Life with: Kat and Alejandro Ep. 03



Lol other than that, I want to say… Marriages aren’t always perfect.


Kat shivered when she felt her shed tear trickle down the length of her nose and drip somewhere onto the bed below her. She stared blankly out the window at the rising sun. Its russet yellow and oranges were becoming a signal for a specific mood. A visual can always be linked with an explicit emotion, especially when it was one so painful. The feel of her heart twisting and contorting in her ribs was almost sickening if it lasted too long.

As if on cue, the mattress on the opposite side of her shook gently in an attempt not to wake her. But her husband didn’t know Kat was very much awake. She fought back a sob and tried to focus her thoughts. Kat didn’t want Alejandro to hear her crying. She didn’t want him to know that she was hurting because of him. Even though she had every right to let him know because their marriage depended on it, she just couldn’t muster up the courage to face those hard deep brown eyes that were constantly fixed with annoyance and hatred.


“Good morning.” Kat announced as Alejandro made his way into the kitchen in search for his breakfast. Over the past 10 months, he’d managed to let go of his long hair. He decided he wanted a more professional look for work. It was now chopped a short length, no longer than an inch yet it still held a tight curl with the sides cut significantly shorter. The fact that a few of the curls were sprouting grays only made him look even more sophisticated.

“Morning.” Alejandro didn’t give her much more recognition than a mumble. Kat was trying her hardest to brush off his coldness. She felt the impulsive need to exit his presence so she decided to head upstairs and check on the kids.

She took the journey very languidly, allowing herself plenty of time to settle her feelings. The act of thinking seemed to always give her the boost she’d need, sometimes she was her own motivator just as much as she was her own de-motivator. It was a perk that came with holding in your thoughts. She knocked on Alejandro’s childhood door, which was now Diego’s, and cracked it open to quickly look inside. He was in the midst of packing up his back pack for school. Kat smiled to herself; she couldn’t believe how cute he looked.

He wore a pair of brown plaid shorts, chucks and a matching black tee. He took his folder off of his dresser which had contained his homework from the night before and responsibly put it in his spider-man themed bag. He then zipped it and threw it over his shoulder. When he turned around and headed for the doorway was when he noticed Kat. He smiled back at her, pleasantly surprised.

“Good morning honey.” She cooed. She captured his jaw in her hand and bent down to put sweet kisses on both cheeks. Diego was almost 6 years old, but just a few inches short of 5 feet. He was looking more and more like a man every day.

“Good morning— can we have spaghetti tonight?” Kat rolled her eyes as he passed her and headed down the hall. His growing had his mind on food a lot too.

“I’ll see what I can do… but for now, breakfast is on the counter.” She said. He jolted down the hallway without a care in the world. She was almost tempted to tell him to stop running, but groaned inwardly instead. Kat went across the hall and knocked on Maribel’s door. She opened it with a hard force that had her hair whipping around her. Kat noted the fact that Maribel’s outfit was very flamboyant.

“Mari, how many colors do you have on?” Kat asked, crossing her arms over her chest. She waited as Maribel counted them.

“4.” She giggled, already knowing Kat’s concern. Kat couldn’t help the smile that pulled at her lips when Maribel laughed. She was such a giggly girl. Her innocence had only intensified during the years. A curse word couldn’t even leave Kat’s lips when in her presence without a hard stare to follow.

“And what’s the rule?” Kat said, attempting to be stern. Although they both knew that never worked out well.

“Only 2, not including jeans.” Kat nodded at hearing her own rule for Maribel. It was the one rule she needed to follow if Maribel was to pick out her own clothes for school without the help of Kat.

“Exactly. So let’s change and come downstairs for breakfast within the next 5 minutes please.” Kat said while placing a kiss along Maribel’s cheek as she did Diego’s. Maribel closed her bedroom door and Kat was onto her last stop.

The door beside Maribel’s was the one she didn’t need to knock on. She opened it to reveal a sleeping Andres. She’d awoken him a few hours earlier to feed, change and dress him and he immediately took his 45 minute morning nap after. He was 10 months old now but resembling a toddler in more ways than 1. His skin was a burnt orange and hair an ink black. His features had become more defined too. He definitely had Alejandro’s jaw structure and cheekbones. But his lips were full like Kat’s and the richness Betturkey of his eyes reminded her of herself too.

