My First Group Fuck


I have always been a very horny girl.

I can remember having sexual thoughts and feelings from an early age, and I have always felt like I have been too much for many of my partners, sexually.

So at the end of a long term relationship in which I felt like I was constantly holding back as regards to my sexuality, I finally decided to wake my body up. And get fucked.

After 5 years of being starved sexually, I really wanted to make up for lost time. I had one night stands, slept with my friends and even joined an adult site so I could meet people for sex, but I still felt unsatisfied.

One night, I was at a party and heard someone mention something about a house you could go to for sex. I felt drawn to the conversation and listened in. There was somewhere near by, in our town, that you could go to for sex. A felt a massive surge of juice in my pussy, and had to leave. I rushed home in a taxi, and found myself squeezing my thighs together, and pumping the muscles around my pussy in anticipation. I was so horny, my mind swimming in thoughts of being fucked by more than one person.

As soon as I got in I staggered to my room on my weak legs (weak from being totally aroused), clambered onto my bed, rolled up my skirt, and fucked myself hard with my fingers, imagining my hand was a throbbing cock. I hadn’t felt this aroused before, I couldn’t see clearly as I came, my legs kicking out, my back arching, my whole body shivering with pleasure.

The next day I couldn’t think about anything else.

I went online and searched for the house, and eventually, I found it.

With butterflies of anticipation and excitement, I booked myself in — I was actually going to go there and experience it for myself. I shaved my pussy, prepared my whole body and put on a classy dress with stockings and suspenders. I had to collapse onto my bed several times when I was getting ready because I was so turned on, I hadn’t even left my house yet and my knickers were soaked through. My nipples were hard and I started flirting with myself, brushing past things in my house, bending over and catching glimpses … I was so ready.

I got a taxi there, paid the driver and stood out on the road, staring at the house, and at the shadows of the people moving inside. I was welcomed with a hug like I was an old friend, I went to the bar, and then found a corner to hide in while I took it all in. I could hear voices upstairs and eventually, I wandered up the stairs, swaying my hips and gently acknowledging those who acknowledged me with a stroke or a nod or a smile.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

The first room I went into, a blonde woman was being fucked in her arse and her pussy, and had a cock in her mouth. She loved it. I instantly felt another massive surge of moisture between my lips, my knickers getting soaked again. I decided to just go for it, and went over to her, kissing her face and then her neck and then her gorgeous, full breasts. Her nipples were hard between my teeth as I sucked and kissed them. She groaned with pleasure and everything lifted a level as she came hard, the men who weren’t fucking her were cumming on her breasts.

Whilst I was bending over her, I felt a hard cock against my skirt, so I moved against it to feel it harder, and then felt my skirt lift around my waist, and a stranger’s fingers enter my cunt.

I wasn’t ready to cum yet, so I left the room, tottered out and wandering further down the hallway. The next room I came to I found a cinema room, and a woman was there on her knees sucking off a man as he watch the porn on the screen.

In the next room 2 women rubbed their clitoris’ together as men stood by jerking themselves and complimenting the women. It still wasn’t what I was looking for. Another room, a big one this time, and there were people fucking each other everywhere. Mattresses covered the floors and people were fucking and kissing and sucking and fingering and rubbing … but I still wasn’t ready, until …

Until I found the dark room. The room with no light whatsoever. I opened the door and saw nothing but black, and I couldn’t tell if there was anyone in there. So I stepped in slowly and shut the door behind me, gently feeling my way, I knelt down and crawled slowly across the floor. I heard someone gasp. I moved over in that direction and felt a face come very close to mine. The door opened, someone came in, and then it closed again. There was breathing all around. A hand gently held my thigh and I lay down on my side as it crept up my back and round to my breasts and then my face. I felt her lips come close to mine, I could smell her throbbing cunt. We kissed gently, our hands in each others’ hair, my hand moving to the arch of her back, the soft of her belly and then the pool of her cunt. She pulled my top off and then my bra, sucked my tits hard urgently. And then another hand slipped between my legs and a mouth started kissing the back of my neck, I moved my arms above my head to arch my body with pleasure, and my hands landed on someone else’s legs as they moved towards me, lowering a hard cock into my mouth. I thought I was going to explode with pleasure and I sucked his throbbing cock, felt her mouth biting and licking and sucking my breasts and another man fingering me hard as he kissed my neck and my ears. The door opened and someone else came in. The door closed behind them. He approached straight away, already naked, already hard and went straight for me. He rolled me over onto all fours and pulled my now soaking cunt onto his cock, I cried out with pleasure and surprise as he fucked me deep and hard, each impact sending thrills down my arms and legs. The girl climbed under me and started licking my clit furiously, as she got fucked by the man I was sucking before. I felt myself start to cum as the girl filled my mouth with someone else’s cum. I put as much of it as I could onto my fingers as I rubbed myself hard and brought myself to climax.

We collapsed into a euphoric, sticky, sweaty, happy mess.

And that was just the first time I went …

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