Mirror Image


Rachel Roberts was at the top of her game. At thirty-two, she had endured – survived – the rigors of the feature circuit, made a pile of money through careful investments, and gotten out with her voluptuous body, sanity, and self-respect intact. Well, she hadn’t gotten out completely. She still operated her web site, which would be a lucrative source of income for several years yet. Her fans still craved her, even though she no longer toured the gentlemen’s clubs as a dancer. Those same fans continued their monthly subscriptions and e-mail tributes unabated. The voluptuous redhead planned to continue the photo shoots, live webcasts, and videos as long as the money from them kept pouring in. To that end, she had not joined the parade of former big-bust superstar dancers who, upon retirement, had immediately had their oversized implants removed. Once a star, always a star; Rachel relished the power she wielded over men and had no wish to do anything that might diminish it until she was good and ready.

Another of Rachel’s business ventures – one that was now occupying the bulk of her time – was managing the careers of newer, up-and-coming dancers. Jaymie Reddig – or ‘Crystal Cayce’ as she was known professionally – was the star of Rachel’s stable. In fact, Crystal was Rachel’s entire ‘stable’ at that moment. The then-eighteen-year-old had been dancing in a gentleman’s club in Ft. Lauderdale when Rachel had appeared there during her Farewell Tour. The more-experienced performer had recognized the spectacularly-beautiful Blonde’s potential and crowd-appeal immediately and chose her to be the first client of Rachel’s fledgling Big Time Teases management company.

Crystal had idolized Rachel Roberts. It was the ravishing Redhead that had inspired the precocious young girl to become a dancer. It had been the thrill of a lifetime to be given her shot at Feature status by none other than the star she worshipped above all others. The training had been almost an afterthought. Rachel had not seen a girl with such an innate grasp of how to push a man’s buttons – and separate him from his hard-earned cash – since she herself had broken into the business more than a decade before.

The operations had followed in quick succession. Crystal was a girl possessed, determined to be big – really big – in more than name, in homage to her idol. Rachel had taken her to Montreal to get the desired custom-made silicone breast and buttock implants, as well as hip enhancement, rib removal, and micro-liposuction. The girl’s already-stunning facial features were enhanced with fuller, plusher, bee-stung lips. Crystal’s formerly svelte five-foot-seven-inch frame swelled to an incredible 56-22-38. After healing, Rachel had radically revised the buxom beauty’s dance style and body movements, supplanting her own slow, sinuous, feline grace for the younger girl’s former lissome, athletic routines.

The result had rocked the adult entertainment industry like a bomb. Crystal Cayce had been an instant sensation on the feature circuit. Demand for the blonde bombshell was so great, she had been touring almost continuously for over a year. Her notoriety had been spurred on by the many videos Rachel had cast her new star in. Crowds of crazed fans flocked the clubs in which Crystal had been booked to perform. Her carefully-managed autograph sessions, left unchecked, could easily have extended to the clubs’ closing times. Crystal’s success had been so overwhelming, it couldn’t help but mess with her head. ‘Jaymie’ receded deep into the background; ‘Crystal’ became her dominant conscious personality. Rachel saw the change, but said nothing. Crystal had her own ‘chemistry’ that had taken the Business by storm. The experienced dancer in Rachel knew better than to tamper with that state of being, for fear of ruining all she had worked so hard to build. Rachel had not even had time to audition other dancers to join her team. At that moment, ‘other dancers’ were the furthest thing from Rachel Roberts’ mind.

If Crystal had any weakness, it was her brother Johnnie. They were orphaned fraternal twins, eerily similar in height, build, complexion, and features. Even Johnnie’s dense, thick, wavy hair was the length and color of his sister’s It had irked Rachel when, upon having Crystal’s tresses bleached a shimmering Platinum Blonde for her new image, the girl had insisted that Johnnie’s hair be tinted to match. It had irked her more when he willingly agreed. There were differences, of course. His hair was usually tied back in a neat ponytail while hers was curled, fluffed, and styled to the nth degree. Johnnie favored comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that revealed nothing, as opposed to his sister’s come-hither look that flaunted her magnificent assets – a look dictated by her mentor to drive men crazy with lust.

