Misfortunes of Bonnie



Chapter One

Bonnie had been at her new finishing school for only five days. It was a very large and gloomy building, more like a medieval baron’s residence than a school really. And they all had to wear old-fashioned uniforms and sleep in strange rooms that had high vaulted ceilings that were very, very gloomy. For a girl’s school there seemed to be an awful lot of male teachers. The only female teachers seemed to be a very stern if attractive bunch of young women. Consequently, Bonnie was very nervous and strange those first days.

Also, everyone seemed to be studying her. Every time she looked around, one of the staff seemed to be looking at her pensively. This was quite unnerving, and she grew more and more jumpy. The headmaster in particular, seemed to spend a lot of his time in pensive contemplation of the pretty young girl. Bonnie felt as if she was waiting for the other shoe to fall. This continued for the rest of the week, and then, on Monday morning it all started to happen.

At morning inspection, the housemaster found fault with everything she did. Her bed was untidy and not properly made. Her clothes were creased and everything was grubby. Or so she was told. Of, course, Bonnie was unable to discern any visible problem with her preparation that morning. Nevertheless, she was ordered to report to the headmaster’s study that afternoon after classes. She noticed the other girls sniggering behind their hands but put this down to a lack of empathy for their new classmate. The girl was understandably dismayed and preoccupied during her lessons that day. So, with heart in her throat, she reported to the head’s secretary immediately her classes finished.

This stern lady ushered her into the great man’s presence. Dr. Clark examined her gravely as she stood before his massive mahogany desk. He was a huge man with large black eyebrows, and he towered over her, even seated as he was behind the highly polished monument to severity that his enormous desk was.

“Well, young lady, it appears that the time has come for me to mete out punishment for your transgressions!” Bonnie felt as if she was melting into his amazingly plush carpet. A large wooden ruler rested upon the desk that it matched in material as well as gloss. This he now lifted and whacked into his own hand. The frightened girl jumped and wilted visibly. “Come with me,” he commanded and opened a door in the wooden panelling behind his desk. He ushered her quickly through and down a dark flight of stairs to a room lit softly but sufficiently by a number of large candles in holders around the walls. She was amazed at the room, for there were padded benches of plush red velvet and each was fitted with fantastic accoutrements; chains and shackles, as well as whips lay upon them.

By now, poor little Bonnie’s heart was pounding loudly in her ears.

Quickly, Dr. Clark called out: “Mason!” and a man appeared, heavily muscled and stripped to the waist, from an anteroom. Swiftly he seized Bonnie and shackled her wrists to chains that hung from a great beam. Then he lifted the girl onto one of the benches and shackled her ankles. Her thighs were now on a level with the headmaster’s dark eyes. Her legs were held well spread by the ankle chains. The two men surveyed their captive, walking round the poor lass, now rendered motionless by the terror of the moment. What they saw was a shapely young filly, with smooth thighs and pert teenaged breasts, absolutely and utterly at their mercy. And they had none.

“A few light strokes with the velvet whip should warm her up!” suggested Clark. Quickly and eagerly, Mason picked up the suggested scourge and snapped it almost playfully around the girl’s lovely thighs. Her breath whooshed out of her mouth as she felt the sting of the whip. As she took a great gulp of air, the doctor came over and lifted her skirt to admire the fresh red welt raised on her young body. The men took the opportunity to examine the cute way her buttocks filled her panties and the plump bulge of her pubic mound swelling the gusset between her sweet thighs. The head raised a hand and gently cupped one cheek of her bottom and squeezed it softly. Bonnie felt very light-headed. Everything was happening so quickly!

“Oh, yes,” he said softly. “I’m going to enjoy chastising you!” The big man still held the mahogany ruler in his hand, and now he ran it slowly up the youngster’s inner thigh. She held her breath as it traversed her shapely flesh and then came to rest pressed firmly against the soft swell of her sex. Her breath dribbled out of her mouth unevenly as she struggled to breathe calmly. He rubbed the edge of the ruler in the crack between her labia. It slid through the soft slit smoothly, just touching her clit. He moved it away and then suddenly snapped the flat of the ruler onto her cute love-lips. Bonnie cried out at the sting. He smiled.