Kat tried not to wake him when she lifted him out of the crib with a grunt. His cheek was flush against the curve of her shoulder and Kat unconsciously nuzzled into his neck, inhaling deeply and instantly relishing in his smell. She managed to get his travel bag for daycare and headed downstairs to meet everyone else.

Alejandro was done eating and now sat at the dining room table holding a light conversation with Diego, but it was clear he was concentrating on putting away his food at top speed.

Kat wandered back into the kitchen with Andres still in her arms, but Alejandro stopped her.

“Kat.” He called sternly. She turned around, her heart racing at the sound of her name fleeing his perfect lips. She almost couldn’t believe she was so worked up at the thought of him paying her some genuine attention. Anticipation filled her core as she turned expectantly. She deflated when she saw his outstretched arms; he only wanted Andres. Kat swallowed roughly and took the three steps closer toward him.

Alejandro silently gazed into the profile of his son and Kat had no other option but to walk away.


“Today we’re working on the conjugations of ‘to do’.” Kat explained. Her class of 5th graders took her hint that this was an important aspect of the class, and didn’t hesitate to begin taking notes. Kat turned on her heel and picked up her favorite magenta chalk. She wrote the words ‘To do’ at the start and then faced her kids again. It felt like as soon as she opened her mouth to breathe and speak again, the bell was shutting her up. The kids scrambled for their things and Kat sighed deeply.

She strolled around her classroom toward the wall of windows. She leaned over a desk to place two hands against the frame. She took in a breath and forced the window upwards and felt the fresh air against her clothed chest. When she turned around, she jumped and put a hand over her heart in surprise.

Marlennys and Luis sat on the opposite side of her desk with their eyes directly on her. They laughed at frightening her and Kat feigned irritation.

“You look nice today.” Luis complimented. Kat looked down on herself, completely oblivious to what she was wearing. She forgot she was wearing a new dress she bought over the weekend. It was white and sky blue with a small paisley print, a slim braided brown belt accentuated her waist. Her hair was curled loosely and sitting on her shoulders.

“Oh, thank you.” Kat replied, having a seat and rummaging in her bag for her packed lunch. She pulled out a salad she’d made consisting of various fruits and vegetables to ensure she’d be filled for the remainder of the day.

“How did your plan work out?” Marlennys asked Luis. He didn’t reply, which meant he hadn’t asked. He and his girlfriend of 8 months, Diana, were hitting it off. He claimed he was going to invite her to move in permanently, but it seemed like he’d backed out.

“I couldn’t do it. There wasn’t a good time—next weekend.” Luis tried to convince the two women with the timbre in his voice, but it wasn’t working. They were forming their own opinions.

Kat loved his girlfriend Diana. She came into the office a few times to chat with them. She looked very professional and carried herself accordingly. Diana was a dentist around town and her teeth were confirmation. She was tiny with fair skin and long brown hair. Luis couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. His gaze would leave the attention of someone he was conversing with, just to watch her walk across the room.

“Don’t mess around with her Luis; she’s probably waiting on you.” Kat said, knowing how women hated to be in the dark about their relationship’s commitment level.

“I know.” He sighed.

“Did you see the store?” Marlennys whispered intently, completely cutting Luis off. The brightness of her eyes and the excitement in her voice had changed the room’s mood immediately. Kat chuckled and gave up a knowing smile.

“Every woman in Argentina is talking about it; of course I did.” Kat said, referring to the brand new 4 story department store that opened a few days ago. Kat took a step inside, struggling to stand up straight while multiple women bumped her from all angles. Their hands were full of garments that they’d found and were rushing to get in line.

Kat did see a few things that held some interest, but the crowd made it impossible to feel comfortable. She promised herself she’d visit again when it died down. Although that meant the grand opening sale would be over.

“We need to go soon. Just me and you—we can push women out of the way and get what we want before the sale ends.” Kat smiled to herself. Marlennys probably would get them both into a catfight trying to get the last medium in a skirt. Kat brought her attention to a bored Luis. Marlennys followed her gaze and chuckled lightly.

“Sorry Luis, we’ll save it for later.” Betturkey Giriş Marlennys said.

