Linda Loses Her Way


The concluding part of a trilogy – ‘Far From Being Habitual Pleasure’ and ‘Linda Loses Her Way’1Linda understood. She had to make the first move and felt compelled to do so after the exchange of many angry words and the three of them giving voice to their feelings about what had happened. She and Becky, her daughter, had the most to do in finding ways to be reconciled after she had been seen cavorting with Becky’s then-boyfriend, Connor. That her husband, Deryck Owens, had also seen her naked in Connor’s arms had made the task of reconciliation so much harder to achieve, and finding the right words a challenge that she had, somehow, been able to meet.They watched the object of their attention, and raging affection, working at cleaning the pool, clearing the wind-blown leaves off its glittering surface. The blustery winds, that had blown all through the night, had made a mess in their otherwise studiously tended and sheltered back garden.Now, the day was bright and the skies clear and Linda hoped that it heralded a change in how they were together; that they could find a way through to more settled times. What had happened could never be undone and it belonged to the psst. Perhaps it would inform their futures together. She sure hoped that it would, love triangles never working although her experiences of such an arrangement were confined to them alone.What had begun out of good, but misplaced, intentions had evolved. It had become a wrecking ball to all that she had so carefully built up in her marriage to Deryck, a man she continued to love with unashamed passion; often demonstrably so, and that Becky never could match. Love lessons with Deryck remained just that, and her lapse with Connor had been slowly and painfully, for the harshness of the words they had all used when talking about it, eased away.“It sure is something when my very own daughter is my husband’s mistress!” she had even yelled out in one of their arguments and when Becky was not at home to hear it. “I sure learned something new about you!”“I wasn’t sure about anything afterwards…after that first time,” Deryck had retorted, “what we agreed should happen!”“You making a tramp out of her!”She remembered the ferocity of his look upon her, the strength of his grip on her bare arm as Deryck had pulled her to him. “You’re talking about your daughter, and she’s not a tramp! Maybe that divorce of yours had something to do with it!”His wild-eyes look had frightened her, but she had known that she had also touched a nerve. She’d put her hands to his cheeks, and felt the stubble graze her skin as she met his angry stare at her.“I…I shouldn’t have said that about her.”“No, you shouldn’t have. I only lay with her three times.”“To my only time, with Connor!”“Are we keeping a score?”“Of whom scored the most?” she had answered with a belligerent stare before succumbing to a teasing smile, rising to press against him, knowing that moments of hot words could so easily lead them to moments of hot love. “I’m not going to interfere. I’ll let you two work it out of yourselves even after all that’s happened. One of us has to keep a hold on things.”  Deryck had taken her, loved her out on the mats that he had laid in the shade of the trees. “We’ll get through…”Becky looked back at her Mom, pouting a smile as if to acknowledge what had been said. She had heard her Mom whisper what was on her mind.“I want that too. I’ve been through the highs and the lows and will make my way in my new job, I promise.” She said it on turning to look at him, at Deryck, the man who was her shelter in the storms she’d been through with Connor. She and Deryck had their secrets but she would have to bury them as best as she could and make her way. “He’s done it all again, for me…found me my first job in exactly what I want to do. I owe it all to him.”“To both of us, darlin’ as it’s come at a cost to me too.” 2Becky knew the cost, to her, of what she had seen happening down by the pool, she and Deryck looking down on a couple sharing the meat out in the open air. Her Mom, Linda, had become someone else gaziantep kızıl escort and allowed herself to be seduced by a boyfriend she was just beginning to make out with; not to give herself to without knowing just who he was. Connor’s wandering eyes should have alerted her to what was on his mind, a matter of weeks since she had met him and brought him to meet Linda and Deryck. He wasn’t her beau, but she had clung to the hope that he might become that.Well, she’d sure learned about him as she watched them fucking on the poolside slabs, right down to that swaying prick that she saw arcing out from the trimmed mat of hair at the base of Connor’s shaft. It made it look longer; it didn’t get near to what she had taken in her pussy and that Deryck brought to her and all that they had shared. Deryck had sure brought her comfort as the others pursued their pleasure, destructive as it had all become.And then there had been the wasteland of recriminations and arguments, times that she’d never been through before with Deryck or Linda. Why should they, when she’d known and seen nothing but love between Linda and Deryck, a giving and sharing love that she had finally been drawn into, only for the events of that day to yank them all apart?Bridges and trust had to be built and shored up, but while Linda let rip Deryck settled things down, would hold out his arms to them and they would just hold and feel each other close, a few of his words settling the two of them.