My Favorite Tutor


Stan turned 18 the day after Memorial Day at the end of his junior year of high school. That meant that he could get a full time summer job and use the money to buy a car, because, as everyone knows, seniors who can drive their cars to school are much cooler than those who have to ride the big yellow bus. So when school started, Stan drove, and his two best friends, Kenny and Buck, hitched a ride with him.

The first day went just like all first days until they walked into their fifth period English class. Instead of Old Man Wickerstrom, they were looking at the finest set of legs they’d ever seen. As their eyes moved upwards, they saw a nice female body on top of those wonderful legs. As she turned around, they saw a very pretty face with beautiful deep blue eyes smiling at them.

“Hello boys,” the owner of the legs said. “My name is Mrs. Walker and I am your English teacher. Mr. Wickerstroom has retired so I will be teaching you both English composition and literature this year. Please have a seat.”

For once, the three friends tried to sit as close to the front of the room as they could in hopes of getting close ups of those legs. As Mrs. Walker moved about the front of the room, the boys had no idea what she was saying. They were fantasizing about this hot woman who would be in front of them during fifth period for the next nine months. And although Mrs. Walker didn’t dress seductively, she did continue to wear skirts that were a few inches above her knees.

As it turns out, Mrs. Walker was a very good teacher. They ended the first grading period by diagramming sentences, and everyone, except Stan seemed to catch on. Stan had spent the entire grading period dreaming about wrapping Mrs. Walker’s legs around him and banging away. When Stan’s mother came for her parent teacher conference, she asked if Mrs. Walker would be open to some private tutoring of her son. Mrs. Walker explained that she couldn’t tutor Stan because she had custody of her two children and had to make sure they were fed and in bed each evening. She thought for a second and then said, “If he wouldn’t mind working while my kids are running around the house, he can come over to my house once-a-week on Tuesday evening to be tutored.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Walker. I will see that he is there tomorrow evening.”

When Stan’s mother told him that he would be going to his teacher’s house on Tuesday evening to be tutored, he began to panic. He had trouble sleeping that night and couldn’t look at Mrs. Walker in class the next day.

When Stan arrived at Mrs. Walker’s house, he was introduced to five year old Sarah and eight year old Donny when they paused from racing around the house. Mrs. Walker had on a pair of shorts and tank top, and she worked with Stan for the next thirty minutes, and then said, “Will you excuse me for a few minutes? I need to make sure they brushed their teeth and put them to bed.” She left the room and Stan spent the next few minutes rubbing his crotch.

She was gone for about 15 minutes and when she returned, she said, “I’m sorry that took so long, Stan. It took a little longer to get Sarah to sleep tonight.”

“That’s OK Mrs. Walker,” he said.

They worked on diagramming sentences for the next 35 minutes, and by that time, Stan knew where the subject, predicate, direct object and even some prepositions went in the diagrams. When they finished, Stan said, “Thank you Mrs. Walker. I’m beginning to understand.”

She said, “I don’t understand you, Stan. We only spent about an hour working on diagramming this evening and I can tell that you understand. What have you been doing all term? I’ve explained it the same way tonight that I did all term.”

Stan looked down and began to mumble. His face started to turn red.

She led him over to the couch and they both sat down. She looked at him and asked, “Stan, tell me what was the problem.”

He turned redder and said, “Well . . umm . .uh, Mrs. . .uh . .Mrs. W-W-Walker.”

This time she raised her voice and demanded, “STAN, WHAT WAS THE PROBLEM?” Softer she said, “You don’t leave until you tell me.”

“Mrs. W-Walker, I’m too embarrassed.” She glared at him. “Well, uh, Mrs. Walker, I-I-I was having trouble concentrating during class.”

“Why were you having trouble concentrating Stan?”

“I don’t want to tell you. You’ll be mad if I tell you Mrs. Walker”

She leaned towards him and put her hand on his arm and quietly said, “Stan, I won’t be mad. This is just between you and me. What is the problem?”

“Mrs. Walker, I have trouble concentrating because you are such a hot teacher. I can’t focus when you’re around.”

“So how were you able to focus tonight, Stan?

“Well, I think I could focus because of two reasons. First, I am nervous to be here and be singled out; and second, you were sitting beside me and your legs were under the table.”

“W-what does sitting beside you have to do with anything?”

“Please don’t make me say it, Mrs. Walker.”


“OK OK. From the gaziantep bayan escort numaraları first day of school, I’ve thought you have the best and sexiest legs I’ve ever seen. When you’re in front of the class, that’s all I concentrate on.”

