Lucy’s Lesson

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It was cold and Lucy drew her coat around her as she hurried home from work. Tonight’s shift had seemed to drag on for hours, and she still had a long walk in front of her. Damn Jason for not fixing the brakes on the car. She forgot how many times she’d asked him to do it.

As she walked she became aware of footsteps behind her. Deliberately she stepped up the pace, remembering her self-defense classes. She mustn’t run, she knew that. She must show no fear! A would-be rapist would sense that and enjoy making her a victim. Instead she made bigger paces and hoped for the best. The steps drew closer and her heart beat so hard in her chest she was sure it would be audible, closer and closer the steps came, the panic was vice like in it’s intensity. She knew it was a man from the heaviness of the steps. Her breathing became shallow and rapid as fear invaded her mind, oh god, what the hell was she going to do. He drew level with her….. She avoided eye contact with him.

The man spoke “Evening Love, chilly isn’t it?” Lucy glanced upwards into a twinkly blue pair of eyes and relief coursed through her. There was no harm in those happy eyes. Her guard down she returned his greeting and smiled at him. “Yes it is! Horribly so!”

“Oh well, can’t last much longer this cold, safe trip home now love” he responded and hurried off into the night.

Lucy carried on with a much lighter heart, the fear alleviated she almost skipped the rest of the way home. At the door she saw the house was in darkness. Jason obviously hadn’t gotten home from his darts match yet. Oh well, she thought, the whole bed to myself for a while, bliss.

As she fumbled with the keys a voice hissed from behind her “Don’t say a word bitch, or I’ll slash your throat from ear to ear” Fear returned and increased as Lucy saw the sharp blade of the knife glitter in the streetlights. Slowly and deliberately she turned her key in the lock and carefully opened the door. With a shove she was through it and into the dark hallway. She reached for the light switch but was prevented by the rough blow to her arm. “No Bitch, first a blindfold. We don’t want you seeing me, if you did I’d have to kill you” Lucy shivered and meekly let the man place the blindfold around her head. “Which way to the bedroom Slut?” He demanded. Lucy pointed in the vague direction of the stairs, and less than gently he half led her and half threw her up them. After investigation he bundled her into a room, which she presumed to be hers. “Perfect” he growled “These iron bed frames make my job so much easier” and he flung her onto the mattress.

Too scared to move, Lucy lay quietly, Starzbet She could hear the sound of metal clinking in the darkness and her mind filled with the familiar fear. Something cold touched her wrist and she flinched away. Her wrist was grabbed roughly and wrenched to the corner of the bed and she felt cold metal snap shut around it. Her other wrist followed fast behind and was attached to the opposite corner. Her legs were spread and in turn attached to their appropriate corners.

Her visitor stood back to admire his handiwork. He grinned to himself and then took his razor sharp knife and proceeded to shred the girl’s clothes until not a stitch covered her beautiful body. He watched her shivering, enjoying her discomfort from the metal and the humiliation of being exposed for all eyes to see. Gently he trailed the tip of the knife across her bare stomach and spoke “You will not struggle or fight me, do exactly as I say and I wont need to hurt you, well not badly anyway” The threat was there for her to hear. He was sure there was a stray tear or two being shed under that blindfold and he wished he could remove it and watch her cry and see her fear. His eyes roamed down the girl’s body and devoured the neatly trimmed bush. Casually he told Lucy “I own your cunt tonight, it’s mine to use as I see fit” A sob escaped the girl, and he thought of using a gag to quieten her. But he wanted to hear her plead with him to stop, and then with him to give her more, as he knew she would eventually.

He moved to where the girl’s mouth was and started to move his huge cock closer to her. “Can you smell me bitch? Can you smell my dick? Are you ready to suck me?”

Lucy shook her head frantically….. How could she take another man in her mouth? She was married for god’s sake. She smelt it as he told her she would and sensed its closeness. Suddenly it touched her lips and she pulled back. He snarled at her “Remember Slut, do as you are told!” and grabbed a handful of her hair and used it to force her mouth onto his cock. It forced it’s way through her clenched lips and invaded her mouth. It’s monstrous proportions making her wide eyed under the blindfold. It just kept going and going. Hitting the back of her throat and making her gag.

On and on it forced until she felt his balls touch her chin. She thought she would suffocate! Jason had a big cock but he was a gentleman and never made her take it all, instead she would give it dainty little licks around the helmet. Slowly the man began to move backwards and forwards, using her hair to hold her mouth where he wanted it. Deliberately and forcefully this Starzbet Giriş man fucked her mouth and throat. Long powerful strokes, pushing right down into her again and again. Then as suddenly as he started, he stopped. “Don’t want to waste my cum this soon little lady” Panting and gasping to control her breathing Lucy slumped back onto the bed.

