My Journey


I was 45 the first time I had sex with another guy. It was an event that had been carefully planned and waited for. When the opportunity surfaced, I acted accordingly. A casual observer would not have noticed anything unusual. But I did not fear the casual observer. I feared HIV and my wife finding out. Unlike many previous attempts and quits, this time my lust won out.

The opportunity followed years of fantasy exploration with phone sex mistresses and watching porn. It was an investment of time and money and I rationalized the expense as alternative therapy. The long-term result being that I had the prepared mindset once the ultimate opportunity presented itself.

Fortunately, I had done my homework and found someone worthy of my first time. We met on a gay cruising site. I used an alias called “hungry to serve my Gay Master” and posted my dick picture along with some bullet points highlighting my interests and talents. It didn’t take long to get noticed. Most of the interested parties were submissive and wanted to suck my cock. I never returned their replies. Instead, I refined my profile in hope that one day the right guy would bite.

The man I sought finally found my profile and sent me an email. In it, he invited me to look at his profile and then contact him if I was interested. Immediately, I clicked on the link he sent and then my screen filled with his profile. Icons on his profile indicated he was a Gay Top. I smiled outwardly and then I lowered my glance to the photos lining the bottom of the page. He was hot looking and dressed in BDSM garb from head to toe. A black Stetson gave him both the touch of authority and sense of mischief that I needed to see in him. Short blond hair, piercing blue eyes and clean-shaven face made him look totally kissable. An open vest showing off his ripped mid-section and broad shoulders kept my eyes lingering for a few extra moments as I fantasized kissing my way down his chest. I lingered and lusted even longer as I caught sight of the bulging crotch of his shiny black leather pants. The photo was studio quality and it definitely had my attention.

The next photo showed his pants open and his cock and balls hanging out. I gasped in amazement at the beauty and enormity of his package. The package was porn quality with veins popping along the shaft and a healthy pinkness to the firm head. Clearly this man’s cock had been serviced by tender mouths and butts because unlike my own cock, there was nary a masturbation bruise or patch of redness on it.

His profile text was brief and to the point:

I am dominant and looking for a slave to train. No experience necessary. Respectful and discrete, drug and disease free, non-smoker, expect same.

I sent him a lust-filled reply. Dear Sir. Thank you for your interest in my profile. You are hot and I would love for your cock to be my first ever to suck. I’m so happy to find you exist uşak escort that I don’t know what else to say. It’s honest. My name is Bob by the way.

His reply came in the form of an instant message. It was only a minute after I sent mine. It stated: Hi Bob. I’m Master Jim. Do you have time to chat?

I input ‘yes’ and immediately opened my jeans and extracted my hard cock. In my haste the tip brushed the metal zipper and I winced. A quick glance showed no cuts and then I returned my focus to the screen while my left hand started to lightly caress my cock.

The instant message window remained unanswered for several seconds. The wait seemed an eternity and finally I stated “are you there?”

“Yes” he entered. “Sorry. I was just ending another chat. I get a lot of them.”

“I understand” I typed. “I can wait. I’ve been waiting a long time. Another unexplained amount of time can pass too I guess.”

“How long have you fantasized sucking cock?” he asked.

“Five years, maybe longer. I’m not sure.”

“Are you married?”

“Yes. I put that on my profile.”

“I remember. I look at so many. It’s hard to recall every detail.”

The conversation seemed to be going nowhere fast. “Do you care if I have a hard on?” I asked, intentionally trying to bring sex to the forefront of our chat.

“I care more about what makes you hard and keeps you hard” he replied.

“Wow” I responded quickly.

“What does it for you Bob?”

“I like your pictures and the thoughts I’m having.”

“What thoughts Bob?”

“Thoughts of kneeling before you with my hands on your feet and feeling your cock go into my throat.”

“I like those thoughts Bob. Keep them coming.”

“I want to feel your cock swell in my mouth and flood it with hot cum too.”

“Are you a cum eater Bob? Do you taste your own?” “Yes I am; I do that sir. I love to taste my cum. I eat lots of fruit so it tastes better.”

“I’m glad to hear that Bob. I won’t accept a slave that refuses my cum.”

“I’m naturally submissive. It turns me on to please others. If we get far enough that we meet somewhere, you will see it in my eyes.”

“What part of town do you live in?” he asked.

“Just east of the Johnson City Mall” I replied.

“I am east of there too. Want to come over now and show me your cock sucking skills?”

I felt my heart skip a beat as I read his question over and over. Lust coursed through my veins and I wanted to state “yes” but it was too early. I needed to know him better and stated such into the chat window.

“Good. You are a man of caution and reason. I like that and respect that too.”

“Thank you” I replied.

