Mrs. Wentworth Enjoys Act Three

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This is the sixth part of the Mrs. Wentworth series and comes right after “Mrs. Wentworth and a Useful Lesson.” You can find the other parts by clicking on my name. I’m enjoying writing this and a lot of the responses I get from people. I do reply to all feedbacks that have a reply in them and I read all comments. A lot of people have been very helpful in helping me think through things and sometimes in coming up with ideas for this or other stories so thank you. P.S. The next episode is almost done too but I wanted to end this one at the spot it ends.


The next morning I woke up slowly. I still had the panties from the night before under the sheets and they helped remind me of what had happened. I had enjoyed licking Mrs. Wentworth more than anything that happened since I came to stay for a little while. But I couldn’t help being confused.

Mrs. Wentworth was a mystery to me. Sometimes I thought I understood her and sometimes I had no idea where she was coming from. When my mom made me come and stay with Mrs. Wentworth, I was pissed. I’m almost 19, a fully grown adult. I don’t need someone to watch me. But soon I realized it wasn’t like that and that Mrs. Wentworth wasn’t just some old lady. She wasn’t really that old but she was more than twice my age. But I really liked her. I thought she was nice and I guess I liked her more than that.

A few sexual things had happened since I got there and last night was the best. But I wasn’t sure what it meant. I know I’m not the most experienced person so I’m not always sure but sometimes Mrs. Wentworth seemed like two different people. Like the one night she actually gave me a blowjob I thought was going to change everything but she acted the next day like nothing happened. Like she was two different people.

I was hard already but decided not to start the day by cumming in her panties again. Instead I got dressed and went downstairs. I walked by her room and she was already up, the bed made, and started her day.

I got downstairs and she greeted me with a big smile and a “good morning, my sweet Stephen. Did you have a good night?”

I wasn’t going to be the first one to mention the night before so I played it cool and just said “oh yeah, I slept great. How about you?”

She smiled and said “I had very sweet dreams. There’s coffee just made and bagels on the counter.”

I made myself a bagel and decided to take charge at least a little. The morning is normally when she might ask me something embarrassing and show up my lack of experience. Not that I admitted to anything but she could probably tell. Today, I decided maybe I’d take charge or at least keep her from going there.

As I started eating I said, “So, Mrs. Wentworth, I want to ask you something.”

She just leaned eagerly and said “oh ask me anything, sweetheart. You know I want to help you in any way I can and teach you and answer any question even the kind you can’t ask your mommy.” And she smiled very sweetly.

Damn. She threw me off again. When she refers to my mom like that it makes me feel nervous. But I decided to go ahead and learn more about her. “Okay, Mrs. Wentworth. I know you always ask me stuff like what kind of things I’ve done or like to do or whatever. But what about you? I mean I don’t really know a lot about you. Like, are you really that experienced in things? Your friend Janine sure didn’t think so.”

There I’d said it. Not as forceful as I wanted but I put it out there.

I’m not positive but I think she looked a little nervous. Maybe nervous is too strong a word but she sure didn’t answer immediately. She took her time. She took a slow drink of her coffee before looking at me. “Stephen, what an interesting question. I’m not positive exactly what you want to know and why you want to know it. I suppose I am not as experienced as some people but it depends what you mean. Surely, you don’t want me to list in detail every sexual experience I’ve ever had in my lifetime. I wasn’t married for very long but it was a few years. I’m not a virgin, Stephen dear, if that’s what you’re wondering.” She looked at me with a smile on her face but it was different from her previous smile.

I was a little more nervous but I really wanted to be more forceful and not just let life happen. I kept going but was maybe a little bit more nervous than I had been. “I didn’t mean I wanted a list or something. I just meant that, well, I thought I’d ask.” Then I remembered Janine and realized she hadn’t answered that part and I felt more confident. “You know, Mrs. Wentworth, I was thinking about Janine. Janine said that you, well she indicated that you were a prude. Not that I think you’re a prude, ” I added quickly. “It’s just she seemed to mean that you weren’t all that experienced.

Mrs. Wentworth took her time. She had frozen when I brought up Janine and looked bothered. Then when I said prude I knew I crossed the line. Now she seemed to be moving slowly on purpose and getting herself together.

