Mom’s Not Home


Henry Clarke stood at the fence and over at the cute boy who was reclining in the lawn chair, as naked as the day he was born and oblivious to the presence of his mother’s new boyfriend.

The middle-aged man took a deep breath as he enjoyed the innocent form of Todd Hastings, who at 18 was about the third the age of the voyeur, but while the lad had a boyish look about him, without clothes it was clear that the boy was indeed a man no matter how innocent he looked.

It hadn’t taken Henry long to figure out that the slender blonde lad was a mama’s boy, probably in part due to the fact that his old man had been long out of his life, and Henry also suspected something else about the boy. Something his mother didn’t suspect.

Todd’s friend Brad – he hadn’t been around for a while – but when Henry had first started dating Todd’s mother the other lad had been around quite often, frequently staying overnight, and Henry remembered his youth when he had a friend staying over often and knew what had gone on behind that closed door.

So sweet looking, Henry sighed while continuing to enjoy Todd’s body as he basked in the early summer sun. Todd’s pale skin would soon be bronze as summer went on, but now it was still rather pale, and Henry smiled as he looked at the golden hairs on Todd’s calves as they sparkled in the light.

Don’t want to get sunburn on that, Henry mused to himself when he saw Todd’s flaccid penis hanging between his slightly spread thighs, framed by a cute tuft of golden curls. Longer than Henry had imagined, given Todd’s slight build, the slender circumcised tube rested on a nice-sized wrinkled sac, and Henry wondered what that beautiful dick would look like hard.

Henry had come over under the false pretense of visiting his girlfriend – Todd’s Mom – but Henry knew she was out of town on business, and had come over hoping to find Todd home alone. The idea that Todd would be by the pool was a bonus, and seeing him naked was beyond perfect. Henry would have been happy to just have seen Todd in a bathing suit.

Henry would have stayed there all day ogling young Todd, but for some reason Todd opened his eyes and saw him standing there, and that got Todd in motion, grabbing a towel to cover himself up while Henry pretended to have just arrived and opened the gate as casually as he could manage.

“Howdy, Todd!” Henry said warmly as he approached, enjoying Todd’s flushed cheeks and flustered actions. “Didn’t mean to interrupt you.”

“Uh – oh – that’s okay,” Todd mumbled. “I was just – you know. Uh, Mom’s not here. She’s out of town for a couple of days.”

“That’s right!” Henry said, slapping his forehead while he pretended to be upset at himself. “I forgot. It was such a beautiful day that I took off from work and was going to spend it with her. One of the benefits of owning your own business.”

“Uh, yeah,” Todd said, shielding his eyes while squinting up at Henry.

I want you, Henry thought to himself as he watched the tiny wisp of hair under Todd’s upraised arm flutter in the slight breeze. I hope you can’t read my mind, or maybe that would be better if you could, he wondered.

I’ve seen the way you look at me sometimes, Henry mused, and maybe it was my imagination but I wondered whether you had the hots for me, although you would never admit it. Too shy, Henry knew, but I’m not.

“How’s the water?” Henry asked, taking his eyes away from his prey long enough to glance at the water in the modest-sized pool. “Looks refreshing.”

“It is – was,” Todd stuttered. “I was in before.”

“Wish I brought a suit,” Henry commented, watching Todd for a reaction. “Then again, I couldn’t help noticing that you weren’t wearing one.”

“Oh – uh – sorry, Mr. Clarke,” Todd said sheepishly, and it was all Henry could do to tell him that he sure wasn’t sorry because he had enjoyed the view.

“I thought you were going to stop with the Mr. Clarke,” Henry chided.

“Sorry. Henry.”

“That’s better. Can’t say as I blame you for not bothering with the suit though,” Henry said as he looked around the house, which wasn’t fancy but was located on the end of a sparsely populated dead end street. “It’s not like you have neighbors looking nearby, although me interrupting your peaceful day wasn’t nice.”

“No, it’s okay,” Todd said.

“That water does look good though,” Henry said. “You wouldn’t have a bathing suit I could use, would you?”

“I’m like a 32″ waist,” Todd said while shrugging his shoulders.

“I was too once, I think,” Henry lamented. “I’m tempted to… you weren’t expecting company, were you Todd? Your friend Brad maybe?”

