Moving to Jamaica Ch. 02


Over the next week, Marco and Jill resumed their routine on the beach every day. Marco’s hands applying sun screen to her body felt magical to Jill, and she was almost comatose when he finished his sun screen massage each day. Many of Marco’s friends just happened to show up each day to watch as he moved his hands over the hot older white woman’s body. She would close her eyes and lightly moan as his hands moved over her back and down her tanned legs. They quietly cheered him on as his hands slid down the back of her bikini bottoms and squeezed her sensuous ass. Not only did Jill not know that she had an audience, but she also had no idea that Marco had promised all of them that they would get to fuck this hot little bitch soon.

After he had finished with her back, he flipped her over and moved his hands over her soft white breasts while pretending to rub in sun screen, while the audience of Marco’s friends would tug and pull at their cocks. Eventually, Marco’s hands would move down into her bikini bottoms where he would finger her to orgasm right in front of them. More than once, one of the men would blow his own load into his shorts or on to the sand nearby.

Each night, she would buy him dinner and drinks at one of the nearby restaurants and tip him heavily for his service during the day. Marco demanded that she wear extremely trampy clothing to exhibit as much of her body as possible, and although she wasn’t always comfortable, she always complied with his wishes. They would adjourn to her room for an evening of hard fucking where she would worship Marco’s beautiful black cock and swear to do anything that he demanded of her.

Marco was now ready to move his white slut to the next step. That evening, he had told Jill to wear a short halter dress that fell to her mid-thigh and tied behind her neck. During dinner, he poured a little more wine into her than usual and on the way back to her room, they were joined by Akeem. “Yo Marco,” he said.

“Hey Akeem. Whatchu up to dis fine night?” He asked.

“Hi Akeem,” Jill said.

“Where you off to, Marco?”

“We headin for my bitch’s room. Why don you come wit us?” Marco said.

Akeem looked at Jill who finally nodded her head, and they all moved to the elevator. gaziantep rus escort bayan Marco stood behind Jill and reached around her and cupped both of her breasts in his big black hands. He said, “Akeem, don you tink my bitch has nice titties?” Jill was in shock as she watched Akeem quickly nod his head. Before Jill could say or do anything, Marco untied her top and pulled it to her waist, and then shoved it to the floor. He quickly put his arms around her pinning her arms to her sides and leaving her breasts on full display to Akeem. Jill tried to speak, but only sputtered as the two men laughed at her.

When the elevator doors opened, there were three men waiting to get on as Akeem, Jill and Marco got off. The men all stopped to stare at the hot older white woman wearing just bikini panties being willingly escorted and fondled by two large black men. Jill was still having some difficulty in speaking as they reached her room and went inside. Before the door was completely closed, her panties were on the floor.

Marco stepped to her and put his arms around her and pulled her in for a kiss. Although she didn’t resist, it took her a few seconds before her body melted into his and she put her arms around his neck and quietly moaned. She felt his hands possessively grabbing her ass. Then she felt two new hands slide around her chest and squeeze her breasts. After a few seconds, one of the hands slid to her pussy and began fingering her wet hole. She was on the verge of coming when the two men stopped rubbing her body. Marco looked down into the eyes of his hot older white woman and said, “Tell Akeem you’re my bitch and that you wanna fuck both of us.”

“Ummmm,” she moaned. “Yes, baby. Yes. Please fuck me.”

“We both gonna fuck you slut. Unnerstand?” He heard her moan and then nod her head. “You belong to both of us tonight, cunt.” He saw her nod her head as he looked over her head and saw that Akeem was already naked.

The boys wasted no time bending their willing white slut over a chair so Akeem could ram his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. She came immediately. “Aaaarrrrrgggh! Oh Fuck! Ahhhhh! Yes!” Akeem laughed and waved his arm in the air, like he gaziantep swinger escort bayan was riding a bull, as he relentlessly pounded her white pussy. Marco lifted her head by her hair and held his cock in front of her face. She eagerly engulfed his cock in her mouth and began sucking.

