Nova , Sabine Pt. 03.5

***Sorry for the length (about 14 pages)

Recap: They both said their first ‘I love you’s to each other. Sabine surprised Nova with her best friend.


Sabine rose early, she crept to the bedroom, hearing the two talking she sat in the hall for some time enjoying Nova’s laughter.

They were quiet, Lucia broke it. “So…”

Nova eyed her. She smirked. “It’s sooo good. It’s amazing!” Lucia didn’t even have to ask.

“You got lucky with her…shes fucking hot.”

“Hey, don’t go stealing my woman.”

‘Her woman.’ Sabine thought to herself with a smile.

“Lucy…She said she loved me last night…”

“Did you say it back?”

“Of course I did!…” Nova filled her best friend in on everything that has happened including the threesome. “She somehow gives me earth shattering orgasms, I don’t understand.”

Lucia was clearly thinking.

“Spit it out, just ask.”

“So…do you like …make her cum at all?”

Nova smirked. “When I can…”

Lucia bit her lip…”Whats her ‘O’ face look like.”

Nova shot her a look.

“What?! I’ve seen yours, I’m just trying to paint a picture over here.”

Nova was nearly mortified. “WHEN???”

“Bitch you don’t think the showers drown you that much do you? And any time you would try to play if off when I’d walk in.”

“You bitch!” Nova yelled as she swatted Lucia.

“And I’d much rather have some pretty girls face burned into my brain than look at some guys when he cums.”

Nova couldn’t help but laugh. “Speaking of…”

“Stooppp you don’t want to know about my sex life.”

“I do.”

Lucia turned flustered, her bronze cheeks now into dimples with an embarrassed smile.

“He really cares about me…I think he gets his rough side out with Ward and comes to me as this shy little puppy.”

Nova shot her a look with a smirk.

“Would you prefer him to be?”

“Sometimes, I mean I LOVE the way he is now and he takes such good care and time with me but…Fuck me like you NEED to, pull my hair push me against the wall something.”

Nova sat staring into space, she thought back to Sabine holding her as they stumble around after their last encounter making out.

Lucia just sat staring at her. “Noves, hello? You horny bitch, come back to me.”

Nova started fidgeting with the fur blankets. Lucia leaned in, still not getting her friends attention she decided to kissed her.

As Lucia leaned back Nova’s eyes locked with hers. “What was that?”

“Just wanted to try it.” Lucia shrugged.

“Well don’t let that be your impression.” Nova leaned in she slowly opened her lips just enough to suck on Lucia’s bottom and graze it with her teeth.

Nova sat back awaiting her feedback. Lucia sat for a moment, “How are your lips so soft, what do you put on them?!”

In a more serious voice, “I mean I like it but you are my friend, I’m not romantically attracted to you.”

“I know…mmm we will get Sabine to.” Nova said biting her lip.

Lucia eyed her. “If I didn’t know any better Nova Lee, you WANT her to kiss me and you want to watch.”

Nova fidgeted some more. “Of course I do.” she mummeled. As Lucia nodded.


They heard the pitter patter of Doirne in the hall. She peaked in before entering. “Commander just wanted me to see if you two were awake before she came in so she didn’t disrupt you. Breakfast is ready, would you like it in here Ms.?”

Nova smiled to Dorine who blushed.

Lucia looked to Nova after Dorine left. “Ms. huh? What other titles do you have around here?”

“A few others.”


Nova blushed. “Ms. Nova…Whore …Slut…Pet…everyone knows why I’m here.” Nova said shyly.

“What do you mean?”

“When Sabine first brought me here…she made an announcement that I’m here as her sex servent…She clearly got a stir out of her village…Everyone stares when we walk. I try to remind myself its mostly because of her but…” Nova was red.

Sabine strolled in, she smiled to the two. She went to her drawers and rummaged through. “You two sleep well?” They both answered with a hum.

“Been up talking I see?” Sabine said as she shut a drawer. She turned around she studies Nova, who was keeping her gaze down. “What’s wrong? Why are you red?”

“I – I have a request…”

“Okay.” Sabine said as she leaned against the wooden structure.

Nova was silent… she took a deep breath. “I…would really enjoy it if you were to kiss…Lucia.”

Sabine sat for a moment. “Why?” was all she said. Sabine tried to act casual, she knew she were teasing Nova and wanted to prolong it as much as possible, she wanted to see how far she could push her lover.

“Because, I like to watch you affect other people.” She said irritated.

“Sooo you want me to kiss Lucia? Because you like to watch?”

Nova nodded her gaze on her hands in her lap.

“Lucia, are you okay with this?”

Lucia was surprised Sabine was considering it. She nodded.