Mrs. Walker was stunned. “Well, thank you Stan. But remember that I’m 10 years older than you are. You should be looking at the legs of girls your own age.”

“Mrs. Walker, I’ve tried, yours are the best.”

She laughed, and as she stood up, she thanked him again. “Stan, maybe I’ll start wearing slacks to school from now on.”

Stan jumped up and grabbed Mrs. Walker by her shoulders. “No. No. Please Mrs. Walker. The other guys would hate me. And seeing you makes me look forward to fifth period every day.”

“OK, Stan. You win. But you have to promise me to pay more attention to the lessons and less attention to my legs. You should probably head for home now.” She leaned in and lightly kissed his cheek.

As she was backing away from the kiss, Stan pulled her forward and kissed her hard. Mrs. Walker sputtered and began pushing back from Stan when he kissed her again. But this time, she didn’t pull away. When Stan broke the kiss, she leaned back and said, “That was nice Stan, but we should stop right now.”

“OK,” he said. “How about one more and then I’ll leave.”

With a sigh and a look of resignation she leaned back towards Stan. As his soft lips covered hers, she parted her lips and Stan slid his tongue into her mouth. Her nipples were getting hard. She slid her tongue into Stan’s mouth and quietly moaned. Stan pulled her closer and she could feel his cock against her waist. The kiss broke and they immediately started another one and shoved their tongues into each other’s mouths. She felt his cock getting harder and she knew that her pussy was wet.

As they continued to kiss, Stan moved his hand up to her breast and lightly squeezed her right nipple. She moaned again and her hand slid down and began rubbing his cock on the outside of his pants. While she was trying to clarify her thoughts and figure how best to end this, she felt Stan’s other hand slide quickly up her legs and cup her wet pussy. “Uu-gh . .Oh . .Umm!” she moaned.

Stan found no resistance as he lifted her tank top over her head. He quickly unfastened her bra and put his hand back to her breast. She started to unfasten Stan’s belt and pull his zipper while Stan tugged her skirt down to her knees. Her pussy was soaked. When they were both naked, they fell to the floor and Stan climbed on top and stuck the head of his cock into her pussy.

“Are you ready, Mrs. Walker,” he asked. She chuckled and said, “Since you’r about to fuck me, maybe you could call me Bonnie.”

“Are you ready, Bonnie?”

“Yes Stan. Please fuck me.”

Stan very gently shoved his eight inch cock all the way in. After slowly movingit in and out a few times. He then began pounding Bonnie’s pussy, which sent her into multiple climaxes.

She thought, “Where did this boy learn to fuck like this? He’s making me cum like crazy.”

When they finished, she handed him a Kleenex to clean his cock. Stan said, “That was wonderful Mrs. W-walk . . Bonnie.”

“Whew! You’re right Stan. I haven’t cum like that in years. Thank you.”

Stan was concerned that his teacher may have second thoughts after he left but when they dressed and she walked him to the door, she put her arms around him and stuck her tongue back into his mouth and massaged his cock through his jeans. “See you tomorrow, Stan. Please, let’s keep this between us, OK?”

“I won’t tell anyone, Bonnie.” He thought that he may as well risk it and said, “I really look forward to our session next week.”

Bonnie laughed and kissed him again. “Me too, lover. Maybe I’ll send the kids to their father’s house for the night. Good night.”

Stan told his mother that he and Mrs. Walker had worked out a deal where she would tutor him, and in exchange, he would mow her grass and help work around her yard.

Stan brought his grade in English up from a ‘D-‘ to an ‘A.’ Mrs. Walker had the nicest yard in the neighborhood. The kids got to spend a weeknight and Saturday afternoons with their dad. And the best part, Stan and Bonnie continued their affair all year without Kenny or Buck finding out. They branched out into oral, anal, sex toys and even a little BDSM.

At the end of the year, Bonnie told Stan that she would be moving to a new job a few hundred miles away. Stan was crushed, but Bonnie gave him a mind-blowing weekend of sex that neither of them would ever forget.

Ten years later.

Stan, now 28, graduated from college and returned to the area. He got married, had a daughter and then divorced. In the ten years since high school graduation, he had never experienced anything close to the mind-blowing sex of that last night with Mrs. Walker.

Bonnie was now 38 years old. She got a job in a larger school district gaziantep escort bayan reklamları several hours away. She taught English and directed the school plays. Although she dated several different men, she had not been able to repeat the uninhibited sex from her last night with Stan.

