John Learns About Herself Pt. 03


The following day, John received the first of several images on his chat from Tony. The images were of a man in female clothing eagerly sucking on a cock, taken from an elevated position. The person in question was clearly John and John’s stomach churned and his heart leapt in his chest.

By the time the third image was sent, John was cold with fear. What was going to happen? Why was Tony doing this?

By the fifth image – one of a particularly ecstatic looking John wanking Tony’s cock into his mouth. John groaned inside.

He finally contacted Tony and asked him what the images were for and why had he taken them in the first place. Tony’s only reply was that he liked to see his bitches whenever he wanted to see them and a picture was ideal for that.

John replied curtly with “but you never told me you were taking them” and Tony replied with “i don’t need to tell my sissy everything, do I”. John held his head in his hands and breathed in deep breaths. Where was this going?

John cracked and typed “Where is this going?”

Tony didn’t reply for a while – the bastard – and then wrote “wherever I want it to go, obviously. Why, sissy, what are you scared of?”

John didn’t reply.

The next day John found a new image had been sent to him – one of him taking all that cum and licking up the remnants of it. God he looked drunk (or high). Jesus wept!

A message from Tony was waiting for him: “Thursday, noon. Be smooth. Be eager. More pictures of you to make.”

John replied, finally, with “I can’t make it Thursday.”

Tony replied: “Yes, you can. Noon.”

Nothing else went between them both and John stayed off social media sites. He was worried.

By Thursday, just before noon, John was knocking at Tony’s door with his bag, not really understanding why he was there. He could have analysed it all and rationalised it out. He craved to be feminine and to be treated as such by a man. Having found that man, he would please him orally. It was that simple and nothing would get in the way of pleasing that man, once John was in the feminine mindset, brought on by wearing clothing.

“Upstairs, sissy. Get changed and come downstairs. Quickly.” John did as he was told and was down again in 10 minutes, dressed and feeling sexy.

“Good sissy. You are looking flustered today. Don’t you want to have my cock again? Tell me you have missed it in your mouth. Have you thought about it constantly, sissy? I think you have haven’t you?” Tony kept doing this and John felt aurally Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort assaulted but it had the desired effect on John… he responded with submissiveness. He knelt and bowed his head and waited.

Tony walked around him and caressed his neck and ran a fingertip down his chin, down his throat and cupped one of the empty bra cups. John waited.

“OK sissy. I put a rather tight cock ring on this morning and now i am swollen and the effect is rather lovely. You are going to enjoy the size difference i think. If i stand here before you, you are going to be on your knees and pleasing me. Do you understand me, sissy? John nodded slowly and gulped. Tony carried on… “If i am taking photos of you as you work, you are to look in the camera and to think of it as your selling yourself to the highest bidder. I want you to smoulder for the camera. I want the man who looks in the camera to instantly want you around their cock. Do i make myself clear, sissy?” John paused and looked up at Tony. He actually began to cry then. Tony;s eyes opened wider and then began laughing. “Oh my poor sissy fuck.” He cupped a hand around John’s cheek. He squeezed and said “Just nod you sad fuck.” John cried more and finally nodded and sniffed.

Tony unzipped his trousers and pointed to his groin. John put his hands inside the trousers and hooked Tony’s cock out and gazed at the sight before him. The cock was certainly thicker than usually and the head was swollen beautifully. John licked his lips subconsciously but Tony saw it and laughed. “Good girl. Show me how much you crave my cock.”

John held it in his right hand and began to rub it, marveling at its feel. God, he did love holding a cock. He wanked Tony slowly, moving the foreskin over the head and back, watching it move, watching the head disappear and then re-appear as he pulled the foreskin back. He wanked it lovingly and he heard the camera clicking this time. He looked up and tried to smile into the camera. More clicks.

“Play with it baby. Rub it around your face. Do sexy things with it” ordered Tony. John obeyed him and began to rub his cheek along the shaft. He flicked it across his cheek effectively slapping himself with it. The noise was comical but he looked up as the camera clicked. He closed his eyes and licked the shaft then, dipping down underneath to lick the balls and the metal ring locked around them. His tongue investigated and prised and wetted both balls and shaft. John was very adapt at playing with Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort Tony’s cock now. There was no more reticence about handling it – he had done enough in the previous sessions that he knew no-one would know and the world would continue turning until the next time. All that was changing though with the click of the camera.