“Okay, just a kiss?” bursa sınırsız escort

Nova nodded again watching as Lucia stood, she was about the same height as Sabine, who turned her head slightly, she leaned in gave Lucia a nice peck on the lips.

“Sabine, like you mean it…please… for me…”

Sabine glared at Nova. “Like I mean it mean it?”

“Please…pretend she is me.”

Sabine settled herself a little closer to Lucia, she pulled Lucia closer by placing a hand on her hip, Lucia fought the urge to jump. She felt Sabine slither her hand around to cup the back of her head.

Sabine leaned in once more, she slowly started with small kisses, she skillfully sucked Lucia’s bottom lip into her own. She slowly raked her teeth across it, all to suck her back in again. Sabine slowly slipped her tongue. Lucia’s eyes fluttered. Nova could see her melting at her Mistress’s touch.

Nova ran her hand against herself between her pants, the sensations traveling a good distance, she wanted so badly to play with herself. ‘I don’t have permission.’ She took her hand away.

Sabine kept at it, she pulled Lucia against her as she sucked on her lip once more. Lucia let out a light moan that they all heard. Her face turned beet red. Sabine pulled away looking at her. She went to Nova kissed her cheek and whispered. “You’ll pay for this later Pet.” Sabine nipped at her ear as she walked away.

Lucia followed Sabine with her eyes, she looked to Nova who looked very satisfied. Lucia didn’t know what to do. “Nova…I need Nyko, find him with me.”

Lucia grabbed Nova by the wrist and nearly drug her behind her. Lucia ran into the hut, Ward came around the corner completely naked unaware she were here. Lucia and him collide. “Lucia?!” Ward questioned.

Lucia eyed him, his chiseled body and lengthy member. Nyko hearing the commotion came in, his shirt off. Lucia looked to the two men and nearly let her groan turn to a whimper.

“I-I …I need to talk to you…now.”

Ward dried off and grabbed his pants, he put up a hand to Nyko and left.

Ward comes out to Nova standing there she turns around to Ward.

He just sighs and apologizes as he puts his pants on. Nova could hear Lucia’s moans, this added to her wetness.

Ward and Nova walk together for some time just enjoying each others company. “Why are the three of you so close?”

“Sabine Nyko and I?”

Nova nodded.

“We grew up together. Nyko had always had a fat crush on Sabine, I on him and of course Sabine didn’t pay him any mind. They were each other’s first kiss though. We did everything together. Always sneaking out, going on adventures.” Ward smiled to himself.

“So you have always liked Nyko?”

“Pretty much, even though he were chasing Sabine, he would get very jealous when I’d hang around with other guys and needless to say sleep around as well.”

“So you all knew what you liked at young ages.”

“For the most part yes. I mean Sabine took sometime, she’s very picky if you can’t tell.” They both laugh.

“Is it hard now having to share Nyko?”

“Um a bit but it’s fine. Gives me extra time to myself and i have other men here and in other clans to keep me company.”

Nova snickered. “Yeah I’m sure.”

Ward eyed her with a curious smile. “What do you mean?”

“I mean you have your social status of being close to the Commander, you’re very attractive, humble, I’m sure many women want to use you for breeding, and I noticed you’re um quite large so I’m sure that’s another thing.”

“I spend many days working out, thank you for noticing.” He said as he nugged Nova trying to make light of the situation.

“I mean, yeah I have many children but I knew from early on that I didn’t want to be a father someday maybe but not right now, besides they have loving mothers and are happy, I hope. Anyway thank you for the kind compliments Nova.”

Nova smiled to him, “So since it’s just been you three, one of you getting an SO, would that throw the balance off?”

“No, we adjust easy and help each other through our heartbreaks. Nyko and I have always had something going on, we actually kept it from Sabine for a while we didn’t know how she would take it but this was before we knew and she also kept her first relationship from the two of us soo I guess we are even.” he chuckled to himself.

“So she told me that she first fell for an older woman?”

Ward laughed. “Oh yes, that one…That one was rough… Sabine fell hard, we really had to help her through that one. We can go visit her if you’d like.”


They arrive on top a hill with a single hut on it, a herd of sheep and chickens outside. The homemade wind chimes made their music as the two entered. A little old woman sat on the floor in the middle of the hut her back to them. She spoke, “Ah, Nova, I have been expecting your visit, Ward thank you for seeing her through, you can wait outside.”

Ward looked to Nova and left. Nova sat, the woman turned around. She understood why Sabine found her attractive. bursa üniversiteli escort Nova imagined her in her younger state, she would have been strikingly beautiful. Now her face had clearly aged, her skin wrinkled, saggy, her hair almost white, but she kept a youthful look in her eyes.

