Memories of Old Camp


Once upon a time. I’ve always wanted to start a story that way. As I look back on my life and try to find something to write about, that is the first phrase that came to mind. Has it really been that long ago, is the second phrase? Where all the time went, does not enter into it. I know where it all went; I lived it. For the good, the bad, or the indifferent, the time was used to the fullest.

My grandfather told me when I was a very young lad, to make as many happy memories as I could throughout my life, as one day that would be all I had left.

He was right, for my life has been long in the living but short in the remembering. This is one of those good memories, although I’ll let you be the judge as to whether it is a happy one. Either way, enjoy the story.


On a cool fall morning, and they do get cool here in northern Louisiana, I was sitting on an old campstool sipping coffee. An old pickup truck appeared across the cow pasture from me. It had entered the field from the woods and was slowly following the road along the edge. I recognized the truck as belonging to my dad’s next-door neighbor, Mike Harlan.

A frown crossed my face as I thought of his two nephews, whom I figured he was bringing out here to dump off on me again. The two boys weren’t really that bad, we just had personality conflicts to put it mildly. Carl the oldest one was an opinionated, self-centered, know it all little asshole. Bobby the younger of the two was an old baby and scared of everything from bugs to the dark. I figured my quiet weekend by myself, was shot to shit.

Boy was I in for a surprise.


Mr. Harlan’s old truck rattled to a stop next to my tent, and he got out as I got up to walk over to shake hands. My forced smile turned into a real grin, when I didn’t see the nephews in the truck. There were two girls in the truck but I didn’t know either one of them, although I had seen the one with dark hair over at Mr. Harlan’s house before.

“Hello Rob, I figured you would be up here. The boys wanted to come up and hunt with you, but I told them that they had taken up enough of your time for a while. Anyway, I know what a pain in the ass they are and I appreciate the fact that you’ve been kind enough to teach them something about the woods and hunting. I’d always hoped some of your good qualities would rub off on them, but I don’t guess it’ll happen.” Mr. Harlan said with a grin in his usual long-winded style.

I had been watching the girls over his shoulder as they got out of the truck. I couldn’t see much of them for they were behind the truck, but I did catch them glancing over my way and whispering together.

“Well, Mr. Harlan I won’t disagree with you on the boys, and sometimes its not to bad having them around, but right now I wanted some time for myself. I’ll be starting college in the spring and I won’t get the chance to do this very often for the next four or five years. Not to change the subject, but what brings you all the way up here?”

He grinned and slowly shook his head. “I’m afraid I have a favor to ask of you, if it won’t be too much trouble. Gale is my oldest boy’s only daughter; she’s the brunet. She and her girlfriend are up from college over Thanksgiving to visit and I mentioned we had been deer hunting at the lease. Neither one of them has ever been hunting before nor do they really want to kill anything. They just want some pictures of wildlife to take back to school.”

He paused a second, and then went on, “There are way too many hunters at the lease, so I thought I might bring them up and let you show them around. Your dad told me you had already limited out this season, so I figured you might have the time. I’d appreciate it if you would do it.”

I laughed and said, “Sure, why not. All I had planned for the day was loafing and maybe some squirrel hunting later this afternoon. We can show them around today and probable get them close enough to some animals to get a picture or two. No ones hunted up here but me this year, so the wildlife isn’t too spooky.”

He grinned and nodded. “Thanks, I knew I could count on you. Come on and I’ll introduce you.”

As we walked around the truck, he asked. “How long are you staying up here?”

“It all depends on when I get bored or lonely,” I answered with a laugh. “I worked all summer and have some money put back so I decided to take the holidays off and relax. I have to report to school early because of my football scholarship and to start training with the team. After that it’s going to be long hours and little time off.”

I’m glad I got that last sentence out before the girls came into view otherwise there would have been a lag in the conversation. They were both drop dead gorgeous. Gale was around five foot five and all curves, in a pair of short tight cutoffs and a crop top blouse that was working over time trying to cover her breasts.

The other girl was five, seven with sandy blond hair. She had been poured into a pair of levies and wore a long sleeved mans work shirt knotted tightly at the bottom of her rib cage.

