walked up to a bench, I was relieved to be met by Elise who came bounding across the floor taking me in an intimate hug which had all the other models starring in amazement: looking around I noticed a small willowy Asian girl … she couldn’t have been much over nineteen or twenty.

She stood with a curios look starring as Elise took me in a deep kiss her tongue thrusting into my mouth then standing back, Elise indicated where our change area was explaining that everything was in order from left to right.

“Is that your employer?”

“Yes, we are old friends.”

“I think you both like sex a lot: yes? Oh, sorry I am Suri I emigrated from Vietnam where I was involved in the clothing industry. I want to better myself in your beautiful country. Maybe we can get to know each other better after this show finishes.”

At that moment we were told that the first costumes would walk out in half an hour so taking a sly look to check Suri out once more I quickly moved to my area where a table and small mirror had been set up for me.

Stripping out of my clothes I looked towards Suri noticing her glance at my pussy as I put on a black lace thong and white thigh highs. This section was to display lace bras, thongs and thigh highs I was to wear, a pair of black patent leather fuck me high heels. As I sat rolling my thigh highs on, I was again aware of Suri looking my way: I couldn’t understand her fascination because there were plenty of women who were way sexier than me.

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