My Toy Story


My name is Christine and at the time of this story I was eighteen and just starting a new job in the offices of a major transport firm. I was young, naïve and innocent – well, not completely innocent, I mean I wasn’t a virgin or anything, but I wasn’t very sexually experienced, and to be honest the idea of having some guy huffing and puffing on top of you until he squirts his load up you was not exactly my idea of fun. I even found it a turn off to have the rough hairy chest of my first, and only, boyfriend rubbing on my own soft skin. So you can see that sex wasn’t exactly at the top of my wish list. Done it, didn’t like it, parked it, that was my attitude to sex and I just didn’t think about it very much. Perhaps if I’d ever orgasmed with him I might have enjoyed it more, but that was something I’d only ever done for myself up to then.

But maybe if I’d been more sexually active I’d also have been a bit more savvy and worldly-wise, and perhaps then I would have been suspicious when Karen invited me around to her place for coffee one evening in my first week at work, but I thought she was just being friendly to a newcomer. It never occurred to me that when a twenty seven year old invites a teenager, whom she had never met before, to visit her home, then there just has to be some ulterior motive. Oh well, hindsight and all that.

Karen and I had met at the photocopier and got talking while we waited for her rather lengthy copy run to complete itself. She was a tall, slim, and extremely good looking redhead with beautiful green eyes, a disarming smile and an openly tactile nature. I mean, at different times her hand rested on both my shoulder and my arm while we stood there talking, but only with the sort of innocent touches that one might share with a friend. The upshot of our chat was that, when she discovered that I lived only a ten minute walk from her place, she invited me to call round, and I accepted because I liked her.

After work I changed from my business suit (the kind I wrongly thought everyone in the office should be wearing) and put on a loose and comfortable summer skirt. I kept my white blouse on, mainly because I thought it went with the skirt, but also because I didn’t want to look too scruffy for my new friend. Then, at eight on the dot, I was knocking on Karen’s door.

When the door opened and I was invited in, that’s when I got my first surprise of the evening. Karen was wearing just a loose black towelling bathrobe. She stood back and motioned me past her.

‘Come in Chris. I’m sorry you’ve caught me like this. I’m running a bit late and I’ve just had a shower. I got a bit involved in something else.’ There was a strangely shy smile on her face as she said that last bit. I couldn’t help but wonder what it was she’d got involved with.

‘Do you want me to call back?’ I asked, not sure what else to say.

‘No, of course not, it’s my fault. I’ll get you a coffee and then I’ll go get dressed.’

Her living room was one of those naturally relaxing rooms where everything seemed lived in without being shabby, and it just generally felt inviting. There was a soft brown couch across in front of the open fire with a deep red leather chair either side, several occasional tables were dotted about carrying magazines, coasters, pens, and so on – the usual detritus of untidy everyday living. The only thing that struck me was that both leather chairs seemed to belong to someone, if you know what I mean, because they each had a cushion at a particular angle and different things placed beside them. Karen must have picked up on this.

‘I’m not married, but I’d better explain that I do have a housemate, Tia, who shares with me. But don’t worry, she’s out tonight.’

I wasn’t worried, why should I be? She indicated for me to sit on the couch and headed for the door.

‘I’ll just make us some coffee.’ She paused as if considering something. ‘Unless you’d like a glass of wine?’

‘I’d prefer wine, if I may.’ I didn’t, but it sounded more much grown up and sophisticated than coffee, and I was still at the “trying to impress my elders” stage.

She nodded and exited, leaving me alone to look about me. I was impressed by the state of the art sound system and the fact that there were not one, but two, lap tops on the rich mahogany side table. Then I remembered about Tia. My eyes flitted around, taking in the rest of the furnishings. I must admit that the conservative dark red mahogany that Karen seemed to prefer is not to my taste, but it did lend warmth and it did suit the feel of the room. I was gazing at a large old-fashioned sideboard when I saw something that made me gasp with surprise, because there in full view, standing on its end, was a white plastic vibrator, the standard kind shaped like an eight inch pointed plastic cock, and anything more incongruous to the setting would be hard to imagine. I couldn’t help but smile to myself, because at least now I’d got some idea why she was running late.