The three continued to talk about their lives in Argentina until the bell rang. Luis and Marlennys stood and collected their trash from her desk. Their daily lunch ritual was something Kat looked forward to after a long morning. Kat watched them from across her desk.

She squinted her eyes; something was different about Marlennys.

When the two reached the door was when Kat sprang out of her seat and chased after her friend. Kat was cautious about the small children scrambling to their classrooms. Marlennys was a few feet in front of her and in the midst of turning a corner back to the office. Kat had no control over the scream that left her lips and Marlennys gave her an amusing look.

“You’re pregnant!” She bellowed neglectfully, a full out grin on her face. Marlennys confirmed her accusations by putting a hand over her laughing face in embarrassment. Kat clapped her hands happily and did a tiny jump. Eventually they made their way back to one another and Marlennys ran her hand over her little bump unconsciously.

“Oh my goodness, when were you going to tell me?” Kat asked. She was so excited; she even ran a hand over Marlennys’ belly. Her fairly loose shirt did a good job of concealing her stomach but Kat knew her best friend. She was completely glowing and especially beautiful.

“I wanted to plan it out.” The bell rang again and Kat groaned in anger.

“We can talk later.” Marlennys said, telling Kat she should go back to her classroom full of kids.


“He was the one who knew I was pregnant. I was taking a shower and he just ripped back the curtain, took one look at me and said ‘You’re pregnant’.” Marlennys smiled to herself. “I didn’t want to believe him, but I took the tests and I was.”

“How far along are you?” Kat asked, propping her head up with her hands.

“I’m going to the doctors next week so I’ll find out then.”

“Can I come?” Kat murmured with large eyes.

“Y—” Marlennys couldn’t even get her words out before Kat began talking again.

“Never mind, that’s a special moment for you and Marco; I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you two.”

“Oh… Thanks. I didn’t see it like that.” Marlennys replied.

“I can’t wait for her to come out!” Kat squealed, clasping her hands together and smiling widely.

“Her?” Marlennys asked with an eyebrow raised. Kat’s mouth dropped open as she realized what she said.

“Maybe I’m a baby whisperer; I didn’t even realize I said that.” She said quietly. Marlennys laughed at how serious she was. Kat was actually convincing herself that she’d somehow identified the baby’s sex.

“Only time will tell.” Marlennys replied.

“I can’t wait to hold it.” Kat was in a daze thinking of how much she’d love the baby. Talking about kids reminded her of Andres. She glanced at the wall clock and noted it was nearing the time she needed to pick him up from daycare.

Kat didn’t want to go home. She didn’t want to see Alejandro.

“What’s wrong?” Marlennys asked sternly. Kat’s giddiness had suddenly turned into pure worry. Her eyes were glassy and pained.

“I need to get Andres.” She replied, taking out her phone and glancing at her notifications for some reason. As if a magical text from her husband would appear. Marlennys snatched the phone out of her palms, causing Kat to look into her eyes.

“Start talking.” Kat sighed and looked off into the distance. Marlennys patiently waited.

“Alejandro… I think he’s cheating.” Kat gave her friend a sullen look when she finished her sentence. Marlennys recoiled in her seat.

“What?” She spat the word in a whisper. “Kat that’s ridiculous, the man is fucking crazy about you.” She said honestly. Kat sighed, shaking her head as she ended the second sentence.

“He was. I can’t even get him to sleep in the same bed with me.” Marlennys gasped and Kat’s only reaction was to crack a smile. It wasn’t a humored smile; it was a failed attempt to lighten her situation. Marlennys was in disbelief while Kat was coming to terms.

“Why do you think he’s cheating of all things?” Sabrina shrugged her shoulders.

“What else could it be? It’s probably someone from his job or—”

“Kat don’t assume things. You never really know until you ask. Which is what you should do. It’s still a marriage and communication is needed, right?” She asked, taking Kat’s hand off of her thigh and grasping it.

“Whenever I open my mouth, he looks at me—like I’m… the most disgusting thing on Earth.” Kat could feel tears welling up in her eyes, so her only reaction was to look at the wall beside her.

“Maybe something’s going on with him, you need to talk to him Kat. You don’t deserve to feel like this—do you understand?” Marlennys’ tone demanded she look into her eyes. “You’re smart, beautiful and a great mother. Alejandro needs to know that he’s hurting one of the best things in his life.” Kat beamed at her friend and the motions of her cheeks caused a tear to roll down onto her face.

