Leah’s Springbreak Adventure


Darren loved his job, especially this time of year when so many young white honeys came down to take a break from school. Sure, the pay was not that great and the work sometimes boring at the less than 4-star motel he worked at and his foreign boss could be difficult at times both to understand and to please, but the fringe benefits were what made the job so great.

Right now he was mowing the grass around the pool area, taking his time as he scoped out one the most exciting pieces of white trim he had ever seen. She couldn’t have been more than 18, but she was definitely all woman with that blonde hair that hung nearly to her waist, those long coltish legs, full high breasts that belonged on a centerfold and a firm, perky ass that just begged to be fucked. Damn, if only he could get her alone for awhile, away from her mother who even now was sitting at a poolside table, reading a book as her young daughter frolicked in the pool. Then again, Momma was not a bad looking woman herself. Who knows? A Mom and Daughter thing might really be fun, something he had never tried before.

After three days, the young black stud was about to give up on ever getting a shot at this sexy young thing. He had hung around after work knowing that she would soon come out for her evening swim before dressing to go out to dinner with her Mother but, this time something different and totally unexpected happened.

Almost on schedule, she came out of her room, only this time instead of heading for the pool, she walked to the curb, waiting for a chance to cross to the beach across the way. Something else Darren noted, Mom was nowhere in sight. Maybe his luck was about to change.

Quickly grabbing his cooler bag, he went to the nearby liquor store and picked up a bottle of Fuzzy Navel and a couple of plastic cups, ammunition to loosen this nervous little filly up until she had no choice but to surrender ataşehir escort to his lust.

Crossing the road, he scanned the beach, looking for his target. He was just in time to see her emerge from the surf, her wet one-piece suit fitting the contours of her hot body like a second skin.

Not rushing things, he watched her sunbathe that sexy body until the gathering dusk threatened his plans. Just then, as if on cue, she suddenly rose to her feet, wrapping her beach towel around her slender waist and started walking aimlessly down the beach. Darren followed at a safe distance until the young blonde stopped near an abandoned pier, staring out at the sunset.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” he said seeing her jerk in surprise as he stood behind her, barely a foot away. “I love coming down here at this time of day. Wanta share the sunset with me?”

“Who are you? You look familiar.” she said, that look of fear like a deer caught in headlights in her eyes as she nervously scanned his dark, muscular body, those eyes staying just a little too long on the bulge in his tight brief trunks.

“I’m Darren, I do maintenance at the motel where you are staying.” he said confidently, his eyes scanning her lithe body. “I’ve been wanting to meet you ever since you checked in. And you are?”

“Leah…..Leah Jackson.” she replied, feeling more comfortable as she took in his disarming smile. “Well, why didn’t you say something?”

“Well, your Mom was always watching you like a hawk.” he laughed. “Where is she now? Watching you through binoculars?”

“Naw.” Leah joined in his laughter. “She had a couple of drinks too many and is taking a nap. That’s why I decided to sneak over to the beach.”

“Well, why is she so protective.” he asked. “After all, you’re a big girl, ya know.”

“She has been through a lot.” Leah began, a frown furrowing her brow. “We lost ataşehir escort Dad in a plane crash 4 years ago and then my Sister was killed by a drunk driver six months later. I’m all she has left, but I admit, at times she does smother me.”

“Sorry to hear that. That must have been hard.” Darren replied, a “sympathetic” arm slipping around her shoulders. “You wanta sit with me under the pier and watch the sunset awhile?”

“I guess so…..I mean, why not?” she seemed to be talking more to herself than him. He quickly took her hand, guiding her into the semi-darkness of the wooden pilings and joining her as she spread her towel on the flat sand.

“Want some?” he asked, offering her a glass of the orange liquid he had taken from his bag. Even as he asked, he was holding the glass out to her hand that reached a bit too anxiously for the offered libation.

They sat and made small talk as they sipped the drinks, one after another, Darren making sure she drank two for every one he drank. Seeing the dreamy look in her eyes as she laughed at the slightly off color joke he had told, Darren decided the time was right. Pulling her to him, his thick lips crushed down on hers, his tongue moving to part her soft lips. At first she struggled, her tiny hands pushing at his muscular chest, but then she suddenly relaxed, her lips parting to welcome his exploring tongue, sucking it hungrily. Pressing his advantage, he let a huge hand capture one of her full breasts, loving the way her nipple hardened against his rough palm.

“Wh….why did you do that?” she gasped when he finally broke the kiss, her look a mix of fear an smoldering lust, her breasts rising and falling rapidly, one still clasped in his strong, dark hand.

“Why not?” he laughed, his dark eyes gleaming as he continued pawing at her heaving breasts. “I’ve gotta get this hot little body ready before anadolu yakası escort I fuck you.”

As he said this, he eased the suddenly helpless blonde onto her back, his big hands pulling down the straps of swimsuit, letting her lush breasts spring to freedom.

She sighed as his full, soft lips closed over an already painfully swollen nipple, licking and sucking it sensously. Leah had never felt anything like it in her young life and she seemed unable to do anything but lie there moaning and letting the powerful young black man have his way with her.

“Ummmmmmm…that little pussy is soooo wet.” he murmured, feeling her jerk as he worked a thick finger into her juicy young cunt. “Gotta have a taste of that sweet thing.”

Leah felt like she was outside her body, looking at someone else as he quickly slid her suit down her long legs, grasping her quivering thighs in his huge hands as his wet, hot mouth closed over her sexmound, eating her noisily, two of his thick fingers probing her vagina, loosening her for what was to come and bringing her to a couple of blinding orgasms along the way.

“You ready for some of this black meat now, baby?” he asked after several minutes, loving the look of shock in her eyes as she gazed at a foot of black cock that pointed upward from his flat belly. “You ready to give up some of that perfect young pussy?”

“Yes….ohhhhh yessssssssss!” she murmured, her tiny hand reaching for his organ, pulling him to her. “Please fuck me, Darren. Fill me with your big black cock. Love me, please.”

She cried out as she felt like she was being torn open as the huge black pole sawed into her body, but soon she was bucking up to meet his thrusts, her long legs wrapped around his waist as the pain became almost unbearable pleasure.

He seemed to fuck into her writhing body for what seemed an eternity before she suddenly felt him stiffen, his big balls jerking against her upturned ass as he flooded her stretched pussy with his potent black sperm. The orgasm his cumming unleashed was so intense that the young blonde passed out from the overwhelming intensity of this new experience.

To Be Continued…

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