“Is that sore, young lady?” Sahabet he asked mockingly. “There, there, I’ll rub it for you.” And he lifted his free hand up between her legs and gently stroked her tingling pussy. Bonnie was shocked to the core. Mason drew nearer and watched with tangible lust as his master caressed the teenager’s tender snatch. His fingers lingered between her thighs as he carefully felt her injured labial lips. And then he smacked her pouting pussy, but with the cup of his palm this time, then he squeezed her abused little crotch in his hand perpetuating the pain.

He continued to smack her little snatch until the tears flowed down her cheeks; striking, cupping, squeezing and caressing in a cycle of abuse, so that the juices began to flow inside her tight canal. His fingers found her clit and he rubbed it mercilessly. He pushed his fingers into the leg of her panties and found the puffy lips of her swollen pussy, and plunged one thick finger up into her vagina up to the top knuckle. He began to piston that finger up and down inside her juicy snatch, while his other hand played with her clit.

The passion began to build within her, as she reacted to the pain and the relentless finger fucking. Now they ripped off her panties, exposing her nest to their lustful attentions. Mason was better able to observe the head’s manipulation of Bonnie’s sweet cookie. He watched the thick finger plunging up into the depths of her tender pussy and his fist punching into her swollen labia.

Clark said: “Strip off her blouse.” His man obeyed, unbuttoning the garment then loosening her bra. Her breasts were hard and her nipples erect from the stimulation. Clark said: “Smack her tits!”

Mason obeyed eagerly, cupping his hand and striking her firm breasts until she wept and they were bright red. Then he climbed onto the bench and licked them and blew on them until they cooled. Then he bent his head and sucked her nipples.


Dr. Clark’s finger games were exciting Bonnie tremendously, and the attentions of Mason, with his mouth on her breasts, was exacerbating those feelings. Now that the pain had abated, she was beginning to enjoy their attentions. But her relief was to be short lived, as Mason suddenly bit her nipple, sending a shockwave of pain through her tender tit. To Bonnie’s surprise this seemed to heighten her pleasure rather than diminish it. And then Clark pinched her clit and twisted it, and her passion was redoubled. She moaned softly, not sure whether it was from the pain or desire. Dr. Clark smiled darkly, his mouth curling sadistically only at the corners.

“I think the little miscreant is beginning to enjoy it! Chain her on her back.” Mason quickly obeyed and she was spread-eagled on the velvet-cushioned bench. Her feet were bracketed close to her hips, so that her knees were high and her thighs wide spread. Her tender nest was exposed fully to their gaze and their abuse. Now they studied her pink-lipped pussy, the love-lips all puffy and vulnerable from the beating they had received.

She felt a hot rush through her loins as they examined her most intimate of areas. She liked to have men look at her vagina, she realized! It was so exciting! The head nodded thoughtfully.

“I think I will have to work on this a bit.” He seized her clit between thumb and forefinger. “This is where these young girls are most tender, where they are most at our mercy!” He released her clitoris and suddenly, brutally plunged two thick fingers up her pussy, reaching as deeply as he could and probed the roof of her vagina, finding and hurting her g-spot. He began to finger fuck her pretty little hole. Her pussy juices flowed copiously and drenched his hand. He withdrew his fist and admired his glistening, wet hand.

“Mmmm,” he mused and raised his hand to his mouth and licked her juicy nectar from his fingers. “Your cunt tastes delicious, little girl, I think I must drink directly from the well.” Strangely, Bonnie was shocked by the dirty word, more than the concept. And then, slowly, inexorably, he lowered his head to her wellspring and encompassed her entire nest with his large, hungry mouth.

She felt his hard lips suck at her pussy-lips and his rapacious tongue invaded her delicious slit. Her lips rose to meet his greedy mouth, and his thick tongue probed deeply into her hole, licking, tasting, enjoying. He reached under his chin and pulled and squeezed her clit as he chewed on her pussy. The pain was excruciating and exquisite. Very noisily and with total abandon, Bonnie ground her hot, juicy cunt in his face, leaching every final modicum of pleasure and lust from her incredible orgasm.

Her eyes were closed, and she lay panting away her strength and her passion. The pain dissipated from her crotch as she felt his mouth leave her nest. Bonnie sighed deeply with relief. But then she felt a new mouth, younger, and more urgent close over Sahabet Giriş her vulva. She opened her eyes to see Mason eating her abused pussy. She sighed again as his tongue slipped smoothly up her snatch, and closed her eyes. Then they snapped open as she felt something hot, hard and sticky rub over her young face.