“I love you.” Kat whispered. Marlennys took her friend into a tight hug and kissed her temple.

“I love you too.” She replied.


Kat ventured up the front lawn with Andres on her hip. Standing at the threshold seemed to compel her fatigue to hit her full force. Her eyes were low and all she could think of was lying down. She opened the front door to see Alejandro standing a few feet from the entrance. The look on his face was something frightening to say the least. He clenched and unclenched his chiseled jaw and his eyes were intimidating.

Kat took cautious steps into the house and stopped before him.

“What’s wrong?” Kat asked quietly. Alejandro stepped toward the table and picked up a sheet. He practically threw it at Kat and she took a hard look at what she was seeing.

“Oh…” Was all she could reply. Alejandro took a few minutes to control his breath. Kat had never seen him so angry with her before. But lately everything regarding Alejandro was becoming a ‘first’, so she couldn’t exactly say she was surprised. Kat took a moment to pull the paper away from her eyes and gaze up at him.

Her eyes were squinting in scrutiny at the man she’d somehow married. His brown eyes were set ablaze with hatred and directed straight for her. Kat was racking her brain of something she may have done to create this monster standing in her kitchen, but she kept coming up short. Andres spoke loud, unintelligible words in her ear and she thrusted him further up over her hip.


“What the hell is the point of you knowing English if you aren’t going to help him?” Kat parted her lips in astonishment. Her cheeks grew hot with rage. She took a certain step toward him and craned her neck to look into his eyes.

“Don’t you ever, speak to me like that again.” She whispered fiercely. It took so much not to scream, but she knew she’d only upset Andres and the kids if she did. “You know English just as well as I do.” She handed Andres to his father and stormed off, up the flight of steps.

She opened Diego’s bedroom door to find him lying in bed with his eyes wide. Kat peeled back the covers and kicked off her shoes. She climbed into bed with him and rested her head against his. She wrapped her arm over his body and felt his steady breathing. They sat in that position for 10 minutes, until Kat spoke.

“What happened with that test Diego?” She whispered. Diego was a good student, and always came home with decent grades.

“I wanted to play outside so I just put down answers really fast.” He replied. Kat sighed and looked toward the ceiling.


“Find me a brush and a hair tie please.” Kat said to Maribel. She went scurrying off in her navy church dress to find the items Kat had asked for. She focused on dressing Andres on the changing table in front of her.

She planned out his outfit of black jeans and a tan cable knit sweater. Once both items were on, she combed his curly hair down the side and planted a kiss on each of his full cheeks. Alejandro has left after saying goodbye to the kids. He’d stopped going to church with them a few weeks ago. He never gave a reason for the choice but just blamed it on work.

Kat feared his response is she were to question him, so she just decided to let him be. It wouldn’t benefit her to know what he was out doing.

“Diego, baby please hurry up.” Kat pleaded with the boy who was eating seconds of Kat’s waffles, eggs and bacon. He still had on his pajamas and looked nowhere near ready to leave. Kat had to admit , he was eating as fast as he could. He just had too much to eat.

Maribel returned to the kitchen with the items Kat had requested. She put Andres into his car seat before she instructed Maribel sit in the seat in front of her.

“Are you excited to see your mama today?”

The kids still visited Carmen every Sunday. Kat no longer needed to supervise the meetings but she made to stay within the area so the kids were always within quick distance. They did various things like skating, bowling, movies or dinner. But today they were visiting the Children’s Museum in town. The kids were pretty excited about it, and Kat was glad. She was ready for a little break from them even if she could only shed herself of two instead of three.


After the church service was over, they returned home to get changed out of their church clothes. Now Kat was driving through the busy post-church traffic into the city to meet Carmen.

She glanced into the rearview mirror just to check on the kids for a second. But instead of looking at them, she caught a glimpse of herself. It was only from the bridge of her nose up above her eyebrows but that tiny profile fragment was enough. She looked exhausted and drained of her soul.

Her brown orbs were vacant, despite all the emotions coursing behind them.

She pulled into a parking space right beside Carmen’s car. When Kat put the car in park, she unbuckled her seat belt and opened her door so that she could see the twins off. Carmen too got out of her car and met Kat at her van.

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