“Now my child, why have you come?”

“To learn more about Sabine and her people.”

“Ah, Sabine, a force, she will protect you when time tells of battle.”

“Is there a battle coming soon?”

“I feel it in my ankles, her sister.”

“Her s-.”

Sabine knocked. They both look to her. She smiles to Nova. Salvia spoke again. “Ah our strong Commander. Please take what is yours.”

Sabine picked up a stone which had been set aside on a table, she slipped it into her pocket and reached for Nova’s hand.

Salvia nods as a goodbye. The two descending the hill.

Returning to the heart of the village, Ward played with some children in the dirt as a young warrior approached him. Sabine nugged Nova and nodded in their direction. “Looks like Ward has an admirer.”

“Nova what do you say to a little adventure back to your home tomorrow?”

Nova thought about it. “Sure.”

“You can think about it and give an answer in the morning if you’d like?”

“No, I’d like to go to see Nona.”


They walked for sometime, eventually making it back to Nyko and Ward’s hut. Ward was sitting outside carving a wooden figure. He looked up and met their gaze. He gave a crooked smile.

“Sabine they have been going at it for hours now.”

Sabine laughed. “Dont you remember the beginning of your and Nyko’s relationship? All the lust and passion.”

Ward rolled his eyes. “I know, the bright side is I think they are taking a break.”

Lucia emerged, she hugged and kissed Nova on her cheek.

Lucia looked to Sabine and Nyko who was now sitting on the step with Ward. “Can we go for a short walk? Not far.”

They both nodded. The two took off, Lucia whispering in Nova’s ear.

Sabine leaned back on her hands. The two men on either side of her questioned what she had on her mind.

“So uh, She wants you to be more aggressive with her. I overheard them talking this morning.”Sabine said looking out to the dirt.

“Nyko, more aggressive?” Ward asked surprised. “You’re nothing but aggressive with me?”

“She isn’t you is she?” Nyko said. He was quiet. “She said that you are much bigger than me.”

Ward couldn’t help but laugh. “Sorry that she knocked into me fresh out of the shower.”

“She kept complimenting you …I think she would be okay if you joined us…”

Ward laughed again but grew quiet once he realized Nyko wasn’t joking. “The only threesome Ill ever be having is with you and another MAN… Ugh Nyko…Maybe a foursome, you with her me with another guy.”

Nyko reached across Sabine for his hand.

Nyko redirected his attention to Sabine. “So, you kiss my girlfriend and now are saying she wants it rough? What happened over there last night?”

Sabine sighed. She explained what had happened.

Sabine looked questionably to Nyko.

“I’m not mad, it’s kinda hot actually.” He said cracking a smile as he nugged her.

Sabine smiled.

“Rough sex how?” Nyko asked after some time of silence.

“She specified that she wanted you to fuck her and pull her hair…”

Ward chimmed in, “Ny just fuck her like you do me but pull her hair.”

Sabine raised her eyebrows at Ward. “You’re a bottom?”

“Yes Sabine I am a bottom.” He said with a sheepish smile.

“Really?” Sabine asked.

“Yes, sometimes I want to be in charge but most of the time I like it in the ass.” Nyko paused, he saw his opportunity. “I mean its not like Nyko can really fill me anyway.” He said as he laughed looking at Nyko’s face.

“Im kidding I’m kidding.” Ward reassured.

Ward spoke again. “Uh Sabine, Nova also saw me naked today.”

Sabine shrugged. Then spoke. “We are taking an adventure home tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Ward answered. He looked over to Nyko.

“Your feelings hurt?”


Ward smirked to him, “Want me to make you feel better?”

Nyko got up and went into the hut. Ward leaned over and kissed Sabine on her cheek. ‘Night.”

Sabine slowly made her way back home. She checked out all the vendors.

The girls had come back to the hut, they notice no one was on the steps. Lucia stopped. “Nova what if they are fucking?”

“Ummm, go see?”

Nova waited in the dirt while Lucia went up close she could see the two, Ward on his knees as Nyko sat on the bed.

“Do what Dorine did last night?” Nova whispered.

Lucia nodded and kissed Nova on the lips before running into the hut.

Nova questioned it. But saw Dorine in the distance. She ran to catch up with her. “Oh Ms. Nova, where is your friend?”

“About to have a threesome.”

Dorine looked at her in disbelief.

Nova began bursa anal yapan escort taking things from Dorine for her to help carry.

Dorine objected, as villagers looked to the pair.

Dorine finally snapped. “Nova! You can’t do this in public.” She whispered. “Now throw these on the ground so that I have to pick them up.”