“No, we had a – a falling out.”

“Oh, too bad,” Henry Avrupalı porno said. “In that case – would you mind if I took a dip? Haven’t skinny dipped in a long while – haven’t been skinny in years either.”

“You’re not fat,” Todd said with a hint of eagerness in his voice. “Go ahead and jump in.”

“In that case,” Henry said as he undid his tie and set it on the arm of a chair, and as he unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off he looked over at his girlfriend’s son, who was doing his best to hide the fact that he was watching him undress.

Henry ran his hands over his stomach, which was still pretty trim, and then unbuckled his belt and lowered his trousers, all under the watch of young Todd, and when Henry stepped out of his slacks he swore he could see the towel on Todd’s lap tenting.

“You going to join me?” Henry asked, stifling a grin when he saw Todd staring at what was revealed after his boxers came down, and the way his head jerked away when the boy saw that Henry was watching him stare.

“Uh – maybe in a minute,” Todd said as he watched his Mom’s boyfriend walk over to the edge of the pool and dip a toe in.

“Cool,” Henry commented as he tested the temperature before adding, “Here goes nothing,” while jumping in.

“Not too bad,” Henry said as he waded through the water. “Come on in Todd.”

“Okay,” Todd said, getting up from the chair and walking over towards the pool, holding the towel in front of him, much to Henry’s dismay.

I do like them shy, Henry mused, but when he got a glimpse of Todd’s cock, despite the lad’s best efforts to hide himself, he quickly figured out what the boy was trying to hide.

He’s got a hard-on, or at least on the verge of one, Henry noticed in that brief peek, and although he was sure that the boner disappeared when it got immersed in the cool water, the fact that the long slender pole was erect left know doubt as to how the boy felt about him.

“Shame about you and your friend having troubles,” Henry said as he moved toward Todd in the pool. “I remember having a friend like him when I was your age. I remember him well. We helped each other a lot. Maybe you’ll work things out.”

“I dunno,” Todd said, his back against the edge of the pool as Henry casually cornered him. “Don’t think so.”

“Why? Did he break up with you?” Henry asked, and although Todd was startled, to his credit he didn’t try to bullshit him.

“Yeah,” Todd said slowly after only a brief hesitation, and then continued. “How did you know?”

“Didn’t know for sure until now, just took a guess.”

“Does my Mom know?” Todd asked, and Henry shook his head.

“Don’t think so,” Henry said, putting his hands on the edge of the pool on either side of Todd’s skinny shoulders, the almost 6″ difference in their heights obvious as the older man towered over Todd. “It’s not like you were obvious. I guess I figured it out because – well – maybe it takes one to know one.”

“Huh?” Todd said with a confused look on his face, and as what Henry said sunk in, he added, “You?”

“Let’s just say that I’m very open-minded like that,” Henry said, his knee touching Todd’s leg under the water. “Why do you think I’m here? I knew your Mom was out of town. I came to see you.”

“Me?” Todd said, breathing so hard and fast that his scrawny chest was heaving.

“Didn’t expect to see you naked though,” Henry said, his wet hands coming up to Todd’s shoulders and squeezing them. “Let’s just say that I was surprised at what I saw. Pleasantly surprised.”

“You are?”

“Oh yes,” Henry said as he inched forward to where their bodies were touching underwater. “Wasn’t sure that you would be interested in an old man like me though – until I saw you had a hard-on before you got in the pool.”

“Never saw a guy with a dick as big as yours before – in person I mean. That time you stayed over,” Todd said breathlessly. “When you were fucking Mom I was out in the hall listening – jerked off twice. I think you’re hot but…”


“I don’t know how to – only been with two guys – kids my age,” Todd said apologetically, and then cried out in shock when he felt Mr. Clarke’s hand go underwater and grab his limp dick, pulling on it slowly and making Todd whimper.

“Nothing you need to know,” Henry said. “Why don’t we go inside and get better acquainted?”

Todd nodded, and as he walked up the steps to get out of the pool Henry was right behind, eyeing Todd’s pale dimpled rear-end as they went inside.


Henry smiled and shook his head when Todd stopped at his own bedroom doorway, and after looking at the modest sized bed said “I think we’ll need a little Video porno more room than that.”

