Nadia the Beautician


Debbie couldn’t be happier to be a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding. The room was full of women in their underwear giggling as each one took their turn to have their hair done and their makeup applied. The scent of flowers wafted through the room as each bouquet was delicately placed next to each bridesmaid’s dress.

“Who is next?” the beautician called out.

Debbie sat down in front of the beautician. “Hi I will be doing your make up today.” Debbie smiled, the beautician’s strong Russian accent almost commanding in its tone that in fact she was doing Debbie’s makeup and there would be no compromising the situation.

Debbie sat in the makeup chair her eyes looking downwards her thoughts on how wonderful it was for her sister to be getting married, her thoughts interrupted by the Russian voice, “Now look up, lets see those pretty eyes of yours,” the Beautician commanded, Debbie looked up, “Now that’s better I can see those lovely eyes of yours,” the beautician said as she applied some eye liner.

Debbie made eye contact with the Beautician, “Hi I am Nadia,” she said, Debbie introduced herself, “Oh your are the Brides sister I must take special care of you,” Nadia replied. For the first time Debbie had taken notice of the young Russian, she was tall of slim build with long straight brunette hair which shimmered against her white beauticians jacket, her large breasts constrained tight against her clothing, Debbie could not help starring into Nadia’s deep dark brown eyes, she felt she was a washed in them, Nadia smiled.

“Almost done,” Nadia announced, her voice making Debbie jump as she managed to break her stare from Nadia’s. “Just one final touch, lets make that cleavage of yours a little more accentuated, their will be lots of unattached men out there I am sure,” Nadia commented. Nadia grabbed a large round shaped soft bristled brush from her make up bag and plunged it into a large red jar, she then dusted the brush between Debbie’s breasts. Debbie’s nipples hardened instantly and she found it hard to hide her embarrassment, hoping that Nadia hadn’t noticed her body’s reaction to her touch.

“All done,” Nadia said. Nadia stood up and moved back slightly looking Debbie up and down, “You look very beautiful,” Nadia announced and handed Debbie a business card. “Any time you need your make up done, my rates are very competitive just give me a call,” she said, and with that gently kissed Debbie on her cheek and dismissed Debbie by calling out who’s next?

A few months passed and Debbie was cleaning out one of her handbags when she came across Nadia’s card, an uncomfortable feeling came over her a she remembered how her nipples reacted from the touch of Nadia’s brush. Debbie placed the Russians business card on a side table. Debbie answered the phone her Father had rung her to remind her of her great aunts ninety fifth birthday Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort the following weekend, it was to be a formal occasion held at a five star hotel.

Debbie picked up Nadia’s card and paced up and down the hallway pausing with every turn next to the telephone; she finally picked it up and rang the number. “Hello,” Debbie was surprised that Nadia had answered her call she expected an answering service. “Hello my name is Debbie Hamilton, you did the makeup,” before Debbie could finish, Nadia interrupted, “Yes, yes the Brides sister I remember you, how can I help?” Nadia inquired. Debbie explained her situation and Nadia agreed to meet her at Debbie’s apartment Saturday afternoon to do her makeup.

The door bell rang and Debbie answered the door, it was Nadia, “I hope you don’t mind? I am going out myself tonight,” Nadia apologising for her clothes. “No its fine,” Debbie replied. Nadia was wearing a black low cut top exposing the top of her firm large breasts, and a burgundy coloured mini skirt and high black stilettos, Debbie couldn’t help notice Nadia’s beauty, she found herself admiring her long legs and how Nadia’s mini skirt sat against her firm buttocks.

“Shall we start,” Nadia asked, with that Debbie sat down on the chair she had moved in front of her full length mirror. Nadia placed her make up bag down on the floor in front of Debbie and opened it, “I think we will start with the hair,” Nadia moved behind Debbie and slowly brushed Debbie’s shoulder length blonde hair. Debbie closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of her hair being brushed, no sooner had Debbie relaxed Nadia announced it was time to do her makeup.

Nadia pulled a chair up in front of Debbie and hiked her mini skirt a little making it more comfortable to sit; she spread her legs slightly so they were either side of Debbie exposing her toned inner thighs a little. Nadia lifted Debbie’s chin and applied eye liner to her eyes, once again Debbie became transfixed by Nadia’s dark brown eyes, staring into them deeper and deeper, before to much time had passed Nadia had finished Debbie’s makeup. “There we go as beautiful as ever,” Nadia announced and started to pack her gear away. “Oh I almost forgot,” Nadia proclaimed, reaching into her bag and pulling out the large round shaped soft bristled brush and the red jar.

Nadia sat down once again this time hiking her skirt a little higher exposing more of her inner thighs, she then reached in towards Debbie and proceeded to unbutton Debbie’s blouse, opening it just enough to reveal Debbie’s cleavage, she dusted Debbie’s soft skin. Debbie’s nipples hardened instantly, as they did the day of her sister’s wedding however this time Nadia did not move the brush away content on continually dusting the soft skin, Debbie could feel her breast’s tighten with each stroke of the brush they ached from the sensation.