“We learn from it. We won’t let it break us.”“Oh, Deryck, my darlin’ man! I made a mistake…was so lost…felt so angry from what I knew you wanted to do with Becky.’“So you decided to get back at me in that way!” she remembered yelling across the very narrow space between them and still in Deryck’s unyielding embrace. “You wanted to get back at the two of us?”Her angry words had been stilled by Deryck’s kisses, those he offered to both of them. “We all live with that memory, darlin’ but we don’t go bringing it up. The way to go is for us to work it out and to do that together, we let go of how it’s become between us, the three of us, and also the two of us.” Her darling man, for she could not think of him in any other way, he had paused. “I’ve been one for both of you…”“And that sure has to change!” Linda had gone and yelled as he gave voice to what had been happening. She had struggled to break free of his hold on them as they stood in the cool of the kitchen and he had given them no chance to escape.“It will change, darlin’, it will.” Deryck had answered in a voice that she knew, and understood, and gave no room for any debate or argument.They had kissed and caressed, before succumbing to moments of raging carnality out on the mats laid out on the slabs close to the swimming pool, the warmth of the sun filtered through the canopies of the trees and the breeze springing up and heralding the onset of thundery showers. It matched their moods, those of loving intensity and then of restraint, the certainty that recent events had brought them to this place and from which there was to be no turning back; just the slow acceptance of the reality that had been their lives together before one fateful night so many months, and moments of loving, ago.♥The tension remained, just beneath the surface. They got on with their lives, Deryck traveling across the state to facilities that his company owned and that served a loyal clientele needing his company’s technical expertise in network planning and software. There had been times, over the years since he had come into their lives when she had worked with him and learned along the way. She’d been mentored and it seemed only natural that she would work for him as a lead into a working life once her studies had been completed. She would do that somewhere upstate but not be shut out from the lives they had pursued in the family home.Yet circumstances, and recent events, had brought them to the place where she now found herself. She was being sold the idea that she should step gaziantep köle escort out on her own, even to live in a small apartment that Deryck had found and had paid for. Much the same had been done for her brother, but he had offered few words, if any, of genuine gratitude.She sure had much to be thankful for, but a particular loneliness was not something that could so easily be put to an end. Linda’s watchfulness, and presence, now made sure of that even down to her being told to wear something ‘less revealing’ or that did not look ‘so clingy’.“What I have I got from you,” she’d say in answer to such remarks on her appearance.It was only, and always, the truth. Her hips weren’t so broad, her thighs strong and not fleshy, her breasts firmer but so like Linda’s, her bud-sized nipples hardening in response to Deryck’s swirling tongue and sucking kisses over them, the caress of his questing fingers along her pussy’s lips, the drag of a finger into her, the actions of an attentive and special lover that she could not get enough of. It had taken Deryck to arouse those impulses as only he could.She would sense that Deryck’s eyes were on her and she would turn to meet his soft smile and, on occasion, a pouted kiss or slick of his tongue over his parted lips. He flirted outrageously, but he never followed through as he had once done and the opportunity arose for them to take each other to unbearable heights of rediscovered pleasure; their illicit unions like an oasis in what had become an empty wasteland of her love life since Connor had been sent on his way and never to be allowed back in.She wasn’t ready to commit to anyone new, and so she fell back on what she sensed Deryck wanted from her and that defied what had been agreed upon with Linda.There were more nights when she lay awake and would pull a pillow over her face and she would groan in her frustration at being denied his full attention and all that he brought to her and that her fingers, even the wide handle of her hairbrush, failed to fully ease away.She would touch herself, caress and pinch her breasts with one hand as the other set to with that brush; an image of her with Deryck on the mats, by the swimming pool, dancing before her eyes. She’d fuck herself hard with it and imagine Deryck, so long and thick, in her tight pussy as she felt the approach of an orgasm, the rushes of moisture drenching her fingers and thighs until her muscles clamped on that senseless handle and she succumbed to the surge of anticipation before the wracking cramps of fulfilment deep in her loins; her breaths sharpening and halting as she finally came. She’d recover her senses and would vaguely remember how she’d squirmed and bucked her hips, moved in response to that handle just as Deryck had asked her to do but on that love wand of his that she had finally been able to take deep inside her. She’d felt love and lust in the shared act with him; but not so with Connor. That guy had all the words but none of the sincerity.Somehow, she wanted to be eased into the new life that she would have to lead, in work and living in a new and small apartment. Sandra, her closest friend, and confidante in most things, lived not so far away, and if what she’d said was anything to go by, she’d see to it that she settled into her life away from Linda and Deryck.