Love in Chains Ch. 14

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Nye sat for a while staring at his friend, until the reality of what had happened and what was happening sank through the numbness in his head. Suddenly he leapt to his feet and frantically freed Kane’s hands and feet, unstrapping the restraints and throwing them across the room as hard as he could in a futile attempt to channel the uncontrollable anger that coursed through him.

Adam had let him think that Kane had betrayed him, abandoned him when all the time… fuck… it had probably been Adam who had sent him that text, the one saying he wasn’t welcome at the party, that no one wanted him there. Adam had done that. Not Kane.

Despite the awfulness of his situation Nye’s heart soared and he found himself smiling. Kane hadn’t done that. Kane hadn’t betrayed him, hadn’t abandoned him again. Then his smile faded.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. What have I done? What have I done to you?”

A realisation began to sink into him and settle in the pit of his stomach. Adam was sick. Adam had set this up, all of it. He had kidnapped Kane, sent Nye a text pretending to be Kane, drugged Kane and set Nye up to violate and abuse him. The thought of what had happened in the dungeon haunted him. What had he done? What the hell had he done?

“Kane… Kane wake up babe. We have to get out of here. We can’t stay here anymore. I can’t stay here. If we stay here Adam is going to hurt you again… he’s going to hurt us both.”

Kane moaned and stirred but he did not wake up. Looking around desperately Nye went into the bathroom and soaked a towel. Bringing it back to the bed he bathed Kane’s face, wiping the sweat and blood off his chest. Kane stirred again and his eyes fluttered.

“Kane? Kane are you alright?”

“Nye.” He whispered, struggling to open his eyes. Nye noticed that his lips were cracked and dry. He squeezed a corner of the wet towel, dripping moisture onto them. The tip of Kane’s tongue snaked out and licked reflexively. He moaned.

“Are you thirsty baby? I’ll get you something. Hang on. I’ll be right back.”

In the bathroom he found a glass on the sink and filled it half full with water. When he got back he tried to prop Kane upright and help him to drink, but he was too deeply unconscious, he kept slipping down and when Nye did mange to tip some water into his mouth it just poured out again and only served to make him choke.

“Okay… hang on… there must be… oh right.” Dragging over the towel he twisted a corner and soaked it in the water. Then he touched Kane’s lips with it and he obediently opened his mouth. Nye slipped the twisted towel between his teeth and Kane sucked automatically, swallowing the water.

“There. Does that feel better now?”

Kane moaned and stirred, licking his lips. Nye stroked his hair and cried, scalding tears of shame, guilt and pain. How could he have let this happen? How could he have been so stupid, so naive, so blind?

“Kane… Kane wake up babe. Please. I’m scared. I need you.”

He sat on the bed with Kane, unaware, in his arms. There was nothing his could do and he had never felt so helpless. At that stage he wasn’t thinking about what might happen if they were discovered, his attention was focussed entirely on his friend and what had happened to him.

After a little while Kane stirred in his arms and turned his head from side to side, moaning. Nye hugged him close and stroked his face as his eyes fluttered and cracked open.

“Yeah… come on hun… you can do it… wake up. You have to wake up Kane. We’ve got to get out of here.”

“Nye.” It was almost a sigh. Kane was a long way from conscious. Feeling desperate Nye looked around for inspiration. What could he do? They were effectively trapped. He couldn’t carry Kane out of there and by the time he was fit to walk surely someone would have found them.

As though responding to the thought there was a tap at the door. Nye’s heart just about leaped out of his chest and he froze.

“Nye… Nye are you in there? It’s okay. It’s me… Luke.”

Gently laying Kane down on the pillows Nye crept across the floor and opened the door a crack. He almost collapsed from relief when he saw Luke’s face. “Luke… oh my God Luke; it’s Kane… it’s my friend Kane.”

“I know.” Luke hung his head, ashamed. “Adam told us all about it… he was bragging how easy it had been to fool you and… and to break him.”

“Kane’s not broken.” The angry defensiveness in Nye’s voice made Luke flinch.

“I know Nye. I’m only telling you what Adam said.” Nye sighed.

“I’m sorry Luke. I didn’t mean to snap at you. It’s all been a bit of a shock. It’s a hell of an eye opener. What else did Adam tell you?”

Luke ducked his head. “I…”

“No. It’s alright Luke. That wasn’t fair. Oh gods what are we going to do?”

Luke raised his head and his eyes were blazing. “We’re going to get you out of here, that’s what we’re going to do… both of you.”