Nadia looked deep into Debbie’s eyes moving in closer toward her, Debbie could feel her breath on her lips. Nadia moved her brush over one of Debbie’s breast’s just enough to tease her nipple, Debbie’s knees grabbed at the chair she was sitting on. Nadia moved her face closer and finally laid a gentle kiss on to Debbie, Debbie felt a warmness between her legs. Nadia moved her attention to Debbie’s other breast as she undid the rest of the buttons of her blouse with her free hand, the rush of fresh air against Debbie’s nipples made her lunge forward, her breasts aching to be pleased.

Nadia continued to softly kiss Debbie’s lips as she worked the magic of her brush softly circling Debbie’s breasts, one and then the other each time giving her nipples just enough attention to keep them wanting more. Nadia moved her head down to Debbie’s breast’s and whilst she kept her brush playfully working on Debbie’s now full tight tits she flicked her tongue across Debbie’s nipples, Debbie released a sigh finally her tits had found some release from the ache. Nadia continued to tease them with her tongue and then she softly suckled on each breast Debbie felt the wetness increase between her legs, running her fingers through Nadia’s her trying to move Nadia’s head further down her body, but which each forward push Nadia sucked a little harder forcing Debbie’s grip to soften.

Nadia slid her bottom off the chair kneeling before Debbie, her eyes staring deep into Debbie’s keeping her memorized at all times. Nadia gently removed Debbie’s dress off from underneath her buttocks, the cold vinyl of the chair increasing Debbie’s pleasure against her tight arse cheeks. Nadia ran her brush softly along the inside of Debbie’s naked white thighs until she reached her cotton panties, Nadia stroked Debbie’s wet crotch ever so softly. Debbie pushed her hips forward trying to quicken her pleasure Nadia moved her brush away keeping the same soft strokes.

Nadia sensed that Debbie could not take to much more teasing and pulled the drenched crotch of Debbie’s panties to one side exposing Debbie’s swollen pink lips, before Debbie could fully feel the sensation of the cool air against her pussy Nadia replaced the feeling of warm wet cotton with her brush, moving it slowly up and down the outside of Debbie’s pouted pussy lips. Debbie’s hips lurched forward, she couldn’t take much more and pleaded with Nadia to bring her to Orgasm, Nadia ignored Debbie’s pleas. Nadia kept stroking Debbie’s pussy until she could see the wetness increase around her lips, and she then turned her attention to the top of Debbie’s pussy twirling the brush in circular motions.

Debbie could feel her clit swell and harden from the stimulation, she grasped the sides of the chair with her hands. Nadia worked her brush making her circular motions move in tighter with each turn until she had stimulated Debbie’s hidden clit to expose itself; Debbie called out Nadia’s name as her clit was exposed from the confines of her swollen drenched lips. Nadia stopped her stimulation with the brush and parted Debbie’s thighs, and moved her face closer. Debbie could feel Nadia’s hot breath against her wanting cunt, she grabbed Nadia’s hair and pulled her in close, at first Nadia did not respond, letting Debbie’s body adjust and calm for just a few seconds. Debbie rolled her nipples between her thumbs and fingers she wanted to cum and she wanted to have it happen now, but Nadia kept control.

Debbie pushed her thighs against Nadia’s face she wanted her tongue she wanted to erupt. Nadia parted Debbie’s engorged pussy lips and ran her tongue gently along the length of Debbie’s cunt from her tight hole to her hard clit, resting her tongue on it. Debbie screamed for Nadia to finish her. Nadia increased the rhythm of her tongue against Debbie’s clit; Debbie opened her legs allowing Nadia more freedom to lavish her pleasure onto Debbie’s dripping cunt. Nadia once again used her brush, this time turning it around and slowly penetrating Debbie’s tight hole, this sent Debbie into a frenzy and she beared down on the brush trying to take its entire length inside her hot pussy, however Nadia kept control, moving the brush in and out of Debbie’s cunt in timing with her flickering tongue.

Debbie kneaded her breasts squeezing them as hard as she could her hips swaying with each stroke of the brush. Nadia could feel Debbie’s thighs start to quiver and her cunt tightening around the brush, Nadia increased her pace pumping the brush deeper into Debbie’s cunt, Debbie in turn pushing her self harder against Nadia’s hand. Debbie bit her bottom lip, “Oh fuck, yes, yes, fuck’’ she screamed, forcing Nadia’s face deep into her drenched cunt. Debbie arched her back, both her hands grasping Nadia’s head, her legs started to shake, Debbie could feel tiny explosions erupting inside, her cunt pulsating with each one, Nadia stopped her pumping and sucked Debbie’s clit hard, Debbie’s hips started to sway and then her body convulsed as her orgasm ripped through her body, her clit squirting her juices into Nadia’s mouth. One after another orgasm kept belting through Debbie’s body until she could take no more, she pulled Nadia’s head from her soaked swollen sore pussy. Nadia removed her brush and rolled her tongue around the handle tasting Debbie’s sex.

Nadia moved up to Debbie and kissed her on the lips Debbie’s tongue exploring Nadia’s mouth tasting her own juices, they both hugged each other tight, Nadia caressing Debbie’s hair, calming Debbie’s spent body.

Hours had passed and Nadia redid Debbie’s make up this time leaving her cleavage el natural, both Debbie and Nadia had other engagements to keep.

Nadia kissed Debbie on her cheek and in her strong Russian accent said, “It was a pleasure doing your make up,” she looked Debbie up and down, “As beautiful as ever,” She said smiling as she closed the door behind her.

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