I took about two more steps and stumbled. I would have fallen, if I hadn’t caught myself on the side of the truck. The girls laughed and I could tell from the looks in their eyes that they had achieved the effect that they had intended.

Mr. Harlan introduced me to Gale and her friend Carol, as the three of us grinned at each other. Their grins said “We got you.” and mine answered, “I know that and I love it.”

After the pleasantries were over Mr. Harlan said, “Come on you three and give me a hand unloading this junk. I need to get a move on, if I’m going to be on time getting to the airport.”

Looking at the girls, he continued, “Your Aunt Martha will kill me if we miss that plane. She hasn’t seen her sister in eight years.”

I had been looking over what was in the truck. There was enough camping gear to set up another complete campsite. I looked hard at Mr. Harlan and said, “I assume the girls are staying for more than just the day.”

He nodded and started to unload some of the stuff.

“Okay,” I answered myself.

We unloaded everything into a pile, and then Mr. Harlan said his good-byes, got into the truck, turned around, and drove back the way he had come. I just stood and watched him until he crossed into the woods and was out of sight.

When I turned around the girls were standing there staring at me with large grins on their faces.

Their grins were contagious, as I said in mock seriousness. “Welcome to Camp Wherethefuckarewe? I’ll be your councilor and guide for your stay, so make yourself at home and let’s get camp set up.”

They both laughed at my little joke before Gale said, “At long last I’ve finally gotten you alone. Do you know that I’ve watched you over that fence at my Grandparents home for nearly eight years? You don’t know the fantasies I’ve had at your expense all these years.”

I stared at her with my mouth open, as Carol looked hard at her friend and said, “Gale, you’re being way to blunt here girlfriend. You should have sprung it on him a little at a time. You’re going to scare the boy to death.” She finished with a laugh.

Never taking her eyes off me Gale answered, “I don’t think I’ve scared him at all. I think I just told him the way things have been and the way they are.”

Glancing at Carol, she continued, “I keep telling you, I don’t play the female wiles, bullshit games. I like to tell people where I stand and where they stand right from the beginning, so there isn’t any miscommunication.”

As she looked back at me, she said, “Well, what do you think? You won’t have to baby-sit us as we are both experienced campers and neither of us are afraid of the woods or the dark. We’re here to have fun and maybe even take some pictures. Some may even be of the native animals.” She finished with a laugh.

Carol shook her head and said to no one in particular, “You are bad to the bone, bad to the very bone.”

Gale grinned at me and said, “I might just get to that sooner or later too, but like he said, let’s set up camp.”

Carol chuckled and said softly to herself, “I know that’s true.”

I stood there with my mouth open until they both turned toward their camping gear.


It took a little over an hour to get their camp set up. My tent was a six-foot by eight-foot aluminum frame job as was theirs so we sat it up right beside mine. I had a tarp stretched over a cable between two trees to make a shelter with a table and chair under it. I had my camp stove already set up so we stored theirs.

My lantern was hanging under one end of the tarp and we hung theirs on the other end. The two lounge chairs they brought were under the tarp and they were taking turns pumping up their air mattresses.

I warmed my coffee and sat watching them. Carol was pumping as Gale moved bags and stuff into the tent. I was getting treated to an excellent view of her ass as she bent and kneeled inside the tent door. Standing those were short shorts. In any other position, a good portion of both cheeks was exposed and they were pulled up tightly into the crease of her sex. When she was kneeling and leaning forward the soft swell on either side of her slit was in full view. I was kind of sad when she had finished.

She poured herself a cup of coffee and came over to sit next to Carol. After a sip of coffee, she asked, “Well, what did you think of the show?”

Carol, who had her back to the tent, looked at Gale questioningly. I chuckled and replied, “Fine, mighty fine, in fact one of the best I’ve ever seen, not that I’ve seen that many or at such close range.” I finished with a grin.

“Likely story,” she said returning the grin.

“What did I miss?” asked Carol and we both laughed. She looked at us both as though we were crazy and carried the inflated air mattress over and stuck it in the tent. When konya escort she bent down and went to her knees to position the bed, Gale and I both broke up.

