Mature’s First Anal Massage Pt. 03

Cheating Housewife

“Mature’s first anal massage Part 2” ended with Rita and I deciding Bill and Walter performed so well eating our pussies that we’d declared them both winners of the pussy eating contest. Meaning they would both get their cocks sucked by Rita and I versus only the “winner”, which was Walter who made Rita orgasm first.


One of the nicer things about participating in a foursome is the pleasure you get of being able to watch your wife or significant other suck another man’s cock or your husband getting his cocked sucked by another woman. As a result, and to increase everyone’s viewing enjoyment, we decided Rita and I would suck Walter and Bill’s cocks consecutively. Versus both at the same time. Meaning Rita would do Walter while Bill and I watched and then vice versa. Plus it would allow Walter and I the opportunity to get some pictures of yours truly sucking off Bill and Rita doing Walter. Which Bill and Rita agreed to along with a set of pictures for their own viewing enjoyment.

First up was Bill and I. I told Bill to sit of the edge of the massage table while leaning back so his cock would be extended outward. Once he did I grabbed a nearby stool and sat directly in front of him. When seated I took Bill’s semi-hard cock in my mouth. Just the cockhead at first, which I sucked and licked until Bill’s cock became fully erect. When it was I locked my lips around it and slowly but surely began to mouth fuck it.

As I’ve mentioned before, when I suck cock I let my mouth, lips and tongue do all the work. Rarely do I use my hands. Which in this case were firmly holding Bill by the hips as I steadily rocked my head back & forth on his cock while sucking furiously. So much so Walter couldn’t help but say it looked like my cheeks were going to implode.

Ever so slowly I took Bill’s cock deeper and deeper into my mouth until I felt his cockhead on each forward thrust of my head enter my throat. Surprisingly I didn’t gag like I do with Walter’s longer cock in spite of Bill’s cock being almost entirely buried in my mouth. Which might have something to do with Walter’s much larger cockhead.

Walter and Rita who were intently watching kept saying, “way to go Lacey” as I took Bill’s cock deep in my mouth. Plus I could hear the camera shutter click often as Walter couldn’t seem to get enough pictures of Bill’s cock buried in my mouth. I was beginning to feel like a porn star with all the attention I was getting.

Finally I blocked Rita and Walter from my mind and concentrated on sucking Bill’s cock. When it was all said and done I wanted Bill to have the best blow job I could manage gaziantep escort bayan ilanları since it was the first time I was sucking Bill’s cock. A blow job he wouldn’t soon forget if at all possible on my part.

After a while I found it almost a breeze to perform deep throat steadily on Bill’s six inch dick. Something I could never do with Walter’s much longer 8 inch prick as hard as I’ve tried.

Ever so steadily I mouth fucked Bill’s cock deeply on every forward plunge of my head. Although occasionally I would pause from deep throating it to lick and suck just the cockhead. All while paying particular attention to the sensitive underside of his swollen gland with my tongue.

After about ten minutes or so I could feel Bill’s cock become a bit harder and begin to throb ever so slightly. Then he grabbed my head with both hands and announced he was going to cum. Upon hearing that I began mouth fucking his cock as fast as my head would go and took it deep as possible. Just when I sensed he was about to cum I took a deep breath through my nose and took his cock in my mouth as far as I could. When I did the first load of cum shot straight down my throat.

It was followed by two more cum shots down my throat before I had to ease back a bit to get some air. As I did, Bill continued to unload his hot cum in my mouth while I gently sucked and mouth fucked his cock. Once done unloading in my mouth and completely drained Bill started to withdraw his now shrinking cock. But before he did entirely I took one last suck of his cockhead to make sure I got every last drop of his cumload. When satisfied I did I savored the taste of his creamy semen in my mouth before swallowing it in one gulp.

Then I got up and kissed Bill where upon he probed me with his tongue to taste any remnants of his cum that might still be in my mouth.

When we were done is when I realized how much Walter and Rita were applauding.

“Wow!” said Walter. “That was quite a performance Lacey. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed watching you suck Bill’s cock and the way you deep throated it like you did. Two thumbs up for sure.”

Bill then piped in…”I agree Lacey. That’s was simply one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever experienced. I was wondering how good of a cock sucker you’d be. Simply put…you’re terrific.”

Even Rita added a few words of praise. “I’m envious Lacey. Your cock sucking skills way surpass mine. I should have sucked Walter’s cock before you did Bill’s. Now I’ve got a tough act to follow.”

“Thank gaziantep eskort bayan you, thank you.”…I said to everyone while taking a few bows jokingly.