Dr. Clark knelt over her head, his great exposed penis brushing her cheek. He smiled down at her.

“Open your mouth, child,’ he instructed her in a sepulchral voice, “It’s necessary to continue your punishment. I promise that this will hurt you more than it will hurt me!” He seized a hard nipple in each hand and pinched. When Bonnie opened her pretty mouth to gasp at the pain, he slid his cock between her soft, warm lips, into her wet mouth. “Ah!” he breathed, “so warm and comforting, one’s penis in a young girl’s mouth.” Bonnie was surprised at how easily and comfortably his cock fitted into her mouth. When he moved it, it felt quite pleasant, except for the pain in her nipples where his assault continued, and in her pussy, where Mason was chewing vigorously.

She gave a little tentative suck and Clark said: “That’s very nice my dear, but this is supposed to hurt, so I’m going to FUCK your mouth!” And with that, he began to drive his cock deep into her gasping throat, ramming it to the hilt, bruising her sweet nose and chafing her cute lips. Cock in her mouth and tongue up her cunt were too much and quickly Bonnie ascended to an orgasm of gigantic proportion. As she climaxed, thrashing and moaning from pain and passion, straining at her shackles, the head ejaculated, driving his long hard, greedy cock down her throat, forcing her to gulp and swallow the hot, sticky contents of his enormous balls for fear of drowning in his come.


“I think we have punished her sufficiently for today,” announced Clark in his deep voice, “her cunt has not yet been prepared enough for our use yet, Mason, so you may satisfy yourself in her mouth.” His assistant nodded gravely and unzipped his pants and extracted his enormous prick. Bonnie was aghast. It was even larger than the head’s! The length was perhaps the same, but the girth was enormous. That will never fit in my mouth!

She was almost right. He was only able to force the very tip between her lips and on command that was all she was able to suck. Bonnie thought the corners of her mouth would split and she developed a terrible cramp in her jaw. She moaned at the pain as he forced another inch of that monstrous weapon further into her warm mouth. Mason rubbed his hand rapidly up and down his great shaft, masturbating rapidly while Bonnie sucked his cock.

Then he shouted: “Swallow, bitch, swallow!” and he tried to force his cock further into her mouth. Bonnie gulped desperately, drinking his hot, thick offering. When he was satisfied, they released her and bade her dress. Dr. Clark led her back to his office.

“Return at the same time tomorrow, young lady and we will continue your punishment.” He handed her a jar of ointment. “Use this on your pussy, and ask Nurse for an icepack, and your cunt will be ready for further punishment tomorrow.” Bonnie nodded obediently.

“Yes, sir,” she agreed.

“And call in Mrs. Jones,” he added. Bonnie went to the door and indicated to his stern-faced secretary that she was wanted.

As she gently closed the door she heard Clark address his secretary: “Bend over my desk, Mrs. Jones, I need a cunt to fuck.”

Bonnie hurried along to the nurse who shook her head sympathetically.

“Poor dear,” she said, “It was your first time with the head, wasn’t it? “Don’t worry, it will get better as you get used to it!” The cool salve helped enormously. She smoothed it very gently onto her tender and inflamed vagina, and blew on it softly. Then she wrapped the ice in a towel and held in her crotch. Quickly the swelling subsided, and she began to feel more cheerful. She began to hum as she made her way back to her room from the bathroom.

Young Helen Brown said snidely, “You sound cheerful for someone who has just been punished!” All the girls giggled knowingly.

“Nothing to say?” asked Edith Simmons.

“Pussy-cat got your tongue?” They all laughed at her blushes.

“Or rather ‘tongue got your pussy!’” They all roared with laughter, as the poor girl ran to her room in tears.

Bonnie slept fitfully, but when she finally did fall asleep, she awoke on a dream that was so erotic that she found herself masturbating in her sleep. And it involved pain. And the pain was being inflicted on her tender private parts.

She rose from her bed in a sweat. Quietly, she padded down the passage to the bathroom. As she passed through the dormitory, she glanced into open rooms. A lot of the beds were empty. Curious, she proceeded down the stairs. As she reached the landing she began to hear the soft drone of voices. One Sahabet Güncel Giriş dim light burned and by the soft glow she saw that it was nearly midnight. Creeping quietly towards the subdued sounds, she came to the teachers’ lounge. The door was shut, but she could hear that the voices and other noises were issuing from that location. Heart pounding, she slipped out of the fire exit, carefully leaving her slippers to prevent it from self-locking.