Vibrators weren’t something that appealed to me with my self imposed celibacy, but I wasn’t so out of touch that I didn’t know how popular they had become. I just Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort hoped Karen wouldn’t feel too embarrassed when she realised she’d left it out on show. I was torn between pointing it out and ignoring it, and ignoring it won out simply because of my own shyness.

She bustled back in carrying a bottle and two glasses, still wearing just her robe, making me blush by bending over to put the wine down and presenting me with a brief view of two gorgeous breasts and one lovely pink tipped nipple. It wasn’t seeing her boobs that made me colour up, but the fact that I found myself almost craning my neck for a better view. If she’d seen me looking I’m sure I’d have been on the receiving end of a sharp tongue, and rightly so.

She opened the wine, poured a generous amount into each glass and then plonked herself down on the couch beside me.

‘So, how is your first week at the office?’ She asked, still apparently completely unaware that her front was partly open.

‘Better than I expected.’ I told her truthfully.

‘Yes, it’s not a bad place really.’ She smiled and took a deep drink of her wine, making me feel bound to follow her example.

For a little while we discussed our mutual workplace and the people there. She advised me about who was nice, who was bitchy, who had their nose tinted brown and who you could trust, and so on. It was all valuable information if I was to get on in such and environment. Once again she was very tactile, her hand resting on my arm more than once, not that I minded particularly, it was nice to feel so close to someone so quickly. She topped up our glasses each time we took a drink from them, and so that I found myself drinking more than I was used to.

At one point my eyes were wandering around the room again, as you tend to do in strange surroundings, when they lit on that vibrator again. I’d pretty much forgotten about it and so when I saw it I started in surprise, making Karen’s gaze follow mine.

‘Oh!’ She said. ‘I’d forgotten about that.’

I half expected her to jump up and hide it, but she simply shrugged and left it on show. Just like her state of dress, it didn’t seem to bother her.

‘Never mind.’ She said. ‘I expect you’ve got one too.’

I shook my head, a little more vigorously than perhaps the situation demanded. ‘No, I’ve never had one.’

‘No?’ She asked in surprise. ‘Have you never used one?’

‘Never.’ I affirmed.

‘You should, you’d love it.’ She got up and went across to it. I must have done a good imitation of a scared rabbit, because she laughed when she turned back and saw the anxious look on my face. ‘Don’t worry; I’m not going to ask you to use it now or anything.’

She sat down again beside me, holding the thing up for inspection. ‘You know how it works, don’t you?’ She turned the base and I heard it buzz into life, and for all my aversion I couldn’t help feeling curious about it.

‘Hold your hand out.’

It came out as a no nonsense instruction, sounding just like a teacher about to administer discipline, and that was probably why my hand shot out so quickly facing upwards, just like in school. She rested the toy across my palm and I felt the vibrations pulse through my flesh. It did feel good, and I could understand instantly why some women might enjoy using one elsewhere.

‘Close your hand round it.’

Very tentatively my fingers began to fold over it, until I was very, very lightly enclosing it in my hand.

‘No, not like that.’ She told me crossly. ‘Hold it properly, grip it, or you won’t feel a thing.’

She was wrong, I could already feel quite a lot, and I was also only too aware of where it had probably been, but nevertheless my hand closed firmly around it.

‘There.’ She said. ‘Now doesn’t that feel nice?’

‘Yes.’ It did feel nice. Strange, but nice.

‘Can you imagine what it would be like in your pussy?’

I couldn’t. I’d never had anything buzzing away like that on my skin before, let alone inside me. But the thought was curiously attractive rather than repulsive.

‘I’m not sure.’ I hedged. ‘It’s hard to imagine.’

‘Don’t you think it would feel good?’

‘Well, yes, I suppose it would, but I just don’t know.’

I didn’t want to admit it, but mentally transferring the sensation in my hand to imagine feeling it in my pussy did make it an attractive idea. But I wasn’t about to admit that I was beginning to fancy trying it for myself.

Karen looked at me as if I were stupid and then suddenly pulled the vibrator out of my hand before leaning further across with the tip pointing at my crotch. I instinctively closed my legs more tightly together and put my hand over myself to prevent her reaching her goal.

‘For goodness sake.’ She sounded exasperated. ‘Move your hand.’