“It’s okay,” Henry said as he ushered the boy into his mother’s bedroom. “I’ll change the sheets afterward.”

“Feel kind of guilty,” Todd said as he felt his mother’s boyfriend’s hand on his moist shoulder.

“Don’t,” Henry said as he closed the door behind them. “The things we’re going to do – let’s just say that she won’t do – at least not yet.”

Henry wrapped his arms around the slender lad, Todd’s damp smooth body cool against his hairy chest, and as Todd leaned back Henry’s hands slid all over the boy’s chest, teasing the tiny buds of his nipples while nuzzling into his neck.

“Don’t be scared, Todd,” Henry sighed as he felt the lad’s heart racing under his hand, and as he eased him into the bedding he added. “You came into this room a boy but you’ll leave a man.”


I looked like that once too, Henry mused as he climbed onto the bed and looked down at Todd, but I was much younger and the man who lured me into his house wasn’t as nice as he was planning on being to Todd, who looked petrified as Henry knelt beside him.

Henry’s beefy hands glided gently over Todd’s flat stomach, and when his fingers raked through the cloud like tuft of hair above the lad’s dick he made a point to avoid the limp tube, which was no longer hard and had retracted in fear.

Instead, Henry’s touch went everywhere else around the boy’s cock, teasing Todd in an effort to help him relax, and the older man noticed that Todd’s chest was no longer heaving as it first had.

Henry felt Todd’s hand on his thigh, and he smiled back when he saw a weak smile on the boy’s face, giving him a nod as if to say, yes, I want you to touch me, and then Henry looked down and saw the trembling pale hand take hold of the dusky uncut end of his cock.

It was then that Henry bent down and after raising Todd’s cock upright, took him into his mouth. By the time Henry’s mouth hit the base it was nearly hard, and after his lips had slid back up to the tip of Todd’s conical glass the cock was as rigid as blue steel.

“Nice,” Henry sighed as he looked at the boy’s erection, the roughly six swollen inches pulsating in his hand, and Henry pulled it backwards to allow him to run his tongue down the underside, starting at the delta of the glans and sliding down the creamy white shaft until he reached Todd’s balls.

As Henry took first one and then the other into his mouth, sucking on them gently, he felt Todd’s hand begin to milk his cock with a bit of intensity. Henry’s eyes strayed lower, and letting go of Todd’s cock he parted the lad’s thighs.

I want that, Henry thought as he licked the ridge than ran from Todd’s balls towards his ass, and when Henry’s saw the tiny pink knot he wondered whether Todd had ever experienced what Henry was intending to do.

Had Todd’s friend ever taken him anally, he mused, and looking at the virginal looking orifice it didn’t seem possible that it had ever been violated. Henry heard Todd gasp when he let his tongue slide over the puckered hole briefly before going back up to the boy’s dick, which was taut and dripping pre-cum.

Henry wasted no time in going back to gobbling the stiff prong, enjoying Todd’s squirming as he brought the kid to the brink of orgasm a couple of times before backing off, but when he though Todd had waited long enough he let him cum.

As Todd cried out, Henry felt the blast of his orgasm against his throat, the force of which startled him, but Henry soon recovered and savored the sweet taste of Todd’s warm spunk as his dick jerked frantically in the older man’s mouth.

After he sucked everything he could out of Todd, Henry let the spent dick plop back down between his skinny thighs as he straightened up and knelt beside his prey.

Todd’s face was flushed and his body was still damp, although the moisture was now sweat, and as the lad’s breathing returned to normal Henry knee-walked up towards Todd’s face, letting his cock dangle near Todd’s cheek.

“Give me your tongue,” Henry said, and when the boy stuck out his pink organ Henry brought his cock to it and let him lick into the long shroud which covered his glans, and when he felt it against his opening he sighed.

“That’s it, lick it,” Henry said, and after a few strokes of the tongue he had Todd open his mouth. “That’s it. Now suck on it.”

“That’s good,” Henry said as he watched Todd open wide and let his mouth slide over the hooded head of his cock, even going a little further down, and when Henry started to get hard he took his cock away from the boy and went down on his back in the bedding.

Todd wasted no time in getting to his knees, and after attacking Henry’s cock enthusiastically the older man knew that Todd must have practiced a lot on his friend because the kid could suck cock.