Once outside, she made her way around to one of the windows. Standing among the daisies, she carefully peered in. Her jaw dropped at the scene before her astonished eyes. Helen and Edith were both there. So were Christine, Sonia, Candace and Penny. But the girls were heavily out numbered by the men. All the male teachers seemed to be there and a few of the ladies. And they were paying a lot of attention to the schoolgirls.

Candy was suspended between two men. Her feet were not touching the ground. Mr. Peters held Candy by the hips. Mr. Davis held her by the tits. Davis was fucking her ass, while Peters was ramming her cunt. They stood facing each other and she rode on their hard cocks. They bounced her up and down between them. Candace was squealing with randy pleasure. Chrissie was on her back on a large table. Mr. Benson knelt astride her chest while fucking her tits that she was holding together with her little white hands. Mr. Waters was between her legs, his face buried in her crotch, slurping and licking her pale pink pussy. At the other end, Mr. Granger was having his small cock sucked with great enthusiasm by the tiny redhead.

The remainder of the male faculty was similarly using the rest of the girls. The female staff were participating where they could. Bonnie watched the orgy with growing lust. She reached under her hem to find her tender clit, which she stated to massage gently. It was all she could do not to vocalize her passion, although with the sounds of lust and desire issuing from the lounge, it was doubtful whether anyone would have heard, her contribution. Of one thing she was sure, when she climaxed, she was not the only one climaxing at that instant. Surreptitiously she crept away and took her sore pussy to bed.


Bonnie slept soundly for the rest of the night, but it was she who cast knowing looks at the other girls the next morning. She felt surprisingly fit, and her lessons went well. She felt quite cheerful and the day passed quickly. All too soon it was time to report to the headmaster. When Mrs. Jones ushered her through, she was surprised to find that Dr. Clark was not alone. With him were two strange men. They were both in their forties, and they studied her closely. Dr. Clark rose to introduce them.

“Child, this is Mr. Garfield, and this is Mr. Harris. They are the mayor and the commissioner of police. They are both here to participate in your punishment. As payment for their good services in this regard, you will make yourself available to them for any sexual use they may want to use your body for.” Bonnie stared at two men. Garfield was overweight and sweating. Harris was a big tough cop.

Clark opened the door and the frightened girl descended the gloomy stairs. Mason awaited her and led her to a large wooden wheel.

The men gathered around her and Mason said: “Strip!” The terrified student obeyed, and the men watched with lustful eyes. Garfield spoke softly to Dr. Clark.

“Mr. Garfield wishes to see your cunt close up. Sit on the bench and hold it open.” Bonnie’s face burned with humiliation. Obediently, she sat and tucked her feet up alongside her hips, opening her lovely thighs. She pulled the lips of her pussy open with her little fingers, and the men stooped to gaze avariciously up her sweet snatch. Her juices flowed with the excitement of the moment.

“She does get wet quickly, doesn’t,” remarked Harris and he reached out his hand to check the wetness of her twat. His fingers lingered to feel her cute cunt and the others watched and waited their turn.

“Can we hurt her now?” whispered Garfield.

Bonnie’s heart sank at his words, even as the headmaster nodded. Mason chained her onto the wheel, her limbs like spokes at four corners. Cruelly, he spun the contraption, and her body rotated rapidly. She came to rest with her head hanging down, and her exposed crotch in the air.

Garfield asked; “May I?” and bent his head to her nest and licked her pretty pink pussy thoroughly. He pushed his sweaty face deep into her nest, and his thick tongue even deeper into her juicy cunt, and licked the inside of her hole. No pain yet, she thought. But then, Mason appeared with some strange apparatus. Wired together, were a large battery, a thick metal cylinder, and three crocodile clips. Brutally, he took the fat cylinder and thrust it deep into Bonnie’s pussy. The clips he attached painfully to her nipples and to her clit. He switched on the current.

Bonnie arched involuntarily, as the pain surged through her most sensitive areas. It was excruciating. Her mouth came open as she screamed. Mason turned the wheel until her head was at hip height, and Clark turned to his guests.

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