“Stephen, I’m very surprised at you. I’m not hurt because I don’t think gaziantep escort ilanları you mean to be hurtful. There’s nothing wrong with being inexperienced. Maybe your own lack of experience is bothering you but it shouldn’t. You’re only 19. I know you’re an adult but experience takes time of course. Now, I certainly don’t have the same level of experience as a prostitute! No, no, I know you weren’t suggesting that. Do I seem to you like I don’t know what I’m doing?”

She looked at me, waiting for an answer. Her look wasn’t suggestive. It didn’t say anything. I knew and she knew that we had done a few things together even if we didn’t talk about them but her look clearly said she wasn’t going to mention them but I could if there was a problem. Suddenly I was super nervous again and had lost all the initiative. I was also upset because I worried that I had come across as mean and I realized that I didn’t want to hurt almost more than I cared about being hurt myself. My feelings were that strong.

“Oh, no, Mrs. Wentworth. I didn’t mean to imply anything. I was just making conversation, really.”

She smiled. “I understand, Stevie, dear, why you might be thinking about Janine a lot. That’s what she wants. That’s why she was flirting with you. Some women are like that.”

I was thinking that Janine’s actions were some kind of flirting. At this point, Mrs. Wentworth, though, was calm and in control of the conversation.

Now she leaned across the table and grabbed my hands in hers. “Sweetie, you know it’s okay. Janine is a little lonely and sometimes she lashes out and says things. We don’t mind though because she’s our friend and we understand. Now, I’m sure you don’t think I’m a prude do you?” Then she looked into my eyes until I shook my head.

“Good. This conversation has taken a lot out of me so I think I’ll get dressed unless you have something else you want to say? No? Good.”

She stood up and went upstairs and left me feeling like a jerk.

I waited a couple minutes but I realized I needed to apologize. I just was acting crazy because I really didn’t know exactly what was going on. I went up and knocked on her door. It was open because she had the policy about never closing doors.

I looked in and said “Uh, Mrs. Wentworth?”

I heard a voice from the closet say, “what is it, Stephen? Do you have more questions?”

She came out with a hand on her hip and looked at me. She was getting dressed. She had a blouse on and was dressed on the top but hadn’t put a skirt on yet. Her blouse was long but it was still really sexy. I tried not to stare.

I said, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Wentworth. I feel like a jerk and want to say I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was saying this morning and I feel bad about asking what I did and how I did. I’m really sorry.”

She immediately changed into a different person. She smiled as a big a smile as I’ve seen and came over and hugged me. She squeezed me incredibly tight and I could feel her soft breasts and cleavage pressing into me and her bare legs. I was hard but I didn’t care because she felt better.

“Oh, Stephen, you sweet little man. I’m not mad but it means so much to me to hear you say that. Now let’s not even think about it anymore. You didn’t mean anything and no one cares anymore. I’m not even thinking about it. We will just get on with things and have a very wonderful day together.”

She let go of me and turned around, picked up her jeans and slipped them on. It wasn’t really that risqué. I got a quick glimpse of the black panties across her butt as she pulled the jeans up the last foot but only a glimpse. Then she turned around. It was actually kind of a casual sexy look. Over the jeans she had a long white shirt, almost like a men’s dress shirt. It was a little thin. I know it was thin because underneath it she had a black bra and it almost showed through. It showed through enough I could tell it was there.

I think I was staring because she was smiling. I think she secretly liked to draw my stare. “Come, now, Stevie. I need some help making he bed. I hope you’ll be a good helper today.”

“Of course I will.” I grabbed the one side of the bed and started to help. I wasn’t much for chores but I liked making her bed. Plus she had cool slippery satin sheets I hadn’t noticed before. I liked watching her bend over but the slight cleavage wasn’t even as sexy as just seeing the black bra making itself known under the white shirt. It was a sexy look.

She smiled at me and said, “do you like my sheets, Stevie, honey? I don’t know if you like rubbing your hands up and down on satin like this but think how nice it feels to have your whole body in satin all over you and all around you. I’ll have to let you try it out sometime.”

I rubbed my hand over it and said “I’d like that sometime.” Maybe she meant the sheets but in my head I wasn’t thinking about being in them alone.