We spent the next hour getting to know one another though I was careful to not reveal too much. I told him I worked but not where, that I managed a staff of people but not what we did and I shared my interests in sports teams. He replied in kind only with more specific detail to reassure me I was chatting with a fellow professional.

Other than possessing manners and an interest in power exchange sex, we were opposites in so many ways. He was actively social and dressed formally in public while I tended to be a loaner and blend into the walls of my environment. The differences didn’t bother me. In fact, I rather like that and wondered if he might improve upon my demeanor and sense of style.

That first chat lasted two hours and in the second half he changed the subject back to sex and more specifically what he would do with me if I were in his house with him. I masturbated and interacted with him briefly until I felt as though I was going to cum. On the verge of each orgasm he wanted me to ask his permission and after I did, he gave it while telling me that in his presence I’ll be expected to beg and work for it longer. Just after my third orgasm, my wife’s car raced up the driveway and I told him I needed to go clean up so she didn’t find me. Then as he said goodbye and find me again, I pushed and held the power off button on my pc. The departure was hasty but I had much to clean up and didn’t want to be found out while trying to close all the windows of naked men and gay porn that filled my screen.

Over the next several days we engaged in several planned chats. Each time we both shared a little more about ourselves. By the third day, I granted him access to my private photos, letting him see my full face and the ones of me kneeling with a hard on and my mouth open. My heart raced as he stated that he could clearly see the submissive in my eyes and that he wanted to help me make my dreams come true.

“I’d like that too” I said. “Would you like to see me on cam and possibly tell me what to do?”

“Absolutely” he said. “I’ve been meaning to ask about that but kept forgetting” he wrote.

I quickly invite him and when the screen indicated he was viewing, I waved into my camera.

He responded by sharing his phone number and a command to call him.

I called him right away. His voice took my lust to a new level and immediately I looked into the camera and begged out loud for his cock. An hour later, I was knocking on his front door. Once inside I dropped to my knees and asked permission to suck him off. When he opened his robe, I gasped. Before me was an erection to die for: thick, long and clean. I was ready to dive in for a taste but waited for his verbal response. When he finally gave it, I parted my lips and dove in. The head felt spongy and it tasted wonderful as I sucked him well into my mouth.

Several passes back and forth saw me take in more and more of his cock until finally I managed to take him all the way to the base. On the withdrawal, his cock slid out of my throat with ease and when the tip was just inside my lips I looked upward and licked its underside with the tip of my tongue. “That’s good” he said in a cracked voice.

I attempted to grab the base of his cock and wrap my fingers behind his balls but he pushed my hand away and told me to just use my mouth. His direction turned me on and at that moment I kissed the tip of his cock and then I began to slowly take him into my throat again. Soon my lips and nose where in his pubes and his cock was throbbing inside my throat. Looking upward again I could barely see him. Yet I knew from the pulses in his cock that he liked the view.

Seconds later his hands found the back of my head and then I felt my jaw and throat expand and relax as he began to saw himself in and out of my mouth. I had not predicted this type of response so quickly and I could not have been more pleased with the results. Just a few seconds later I began to feel my own saliva plunge out of my mouth and land on my chin. In 30 seconds, my neck was getting wet as I listened to him grunt and tell me how fun it was to fuck a relaxed slave throat. His words sent shivers through me and I did my best to let him have his way with me. Every twenty to thirty seconds he pulled out enough for me to breathe and then he slammed his rod back into the depths of my throat, pushing onward until he was as deep as he could go.

My own cock ached and burned with lust. He wanted to be touched and stroked and I dared not tempt a touch without permission. But courtesy was quickly fading and I didn’t know how much longer I could stand not to reach down and rub it hard.

“I can’t believe this is your first time” he grunted as he continued to face fuck me at breakneck speed. His shaft was using my throat like a well greased ass hole. Each plunge inward churned the heavy saliva inside me and each outbound stroke brought new strands to coat my face and neck. His enjoyment was mine as well and I relished each moment as he thrust himself in and out of my throat.

What seemed like only a couple minutes after I arrived he began to announce his orgasm. The first spurts must have shot straight into my stomach because all I felt were the pulses in his shaft. Then he began to withdraw from my throat. Once the head was on my tongue, he flooded my mouth with his hot cum and then I swallowed. “I never cum this quick” he said as he pushed his cock back into my throat and then withdrew it completely. My eyes were closed while he came and I opened them just as slapped my cheek with his meat. “That was so fucking good” he said.

I swallowed again, this time making a note to savor the taste in my mouth. “I want more Sir. When will you be able to feed me more?”

“That’s what I like to hear. You can have more sooner than you think slut.”

“Mmm, I can’t wait.”

“But next time you must hold the load in your mouth to show me your prize and then wait for my permission to swallow. Okay?”

“Oh yes sir. I’m sorry I didn’t do that.”

“It’s okay. Now follow me and I’ll give you the grand tour.”

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