Nye looked over at the bed. “I can’t wake him. He’s out cold.”

“I know… but it’s okay. He won’t be out for long.”

“Are you sure?”

Luke Starzbet hung his head again. “I… yes.” There was something in his voice that alerted Nye. He looked at him closely and Luke blushed deeply.

“Did you…?”

“Yes. I had to Nye. I’m not strong like you. I can’t disobey a direct order.”

Nye smiled gently. “I would guess that you are disobeying all kinds of orders now.”

Luke, still blushing gave a small smile. “Not direct ones. No one has ever explicitly told me I am not allowed to help you… in fact, if I recall Adam told me, all of us, to help you in any way we could.”

“Thank you Luke.”

“I… made sure that your friend wouldn’t be out for long and…” he slipped his hand into his pocket brining out a small glass bottle. “I have something that will help.”

Nye hovered at his side as he bent over Kane and tipped a small amount of liquid from the bottle into his mouth, carefully stoppering it again and slipping it into his pocket afterwards.

Kane coughed and turned his head from side to side, moaning. Nye stroked his hair but he didn’t seem to be aware that he was there. After a while of this Kane’s entire body convulsed and he sat bolt upright with a gasp, his eyes wide.


Before he could even turn his head to look at him Kane collapsed backwards again, closing his eyes but he was clearly more aware, licking his lips and groaning, turning his head towards Nye’s touch. Almost forgetting that Luke was even there, Nye sat down on the bed and took Kane’s hand, absently stroking the fingers which twitched in his grasp.

His heart soared when Kane’s eyes flickered and opened, orienting on his face and blinking in an attempt to clear them and focus.


“Nye? What… what happened? Where am I?”


Kane’s face hardened. “Fucking bastard,” he growled, shivering. “What did he do to me?”

“Do you remember anything?”

“I… was… He came to my house. Fucking bastard. He told me you were too sick to come to the party and I should call you and tell ya not to come. Yeah, like fuck. He… he told me…” his eyes softened and he frowned. “Nye… I know how you feel about him but…”

Nye’s face went dark, his glowing eyes filling with shadow and a hard look that Kane had never seen there before. “I know Kane. You might say that my eyes have been opened as far as Adam is concerned. What did he say?”

“He said that he was the one who made you ill… that he was drugging you and would make sure that you left us all behind and be just his.”

Although tears sprang to his eyes Nye managed to smile and he nodded. “I know.” His voice was tight but steady. “What did he do to you?”

“Bastard! I should have been expecting it. I should have been more alert. I told him that I would die before I told you not to come to the party and then he left. I was so mad I wasn’t thinking clearly. I should never have answered the door. I should have realised it was some trick. As soon as I opened the door it slammed in on me and his goons took me down.

“He stuck a needle in me and threw me in the back of a van. Bastard stole my phone and said he was going to text you and tell you I didn’t want you at the party. I felt real bad that he would use me to hurt you… but there was fuck all I could do about it at that point.”

Nye hung his head, unable to look at him. Kane had looked so wretched at the thought that he had been used to cause pain to Nye… “It wasn’t your fault Kane. It did hurt… the thought that you didn’t want me at the party, that you didn’t want me at all anymore. I hurt like hell…” Nye shook his head at Kane’s stricken expression. “… but it kind of shook me up. I think it was then that I started to think clearly again, to think that I just couldn’t lose you, any of you. It was the beginning of the end I think and…” Squeezing his eyes shut and taking a deep breath he pressed on. “He used me to hurt you too.”

“I… don’t understand.”

“What do you remember… about after Adam brought you here?”

Kane frowned in concentration. “Not much really. I guess he kept me pretty drugged up. There were some pretty wild dreams but no memories as such.”

“What kind of dreams?”

Dragging himself into a more upright position Kane blinked and ran his hands through his hair, making it spike up around his head. He coloured. “Erm… ya know… just dreams.”

“Tell me about them Kane.”

Giving Kane a strange look he bit his lip. “Well… they were kinda strange. I guess I was well drugged… nothing coherent, just snatches, images. There were… feelings… like I was… like someone was…” He stopped, his eyes widening as he squirmed on the bed, sensations from his body finally arriving in his brain. “Hell that was no dream was it?”

Nye shook his head, his eyes downcast. “No.” He said softly.

Closing his eyes Kane shuddered. “Ah shit! Ugh. The thought of it… of that bastard with his hands on me… shit shit shit.”

