Massage Oil


Massage Oil © As Abbey stepped out of the tub, her body glistened as the water droplets ran down her body to the tile floor. Her nipples were taut with excitement from all the attention given to them earlier. The smile on her lips made her beautiful looks glow even brighter. She reached for the towel to begin her routine. She felt the water run from her long locks, down her chest, across her breasts and jump from her nipples as she leaned over to pick up the towel. The position made her think of bending over in front of me to tease with the view of her firm ass, toned legs and swollen lips. Lips that feel like heaven when they are this swollen and freshly shaved. The smile on her lips grew even bigger knowing how she teased. An almost imperceptible little laugh escaped from her naughty side as she held that position a little porno izle longer then necessary. Oh she does know how to tease. The plush towel felt good as it absorbed the water from her face. Her taut nipples were too sensitive even for this soft, plush towel. She looked down to see how swollen and slightly red they looked as the setting sun filtered through the bathroom window. Abbey realized she forgot to close the window again and probably gave the neighbors a bath scene worthy of a high-end men’s magazine. Oh well, what’s one more show for the neighbors. They haven’t complained so far. The post-bath routine continued as she reached for her Chloe body lotion. The top open, her hand cupped to catch the scented lotion that will fill her lover’s mind for days. The cool lotion was delightful as she spread it across amatör porno her body. The ripple of cool lotion ran from her arms and chest where it was first applied and then to her breasts and nipples sending electric waves to her tips as they progressed along the irresistible path of aching torment. She wanted them to be rubbed more. Feeling them swell even more, she knew they needed to be touched, caressed, squeezed, pulled … they needed to be held firmly. She decided they were right and exchanged the lotion for massage oil. The top to the strawberry massage oil slide off easily, just as it did the night before. She again cupped her hand but this time instead of a dab of lotion, a handful of massage oil was poured for use. Quickly, she shared the oil between both hands followed by her anal porno perky breasts and needy nipples. The oil was generously spread across both breasts as some escaped and ran down her taught belly to create a slippery trail all the way to her vulva. It felt so good as it slid lower to the center of her desire. Her head rolled back slightly as she squeezed them to work the massage oil into her beautiful breasts making them shine in the dim light that filtered through the bathroom window. She looked down to see how the glow from the candles all around the bathroom created dozens of sparkling suns that glittered in the oil on her body. She could almost feel as many eyes upon her as the heat inside her grew stronger and her needy nipples ached for more. Another handful of oil poured out as she put her right leg up on the side of the antique white claw foot tub.She knew how she looked in this position and was thrilled with how exposed she made herself. Feeling even more beautiful as the lustful looks of those dozens of magical dancing eyes watched her in absolute astonishment.

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