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Public Sex

Hello everyone. I am currently in Bengaluru and am a pervert since I can recall. My sexual experience began early in my life but I am sharing a more recent story. I was 18 years old and liked to spend my evenings cycling around the neighborhood and was a very curious person. Around the corner from my school was a cycle repair shop and I mostly got my ride fixed from there. One such time when I was getting my ride fixed an elderly man who was sitting beside me began enquiring about me.

Being very friendly I was enjoying the conversation and was pleased that he was taking so much interest in me. After the conversation the man left us and went away while I waited for my ride. After a while, when my bicycle got fixed I was about to leave when the same elderly man came to me requesting that I come with him to his house to talk a bit more. Though I was in a hurry I could not deny an elderly man and so I followed him to gaziantep ateşli escort bayan his house which was a one bedroom house with a bed and 2 chairs and some packets of cigarettes and empty beer cans.

He made me park my bicycle outside and we went inside his house. Once inside he bolted the doors and sat down on the bed and I took a seat on the chair. After talking casually for some time he wanted to see my feet as according to him they were longer than usual. So I had my feet in his lap while he looked at them intently while we conversed. He then asked me to come and sit on his lap telling me that he would like it. I found it to be awkward and did not hesitate and sat in his lap. Then while he was talking I felt a sensation on my pants as his hands were slowly caressing my penis. Though I tried my best to control my penis was growing harder bakımlı escort gaziantep under his caressing. Then getting a grin on his face he asked me what was it and started opening my pants. My pants were on my knees and he was looking intently and stroking my penis.

I was dumbstruck at the sensation when he started licking my penis and sucking it. I could not do anything but accept what he was doing to me and so he then made me stand up and reaching from behind he started stroking my penis. For some time I thought okay so he will make me cum and then will let me go. But I was wrong. While stroking me from back he started feeling my ass and asked me to thrust my ass backwards to enhance the sensation. When I did that he then was feeling my asshole and then he applied some saliva on my asshole. I did not understand it and so didn’t react to it. After gaziantep bayan escort that he had his finger in my ass and told me to relax while he applied some saliva on the top of his own black penis.

I was too much tensed to anything while he started thrusting his penis inside my ass. I felt a fit of pain run through my body as he trusted his penis inside my ass. I was in too much pain as he trusted in my ass multiple times. Then maybe thinking that I was gonna start screaming he took out his penis of my ass but stripped me naked. I stood there as he got naked too and then got down and started sucking my penis. I ejaculated in his mouth shortly. Then he made me lie down and rose my leg up and applied a lot of vaseline on and inside my asshole and then again started thrusting.

This time the pain was lesser but I did not want this to happen and was too much in shock from what was happening. After a while he took out his penis from my ass and came over my tummy. I was surprised as how he was cumming so much while when I did it was much lesser . After that he cleaned me with a wet towel and dressed me and let me go. It was a terrible shock for me and from there started my sexual journey. After that I became even more perverted and used many girls and boys too, but this is it for now. HOPE YOU ENJOY IT.

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