We finished making the bed which was good because too much more time with satin sheets and staring at Mrs. Wentworth gaziantep escort kadın wasn’t good for the tightness of my pants.

We went downstairs and I helped her with a few things but she reminded me that we had to get ready to go out before too long. Of course I had forgotten that we were going anywhere.

But she also mentioned we really should call my mom. I don’t know why but I kept forgetting my mom was out of town. It’s not like I called every day and I guess part of me would have expected her to call me. She never remembered and we called her. Which was fine.

I sat in a big chair in the living room and waited because Mrs. Wentworth always talked first. She whispered to me to be quiet as she dialed. Then she sat on the arm of my chair and turned the volume all the way up so I could hear almost everything. And she giggled while it rang like we were doing something secret instead of just calling my mom. But it went to voicemail.

Mrs. Wentworth looked annoyed and dialed again right away. The third time she answered and Mrs. Wentworth said “Hi hun, it’s me Doris. Remember me and your son back here while you’re off in Vegas? Yes, yes I know it’s business.” She looked at me and rolled her eyes and stood up.

Mrs. Wentworth walked in a circle while she talked. “I know. It can be hard to hear the phone sometimes. Are you OK? You just sounded funny that’s all.” The she came and sat on my lap. She held a finger up to be quiet but turned the phone so I could hear most of it.

I was distracted by having Mrs. Wentworth on my lap. It doesn’t sound like much and it wasn’t sexy exactly but it was warm and close and it made me feel close to her. I also always liked being close to her and feeling her body touching mine. That doesn’t make me a pervert. It just means I had strong feelings.

But on the other end of the phone, mom did sound odd. She was distracted, not saying much, and breathing funny. I could hear mom talking about just killing time between work things as she called it. Mrs. Wentworth asked if she was alone and mom said of course she was. It was probably just the TV but I don’t think she was alone.

Mom didn’t ask about me that I heard but Mrs. Wentworth said “Stephen is in the next room, let me go get him. She shushed for like ten seconds and then handed me the phone saying a little loudly (even though we were in the same chair) “Stephen, it’s your Mommy. She was asking about you.”

While I was on the phone, Mrs. Wentworth didn’t sit still. I guess she wasn’t comfortable so she kept squirming to sit right. That can be very distracting and sexy which dangerous when a woman is sitting on top of the part of you that gets hard.

Mom on the other hand didn’t say much. I did most of the talking and she just breathed heavy. She might have just been tired but I actually think she really did have someone with her and they either were doing something or had just been doing something. She didn’t moan but she sounded like she wanted to. That might have been my imagination.

I’d have talked more to find out but Mrs. Wentworth reached down and squeezed my bulge in her hands which is also very distracting. She didn’t say anything or make faces but she squeezed three times and I sort of ignored the phone call. Not completely, I mean I still sensed my mom’s weird breathing. I didn’t think a lot about it though. She said almost nothing. Which was fine. I had never really been on my mom’s mind ever really.

She said “Okay, be a good boy for Doris and I’ll see you when I get back. I’m not sure when that will be yet. The situation keeps changing here.”

I said “Okay, see you when you’re done. Bye.” And that was it. Mrs. Wentworth took the phone and got up and put it back in its charging station. She was shaking her head and saying something under her breath.

I asked her what she said but she just smiled. “Nothing. I’m talking to myself. Now I need to get ready. It will take me a while and then we have a very long drive. I made dinner reservations so we can eat first this time. I think that will help.”

Then she went upstairs and I realized I had forgotten we were going back to the opera and to dinner first. That would be good. The first time I was worried I’d hate it but I realized how much Mrs. Wentworth liked it and I didn’t mind. The music was okay and the whole event was sort of fun and formal. Plus she was really great looking dressed up like that.

It always took her a lot longer to get ready but eventually I went up to change my clothes. I looked in her room because the door was open but didn’t see her. I went back to my room and was going to decide what to wear when I discovered it was all laid out already. I guess she got it ready which was cool. It saved me worrying what I should wear.

It was what I thought of as typical for the opera now. It was a nice gray suit, one I’d worn already, and another new tie. Everything else you’d expect although I noticed she laid out boxer shorts for me. I usually wore briefs but these were gaziantep escort kızlar silk so I guess they’re considered more formal. Actually I liked them.