“I wonder if I’m ready for that,” she murmured as the object of their shared attention pushed open the door. Like Linda, she had given voice to what was on her mind.“Ready for what, honey?” Linda whispered and wondering why she had done so.“I was wondering if I’m ready to leave what’s been my home for so long…”There was more to what she had said, of course. Deryck would be all but lost to her in the ways of what had come to matter to her a heck of a lot. The man she had seen cleaning the pool, his closely cropped sandy brown hair, which was showing a few signs of grey at the temples, possessed the vitality of a younger guy. His khaki swim shorts were cinched tight at the waist and flattered gaziantep kumral escort more than his strong legs. Tan deck shoes had seen better days and she watched in fascination as he kicked them off by the back door and pushed them aside. His large toes were soon splayed on the tiled floor, just as she had seen them do so many times before, but she felt each moment in his company more keenly as the days counted down to her leaving them.“Well, I’m through with those chores,” he smiled thinly, tugging at the front of his cotton, washed-out, lemon-yellow beach shirt. “I’ll go freshen up…I can’t let you two lovely ladies down by looking scruffy, now can I?”What would have been his only too-easy banter had lost its charm.“Don’t look so angry, darlin’, please?” Linda smiled uncertainly at him, choosing to go to his side and wondering if Becky would follow her. She didn’t. “Is something bothering you?”“Yeah, and it’s not what you think. A client’s late in paying and they owe us, owe me and my company especially. I cut them some slack…when I had other things on my mind. Now I’ve got the lawyers working on it and I sure intend to salvage all I can.”Goaded into saying something, Becky took a few steps to be with them. “Don’t go blaming it all on me, will you?”Deryck’s hand reached out and gripped her neck before she could react. “I’m not doin’ that. The blame’s with me…what’s been goin’ down between us has taken my mind off all that I work for…Linda and you.” He faked a smile before kissing her lightly, Linda not restraining him. She would have him all to herself before many more days were through.“I’ll go and freshen up. Then, ‘I’m going out on the bike, and I’ll be gone for a while…’ Deryck said it with a shrug of the shoulders, suggesting that they could make what they wanted from what he had told them.“Wait, I’ll come with you!” Becky yelled out and rushed to be with him. She saw Deryck hesitate and look Linda’s way.“You’ve never done that before.”“And now will be the last chance I get,” she answered sharply.They both looked at Linda as if seeking her approval.“Go on, you two,” Linda told them, paying more attention to Deryck. “I never stopped you in anything else you wanted to do,” she went on, her voice deepening and in evident exasperation that Becky would push things to the limit once more, and Deryck saying nothing to dissuade her. He went further.“Your helmet will fit her, won’t it?” he asked Linda before turning away from the two beautiful women. “I’ll go and get changed while you two check the helmet’s fit, maybe braid Becky’s hair?” Another thought came to him. “Maybe you should get changed, darlin’…get out of that preppy look you’ve chosen?”The casual chic of Linda often turned heads and today was no different, her patterned dark blue slacks worn so well with a sleeveless white cotton top that showed off the tan of her arms, her blonde hair neatly braided and keeping it clear from her face. White, tasselled loafers set it all off along with three strings of white baubles that nestled discreetly on her breastbone. Her daughter’s white denim shorts and sky-blue cropped top caught his eye, shaped her, and declared her undoubted youthful vitality that matched Becky’s smile.He put from his mind that as the years had passed some would think he would be spoiled for choice, but that would have been to break the trust that he worked so hard at and to make their lives together work.“I won’t be long!” he called out, taking to the stairs in energetic strides.The two women let him go, each knowing that discussing what Becky should wear, for her first motorbike ride, was off-limits.3As he showered, Deryck thought about it all and the place that the three of them had reached in their lives together. Their relationships had become intricate following well-intentioned but bizarre ‘lessons in love’ and as he, the teacher, soon became besotted with Becky. His darling wife had allowed him to work that longing, or raging lust, out of his system. Seeing Linda with Connor had only quickened the return to all that had once passed for normality.He had become the lover of both mother and daughter, but that never made it right and to continue would not change that fact. To simply stop was easier to say than to achieve, and Linda had known what provoked him into his ways of loving her as never before.His head had been turned by the young woman who slept in her room down the hall from where he and Linda…

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