My Visit to the Adult Bookstore


My dom instructed me to write and post this true story.

Since I had a Dr. appt at the end of the day, I knew it would be a good time to visit the bookstore. It’s been several weeks since I’ve sucked a cock, so my Dom felt I needed to be fed today. We texted throughout the day, but he wouldn’t be able to meet me. I also had been chatting with another local Dom, who I hadn’t met yet, on Fetlife. He said he may want to meet me at the ABS.

I had gone to the ABS the other day, but didn’t suck. I tend to go but shy away from doing anything. In the past, my dom will force me to suck others. When I am on my own, I may not do anything although I know as a sissy that I should suck any alpha male that wants it. To let guys know I would be there ready to suck, my Dom instructed me to post on Squirt when I was going and what I would be wearing, since I would be dressed in male clothes. After I did that, he added a post telling people that I needed feeding and to force me if necessary. I said Kadıköy Öğrenci Escort I would be there around 5:15. I was supposed to stay there until I sucked at least one cock or until I went through 10 tokens, whichever came first. My Dom also told me that I needed to get a picture of me sucking as a punishment from my online Mistress. Sometimes I forget to address her properly. I didn’t want to take a selfie of me sucking cock, but he insisted.

I suggested that I also wear panties under my shorts because it makes me feel more submissive and fem, so my Dom told me to send him a pic of me in my car wearing the panties, which I did. I was very nervous on the ride because now that I posted I would be there, it would be more difficult for me to back out. Because my appointment ran late, I didn’t get there until 5:30. There were a few cars there, but not a lot. The guy from Fet said he was already there. I walked in and took the third booth on the left and waited Kadıköy Çıtır Escort for the guy from Fet. While I was waiting and watching videos, an Asian man was blocking anyone else from coming into the booth. The guy from Fet wasn’t able to come in. Slowly the Asian man came into my booth and showed me his rock hard abs. I stared at his crotch to let him know I would suck him. He took out his cock and I started stroking him.

While stroking him, he started to pinch my nipple. Then he wanted to touch my cock. Being a sissy, I am there to please others and not get pleased. So, I opened my shorts and showed him the panties underneath. That seemed to signal to him that I was a sissy, so he didn’t try to touch my sissy clit again. I positioned myself in front of him letting him know I would suck him. He pulled down his pants to reveal a rock hard body. I grabbed him and pulled his cock in my mouth, which I had never done before. He liked that and realized he could face Kadıköy Elit Escort fuck me, so he started fucking my mouth hard. Then he started stroking his cock and positioned it on my face to give me a facial. After about a minute of stroking he came on my face and wiped his cock all over me.

After he was done, I realized I never got the pic. So, I told him, “My dom wants me to take a pic of me sucking.” I showed him my phone. It was so humiliating. He just looked at me as if to say, ok with me. I then put his semi-hard cock back in my mouth and took a selfie. Then he left.

A few minutes later, the guy from Fet came in and said, “Hi Kimmie”. He took out his cock and I started sucking again. He face fucked me a little bit but never got really hard. Finally he stopped, said something to me, handed me the rest of his tokens and left. I think he needed me to be dressed as a sissy.

I stayed for several more minutes since I had a lot of tokens in case someone else showed up. I texted my Dom asking him if I could leave. He said yes, so I left. It was a humiliating but exhilarating experience. Normally I leave there thinking I’ll never go back, but this time I felt I could have sucked more cock. I wish I could have gone dressed more fully as a sissy. Maybe next time.

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