“Kane…” Nye couldn’t bring himself to look at him but it was important Starzbet Giriş to him that he told him the truth, the whole truth. If he didn’t do it now he wouldn’t do it at all and it would hang between them like a dead fish, stinking and poisoning the air for the rest of their lives. “That wasn’t Adam… it was me.”

Kane opened his eyes, shock showing in every line of his body. “You?”

“I… didn’t know it was you. Adam told me… it sometimes happens… I didn’t know.”

“But fuck Nye, surely you realised I wasn’t digging it?”

Nye ducked his head, biting his lip. “I’ve been a fool Kane, I won’t deny it. I listened to Adam. I let myself believe the crap he was telling me. I… I’m sorry.”

Kane stared at him for a moment then reached out and pulled him hard against him. Stroking his hair he cradled his head against his shoulder while he sobbed. Kane was not naive enough to believe that all the pain that was pouring from him was just because of what he had done to him.

When Nye finally calmed down Kane pushed him away and smiled into his face. “Feel better now?”

“Yes, thank you.” The wan smile faded from his face. “Can you ever forgive me?”

“Nothing to forgive hun. Like you said… you didn’t know. And… let’s face it… if I had to be fucked I would much rather it was by you than Adam.”

Quite suddenly Nye felt happy, happier than he had for a very long time. Hugging Kane he felt as if a huge weight had lifted from his shoulders.

“Did you mean what you said… last time I saw you?”

Kane took his face between his hands and stared into his eyes.

“You are a fantastic person Nye and so beautiful you make my eyes hurt. What man… no what human being in their right minds wouldn’t love you?”

Nye grinned and suddenly he was kissing Kane and it felt like coming home.

“Nye…” Luke’s soft voice startled both of them. For a while they had forgotten he was there. They both turned to look at him and he blushed. “It’s just… well… we really should be getting out of here.”

Suddenly reality crashed in on both of them.

“Shit! I wasn’t thinking straight. I didn’t think at all. What the fuck am I going to do now?”

“Don’t worry. We have it sorted… at least an interim solution. There’s a car waiting for you downstairs.”

“A car?”

“Someone we know… Jon and I. It’s someone who used to be ‘in the game’ and provides a safe house for those who are trying to get out of it. He’ll put you up for a while until you get your heads together and decide what you want to do next. He’ll make sure Adam can’t get anywhere near you.”

“What about you?”


“Adam is bound to know someone helped us. Jon is too valuable to him which puts your head on the block.”

“It’s been there all my life. This is all I know Nye. This is my life. I have nowhere else to go.”

For the first time Nye really looked at Luke. He was pretty, not beautiful like Nye and Adam, or even Kane but definitely pretty, with bright chestnut hair and glowing amber eyes. He looked to be in his teens but was a number of years older than Nye and had been ‘in the game’ for almost half his life. There were signs for those with eyes to see that the life had not been an easy one. Impulsively Nye got off the bed and hugged him.

“Come with us Luke, please. I don’t want to leave you here.”

“I’m good at what I do Nye. I have never known anything else and if I left here where would I go, what would I do? You have a life to go back to, someone to support you and take care of you. I have nothing. This is all I have ever known. This is my life. In a strange way I like it. I live for the excitement. Sad, I know… but it’s the way of it. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be alright.”


“We don’t have time for this Nye. You have to get out of here before Adam comes looking for you.”

Nye held on for a moment longer, looking deeply into the glowing eyes, then he pulled away with a sad smile.

“Can you walk Kane? I… don’t think that either of us are up to carrying you.”

“Sure. I’m fine.”

Kane slid his legs over the edge of the bed and sat up. “Fuck.” He swayed his arms flailing, looking for balance. Nye grabbed his arm to steady him and he sagged against his side.

“Take it easy. You’ve been out a long time. You’ll take a while to get your head together.”

Between them Luke and Nye managed to get Kane on his feet. It was then, as they made for the door that they realised he was completely naked.

“Shit! We can’t take him downstairs like this.”

Luke ran his eyes over Kane’s body then grinned. “Wait here. I won’t be a moment.”

Kane staggered back and sat down heavily on the bed as Luke slipped out of the room. Nye sat next to him and snuggled into his side as Kane’s arm rested heavily on his shoulder.

“How the hell did you ever manage to get into this mess in the first place Nye?”

“I was stupid. I have really crap taste in men you know.”

“I am not going to argue with you. It’s hardly surprising you Starzbet Güncel Giriş ended up with Adam when the last guy you fell for was such an ass.”