Carol turned and looked at us over her shoulder for a moment before saying, “You are two strange, crazy people.”

Gale sat across from me and started to work the hand pump to inflate her bed. As she lifted her hands and arms, the short shirt she wore rode up baring the bottom third of her breasts, the up and down rubbing of the material soon had her nipples rock hard and sharply outlined by the thin cloth. A smile played over her face as she watched me openly stare at her breasts and hard nipples.

Carol came over and sat down on the other lounge chair. She watched Gale for a moment, and then looked at me before following my staring gaze back to Gale. She looked at Gale’s smile and then at my grin. “You two are too much. It should prove to be interesting though.”

As I shifted my position on the stool, she glanced at the front of my levies. Her mouth opened and closed a couple of times before her eyes returned to my face. There was a funny little smile on her lips, as she said in a soft voice, “Oh yes, very interesting.”

Gale and I both cracked up.

Gale had finished with the mattress and moved it into the tent. Carol sat watching her friend’s ass as I did the same. Once she looked over at me and I grinned at her. Carol’s face turned deep red as she blushed. She quickly got up and went to get a refill on her coffee.

Carol had just sat back down and was taking a sip of coffee when Gale returned. I looked at Gale and said, “Interestingly enough, Carol seemed to enjoy the second act of the show as much as I did.”

Carol sputtered coffee and yelled, “Hey!”

Gale laughed. “Yeah, I’ve been keeping an eye on Miss Sweet and innocent over there for a while now. She’s gotten hot and bothered several times when we’ve been naked around each other.”

Before Carol could protest, Gale continued, “I need to add that she’s not the only one. She’s a damn beautiful woman under all those clothes and sexy as hell out of them. I’ve been tempted to plant a wet one on her several times and maybe even in several places.”

Carol sat there for a moment with her mouth hanging open as she stared at Gale. I reached over and gently lifted her chin up until her mouth closed. She never took her eyes off Gale’s face.

Gale chuckled at Carol’s serious expression and said, “Don’t sweat it girlfriend, there isn’t anyone here but us three, and we’re all as guilty as home made sin. I saw you checking out that bulge in the front of Rob’s levies as much as I was.”

She paused a moment then said, “Come on, let’s hit the woods and see if Davie Crockett here can find us a bear to photograph, maybe even a family portrait.” She finished and then laughed. Carol and I joined in.


The girls gathered up their camera gear and were checking it over. I asked Gale if she had a dark colored blouse, as the yellow one she had on would be bright in the woods. She went into the tent for a moment and returned wearing a form fitting black tube top, which outlined as much as covered her breasts. The thin stretchy material was molded to her full breasts and accentuated them as well as her hard nipples.

Carol took one look at the top and headed for the tent. She returned a few minutes later in a pair of black silk jogging shorts and a top that almost matched Gales. The only difference was that it was less packed. Carol’s breasts were smaller, hard pointy cones with small rock hard nipples set high up. Nice was the first word that popped into my mind.

Her long legs seemed even longer in the shorts and the soft material outlined and clung to her ass and sex. The clefts in both front and rear were clearly visible.

All I could think of as I stood staring at the two of them was that I knew of one wild animal that was getting wilder by the minute. My levies were getting tighter in the front by the minute also, especially after Carol spent a couple of minutes bent over the ice chest looking for just the right flavor coke.

I noticed Gale looking and slowly licking her lips. When I caught her eye after a moment, I licked my lips slowly also. She grinned, and then laughed.


I picked up my twenty-two rifle and slung a canteen of water over my shoulder before we headed down the old dirt road toward the bayou bottoms. I was walking between them as we went, but I was wishing I could have been behind them so I could enjoy the view.

We had walked about a half a mile, when I stopped and quietly explained to the girls that the road was going to start down hill into the bottoms shortly and that we needed to move slowly and quietly along in single file. I was going to go first and they were to follow closely. Walking when I walked and stopping when I stopped. I would use hand signals to point out anything that I thought they might want a shot of.