The two might as well have been conjoined twins. For as long as Rachel had known them, they seemed to be joined at the hip. With no parents or other family, Johnnie had been Crystal’s ‘manager’ Kartal Yabancı Escort (it was so hard for an eighteen-year-old to manage someone else’s life when they were still learning how to manage their own), choreographer, makeup artist, wardrobe master, confidant and emotional anchor. Rachel could not conceive of a less-typical teenage boy. He displayed no sense of macho attitude, nor interest in sports – other than the stunningly-athletic dance routines he had choreographed for his sister. When Crystal’s style of movement and dance had to be altered to accommodate her stunning new dimensions, Johnnie had been quick to devise new, less acrobatic routines to flatter her. The alluring Redhead didn’t want to know where he had picked up the skills he so proudly showcased. She just accepted them – and him – for what they were. One other thing was clear; where Crystal had idolized Rachel, Johnnie obviously worshipped his sister.

Rachel had tried hard to dislike her star’s sibling. There was something unsettling about the way they looked at each other, held each other’s hands. In the beginning, the two had slept together in the same room. Rachel put a stop to that. The older woman had seen this social taboo before, including at least one Hollywood celebrity. The Redhead did not consider herself a prude – not with her lifestyle. If brother and sister were ‘an item’, she couldn’t care less – but if such an arrangement ever became public knowledge…. She didn’t appreciate the expense of a third hotel room, but she had to do something with him. If Rachel had had her way at the start, the boy would have been left at home or sent packing altogether. The problem with Johnnie was, he was just so damn likable. He was neither Svengali nor Stage Mom; a bit shy around Rachel, perhaps, but friendly, utterly un-prepossessing, adapting readily to the new manager’s direction and authority. To make matters worse, Crystal was adamant; where she went, he went.

The former dancer, knowing all the tricks and temptations of The Road, knew something was going on. She discovered it quite by accident. They were in New York on the second day of a week’s worth of shows at Score. Rachel had been out on business calls while Johnnie had been helping Crystal fitting a new costume. Rachel wrapped up her appointments early and headed back to the hotel, flush with excitement. Eric Rymer and Phillip Thomas from Vanguard Video had insisted on taking her and Crystal to an early dinner prior to Crystal’s evening show. There would be more than filet mignon on the table; at stake was a video production and distribution deal potentially worth a small fortune. They would be calling on the girls at six o’clock.

To complicate matters, a third executive from a competing video company also insisted on interviewing Crystal that evening – personally. Rachel knew what that meant. Dante had a reputation as a serious ‘player’ with impressive endowment and a taste for kink reflected in the product he produced. If the rumors about his sexual preferences were true…. That she would be committing her starlet to being used for sex by this man did not bother her a bit. That was the nature of the business; Rachel was a big girl now, and Crystal would have to be, too, if she wanted to make it big. The real issue was credibility. If he had been one of the usual big-talking, low-rent bottom-feeders that inhabited the Adult Entertainment business, the savvy businesswoman would not have given him the time of day. The truth was, Dante was of equal stature in the industry as the other two; a deal with him would be equally lucrative. She wouldn’t blow him off out-of-hand – well, she WOULD, but in a different context – but how could she satisfy both competing demands on her starlet’s time and attention? TIME! Damn, she had to get back to the hotel and make Crystal put herself together FAST! As for the conflict between the two factions… well, she would work something out….

Rachel burst into Crystal’s room – and thought she was hallucinating. There before her, perched delicately, side-by-side, on the edge of the bed, were two ‘Crystals’. Both were attired in elegant black sequined minidresses, sleek, sheer, jet-black seamed stockings, black patent pumps with pencil-thin five-inch stiletto heels, dramatic makeup, long crimson talons, and curly, fluffed-out Prime Time Hair. Identical black patent clutches rested on the bed on either side of the pair. Multiple-tiered crystal necklaces encircled their throats, with matching pendant earrings dangling from their dainty earlobes. Snug-fitting, multi-stranded bracelets and ankle wraps completed the picture. Each girl held a flute of champagne in one hand and was nuzzling, stroking, caressing her twin with the other. Both bimbos – there could be no mistaking them for anything else – were perfect from head to toe. Both had undeniably feminine curves. Even so, a closer examination detected differences. One had Crystal’s unmistakable surgically-enhanced pulchritude; Kartal Yeni Escort the other….

“Good evening, Crystal and… Crystal. I hope I’m not interrupting anything… intimate. Perhaps you ladies could bring me up to speed on this?”