Stan’s class invited all their old teachers back for their 10th year class reunion, and Bonnie was looking forward to visiting with her old friends and seeing how her students turned out. She planned to spend the whole weekend in the area and visit her old stomping ground. She checked in to her hotel on Friday night and spent the next day visiting her old neighbors and checking out her favorite hiking trails. In the evening, she put on a skirt a few inches above her knee and a button up blouse with a couple of buttons left undone. She stopped at Patrick’s Brew Pub, which was a new addition to the area since she had lived here.

As she sipped her drink and watched baseball on the TV, she became aware of someone standing next to her. She looked up and kind of recognized the face. The young man said, “Mrs. Walker?”

“Why yes, I am. I recognize you, but don’t remember your name.”

“I’m Buck. Buck Kaplan. Senior English class. I’ll bet you’re here for our reunion tomorrow night”

“Oh, yes, Buck, I am. Would you like to sit down?”

Buck immediately dropped into the chair opposite Bonnie. He waved to the server and motioned to both of their glasses. Bonnie told him that she really shouldn’t have a third drink, but Buck waved her off. The drinks arrived and Bonnie asked, “So how have you been, Buck? What have you done the past 10 years?”

Buck, as it turns out, had become an engineer and worked for a large construction company. He was married with two children. After they had talked for about five minutes, Buck said, “Mrs. Walker, all of us guys had the hots for you in school.”

Bonnie’s face started to redden, and she said, “That was nice of you to say, Buck. But at the age of 18, most boys only think of one thing.”

“That’s probably true,” he said. “But Kenny and I were both jealous of Stan.”

Bonnie choked and almost gagged on her drink. “Wha . .what did you say?”

“I said we were jealous of Stan.”

Bonnie was shocked, and said, “Wha . . what do you mean? What did he say?”

Now Buck was squirming. He said, “Well, he didn’t tell us anything until the school year ended.”

“What did he say?” she asked again.

“Well, he said that you too had a wonderful affair during the school year. He told us that he wanted to follow you to your new school and try to convince you to marry him.”

Bonnie was shocked again. “He . . he never said anything.”

“Well, Mrs. Walker, I don’t think he really knew how he felt about you until you were gone.”

A new voice said, “Hey, what’s going on?”

Bonnie looked up into the face of Stan. And beside him was Kenny. They both sat down.

Bonnie looked at Stand and said, “Stan, how could you tell them?”

He looked down and said, “I didn’t say anything until you were gone.”

Buck said, “Maybe not, but we knew.”

Stand and Bonnie both asked, “How did you know?”

Buck said, “On the first day of school, I thought you had the best legs at our school. One day I drove past your house and you were working in your yard in a pair of short shorts. So I made it a point to periodically drive by your house in hopes of getting another look at your legs.” Bonnie was turning red. “Whenever I drove by on a Tuesday night or a Saturday afternoon, Stan was there. Sometimes he was working and sometimes I didn’t see him or you, Mrs. Walker. So Kenny and I put our heads together and figured that you too were doing the deed.”

Kenny nodded and said, “We were both so envious of Stan. We would have given anything to trade places with him.”

Bonnie smiled at their confessions. She was embarrassed, but noticed that her nipples were getting hard in her thin top. She asked, “Did the whole school know?”

All three young men answered at the same time, “No way!” Kenny added, “Stan Is our friend so we covered for him a few times in hopes that he would share some of his experiences with you. He never shared anything until after we graduated.”

The four of them had another round and caught up some more. As the guys got a little bolder, and Bonnie got more relaxed from the drinks, their conversation turned more sexual. Kenny talked of his favorite blow-job of all time. Buck complained that his wife was slowly cutting down on their sex time. Then he asked, “Bonnie, what are your measurements?”

She laughed and said, “They’re not as good as those young cheerleaders that you guys should have been chasing.”

“Come on Bonnie. Give us your vitals,” Kenny said.

“OK. I’m 5’6″ tall. I won’t tell you my weight but I am a C cup and my measurements are 38-27-38. So I guess you would call me a little chunky.”

Kenny gaziantep escort kız telefonları turned to Stand and asked, “Did you think she was too heavy to sit on your face?”

“Not at all,” he answered. Bonnie couldn’t believe he asked that.

“Did you think she was game for just about anything?” Buck asked Stan.

