Our First Night

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I imagine our first night together as nothing short of amazing.

We would start with a nice, light dinner. Afterwards, I would draw you a nice bubble bath with candles everywhere. I would take my time washing every inch of you beautiful body, shaving your legs smooth, trimming your pussy where needed, carefully shaving your under arms then drying you off completely. From there, I would lead you to our bed, laying you back and kissing your lips. I would then get some baby oil and massage your entire body, starting with your neck, working my way down to your ass, then your thighs and legs. I would roll you over and massage your front, caressing your chest, gently massaging your breasts, down past your tummy then massaging the fronts of your legs, careful not to touch your pussy just yet.

Once you’re nice and relaxed, I would begin licking you, running my tongue up and down your little pussy, pushing my tongue in just a little bit, taking long, deliberate licks. Feeling your body change, your pussy getting wetter and wetter, I hear you whimper little whimpers. I can tell your orgasms is building up. I stop licking long enough to kiss your lips and tell you how much I love you and I want you to just cum for me. Don’t hold back baby girl, just let your body do what feels good.

From there, I would go back to licking you, teasing you and building your orgasm back up. I would slide two fingers inside you, curving them upward to your g spot and start rubbing it while I gently suck your clit between my lips and caressing it with my tongue. As I hear your breathing getting heavier and heavier, I would suck faster and rub your g spot quicker with a little more pressure. I stop sucking to tell you to cum for me, baby doll, cum all over my tongue and fingers. Back to sucking, I am almost slurping your clit in and out of my lips, rubbing it with my tongue, one hand still fingering your little pussy the other caressing your nipples, first one, then the other. Then, your thighs lock around my head and you push your pelvis down to my lips, your body melting from the inside out, yours eyes widen, your hands grasp at your breasts and you cum for the first time in your life. Cumming uncontrollably all over my tongue, my fingers, drenching my chin and your thighs.

As your body is twitching, tingling and warm, I would move up on the bed and hold you in my arms. Kissing your forehead, yalova escort holding you so you know that you are safe I would tell you “that was amazing, my love”.

With you laying in my arms, and your body pressed to mine I can’t help but to smile with pride. You look up into my eyes with the look of pure love, devotion and happiness. The kind of happiness that no matter how much you try, you can never fully express how happy you are or how in love you feel.

It felt as though our bodies melted together. Every touch was made without saying a word, every trace of each other’s finger tips was like electricity, every kiss of each other’s lips was physical ecstasy. Kissing your lips, my hands wander over your soft body, moving with each curve, caressing your beautiful breasts, my thumbs rolling you nipples back and forth. I feel your legs lock tighter around mine, our arms hold each other without any intention of letting go, knowing right there is where we both belong.

As your legs lock tighter I feel your pussy even wetter then before. My hand cups your ass as my fingers trace between your legs and feel just how wet you are. Without words, you push back on my shoulders and straddle me. Your reach down with your little hand, gripping my cock and rubbing it against your wetness. You break our kiss, look into my eyes and smile as you place the tip of my cock at your pussy. You lower yourself down just a little, letting the tip move inside you then stop before rising back up. You repeat this for a while, smiling then finally break the silence and ask me if I want you to ride me. I look into your eyes and tell you yes, baby doll. I need to be inside you so bad. With one motion you lower yourself all the way down, taking every inch deep inside you, gasping when I hit bottom. Then you just stop there, slightly wiggling your hips enough to barely move back and forth, but not enough to really move. I look up at you, my hand caresses the side of your face and tell you how perfect you feel and how perfect I fit inside you. “Right here is where my cock belongs, my love.”

