My Fuck Toy Ch. 01


When I arrive at my office in the morning, there is a package on my desk. Since I know what it is, I put it to the side and do a bit of work. At lunch time, I close my door and lock it before picking up the package. The label on it is plain, typed and the return address is for some non-descript company. I ordered it only a couple of days ago from one of my favourite websites.

Inside the package, there is a pair of panties. The front is a smooth, white silk panel, edged with pink satin ruffles that continue up around the back into a thong and also rim the waist of the panties.

As I unzip my pants, I start to think about how these panties will be a perfect match to the rest of the outfit I chose for my slut this morning: 6″ pink stiletto heels, thigh-high sheer white stockings with matching pink satin ruffle around the tops, a lacy, white, strapless bra that works more like a bustier to lift up her tits without covering the nipple, and a white silk collar that has “COCK CANDY” written on it in pink, cursive letters.

I start stroking my thick, veined, 8″ cock and think about how my little slut will look in the outfit. She is 19, blonde, and about 5″6 with nice big C-cup tits. I know that her perky, hard nipples will look delicious poking out just above the two pink ribbons on her white bra.

Before long, I have to grab some of the tissues on my desk to soak up the cum after I orgasm thinking about what I’ll do to her when I get home tonight.

The rest of the afternoon passes by quickly, and I put the panties into my briefcase and leave a few minutes early. On the way home, I stop at the bakery and pick up some strawberry jam tarts and the baker wraps them in foil for me so that they stay warm.

I open the door to my house and close it quickly, locking it behind me. In front of me, kneeling on the white Tipobet carpet is my slut dressed exactly as I thought, in the outfit I left for her this morning. She had put her hair into two pigtails and was wearing glossy pink lipstick, her hands behind her back. Since she was kneeling with her legs slight spread, I could see that she had even freshly shaved her pussy. I knew that she probably wanted my cock and the new panties so badly she could barely stop from dripping her wetness onto the carpet.

“How was your day, Sir?” she asks me sweetly.

“It was good…why don’t we have a seat and I’ll tell you about it?” I tell her, and we go into the next room, she walking in front of me, her tight-little ass bouncing. Its tanned brown like the rest of her, and I know its because she sunbathes nude. In the middle, there is a big, black leather office chair without arms. I sit down, and she sits on my lap sideways, legs dangling over one side and arms around my neck. My face is level with her nice, round, tanned tits and I’m sure she can feel my hard cock pressing through my pants against her bare ass.

“So…anything exciting happen today?” she says.

“Well, I got something in the mail…something I think you might like,” I say and she giggles.

“Is it a new pair of panties?”

“It sure is…you like panties, don’t you?” I ask her, knowing the answer. She nods at me, licking her lips. “Why do you like panties so much?”

“Mmmm…I like them because they make me feel like such a slutty girl…I just love the feel of silky panties on my pussy…I like them because they make your cock hard, Sir…I know you love me in panties,”

“I certainly do…” I tell her, letting my right hand move down her body to massage her ass, my other hand on her thigh, right on the pink satin ruffle Tipobet Giriş where the stocking ends and her tan, toned flesh begins.

“And I said that you’ve been such a good little slut that you deserve a new pair of panties, didn’t I?”

“Yes you did, Sir,” and she nods at me again, licking her lips.

“I thought so…and I think that you are such an obedient slut that I even brought you home an extra treat,” and I pull out one of the strawberry tarts from the bakery, giving it to her. She giggles, then takes her arms from around my neck, taking it. Holding it with long, pink fingernails, she looks at me in the eyes as her tongue licks at the strawberry stuff in the tart shell.

“Mmm its very good,” she says, moaning, before looking down at her tits. “oops! I spilled some!” And I look at her cleavage and see a couple drops of the strawberry jam, still warm, oozing down her tits. I quickly lean in, licking it up, kissing her nice, tan breasts, my hands playing on her body. This happens a few more times as she eats the tart, and I know that since she is such a little whore that not all of it is by accident.

“Yummy…thank you, Sir,” she says to me, licking her lips, when she finishes.

“I’m glad you liked it…but now its my turn to have a treat…” and I lead her into the kitchen, laying her facedown on big kitchen table. I’m standing behind her, between her legs and start taking my clothes as I look at her heels up in the air while she talks.

“Mmm, that treat was so good…I love getting treats…and I love pleasing your cock,” she says. When I’m naked, I pick up one of the tarts, and she looks back at me. “Is it your turn to have a treat?” she asks over her shoulder. I nod, then break the pastry crust in two and let the warm jam drip down into her ass crack. She grips Tipobet Güncel Giriş the table, moans, and starts to move her hips slightly.

Then I pull up a chair and sit down, my hands on the backs of her thighs, rubbing her ass cheeks, and look at her jam-covered crack. Quickly, I lean in and start licking up the sticky, red substance. One of my hands goes to rub my cock as I tongue her asshole, sucking on her ass cheeks. Occasionally, a bit of jam drips down onto her pussy and I give that a lick while she moans the entire time. When I’m finished, I quickly wipe my lips. She looks back at me.

“You’ve been quite a good slut,” I tell her. “and now I think its time for your new panties,” and I make her lay on her back. Her fingers immediately go to play with her nipples while I pull out the panties, then slowly slide them up over her legs. When they are firmly on, her hands move to feel them, eyes closed. “How do they fit?” I ask her, one hand stroking my cock.

“Mmmmm…perrrrfect,” she says through moans.

“Good…because I’ve got one more treat for you…” and she sits up on the edge of the table while I sit on the chair. My face is staring directly at her panty-covered pussy, one of her hands rubbing herself. I start stroking my cock with one hand, and hand her the last jam tart with my other hand. Instinctively, she knows what to do and when I start cumming, she catches it all in the tart.

When I’m finished, I lean back in the chair and watch her slowly eat the cum-coated jam tart. This time, she doesn’t miss a drop, and even licks her fingers when she’s done.

“Mmmm….that was delicious,” she says, staring at me. I smile at her, then look at her crotch again. Between her legs, I see a little bit of her wetness seeping through.

“Did you get your new panties dirty already, slut?” I ask her, touching the wet spot with a finger. She nods at me, sucking on two of her fingers and pouting. “Well,” I say, “You know that means that you’ve been a bad slut…and that tomorrow you will have to be punished…”

(part two cumming soon! (want to help me write it?))

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