Night Out


I’m sitting at a small table cluttered with colorful drinks and straining to hear my friends over the loud music. After a pretty shitty week, the girls have managed to talk me into going out to a bar, maybe even dancing, on a Friday night. The bar scene is typically depressing for me, but I could use a drink and the laugh-till-it-hurts cramping that only other raucous women can provide.

It’s been a long time since I put any energy into a night out. As I got ready earlier, I decided I was worth some extra effort tonight. I dug in the back of the closet for my favorite little black dress, excavated my garters and stockings from the bottom of a drawer, and dusted off my trashy mascara. It feels good not to look like a school teacher, although I am pretty sure no one else will be appreciating it tonight.

Now I’m with my friends, slightly buzzed, gossiping about the usual who’s doing what to whom, and generally ignoring how domestic my life has become. Suddenly a hand grips my upper arm tightly. In the same instant, I feel your warm breath on my ear. “We’re leaving. Right now.”

Blood flushes my face as I feel simultaneously embarrassed for being caught unprepared in public and thrilled at the idea of what I know is about to happen.

You firmly pull on my arm. I sputter something like, “I have to go. I’m fine,” to my friends. I get some alarmed looks and you get some violent glares, the ladies prepared to defend my honor. Luckily my best friend knows enough about my secret tastes to quell the feminist uprising.

I have just enough time to grab my coat as you drag me out of the chair. “What are we doing?” I ask.

“Just do what I tell you to,” is all you’ll say.

You push me towards the bar and present me to some other man who is clearly surprised. “Who’s this?” he asks.

“Tell him your name,” you command.

I reply, “Jennifer.”

With your free hand you’re gathering your things to leave. “Tell him what you’re going to do.”

I hesitate for just a moment. I’m not sure what to call you in front of your friend, torn between holding on to a shred of equality with your real name and submitting completely to arouse you more. As usual, I am more interested in getting you hard. “Whatever Daddy tells me to do.”

Your friend looks between us skeptically, not sure what’s going on. You are stone-faced and speak to him in a tone that emphasizes your authority, “Let’s go.”

You push your way through the crowd, dragging me behind you. Your friend hurries to catch up. His expression makes clear that he’s debating getting involved in whatever you’ve got planned. Once outside, you head straight for your car. You’re still dragging me along by my now bruised arm. I’m half-running trying to keep up with you, trying not to fall in my Betturkey high heels.

When we reach the car you tell your friend to get in the back seat. He hesitates for a moment longer, searching your face for reassurance. You reveal nothing beyond impatience. Apparently having won his internal debate, he slides across the back seat and you shove my head down so that I end up crawling onto the seat on all fours. You give my ass a smack before you slam the door.

Your friend is breathing heavily, clearly nervous and visibly sweating. Knowing that I have no reason to be afraid makes me feel strong and sexy. This is going to be good. Even though this stranger is going to play a role, I know this is between you and me. Another fun game to play.

You get into the driver’s seat and adjust the rearview mirror to see us clearly. I can’t help but give you the slightest, sly grin. Your facade never cracks. “Go ahead. You can kiss him,” you offer dryly.

Kissing? I practically attack this guy, grabbing his face, pulling him into me, all tongue, and biting, and hot breath. A year’s worth of longing to be kissed by you is taken out on this stranger as I fantasize about you devouring my mouth.

You’ve started the car and are driving somewhere. I don’t care to pay attention. I can feel the first release of moisture between my legs as he eagerly kisses me back. Moving to straddle his lap, I pull him sideways so as not to turn my back to you. “Now show him your tits,” you command.

He doesn’t wait for me to do it; he’s into it now. His hands are on me, grabbing at my dress, roughly pulling the fabric down, squeezing my breasts. He pushes me back and slips down in the seat, reaching to bring his tongue to one nipple. He begins to suck deeply and I can feel my clit swell. I meet your eyes in the mirror but your gaze is too intense. I have to look away.

Your friend has moved to my other nipple and as he sucks I can’t help but moan. Once again, he gives my body what it wants from you but never gets. My skin burns with the indulgence of it. I feel the car pull over and stop, hear the slam of the driver’s door. Then you’re next to us on the back seat.

You grab a fistful of my hair and pull my ear to your mouth, arching my back. “Take his dick out.”

With reluctance, I pull my tits away from his mouth and reach down to his belt. It’s no surprise that he’s fully erect already. I try to shift my body to go down on him but you yank my head back by the hair. “I didn’t tell you to do that,” you say to me and to your friend, “Lift up her dress.”

I can feel his hands on my thighs, my ass, pulling my dress up, yanking my underwear aside. You’ve still got a fistful of my hair, keeping my back arched painfully. My head rests on your shoulder and Betturkey Giriş I can feel your breath on my neck. “Is she wet?” you ask him.

