No Good Deed

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I couldn’t sleep one night. It was about four A.M. So I went into the living room to watch a little porn. I was hoping to jerk off and go back to sleep. However right as I was getting good and hard watching a really nice video of two young guys jerking each other off. I heard voices in front of my house. I got scared and put away my cock in my boxer briefs and slipped on a T-shirt.

I heard a knock at the door and a man with a heavy African accent say, “Someone please can you help me?”

I looked out the blinds and saw a man from my boyfriends work. He works with African refugees to help them find jobs in America and then trains them to do work in the states. I had seen this man a couple of time at the center.

He could see me looking out the blinds and begged in a pleating voice, “Please sir can you help me?”

What could I do he had already seen me. So I opened the door just slightly. His demeanor changed instantly into something like a hungry predator. He push the door all the way open and grabbed me by the neck. He forced me down and drug me back into the living room. He had a friend with him, another African that was much bigger and was carrying a machete.

“Tell me where you keep your money!” The man that was holding me by my neck said to me very calmly.

“I have some money in my wallet. But other than that it is all in the bank.” I said with a trembling voice.

“Give me the money from your wallet.” I reached over and grabbed my wallet of the coffee table and handed it to him. He opened it up and pulled out two twenties. “You expect me to believe that this is all the money that you keep in your house?”

“I swear that is all I have, you can take the credit cards and stuff, but I don’t carry much cash.”

“Go and search the rest of the house, I will see if our friend has anything else to offer.” He said to his accomplice. Then he started to look me up and down in a hungry way. I was starting to understand that this was not random. These men had targeted me. They had seen me at the center, with my boyfriend so they knew that I was gay and wealthy. I didn’t know if that made my situation any better or any worse.

“Cash is not the only thing that you have beylikdüzü escort that I want.” The tall African said. “Get undressed.”

I did as I was told. I stripped quickly back down to my underwear. It is probably worth mentioning that I had no choice with these men. Even if there was just one guy with no machete. I would still have to do what this man said. Both men were solid muscle. I’m tall but thin, he would destroyed me.

“I said, undressed not, down to you shorts. Undress!”

I pulled down my underwear trying to cover my crotch with my hands. He steeped towards me and slip his hand around and grabbed my ass. He smelled of alcohol. He rubbed my chest, and I started to shiver. I was scared. He then reached around me with both hands and grabbed my ass. Easily palming a cheek in each hand.

“You have an ass like a girl.” he said and then pulled me hard against his body.

“Take me back into your bedroom.” I led the way to the bedroom. We walked in and then he closed the door behind himself.

“Get up on the bed. On all fours like a dog.” he said in his thick African accent. I did as he had said. My round white ass poked up in the air.

“Good.” he said as he rubbed his crotch. “Come here and suck me.”

I turned on the bed and crawled to him. He pulled down his pants and stripped off his shirt. His dark skin looked blue in the soft light of the bedroom, he really was quite good looking, I started to consider myself lucky. When I saw his cock I gasped. It was massive. Not that long but thick and black as midnight. I got rather excited when I saw it and momentarily forgot my fear. I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck it. He moaned and tilted his head back. He put a hand on top of my head and directed me with the speed that he wanted. I sucked him for a few minutes. Then he pulled back and took the rest of his clothes off. He laid down on the bed and placed his hand back onto my head and pushed my face back down on his cock. He was lying on his back and I was beside him on my knees sucking him. He reached between my legs and rubbed my cock and I realized that I was almost fully erect. I guess this was a little more exciting than I adana escort wanted to let on. His hands rubbed all over my body as took his cock in my mouth. It felt really good to suck his cock. I had never sucked a black cock before but had fantasied about many times. Never like this though.

Then he pushed me away and sat up in the bed. He turned around so that my ass was facing him still on my knees. He pushed his face into my ass licking my hole as he did. I gasped. It felt so good. That is my weakness. At that point I completely gave in. He sat on the bed slowly jerking his cock and licking my ass till his friend walked in. Surprisingly he didn’t have anything with him except the machete that he came in with. He saw us on the bed. Me on all four and his African friend eating my ass out. He didn’t say a word. He just undressed and walked around in front of me standing at the side of the bed. He stroked his cock in front of my face. He was beautiful. All muscle, and taller than his friend. His cock was much bigger than his friends too. These guys were going to fuck me, and it was going to hurt, but right now I wanted to suck that cock.

He reached forward and grabbed my head. I opened my mouth and he slid it in. I could only take about half of it but still he seemed to enjoy it. He held onto my head and moved his hips slowly fucking my face. The smaller of the two stopped eating my ass and climbed up and slid his cock in my spit drenched hole. I had always wanted to be fucked like this. My boyfriend is pretty conservative, but I have always liked feeling like a slut. The African fucking my ass was really letting me have it. He didn’t start out slowly and build up. He dove in a started pounding away. It felt so good, two big cocks taking me like a cheap whore. They were fucking me from both ends. I have never had my ass fucked as hard as this night. The huge black cock plowed into me sending waves of sensation up my spine. My balls tightened as cum slowly leaked from the head of my cock. It wasn’t just the feeling of his rod spreading open my hole but the pressure against the outside of my hole. It felt like he was going to crush my whole ass inside me.

Both cocks slid out of me at the same afyon escort time and I opened my eyes to see the men switching sides. The smaller African stood in front of me, his cock sticking straight out at my face, dripping with the juice from my ass. I was panting and gasping for breath. He used this as an opportunity to stick his cock in my mouth. It tasted good, I love to taste my ass on a cock. I was just getting into sucking this dick when I felt a strong pressure against my asshole. The big guy was back there and he was pushing his cock against my ass. But my hole couldn’t take it. I bounced back and forth and managed to get the head in. then I push out on my hole as hard as I could. He felt that and pushed hard with his hips. His cock shot into my ass. Stretching it out further than it had ever been before. I tried to scream but the cock in my mouth prevented it. Both men seemed to delight in my pain, because they both pumped me as hard as they could.

The pace of their thrusts seemed to be getting quicker. I was getting exhausted. I thought the men were getting close to cumming and I was glad. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. I couldn’t catch my breath, every time that huge cock would plow my ass I would gasp and when I tried to breath back in the other cock would sink into my mouth.

The big guys fucking my ass was at a fevered pace at this point he started grunting and groaning and I felt and thick spray of cum deep inside my ass. Rivers of cum must have shot out of his massive cock. I felt warmth inside my stomach. He pulled out of my ass and the other guy spun me around and rammed his cock back inside my now cum filled ass. After a few more pumps he pulled his cock out of my ass and dumped his load all over my creamy white cheeks. He slid it back in and pumped me a few more times until his thrusts finally stopped.

Without a word both men stepped away from me and started getting dressed.

“This never was about robbing me was it?” I asked as I laid back down on the bed.

“No, we saw you and wanted you. That is it.”

“Well why didn’t you just ask?” I responded, curiously.

“Because you would have said no.”

The men straightened themselves up and walked out the way they came in. I laid on the bed covered in cum. I thought about getting up to go lock the door, but then thought, hey whats the worst that could happen? Two guy barge in and fuck me. I should be so lucky. I rolled over and fell right to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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