“He was alright. American you know? You can’t trust them as far as you can spit.”

“I guess you’re right about that.” Kane sighed and leaned against Nye. “Fuck I’m shagged.”

“Your language hasn’t improved.”

“Yeah well… it’s surprising how little I care about that at the moment.”

“Not surprising at all. How are you feeling?”

“I just told you… shagged.”

“And what exactly does that mean?”

“Fucked up babe. If it weren’t for the circumstances I would just curl up and sleep for a week… and talk about sore… No, actually let’s not talk about that; let’s never, ever talk about that.”

Nye sighed and hugged him tighter. He could hear the smile in his voice, through the weariness but he didn’t find any humour in the situation, none at all. Fear was creeping into his mind, thrusting aside his initial euphoria at being free and in the arms of the man he should never have left in the first place.

“What’s going to happen now?”

“We’re going to get the fuck out of here and lie low for a while until we figure out what to do.”

“But what then? Adam is a powerful man. He’s going to hunt me down… he’s going to hurt you…”

“Woah… we are going to deal with the now and worry about the then later.”

Despite himself Nye smiled. “Yessir.”

“Now don’t you go getting subservient on me. I can’t be doing with all that crap. I want the old Nye… the argumentative, opinionated, stubborn one.”

“I am not argumentative.”

“He he. I rest my case.”

The door opened and Luke reappeared carrying jeans and a tshirt. The jeans were too big but with the aid of the curtain tie back as an impromptu belt they did well enough. By this time Kane was feeling stronger and able to walk unaided.

Together they slipped down the stair and Luke walked out into the club to check the coast was clear. After about ten minutes he came back and motioned Kane and Nye to follow him. Slipping through the bar room, feeling sinister eyes on their backs the whole time they made their way past the corridor to the dungeon and around the side of the bar to the back door.

Outside the back door was a courtyard where the delivery vans came to unload. There were bins against the wall, a smell of rotting vegetables and stale beer, and a small white car. Luke led them quickly across the courtyard to the car. The door opened and a man got out. He leaned on the roof and grinned at them.

“Heya… thought I had made a wasted journey for a while.”

“Never Riz… we don’t call you unless we’re sure. We know what an important man you are, how precious your time is.”

“Shut the fuck up Luke.” The man grinned. “Less of your cheek young man. So… who do we have here?”

“This is Nye and Kane.”

“Nye? Not ‘the’ Nye? Not Adam’s…?”

“Yeah, yeah… He’s famous… now get him the hell out of here before Adam turns up and flays all our arses.”

Riz grinned. “You wish. As I remember it you used to like that.”

“You speak as if from experience but it’s all from your dreams. I wouldn’t let your hands near my arse no matter what the reward.”

“Charity is its own reward Luke babe.”

“Yeah right… Get the hell out of here.”

Riz climbed back into the car and started the engine and Nye turned for one last hug with Luke. “Thanks Luke… for everything. I won’t forget you, not ever.”

“The feeling’s mutual. We’ll miss having you around. I’d like to say ‘keep in touch’ but that wouldn’t be wise, not for either of us. Adam is going to hit the roof when he finds out you’re gone.”

“Am I now?”

The sound of the voice from the doorway had all three of them jerking around, their eyes wide and hearts pounding.

Adam stepped into the courtyard backed by two of his goons. Kane tried to put himself in front of Nye but he wasn’t having any of it and impatiently stepped forwards, in front of both Kane and Luke.

“Get in the car.” He said very quietly to them both.

“What the hell is going on here?”

Nye was so frightened he thought his legs were going to give way and dump him on his arse in the middle of the courtyard. He thrust out his chin and straightened his spine.

“I think that’s obvious. We’re leaving.”

“I don’t think so.”

“I hate to say this Adam but you are not always right… that’s life; live with it.”

“Oh, I’ll live with it Nye, I’ll live with it fine. The question is… will you? I have absolutely no intention of letting you get away. I have devoted too much time and effort to you to just let you walk out of my life without so much as a backward glance.”

“Oh I can give you that Adam, no problem. But that’s all I am prepared to give you now. I can’t believe what a fool I have been. I though you loved me. I thought you cared. I thought you were caring for me but all the time it was you who made me ill. I can’t believe what you’ve done to me.”

“What I’ve done to you? What have I done to you? I have given you everything, more than I have ever given to anyone… and that’s not just the material things. I have been gentle with you, I’ve treated you well, I’ve given you nothing but kindness. Fuck Nye, I even suffered at Lian’s hands for you.”

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