It was comical to observe both bimbos turn towards her simultaneously with identical gapes of astonishment on their plush, crimson lips. Rachel strode slowly, sinuously to their side, smiling bemusedly. Both dresses were cut to flaunt the wearer’s cleavage, slender waist, and flaring hips. Although not as outrageously endowed as the original, there was nothing phony about the rounded, thrusting curves of the second ‘Crystal’. Rachel gently cupped the girl’s chin and lifted her face until their gazes met.

“I must say, you are absolutely lovely, My Dear. I am crushed I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you before. Where HAVE you been hiding?”

“I… uh… that is… I mean….”

The bustier of the two put her arm around her twin protectively.

“She did it for me. I… like her this way.”

“SHE did, did she? That’s all right, Baby. I like her this way, too. Crystal….”

Both girls looked up. Rachel saw this was going to be a problem. She turned her attention towards her original star.

“…I meant, YOU, Crystal. We have a dinner date with two gentlemen. They will be here to pick us up in thirty minutes. I see I won’t have to worry about you not having time to get ready. You look absolutely lovely. You both do. Why don’t you freshen up a bit? I will be back for you shortly.”

The ravishing Redhead turned her attention to the newer of the two sexy sirens. She extended her arm to the lovely creature, hand bent downward at the wrist.

“And YOU, My Dear. Would you please accompany me to my room? We have some things to discuss. Bring your purse.”

The other ‘Crystal’ took the proffered hand and rose gracefully. Rachel slipped her arm through the girl’s and escorted her out of the room. Not a word was said until they were in Rachel’s room with the door shut. Rachel seated herself on one side of the bench at the vanity mirror. She patted the empty space next to her and the delectable blonde seated herself. The striking Redhead began intensifying her makeup for an evening look. Rachel caught her companion’s gaze in the mirror and smiled again.

“What do I call you? Don’t insult me by saying you’ve gone this far and don’t have a name.”


“Tiffany. Tiffany Cayce. I like that. It suits you. Well, Tiffany, since I met you… uh, the other you, I’ve been worried you and your sister were doing something nasty when you were alone together. That bothered me. If people found out about it, even in THIS business, the publicity could hurt your sister’s career. And all this time, you have been BEING something nasty. That’s a different story altogether – and one I can relate to.”

Rachel turned and casually began feeling up Tiffany’s body; breasts, waist, hips and tush. A warm, dreamy expression enveloped her exquisite features.

“Mmmm, hormones?”


“A really aggressive therapy, isn’t it? About a D cup now?”

“Just, as of this week. We were celebrating.”

“And so you should, Sweetie, so you should. I guess it runs in your family; your sister was a D-cup before I had her enhanced. And those hips and ass are all you? No padding?”

“No padding.”

“Your idea, or hers? Or both?”

“Both, really. After our parents died, we got shuffled from one foster home to the next. For the most part, we had only each other to trust and confide in. Jaymie liked to play ‘Dress Up’ even then. She wanted a girlfriend – a sister – to dress up with. I love Jaymie; I couldn’t refuse her. It was strange, at first – the fashions, makeup, hair styling, dancing, all of it – but she really liked it. After a while, I liked it, too.”

” You LIKED it? Honey, you LOVE it! No one goes to this much trouble just to oblige a sibling – even one you are that close to. What about the hormones?”

“Jaymie has been sexually active since she was fourteen. Our foster mom made her go on birth control pills. Jaymie made me take them, too, telling me it was one more intimate experience sisters should share. She went to different doctors to make sure she had enough for both of us. She started making contacts when she first started dancing. She got referred to a doctor who was really into the scene. He wrote prescriptions for me; estradiol, progesterone, Aldactone. I have been taking those ever since.”

Rachel pondered that as she removed her business suit and slipped into a naughty little plunge-necked gold satin spandex tankdress and matching stiletto pumps.

“You have been on hormones since you were fourteen?”


“Then, your little clitty… I mean, you can’t….”

Tiffany just shook her head.

“I don’t mind. Really. Jaymie taught me girls like us love in other ways.”

Something dawned Kartal Masaj Salonu on the perceptive Redhead.

“Jaymie… Crystal has been sexually active – and on birth control – since she was fourteen. She made YOU go on The Pill, too, encouraged you to experience the same intimacies she did, and taught you how to do so. That means you….”

Tiffany blushed slightly, smiled, and nodded her head.