I still got downstairs ahead of her even though I shaved first too. Eventually she made it. I’d seen the dress when she bought it the other day but it looked awesome. It wasn’t real tight but it was nice and she looked awesome in it. When she got down, she smiled and said “Can you put the suitcase over there into the car? I packed a few things in case it got late and we decided we had better stay in the city instead of trying to drive all the way home. It’s just in case.”

I put it in the car. Last time I didn’t even know about it. I thought maybe we could drive home anyway but I had enjoyed staying over the last time so I hoped maybe we didn’t.

I came back in and she gave me her arm. “Good evening. Shall we go?” She got formal and I remembered it was a date and she was teaching me about dates.

So I took her arm and moved her toward the car saying, “allow me to escort you miss.” I know it sounds weird but she loved it.

It was cool that I got to drive. Remember I love the car. I concentrated on the road but I also enjoyed how she sat with a lot of leg showing. She had nice legs and I like women’s legs anyway. I think she knows that and was teasing me on purpose. It wasn’t a bad kind of tease but a friendly one. Almost like a reward.

On the way down, she turned and asked me real seriously “Stephen are you OK about your Mom?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant. I didn’t really think about my mom. We had one boring conversation and mom doing who knows what on the other but not talking to me but that wasn’t really new. So I just said, “yeah, I’m sure she’s doing okay and I’m happier here than I would be there. So, no problems.”

She had this concerned look but seemed okay with my answer. “I’m sorry we called her now. I guess I didn’t think that she would be like that. It doesn’t matter. You did what you had to do and now we’ll forget about her and whatever it is she’s doing. I’m going to have a lovely time with my date tonight and not think about anything but having a nice night out with a charming, handsome man that will make all the other ladies jealous.”

By the time we got downtown, we were both in a great mood. She had a special way of making me feel great.

She had me park at the parking garage that was attached to the hotel we stayed in last time and also to the opera theater. But we didn’t go to either place. We walked outside on the city street around one block to a small restaurant. It was a small place, dark, fancy, and very quiet. The waiters and waitresses weren’t friendly exactly but they were helpful like a servant in a movie.

She helped order because I wasn’t completely familiar with a lot of the food. But I had a beef dish. I’m not much of a wine drinker but she wanted a bottle so we had it. It was good that the drinking age had been lowered to 18 a few years before this.

It was actually great. It was formal but very elegant and adult, of course. A nice formal dinner in a restaurant before the opera is the way it should be. She had more of the wine than I did but I had a couple glasses. The food was amazing.

She was happy and I was happy and the night had just started. She kept reaching over and squeezing my hand when she would tell me something. I liked that. She told me two or three things about how to handle your date, what women liked to talk about, and all the little things you don’t think about but make you nervous.

Then she wanted to stop. She held up her hands and said “enough about that. I’m going to stop being a teacher. It’s just you and me on a date having a nice time.” Then she smiled, grabbed my hand again, and I also felt her foot which must have been out of her shoe, playfully tease my ankle. It might have been playful but I liked it a lot.

She told the waiter we couldn’t stay for dessert because we had tickets to the opera. He was impressed and said something about the show they were doing. I guess they got a lot of opera fans and one night the star had come by.

I helped her walk. Not because she needed it but because it was the way things are done. A lot of men were walking their wives or dates on their arm. I think I was one of the younger men there though. In fact a lot of them were older, like grandfather aged.

That was okay with me though. It made me feel better. I didn’t feel young and out of place. I felt like this was truly a date and Mrs. Wentworth was treating me like an adult. That’s how she thought of me.

We walked up red carpeted steps to the foyer. Like before I occupied a spot and looked around at the arriving people while Mrs. Wentworth went to the bar. She came back with champagne for both of us. She told me before that champagne at the opera is a tradition.

We drank champagne and watched everyone. I didn’t see the people from before but I bet almost no one goes twice in a week. For five minutes we said hello to some couple passing by. The man looked like he was easily 80, very skinny and not very tall really. The lady was a little younger, maybe in her seventies, but very made up. She was four inches taller than him and a little bit heavy like he was skinny so opposites sort of. Her makeup was almost like a layer of paint but while she didn’t carry herself like Mrs. Wentworth, she looked nice for her age. They were very nice to both of us too.

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