Abruptly she felt her legs being unchained, and sighed a gasp of relief. It was to be short lived though, for he dragged her legs over her head and reattached them slightly above each hand. She was effectively doubled over with her private parts poking crudely into the air. The shame was mortifying! “Fucking brilliant” said her attacker, “I have all the bits I need, right where I want them now” He moved to below her ass and opened his bag again. She heard him rummaging and then felt cool metal against her nipples. He leant over her and attached the harsh clamps to he delicate skin of her nipples. Lucy screamed at the red hot agony being enforced on her. “Oh god they hurt!!!! Please take them off I can’t bear it”

He sniggered to himself at her pleading, knowing this was the best part for him, his erection was painfully swollen now. “Shut the fuck up bitch, you’ll wear what I tell you to” and he gave the chain between them a sharp tug, knowing the pain would be unbearable.

Lucy moaned in excruciating pain. Oh dear God where would this end? The sharp teeth of the clamps dug into her flesh. She felt breath on her genitals and wondered what he was doing. She took a sharp intake of breath as a tongue flicked across her clitoris. It continued to move, flicking backwards and forwards across her most sensitive skin, probing into her pussy and thrusting deep into her vagina. Her body reacted involuntarily and she blushed with shame knowing she would cum soon, whether she wanted to or not. He kept teasing and playing with her, gently nibbling at her clit until she erupted and her body took over. She came in a wave of ecstasy and shame, panting and crying all at once.

“Well looky here” he drawled “The little lady is enjoying this!” and he pulled on the chain between the clamps again. The pain was still agony, but this time it started a buzz between her legs. “I think your cunt is leaking little lady,” said her tormentor. “You should be punished for that” and quick as a flash he slapped his hand across her pink ass cheeks. Lucy screamed again, but there was more than pain there, it was what she needed, she just hadn’t known it till then. Another slap resounded across her butt, making her groan out loud. Another and another followed. Lucy realised with shame Starzbet Güncel Giriş that she was dripping.

“See! You are a dirty slut, now beg me to slap you again Whore”

“OH god please slap me, beat me harder” Lucy couldn’t believe her own ears. She was begging this bastard to hurt her. He obliged by adding another 12 slaps across her ass cheeks. On the last one Lucy shuddered to a huge orgasm.

“Now what are you?” he demanded

“I’m a dirty slut sir” came the whimpered reply

“Louder! I want to hear you!”


“That’s right you are, and now we’ll try a few pictures for my album slut”

“Yes Sir” Lucy agreed meekly

He started taking pictures of his new slut from all angles, making sure he caught the crimson of her ass cheeks. He pushed cucumbers and dildos into her cunt and ass, and caught her shame on film. Then when he was bored of this he moved to kneel at her bottom and told her what he was going to do.

“Slut, you’re going to take my cock in your ass and you are going to beg me for it.”

“Oh no please….. I’ve never had anal sex, and I know…” He cut her off before she finished by roaring at her

“WHAT???? Bitch slut, you will fucking do as you are told you whore!”

“Yes sir” she realised she had no choice “Fuck my ass for me sir, hurt me and make me take it, please sir, I’m begging you” He did as she asked…. with no hesitation he rammed his massive cock into her tight ring and straight into the hilt. Her screams were loud so he covered her mouth with his hand until she calmed down again…. she was shaking from the pain and he was close to coming from it. He started to fuck her ass, ramming it home everytime, making sure she got the pain she never realised she craved. As he drew close to cumming he withdrew from her ass, inspecting the stretched ring with satisfaction. This little lady wouldn’t be walking like a lady for a few days.

With no warning he sunk his cock into her tight cunt, reveling in the sheer warmth of it. He looked at Lucy and realised she was going to cum, and throwing his weight into it he pounded her cunt, feeling it forcing past her cervix, it was enough for Lucy and with a siren wail her orgasm exploded, drenching his already soaking cock. As his own orgasm began to explode he pulled it out and let the sticky white strands burst across the milky white of her stomach and tits. Spent, he released her legs and took a few more shots; then he threw the Polaroid photo’s onto the bed.

Carefully he removed the blindfold from Lucy’s face and she stared into the familiar blue eyes, the twinkling had gone now, and had been replaced by a steely gray stare.

“Remember, you are my slut now, and it will always be this way from now on Lucy. You wanted to be enslaved and now you are. Understand me?”

“Yes Jason” murmured Lucy, “That was fantastic!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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