“I’ve dated my doctor a few times. I had to thank him properly for my hormones. There have been others, too….”

“…and you HID all this from me?”

Tiffany signed and shrugged her shoulders a bit.

“We weren’t sure how you would take it.”

Rachel laughed then; a warm, rich, genuine laugh that bounced off the walls.

“Oh, Honey. Oh, HONEY….”

Rachel’s cell phone buzzed. She flipped the lid and spoke.

“Hello? Dante! You’re already here? Just a moment….”

The wheels had already been turning in Rachel Roberts’ head. She looked up at her companion and smiled.

“Tiffany, dear, would you excuse me for a moment? I would like to take this call in private, if I may.”

“Of course, Rachel. I need to tinkle anyway.”

Rachel watched the sexy siren slink into the bathroom, hips and tush undulating as if on rails. The door closed with a faint click. Smiling, she returned to her caller.

“Dante, it is so thoughtful of you to take the time to come all the way over here to see us. Something unexpected has come up at the last minute, and I regret Crystal will be unable to see you right now. Of course, I certainly wouldn’t want you to have made the long trip in rush hour traffic for NOTHING. I was wondering, could I entice you with an… alternate proposition?”

Tiffany re-entered the bedroom to find Rachel perched on the edge of the bed. The red-headed hussy smiled serenely, delighted to see the Blonde had taken the time to touch up her makeup and hair. She was perfect, like her sister. At least, she would be soon…. Rachel smiled warmly and softly patted the mattress beside her. The younger woman gracefully alit where directed.

“Tiffany, dear, you love your sister, don’t you?”

“More than my life.”

“…and you would do… ANYTHING to make her happy?”


Rachel smiled, trying not to make it look too triumphant.

“I thought so. Dear, we have a little scheduling conflict. As you already know, Crystal and I will be dining shortly with representatives of a video production company. Of course, nothing is set in stone yet, but it could mean lots of money AND publicity for Crystal. The problem is, there’s a gentleman from ANOTHER video company who also wants to discuss a deal with us. He will be here in a few minutes. We can’t take either one for granted; nor can we afford to alienate either one. Of course, if either knew we were in discussions with the competition, any potential offer would be off the table immediately. I was wondering… would it be too much of a burden to ask you to… entertain this gentleman – alone – while we talked with the others? If you will do this for me, tomorrow you and I will discuss some big changes I have in mind for your role with my company.”

“Entertain him? I’m not sure I know how to entertain a business executive. I don’t want to screw this up for you and Jaymie. What do I say? What do I do?”

The elated Redhead slipped her arm through her companion’s, then rose gracefully to her feet, gently lifting Tiffany with her.

“Sweetie, I don’t believe you will have to SAY much of anything. Just do what comes naturally to you. I think you know how.”

There was a soft tap on the door. Rachel beamed.

“Come in. It’s open.”

The only word to describe Dante was ‘hunk’; easily six feet tall, broad-shouldered, slim-waisted, a small tight butt, and appeared to be one hundred ninety pounds of solid muscle. He was movie-star handsome, too, with dark, wavy hair, chiseled features, and piercing blue-gray eyes. The overwhelming impression was of a man who had spent as much time in front of the camera as behind it. Rachel heard the faint, yet distinctive gasp as Tiffany’s breath caught in her throat. The more experienced woman crossed the room, speaking as she approached him.

“Dante! Thank you for coming.”

Rachel extended her hand for him to take. He did so, then kissed the back lightly.

“I NEVER tire of a real gentleman. May I present my newest star, and your hostess for this evening, Miss Tiffany Cayce. Tiffany, this is Mr. Dante D’Alessandro of VideoRoma. Dante, I see BIG THINGS ahead for my little starlet. I hope you will agree.”

Rachel stepped slightly to one side, affording Dante a better view of his companion for the evening. This time it was his turn to catch his breath. Tiffany extended her hand as her mentor had done and was rewarded with the same gentle kiss – although a bit more drawn-out.

“I’m very pleased to meet you, Signore D’Alessandro.”

“The pleasure is ENTIRELY mine, Bella.”

Although Tiffany might not have noticed it, Rachel could not possibly ignore the massive bulge appearing along the inside of Dante’s pant leg. She smiled coyly, but said nothing. There was another knock on the door.

“Room Service”

Rachel beamed.

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