Nova put them back in dorine’s hands. The pair spoke as they walked in on Sabine bathing.

“Sorry Commander, stocking clean towels.” Dorine said with her head down.

“That’s fine.” Sabine said as she got out of the water. “Dorine, take the night off.”

“Yes Commander.” Dorine scurried off passing Nova as she left Sabine’s room.

Sabine came in as she dried her hair, Nova sat on the bed watching her.


Nova did so. Sabine brought in restraints and a blind fold.

“Lay on the bed.”

Nova slowly laid down. This didn’t seem like Sabine.

Nova’s wrists and ankles were tied down on all four corners of the bed. Sabine came close to tie the blind fold around her face. Sabine left.

Sabine ran into Dorine’s room. Dorine jumped at the sudden motion and the crack of Sabine’s demanding voice.

“Glad I caught you. I have a request.” Sabine started.

Dorine didn’t know what to do or how to act as her fully naked Commander stood in front of her stammering.

“Look, I can trust you that our activities don’t leave this hut right?” Sabine asked.

“Yes Commander of course.”

“Sabine…for tonight.” She said with a warm smile.

Dorine was taken back by this side of her Commander.

“Um, I need Nova to think we are alone. When I signal to you to join in, I need you to immediately go down on her. Okay?”

“Okay Com- Sabine. Might I ask what you two, well you have in mind and how the night should go.”

“Um…” Sabine began stammering, her face turning red from embarrassment.

“So I am going to be on top of Nova, I need you to stimulate her while I enjoy myself…” Sabine finally said.

Dorine smiled. “Nothing wrong with needing a night to let go. Where do you want me?” She asked as she put her things down and began undressing.

“Thank you.” Sabine said with a warm smile.


Back in the room Nova lie still, unsure of what was coming next. She tried pulling on her wrist restraints, there wasn’t any slack. She nuzzled her face against her shoulder trying to move the blindfold. ‘What if she left me… Nova she wouldn’t do that it’s just a mind game… It’s going to be okay.’ Nova took a deep breath to settle herself.


Sabine explained to Dorine that she wouldn’t be spending the night with them tonight. She could stay the night there but not in the same bed like the nights before. Dorine settled herself in the chair as Sabine began sliding her finger up Nova’s leg.

‘She’s back!… What did she go and get?”

Sabine traced her finger along Nova’s slit.

‘No warm up? I mean I’m ready but…?’

Nova tried to settle herself again. ‘Why hasn’t she spoken to me yet?’

Sabine climbed onto the bed. She let her hair down no braids, it flowed all the way down tickling Nova’s stomach. Sabine without warning took Nova’s left nipple into her warm mouth. Nova exhaled through her nose.

“I hope you can hold your breath.” Sabine said as she adjusted on the bed.

‘Hold my breath? Is she going to choke me?’

“Mistress?” Nova whispered.

Sabine came down to kiss Nova tenderly.

Sabine pulled back up, she moved further up the bed.

She kissed Nova’s neck, she bit, and sucked, marking her territory.

Sabine didn’t stop until Nova was moaning and there were visible marks, some already bruising.

Finally Sabine got where she wanted to be. Nove felt the bed moving and the weight being distrubed. She knew where Sabine was. Her strong thighs on either side of Nova’s head, right next to her ears.

Nova knew what Sabine wanted.

Nova stuck her tongue out eager to please her Mistress. Sabine reached down to spread her lips, she melted onto Nova’s warm soft tongue. She gasped and eased herself into a sound position.

Sabine and Nova soon found a rhythm. Sabine ground herself against Nova, sometimes suffocating her. She noticed Nova hadn’t quite figured out the breathing.

“Focus baby…breath through your mouth.” Sabine said encouraging her lover.

Nova wanted so badly to hold Sabine. She pulled on the ropes here and there. Sabine soon forgot about the world. She put her hands up on the wall for more balance. Sabine grinding, getting herself off against Nova’s beautiful face.

***Warning for ‘forced’ sex***

Sabine motioned for Dorine to move in. She slipped a finger inside Nova. Nova immediately began fighting it. “Nova!” Sabine yelled. Nova laid still. “You are okay and in trusted hands, now behave.”

Sabine slowly floated away again. She let out a gasp. Dorine tried again, she could feel Nova clamping down on her finger trying to obstruct any penetration. Nova was trying so hard to bring her knees up and together.

Dorine was growing irritated with this, she finally curled her finger and pulled up. Digging into the spongy skin. Nova gasped as her walls collapsed and opened, allowing Dorine’s finger to move further inside her.

Dorine managed a few thrusts, before Nova closed off again. Dorine pulled her finger out.

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