Rather reluctantly I did as she asked. Not reluctantly because the thought of a vibrator touching me was so terrible, but reluctantly because I was already forming the prospect of doing it myself, and in private – if I ever got up the nerve to go out and buy one. But as it was, the sheer force of her older and more mature personality made me submit to her wishes. After all, she was only touching the vibrator to my clothes, not to my bare skin.

Her vibrator came down at the very top of one leg and then she slid it into the vee of my thighs right on top of my pubes, although through my skirt of course. She was right about the sensation. Straight away I could feel the vibrations through my clothing. Even though the sex toy couldn’t reach very far with my legs so tight shut I could still feel it stimulating the top of my pussy as far down as my clit, and I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel exciting.

Shocked by what was being done, but feeling somewhat shy about objecting and becoming somewhat turned on by it all too, I just let it happen, allowing my hands drop to my sides and then sitting there as if paralysed while wonderful vibrations melted my pussy. I looked up at her anxiously, my worried excitement clear on my face. She smiled back reassuringly.

‘Nice, isn’t it.’

It sounded more statement than question, but I nodded my agreement anyway.

‘Then just enjoy it for a minute or two, just to see what happens.’

Afterwards I understood what she meant, but at that moment I didn’t cotton on, so I settled back nervously into my seat and let her continue. She pressed down gently with the tip of the vibe and my legs parted almost of their own volition. Now she pushed my skirt down between them so that the tip of the toy was on top of my clit, and the wonderful sensations became suddenly intensified. I was getting fully aroused now, and so I just closed my eyes to hide my embarrassment and let the unaccustomed feelings wash through me.

I felt her move beside me and my eyes shot open again. She had turned sideways in her seat to face me, and in doing so her robe had fallen open almost to her waist. Once again she seemed not to notice, or if she did, then she seemed not to care. But I noticed, very much I noticed, I couldn’t take my eyes from her lovely full breasts with a scattering of freckles between them. Her nipples were that lovely rose pink colour that redheads tend to have, and they were conspicuously erect and very appealing. I had a sudden urge to reach out and stroke them, but I didn’t have the courage, and even if I had, the sensations between my legs were growing stronger by the second and demanding my attention.

It was as if, deep inside my pelvis, someone had lit a tiny fire, one that was spreading a lovely warm glow through me, coupled with just occasional flashes of intense heat that ran all along my nervous system and made me gasp each time. My legs fell further open and Karen promptly pushed the vibe further down between them, laying the barrel along my slit so that I could feel every vibration the length of my pussy, even through the layers of clothing. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the feelings, not sure what was happening but enjoying it far too much to worry. It took me a while, but then I realised that for the first time in my life I was about to have an orgasm that wasn’t self induced.

It was like a dam that built up pressure behind it, giving wonderful enjoyment that grew stronger and stronger until the whole thing suddenly became too much and it burst, flooding my entire being with absolute ecstasy, so nice, so powerful that my body took on a life of its own. I was jolting and shuddering involuntarily so much that I actually became frightened and looked up at Karen for reassurance. She smiled back reassuringly, holding the vibe against my pussy even as it jerked about under her hand.

‘It’s all right.’ She told me softly. ‘Just let it happen, just enjoy it, ride with it.’

Her unspoken promise that nothing was wrong comforted me, letting me do exactly as she suggested and ride with my climax, gasping and jerking for what seemed like forever until it finally began to pass and I could slump back into my seat, panting and trembling, and with tears of joy prickling in my eyes. She took the vibrator away from my pussy, switching it off and letting it rest on my skirt.

‘I think I just came.’ It had been so strong that I still needed the reassurance that what I had just experienced was normal.

‘Yes, you sure did.’ She giggled girlishly. ‘First time with a toy?’

I nodded my head mutely; embarrassed at having to confess such a thing, but glad that at long last I’d joined the ranks of normal womanhood.

‘Don’t worry.’ She told me. ‘They’re like buses. You get one and then no end will come along one after the other.’

I couldn’t help but giggle at that, but what a brilliant prospect. For a few minutes we just rested like that while I got my breath back, on my part using the time to adjust my thoughts to what had happened. In the end Karen held up the vibrator and raised a light-hearted questioning eyebrow.

‘Can you go again?’ She asked me.

‘I don’t know.’ I answered semi-truthfully. I wanted to, by God I wanted to. I’d never felt anything like that orgasm and I badly wanted to feel another the same, but couldn’t expect Karen to spend her whole evening helping me catch up with what I’d missed out on.