You begin rising up to thrust back down, short little thrusts. My hands move to your hips, caressing and gripping your skin as you move up and down while back and forth. You know I can’t wait to cum inside you, but keep moving faster and faster, never losing my eyes with yours, locked together, letting zonguldak escort the world melt away without a care. For in that moment, and the several that would follow, we completely become one, one heart beat, one breath, one love, one forever. My cock begins to get harder, thicker and pushes deeper as your pussy gets wetter, tighter and feels as though it’s trying to suck every drop of cum possible from my body. Your nipples are harder than you’ve ever felt in your life, my hands cupping your ass, lifting you up just a little so that I can thrust short thrusts into you. I tell you I can’t believe how perfect you are, how gorgeous you look as we make love and how amazing you make me fell. Please baby, cum for me. Cum for me and push all the way down, taking me all the way inside your body, taking me where I belong for the rest of our lives. I feel your body tense up, feel you tightening up inside as you push all the way down, cumming all over my cock, your hips bucking and grinding against me as my cock erupts inside you. With every shot of cum inside you, your orgasm builds, getting bigger and bigger, milking more and more cum from my cock. Our orgasms seem to go on forever, our minds lost in the pleasure, our hands locked together, gripping as tight as we possibly can, pulling into each other. As soon as you stop cumming, your body collapses down with mine, our chests heaving catching our breathes before our lips lock together in passion and need to feel close together.

You rest your head on my shoulder, your hand on my chest, your leg draped over mine, and a big smile across your beautiful lips. Your fingers run up and down my chest and I hear your voice break the silence after a long while. “Do you think you put a baby inside me?”

I tell you I’m not sure, but wouldn’t that be a perfect ending to our first time together, my love?

We fall asleep together after realizing that it’s been several hours since we made it to the bed, and both of us are completely drained.

I wake up about 5 hours later to you still next to me, laying on your stomach with your legs open and hear you “I love you so much”. I lay awake watching you, seeing you smile in your sleep, admiring your gorgeous body, and the lovely shape of your ass. Seeing you there, I just can’t help myself. I move down the bed, gently get between your legs, placing my cock to your pussy zonguldak escort and push all the way in. You don’t completely wake up but still push back on me, taking me all the way inside you. My hands reach up to yours, my fingers intertwine with yours then closing, holding your hands in mine. I begin to slowly take you from behind, pushing all the way in, pulling almost all the way out then pushing back in again. After about fifteen minutes you are completely awake, after several minutes of moaning, but when you begin to cum again, you get pulled completely from your sleep, moaning louder and louder, telling that I’m making you cum again. Oh God how good it feels making you cum for me, and how sexy you sound as you cum, moaning with a little bit of a whimper. Your hips keep pushing back almost not letting me pull back out of you, so I push all the way inside you sending shivers through your body and I feel your body spasm again. I start to move back to give you a minute as your eyes open to look up at me. “Baby, don’t stop making love to me until you cum again. I want to feel you inside me and I want you to fill my womb”

With that, I roll you over on your back, resting your legs on my shoulders and starting pumping inside you again. I tell you how much I love you, can’t wait to see your tummy growing with our baby and am so happy you are mine, my love. Your hands trace up and down my spine, your legs lock around my hips pulling me in as I take long, deep strokes into your hungry little pussy. Your hands start moving to your body, resting on your tummy, moving up to your breasts, cupping them, playing with your nipples and gently tugging on them. You move one hand down to your clit rubbing a little bit. I feel what you are doing so I pull out, rubbing my slippery cock between your hand and your clit, getting your fingers slick. Before you can finish your sentence “Baby, put it back inside…..Ungh!” I push back inside you sending you over the edge, making you cum again. Feeling you tighten around me, your legs pulling me further into you and your hands reaching around my neck it just too much. My cock, already swollen, begins to twitch and pumps shot after shot of my cum deep inside you. Every shot makes your body twitch as you are still cumming, getting tighter and tighter around me, pulling at my cock, milking my cock for everything it’s worth.

My body falls down, still between your legs, still deep inside you, your pussy still not have released it’s grip, your hands holding me, on running it’s fingers through my hair as you whisper “Sleep, my love. Get some rest because we’re doing that again as soon as we wake up. I love you…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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