“Oh yeah. And she was creative too.” They were talking about her like she wasn’t even here, but Bonnie felt a wetness between her legs and knew that her hard nipples must be showing through her bra. She noticed Kenny rubbing his crotch. Another drink was put in front of her as she finished her last one.

Kenny asked, “Do you think she was ever game enough to try two or three men at the same time?”

Bonnie leaned forward to answer, but before she could, Stan said, “Bonnie is the hottest woman I’ve ever fucked and I think she would have been game for anything we could have dreamed up.”

Bonnie had never heard Stan use language like that. He was talking about her like she was a wanton slut. She said, “Now wait a min . . .

“And, said Stan, “she was the greatest kisser I’ve ever known.” As Bonnie turned towards him in surprise, he leaned in, put his hand behind her neck and pulled her to him. Her lips were slightly apart when he kissed her and he slid his tongue into her mouth. He softly put his right hand on her bare thigh and slid it up under her short skirt. His kiss was really making Bonnie hot. She moved her tongue into Stan’s mouth as he continued moving his hand up her skirt until he reached her wet panties. Bonnie moaned and put her hand behind Stan’s head and held him tight. Kenny and Buck looked on in awe.

Stan briefly broke the kiss and whispered, “I want to fuck you Bonnie.”

“Y-esss-ss,” she sighed. “please Stan.”

Stan opened his eyes and saw Kenny excitedly pointing at Buck and himself. Stan nodded and whispered, “We all want to fuck you, Bonnie. This will be the most sensual night of your life. You’ll reach climaxes that you’ve never dreamed you would reach.”

“Oh yes-sss, Stan. I want you all.”

Stan nodded to Kenny to go settle up the bill, and Buck walked out to get the car. Both young men had to cover their raging hard-ons as they walked to the door. Stan helped Bonnie up and they moved towards the door. On the way to the hotel, Stan kissed Bonnie and tweaked her nipples while Kenny drove and Buck watched. When they arrived at the hotel, Stan never gave Bonnie the opportunity to back out as he kept kissing, tweaking her breasts, guiding her with his hand on her ass, briefly touching her pussy and whispering in her ear.

In the elevator, Stan unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. Kenny and Buck filled their hands with Bonnie’s beautiful tits. They walked down the hall with Bonnie’s tits out and she handed her key to Buck, who unlocked the door. Once inside the room, they had her stripped in less than 30 seconds. Stan looked at Bonnie and realized that he had never seen her this hot. Her nipples were like bullets and her pussy was dripping down her legs. All three young men had massive erections.

Bonnie was on her knee with three cocks taking turns working on her mouth. The men were so turned on that they filled all of Bonnie’s holes and set to work using her body. Kenny was in her mouth, Buck in her pussy and Stan in her ass. Bonnie was moaning and screaming as she had one orgasm after another.

Because they were all so horny, none of them lasted longer than five minutes. They ordered more rum from room service, and after another drink, they started on Bonnie again. This time Stan was in her mouth and both Kenny and Buck were in her pussy. Bonnie screamed when both cocks were inserted, but eventually started cumming like a whore.

“Oh, fuck me. Fuck me Stan. Fuck me Buck. Fuck me Kenny. Treat your teacher like your slut. Oh . . oh . . oh . . fuck!”

Kenny pulled his cock out of her pussy and rammed it up her ass without warning. Bonnie screamed and came again. Kenny said, “She’s cumming like a street whore.”

Buck said, “Do you want us to fuck you all night, bitch?”

Bonnie had never been called derogatory names before, and she realized that she kind of liked it. She yelled, “Yes. Yes. Please fuck me all night. Fuck me as long as you want. I want to be your bitch. Your teacher wants to be your whore!”

For the next four hours, the three ex students treated their ex teacher like a common whore. After they had each used all of her holes, they began abusing her by double fucking her ass while pulling her hair. Buck put her over his knee and spanked her. She sucked all of their balls and cleaned their cocks after they fucked her ass. They called her every abusive name that came into their heads. And she begged for more.

Finally, Bonnie fell over unconscious on the floor and her students left her there as they all slept either on one of her beds or the room’s couch. The next morning, the guys ordered breakfast from room service while Bonnie continued to sleep. They let the room service attendant wheel the cart into the room and put it next to their naked teacher still lying on the floor. Bonnie woke up just as the room service attendant was walking out the door. She laughed and said, “You guys are really something. I can’t believe you did that.”

She joined them for breakfast and then Stan asked, “So are we going to do this again tonight after the reunion or are we going to fuck you again right now?”

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