‘I bet you can.’ She announced, and then her hand came down and grabbed hold of the hem of my skirt, lifting it and throwing it back to expose my legs and panties. My startled eyes shot wide, but before I had chance to react the vibrator was switched on and planted firmly back against my pussy, this time with only my thin cotton panties between me and it, and then I didn’t want to react.

I just sprawled back and allowed Karen press her vibrator onto me, letting myself be swept away in the flood of beautiful sensations. For a moment or two it occurred to me to wonder what Karen was getting from playing with her vibrator on me, but I kind of put it down to her enjoying the novelty of doing it and let it go at that. All I cared about was that her little toy was placed squarely onto my pussy with almost nothing between them to deaden the vibrations. I could already feel that wonderful warmth beginning to grow again. I looked into Karen’s eyes, seeing a knowing look that told me she knew it was going to happen for me for a second time.

‘Does that feel good?’ She asked.

‘Very.’ I gasped out.

‘Want it to feel even better?’

I was confused, how in hell could it ever feel better? But I nodded anyway, after all this was an evening of discovery.

Her next actions surprised me greatly. She turned the vibe off and slid from the couch to kneel in front of me, getting tangled in her robe at the same time by kneeling on it. I suppose I expected her to stand up again to disentangle herself, but instead she just shrugged and lifted the offending knee before she pulled the belt undone and slid the robe from her shoulders, leaving herself crouching naked in a puddle of black towelling. I stared at her in surprise, primarily marvelling at her beautiful figure, but also admiring her lack of self-consciousness. But before I could do more than just take in the view she had reached forward to pull down my skirt zip and take hold of the waistband.

‘Ease up.’ She instructed.

I guessed what she was going to do, and I was too turned on to mind. I wasn’t sure if she wanted to take my panties off as well, though part of me hoped she might, but my skirt was unquestionably going to join her robe. I lifted my hips and let her start to pull it down, feeling thrilled when she sought out the top of my panties and eased them down too. My heart started to hammer at the thought of being practically naked in company, but I knew it was from excitement rather than fear and I welcomed it. Within moments the only clothes we had on between us were my blouse and my bra, and it suddenly seemed so unreasonable to keep them on. I’ve never undone my buttons so quickly, especially considering how much my hands were shaking, but it seemed that my blouse was off almost before I’d made my decision, and then I was reaching behind to unfasten my bra.

I stared at Karen, taking in her nakedness, feeling excitement rush through me that we were now naked together, and she seemingly not caring that I stared at her. But then, she was openly looking at my body too, her eyes going from my breasts, a little smaller even than hers, to my legs and belly, before they settled on the brown curls at the join of my thighs. I was still fighting an urge to touch her, and her gaze was not helping me control my arousal. I was worried that if I did lose control and reach out for her my action might actually be unwanted and then everything might stop.

I still wasn’t quite sure why she was doing these things for me, or for that matter, why I was letting her. I knew she was taking pleasure in it, her breathing betrayed her satisfaction, but I had no idea why and whatever her reason, I was having a wonderful evening.

‘Sit back.’ She told me.

Her voice sounded a little odd, as if she had read my mind and was trying to forestall anything I might do, so I kept my hands to myself and did as I was told, my pussy now throbbing from anticipation. Her hand came out to rest on my inner thigh, pushing it back and making sure I couldn’t close my legs, and then the other hand brought the vibrator into direct contact with my naked pussy, pressing it against my clitoris.

She’d promised that the sensations would be even better and they were, although I suppose the difference was more psychological than actual because my panties had been so thin anyway. But knowing her vibrator was in contact with my bare flesh seemed to amplify the vibrations out of all proportion, and I was instantly brought back to the point of nearly coming.

Karen didn’t seem to want me to come too quickly, because she immediately stopped doing it so hard and began to tease me, slowly and gently running the vibe up and down my slit, her eyes following it as it drifted along my pussy, pausing for a few seconds at the entrance to my vagina before travelling up to my clit, waiting again, and then skating back right down to my perineum on its way back to my vagina. I was hovering on the verge of coming and I lifted my hips, trying to draw it into me, but Karen simply rode with it, smiling as I tried to get myself penetrated. I could hear myself gasping and groaning, nearly pleading to be brought off, but still she kept me there on the brink of coming.

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