The two young black men fucked the rich old slut for three hours. They used all of her holes and even had both of their cocks in her ass at the same time. She licked and sucked all over their black bodies. When they finished with her and looked down at her exhausted and sweaty white body, there was no doubt that she was a well-used and black-owned white cunt. They knew that she was completely addicted to their cocks and would do anything for them, and had even begged them to treat her like a whore.

That night she slept like the dead, and was late getting to her spot on the beach the next day. As she was relaxing, she soon felt the familiar hands working on her body. Without looking up, she said, “Mmmm. That feels good, baby. You two really worked me over last night.” She felt the hands go down into her bikini bottoms and the fingers slide down her ass crack. “Mmmmm. You’re insatiable, baby. But don’t stop.”

She felt the hands go to the bottom of her ass and she slightly lifted her hips to give access to her pussy. She wasn’t disappointed as the hand slid further down and she felt fingers enter her and begin pumping her hot wet pussy. At first she thought she was imagining it, but then realized that two other hands were sliding her bikini bottoms down her shapely legs. At first, she was alarmed, but then realized that Akeem was probably just getting in on the act now. In just a few seconds, her bottom was off and she was lying nude on the beach with four big black hands freely roaming her body.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “You boys turn me on more than anyone ever.”

A rough voice rasped out, “Ya like dat bitch?”

“Oh yesss. Yes, I do. Don’t stop.”

“Ya want us ta fuck you now, bitch?” The voice said.

“Yesss. Yes, I do. Please fuck me.”

She was roughly flipped over and a cock was quickly shoved into her soaking wet cunt. “Unnnngh!” She yelled as she gaziantep travesti escort kızlar opened her eyes and stared into the eyes of a complete stranger. “Huh?” she gasped as the stranger continued pounding her white pussy. “Huh? Who . . . Unnggh! Who are . . . are y-y-you? Aahhhh!”

As she looked up, she saw two other big black men kneeling next to her with their hands on her breasts.

“Wait! Don . . . Don’t do th . . . Ahhh! Unngh! Uunngh! Uunngh! Ohh fuck!” She yelled as the man furiously fucked the smaller white woman.

The man fucked Jill hard until he came in her pussy. “Take my cum ya fuckin whore!” he yelled. Before getting up, he spit in her face and then grinned at her showing a mouth missing half its teeth. As she was still looking at the ugly black man who had just fucked her, she felt one of the men next to her cum across her face. The third man moved around and replaced the man who had fucked her. He only lasted about five minutes before blowing his cum deep into her old white cunt.

After he stood, all three young men pulled out their phone cameras and quickly took pictures of the naked and used older white bitch before she could cover herself. As she was covering herself, the men continued to smirk at her. One of them said, “Marco was right. She is just an old white slut.” The men laughed.

“Yeah,” another said, “but she is a good place to dump our cum.” The men laughed again. Jill couldn’t find her bikini so she pulled on her beach cover-up. The man continued, “We be fuckin you more before you go home, lady. You like being fucked?”

Jill was still to stunned to speak without screaming at the three men. She noticed Marco walking up to the group, and she finally blurted out, “M-marco! Why . . . why would you . . .? I thought we had something . . . “

The three men fist-bumped Marco and slowly walked away as Marco condescendingly looked down at Jill. “You tot we had what, bitch? You tot you was my girl or sumpin?” He laughed and she saw his gold tooth sparkle. “You’re my slut. I use you like I want. And I wanted to let my friends use your old white body.” He held out his hand for her and helped her to her feet and said, “Now, get your skank-ass up and follow me. I need a blow job.”

Jill looked down at the ground and obediently followed the big ugly black boy to the storage shack, where she quickly fell to her knees and took his sweaty cock into her willing mouth. As she looked up in to Marco’s eyes, she knew that being a willing fuck toy for young Jamaican men was what she was meant to do. As Marco looked down at his rich older white slut, he knew that her adventure was just beginning.

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