I gasp as his fingers probe into my cunt. He lets out a guttural, “Yes.”

“Do you want to fuck her?”

All I hear is a grunt in reply.

My eyes go wide and I start to protest, “Wait! He’s not…” You immediately clamp your hand over my mouth, whispering in my ear, “Do you trust your daddy to look out for you?”

It’s hard to resist. I nod and give a muffled “mm-hmm.” You pull my head forward, roughly twisting my body until I’m flipped onto my hands and knees again. I can feel your friend maneuvering behind me, the anticipation building deep in my pussy. Then you push my backwards and he’s immediately there, ready for it.

I feel his cock thrust into me and I cry out in excitement. He grabs my hips and pumps into me, filling the car with the sounds of his exertion.

You start to unbuckle your belt with one hand, dragging my head down to you with the other. This is the cock I really want anyway. Big, hard, throbbing, I eagerly take you into my mouth. I love sucking your cock, knowing that I am bringing you closer to orgasm, feeling your size and strength fill my experience.

Closed into the car, all the sensorial information is heightened. The steamy heat of our bodies, the loud groans from the stranger fucking me, the salty-sour smell when my face is against your balls, the taste of your pre-cum, even your silence is loud. My whole body is alive with the aching tension that is building inside of me. I am reaching that exquisite threshold of pleasure pain that I want to last forever but cannot endure.

I can feel your friend quickening his pace and tell from his urgent noises that he’s getting close to blowing his load. Apparently, you realize this as well because you abruptly pull me forward, into your chest, and away from him.

He is audibly disappointed and fumbles frantically to get back inside my cunt. I don’t care about him. I can only look at you. “Tell me what to do, Daddy.”

You reply, “Suck him off.” Once again, you roughly push/pull me into the position you want me in.

Now my face is in your friend’s lap and my ass is in the air. As I take his cock into my mouth, I can feel your hands on my legs, shoving me open. You pull back a garter strap and let it go to snap my skin. The sting makes me suck in my breath and sends a rush up my spine. You slide the head of your cock into my pussy for just a moment. Pulling out, pushing in a bit, teasing me. “Don’t let him come until I say so. And don’t you dare come without permission.”

This is not going to be easy. I’m on the verge already, swollen and ready to burst. Now you want me to keep control when Betturkey Güncel Giriş nothing is hotter than you fucking me from behind, feeling your balls slap against me, your hands on my hips, my back, pushing me down on your huge cock.

Attempting to hold off the building storm, I put my attention into the other guy’s dick, giving him all the devotion that I’d like to be pouring on you. He starts to tighten quickly and I have to stop to keep him on the brink. He tries to push my head back down but I fight him. Suddenly I feel you plunge into my ass in one quick movement.

I cry out as the pain brings water to my eyes. It’s so tight, it feels like you will tear me open. Slowly, as you start to rock into me, I can feel my body relax and accept you. The tightness remains, but it’s good, you fill me completely and it’s more than I can endure. I can’t hold back any longer. “Daddy, please!”

“Please what?”

“Daddy, please let me come!” I beg.

“Not yet.”

You push me between my shoulders, forcing me down on your friend again. Between him in my mouth, and you in my ass, the four hands on me, I feel completely stretched open and filled up, every nerve ending in my body is buzzing. The blood is draining from my head and a roar is building in my ears. “Make him come,” you command me. “Make him come on your tits.”

I pick up the pace, sucking his dick as fast as I can. It only takes a moment to feel his body tense. He grabs the back of my head and roughly pushes into my throat. I have to force his hands away to get free at the last possible moment. You pull my hair back, forcing me to arch my back one final time, just as he climaxes. His hot come hits my breasts and burns for just a moment, long enough to push me to the edge.

“Please Daddy, let me come!”

“Do it.”

I buck against you, trying to get your cock deeper into me, rubbing my clit furiously. The pressure builds to the point of pain. “Please Daddy, come in my ass.”

“What was that?”

“Please Daddy, come in my ass!” I scream.

And then I feel it. Scalding and wet, you fill me completely and I’m past the breaking point. My climax comes hard and fast, wracking my entire body. I scream with the intensity. I can’t catch my breath, my heart is pounding in my ears, and my pussy is on fire. It feels like the violent waves of orgasm will last forever and yet are over far too quickly. Riding the adrenaline rush leaves me in sweaty heap between the two of you.

I feel your hands on me again, roughly pulling my dress back into place, though I am too dazed to be of any help. Raking my hair out of my face, I try to gather myself, as you are shoving my coat into my arms, and opening the door. You step out into the night air and reach back to grab me by the arm again. You pull me out of the car and drop my high heels on the ground in front of me. I hear the car door slam and the engine start. As instantly as it all began, you are gone. I look up to see that I am standing in front of my house.

“Thank you Daddy, for making me come.”

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