Better than your Mom, Henry was tempted to say, and as Henry’s cock got hard he started doing even better, managing to get his lips about half of the fully engorged 8″ each time he lowered his head.

Henry reached down and grabbed Todd’s hip, and the boy quickly figured out what Henry was looking for, climbing backwards and straddling his mother’s boyfriend with his crotch.

Todd’s limp dick and hairless nuts dangled temptingly in Henry’s face, and while Henry gave the twig and berries a little love, what he wanted was Todd’s ass so Henry squirmed backwards and after spreading Todd’s little ass cheeks, buried his face in the crack.

From the other end of the bed Henry heard Todd’s shocked reaction when his puckered ring was first licked and then penetrated, and while Todd’s cocksucking got sloppy as Henry’s tongue violated his orifice, for Henry that was just as well because the kid was way too good and was getting him too excited.

“Oh!” Todd groaned after Henry’s tongue left and was replaced by a fat finger, and when he forced a second digit into the tiny hole Todd cried out loudly.

The lube was in the night table beside the bed, Henry knew. It had only been used once, when he tried to introduce Todd’s Mom to anal sex a while back. That hadn’t gone well, with a lot a drama and tears ending when she couldn’t even take the head of his cock in her virgin ass, and as Henry reached back and fumbled in the drawer he hoped that her son wasn’t a baby like she had been.

“Huh?” Todd said as he felt his mother’s boyfriend’s hands pulling him off the cock he had been savoring, and when he saw Henry with the lube in his hands he figured out what was about to him.

“I never…”

“I know,” Henry said calmly as he generously lubed up his swaying erection before putting Todd on his back with a pillow under his back, wanting to enjoy Todd’s reaction when he entered him.

“Relax,” Henry said as he spread Todd’s upraised legs and slipped a greased finger into the tight hole. “I want you so bad. Got to have you.”

Henry slid up between Todd’s legs while Todd’s face contorted wildly, as if the cock was already in his ass instead of just rubbing against it, and Todd cried out as Henry pushed the tip of his swollen member into the previously virgin hole.

“Relax,” Henry kept saying as he eased a little more into the boy. “Just a little more.”

Tears were rolling out of the corners of Todd’s eyes, which were clamped tightly closed, and when the head finally popped inside of him he let out a little scream, but that was about it.

“That’s it!” Henry exclaimed as he began rocking against Todd, working a little more of the shaft into Todd with each gentle nudge.

Henry reached down and took Todd’s limp dick in his hand and began to pull on it while he impaled the lad with more and more of his tool. Henry then took Todd’s wrist and brought it up to have him take over for him.

“You like it, don’t you?” Henry grunted as he began to get into a steady rhythm, and Todd’s beet red face nodded even as he grimaced in pain while tugging on his dick.

Henry knew the pain would go away soon, or at least fade a bit, and when he saw that Todd’s hand was soon stroking a dick that was almost hard he knew that time had already come.

Henry was grunting like a bull as he began to slam nearly all of his cock into the boy, who was taking it without complaint. Henry took one hand off of Todd’s thigh and grabbed the boy’s balls, which had been rolling around wildly below him, and as he squeezed the orbs Henry saw Todd’s jerked dick spurt cum like a geyser.

The sight of Todd cumming was too much for Henry, and as the lad came Henry did too, filling Todd’s bowels with what felt like a massive load of his cum.

As their orgasms ebbed, Henry stayed in place, dripping sweat onto Todd’s cum-drenched crotch until his deflating cock eventually slithered out of Todd’s ass, causing the lad to gasp.

“I hope it was good for you,” Henry said as pulled the pillow from under Todd before he went down next to him.

“It hurt,” Todd said.

“I’m sorry. I tried to be as gentle as I could,” Henry said.

“Probably won’t hurt as much the next time, right Mr. Clarke?” Todd asked.

“Next time?” Henry said with a chuckle. “Well, there won’t be a next time.”


“There won’t be a next time,” Henry repeated. “If you don’t stop calling me Mr. Clarke that is.”

“Okay – Henry,” Todd said, laughing as he hugged him joyfully. “But when Mom’s around I’ll still have to call you Mr. Clarke, okay?”

“Deal,” Henry agreed as he wrapped his arms around Todd and squeezed him tightly.


thank you for reading

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