We walked softly and slowly down the hill for about a hundred-yard to the point it took a hard turn to the left. There we stopped for a moment and then slowly moved to, and then around the turn. There is an old fallen tree on the right side of the road that makes for natural cover.

I bent down and worked my way over behind the horizontal trunk, motioning for the girls to follow me. From past experience, I knew that there was a good chance there would be several deer feeding on the acorns in the opening below the fallen tree.

I eased my head up and looked down into the flat. Sure enough, there was a young buck and four doe feeding there. I motioned for the girls and they slowly peeked over the trunk. Using my finger close against the rough bark, I pointed out the deer. Gale slowly raised her camera and started to click pictures.

Carol took a picture of Gale and me before turning the lens toward the scene below. We spent an hour there taking pictures of the deer as they peacefully fed below us. Gale had paused once to reload her camera. Carol took fewer pictures but I had an idea they would be of a better quality than the larger number Gale took.

When they both had quit taking photos, I motioned them down and we moved back to the road and crossed it. There was a faint narrow trail leading down through a dense stand of young pines. I stopped just inside the edge of the bushy trees at the bottom of the hill.

Standing there in concealment, I could hear sounds of movement out in the open beyond the short trees, but I couldn’t tell what I was hearing. Squatting down, I slowly inched forward until I could see through the remaining limbs into the open oak flat beyond.

There was a large older buck with a wide spread of horns facing a younger challenger whose horns were equally impressive. During my earlier hunts, I had seen the older buck but had never got close enough for a clean shot at him. Of the other buck, I had only seen signs, a scrape here, and a rub there.

The two bucks were not fighting, just facing each other, shaking their heads, and pawing the ground. I felt Gale move in tight against my left back and side and shortly Carol wedged in on the right. Gale leaned against me, her right breast hot against my left shoulder blade as she leveled her camera over my shoulder. Carol did the same on the right.

When they were in position, I eased my hands up and slowly pulled two limbs down and out of the line of their lens. Both cameras click and whirred softly in my ears as the two bucks circled each other.

Suddenly the young buck made a slashing charge at the older, whose head came around to meet the oncoming horns. With a clash and a rattle, the younger buck moved the older back and sideways until he was almost off balance. With equal suddenness, the older buck used his strong neck to twist and the younger bucks horns slipped off.

The old buck made a hopping turn and kicked out with his rear hooves catching the younger in the hip. The young buck’s hind legs slipped in the soft leafy soil and he went down. The older buck spun around and stood over the younger with his horns leveled at his side. The young buck lay utterly still for a moment and then the older buck slowly backed away.

In a flash, young buck rolled to his feet and with a snort bound away through the wood. The older buck gave chase for a few steps before stopping and giving several loud snorts of his own.

The girl’s cameras had been going full tilt all during this display. A movement to my right caused me to turn my head slightly. Five doe’s walked slowly out of a thicket and over to surround the old buck. He made several snorting mock charges in the direction his adversary had taken in retreat, before he turned back to the doe’s and sniffed them all over.

He paid special attention to one large doe, keeping his nose close to her tail for a long time. Slowly she turned and backed up toward him. When her tail touched his chest, he went up onto her back, his large hard red dick working to find the proper place under her tail. The other doe’s made soft coughing sounds as they milled around close to the mating pair. The old buck hunched away for almost a full minute before he made a coughing wheezing sound of his own.

Shortly after that, he dropped off the doe’s back and nosed at her tail again. Suddenly one of the younger doe made a loud cough and the whole herd took flight to our left.

The girls started to move but I reached back to each side to hold them in place. It was only a few seconds later that a pack of five coyotes came into view from the same thicket that had hid the does. The cameras clicked and whirred. The coyotes padded noiselessly across the opening headed in the same direction as the deer.

When they were out of sight, I slowly stood up and turned around. The girls were looking at each other and at me. I had no problem reading the question or statement in their eyes. “Had we really witnessed such a rare sight as two bucks fighting and then two deer mating?”

I grinned at them and said, “Beginners luck is usually very good. You two have got pictures that professional photographers spend years trying to get.”

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