“Open your mouth wide and wank me into it… keep my cock at your lips though and tip your head back wantonly”

John did as he was told and wanked the thick, long cock into his mouth. He was aching to suck it and have it in his mouth. He wanted to manage to deep throat it himself rather than have Tony force it down his throat.

He closed his lips around it and took it into his mouth and Tony groaned with pleasure. John wanked and sucked and licked and mewed and gagged and spat and looked up at the camera and tried his best to get that cock into his throat. It was a challenge now. He knew it would go – it had been there last time and this time, he was damn sure to do it himself. He pressed his face closer and tried to open his throat wider. Every time, he gagged and pulled back instinctively. It was pissing himself off and he was getting frustrated. Then, a hand to the back of his head and it pushed his face forwards remorselessly and the head pushed its way onto his gag reflex making his retch and his stomach heaved but the hand forced the cock further and John felt it enter his throat and then slide down a little to come to a rest when John’s nose was buried in pubic hair.

John tried to pull back – it was natural to do sobut Tony’s hand on the back of his head held him there and he panicked in silence, his eyes bulging and tearing up.

Click… another picture. Fuck him, he though. Tears now and then Tony began to move his hips a little and he was face fucking John with little thrusts. The feelings in his throat and mouth were amazing. All that muscle and heat held in such a small tube. John was gagging and retching almost non-stop as his face was fucked by Tony. Tony started slowly but he was losing it now and thrusting harder and harder into John’s mouth. John whimpered and looked up at Tony imploringly. So much saliva was coming out of his mouth, it was unbelievable.

Tony pulled out of John suddenly and the emptiness was a shock. He knew his throat was bruised and swollen but oh my God, what a feeling it had been.

John drew in breath and breathed hard and then realised that Tony had lifted him and moved Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort him to the arm of the settee. He was now pushed over the arm, with his face buried in the seat cushion. Tony was positioned between his legs and his hand roamed freely under his skirt,as he sought to pull Johns knickers to one side.

That finally done, and still holding onto John’s arms whilst pinning him down to the settee, Tony spat down onto John’s arse cheeks and his cock, caked in John’s saliva already and now with Tony’s too, rubbed it across his cunt and pressed it.

John’s world went out of focus then as he craved the cock but was also terrified to move into this realm. Tony was pressing his cock repeatedly against his cunt and it did feel good – it was stimulating in all the correct ways.

“Come on, bitch. Press your arse back onto my cock. Do it” With that, John pushed back as he was told and felt the cock bury itself two inches inside. He groaned. Tony groaned and then Tony pushed the remainder of his cock inside John until his belly ground into John’s bottom. He was fucked.

Tony held still then slewed out with a pop. He then pushed his cock back in, sliding it all the way in. John arched his back in response and uttered some nonsense wording. He was bracing his arms in the cushion in readiness for the next push and when it came, John was ready and he moved his body to a nicer position to better take the thrust. His breath was taken away and his eyes were closing whilst his mouth hung open as he panted. “That’s it you dirty bitch. Take it now. Tell me you want it. Tell me, sissy”

John was lost and horny and in delirium. He was loving it. He turned around as far as possible and looked back at Tony “Yes, fuck me. fuck me please. fuck me hard. Make me come. Come inside me. Make me cry. God, do it”

Tony fucked him then savagely for a good 30 seconds and had to stop, fighting for breath. In that time, John knew he loved cock. He knew he never wanted to be a man again. He was a sissy and loved it and accepted it and craved it all. He loved the feeling of the cock inside him. He loved Tony’s hands on his hips, pulling him back to meet the slap of his belly on his arse. He could feel the slap of his balls on him and above all, he knew that Tony was fucking him because he was a turn on to him.

John smiled then and turned to Tony. “Come on, fuck your little sissy cock slut with your cock. Give me your cum. I want it inside me. I want to feel you cum in me. Mark your territory, please baby…”

With a growl, Tony slammed into John for another three fucks and then mashed himself as far as he could go and ejaculated his seed into John.

“Holy fuck. You fucking little sly fuck” tony shouted between his shots of cum.

John lay there, open mouthed, feeling each libation hit him inside. His back arched and he loved it all.

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