Now it was time for Walter and Rita to take center stage so to say. Walter got up on the massage table and positioned himself like Bill while Rita sat on the stool in front of him. Unlike Bill, Walter was already rip roaring hard with his cock bobbing up and down in anticipation of Rita’s mouth and lips being wrapped around it. No doubt he became aroused from watching me suck Bill’s cock as deeply as I did.

Rita had a different cock sucking style than yours truly as she firmly grabbed the base of Walter’s cock with one hand while taking the remaining four inches or so in her mouth. That way she could simultaneously jack him off while mouth fucking it. But just before she did, she informed Walter that when it came time for him to cum she wanted him to do so on her face. Simply put…”I want to feel your hot cum splashing on my face.”

“Be my pleasure Rita”…Walter replied.

Bill had mentioned how good Rita was at deep throating so it was going to be interesting to see if she would, or could, take all of Walter’s long 8 inch cock down her throat. I wouldn’t blame her if she couldn’t, or didn’t, since I’ve never been able to do so myself very successfully. Our friend Cindy supposedly did during our only other foursome, although I never got to actually see it since I was preoccupied at the time with her husband David eating my pussy.

After about five minutes or so of Rita sucking Walter’s cock while steadily pumping the base with one hand she removed her hand and then slowly but surely began to take it deeper in her mouth. When she had about six inches or so in her mouth she stopped going deeper to simply mouth fuck it for a while. I was thinking she was having second thoughts about trying to take it all in her mouth. But I was wrong.

Apparently once comfortable with the first six inches she decided to go for the “brass ring” and before I knew it Walter’s entire cock disappeared in her mouth and down Rita’s throat. Wow…was I impressed. Especially since it didn’t seem to take much effort on her part, or was there even the slightest hint of her gagging on it. Linda Lovelace would have been proud.

Needless to say I got some great pics of Walter’s cock buried in Rita’s mouth. And while I was taking them I couldn’t help but notice Bill stroking his dick on the opposite side of Walter and Rita from me. Surprisingly his cock was rock hard again. No doubt from the gaziantep bayan escort excitement of watching his beloved Rita sucking another man’s cock. And so expertly too. Plus she truly seemed to be enjoying it. Come to find out Rita is a lot like me. After a good ass-fucking there is nothing she enjoys more than sucking cock.

Rita continued to work her magic on Walter’s cock and it wasn’t much longer before he said he couldn’t hold back any longer and was going to cum. About thirty seconds later Walter started to grunt and groan and when he did he withdrew his cock from Rita’s mouth and while slowly milking it with one hand proceeded to spray his hot cum all over her face. One stream after another splattered on Rita’s pretty face. Maybe a half dozen cum shots in all. Big thick creamy globs of milky white cum.

As soon as Walter was done unloading on Rita’s face Bill moved in closer to add a few cum shots of his own on top of Walter’s. Never expected him to cum again so fast after I sucked his cock, but he managed. Albeit a much smaller load. No doubt the excitement from watching Rita so expertly sucking and deep throating Walter’s cock had a lot, if not everything, to do with it. Can’t blame him as I even found myself rubbing my clit in between taking pictures. Quite a show watching my husband getting his cock sucked up close and personal.

“Bummer!”…I said to Bill. “If I knew you were going to ejaculate again I would have loved for you to have done it on my face.”

“Sorry Lacey. But I’ll be sure to some other time.”

Once both Walter and Bill were done unloading their respective cumloads on Rita’s face, Rita scooped up all their cum with her fingers and licked them clean. Making sure to get as much as she could off her face and swallowing all that she did.

What Rita couldn’t get with her fingers I proceeded to lick from her face for her before transferring it to her open mouth with my tongue. Then we kissed passionately while exploring each others mouths with our tongues.

Rita and I found ourselves getting a bit carried away with each other before we reluctantly separated. Just before we did, Rita whispered in my ear that she would like to make love to me. I smiled and whispered back…”Hopefully soon one day we will.”

The End.



The blow jobs by Rita and I pretty much brought an end to our first foursome together since Walter, and especially Bill who cummed three times to Walter’s two, were pretty much spent. Being mature in age does have some drawbacks, more so on men that with us ladies. After our foursome we all became fast friends. Surprisingly we didn’t have another foursome until about two months later. Although prior to that we spent many hours together dining out, attending movies, events at the local university, etc. Our next foursome would be a three-day weekend affair since we wanted it to be extra special. Which I’ll detail for your reading pleasure in the near future. cock sucked up close and personal.

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