Jewel’s First Time

This story is one of pure fiction. I just need to get some thoughts out of my head. I’ve been obsessed with the female form since I was very young and it’s been a significant period of time since I’ve tasted such exquisite and passionate emotions and sensations.


Jewel had never been with a woman before, she’d never even seen a woman naked. Well, she’d seen them on television and once in a while she had even gone so far as to go to the video store and rent a porn. She only rented straight porn though because she felt her face flush with embarrassment every time she reached for the girl-on-girl action stuff.

She had always been drawn to the beauty of the female form. Ever since she was a little kid, she just felt differently about girls…when all of her little friends were growing up and getting crushes on little boys, all she could think about was how wonderful her best friend, Vera, smelled. She never told anyone about these feelings however. She knew what was normal, what was expected of her. She even tried dating a couple of boys but, she always lost interest and found an excuse to break up with them.

Finally, nearing her eighteenth birthday, she started to have a harder time calming these desires. She wanted to find out for sure if what she felt all of her life was really what she wanted. She was going to go out and find a girl to seduce. For weeks, she struggled for the courage, changing her mind several times. As the week of her birthday closed in on her, she went through swings of excitement and absolute terror. Part of her was so anxious and another part of her so scared. She knew that if she really wanted to meet someone, she wasn’t going to be able to just sit back and play it shy. She knew she was going to have to come off as confident.

She had always been a confident girl, she was very popular and the few guys she did date, she chose after careful consideration as there were lines of them asking. She was a petite girl, only just over 5 feet 1inch tall. She has silky dark hair and hung straight around her slender frame. Her pale skin was perfect, unmatched except by her gaze. Her eyes were like deep precious stones, something that looked like a mix between an amethyst and a sapphire. She could look at you in just the right way, arch her eyebrow ever so slightly, issue a twitch from her perfectly shaped lips and BAM!…you knew exactly what she was thinking, exactly what she wanted from you. She intended, upon her resolve in her pursuit, to use every bit of her charm to her benefit.

Finally, the morning came and she awoke in her bed. Sliding her slender frame from the mattress, she slipped into a simple but flattering day dress, a light, flowy lavender slip kind. She had plans to go out to lunch with Vera before she went out that evening for her preplanned adventure. She got into her car, buckled herself safely and took off towards her best friends’ house.

As she drove, she couldn’t help but think about how beautiful Vera had grown up to be. She was definitely an Irish girl, all the way, light naturally auburn hair and stunning green eyes. Her skin was incredibly fair, even more so than Jewels’. She perfectly pink flesh was dusted with the lightest amount of freckles, making Vera look like she was almost glowing. She was a little taller than Jewel but, not much bigger in frame. However, Vera had the most amazing breasts Jewel had ever seen. Vera once told her that they didn’t even make bras in her size. What was it she said? Thirty two H?

“Good grief,” Jewel thought to herself as she pulled up to Vera’s driveway, “I wonder how big her nipples are.”

She pulled into the driveway and gave Vera a quick call on her cell to let her know she was outside.

Hearing her voice brought Jewel back to earth, as her head was still lingering on the image of the stunning Vera standing before her in all her voluptuous glory.

“I’ll be right out, my love!”, she heard Vera say over the line followed by a click.

Jewel smiled as Vera walked outside. Lovely as usual…but, this time seeing her was different. She looked really spectacular. Jewel shrugged it off as just being caught up in her fantasy. Vera would never go for that, she never, ever hinted to even a inkling of interest in the same sex. She almost always had a boyfriend…the fact that she didn’t have currently was amazing. Men just flocked to Vera, she was bold, talented, beautiful, intelligent and quick witted…and as much of a lady that she was, she could also be the most vibrant hellion, ripping on the best of them. She was nearly unoffendable. Jewel was privy to all of this by being Vera’s constant companion and she had seen Vera take on the scariest and burliest of men but, still somehow the fiery redhead managed to remain in control of the situation.

Vera was dressed in a pair of slender pin stripe pants that accented just how round her hips were and how tiny her waist was under her bust line. She usually tried to dress as to try and divert attention away from her breasts bursa escort but, today was different. Today she was wearing a very slinky, strappy top with a sheer cover. Jewel had to pry her eyes off her friend in amazement that such a tiny little string could hold up the weight of her massive breasts. Jewel wasn’t sure if she had ever seen Vera show this much cleavage before but, she knew she certainly wasn’t going to complain. Vera’s ivory skin glistened in the sunlight, just like Jewel had just been dreaming about. Vera slid into the passenger seat, kissed Jewel lightly on the cheek and said, “Where to, dearest? Today is your day. I’m yours.”

With that, Jewels’ mind couldn’t help but go back to the image of the gloriously naked Vera, that long, sweet smelling red hair, that stare she gives men when she wants them. Suddenly, Jewel wanted to be on the receiving end of that stare. She wondered if the rest of her smelled as sweet and couldn’t help but delve deeper still and wonder how amazing she might taste.

“Honey, are you okay?”, asked Vera.

Jewel shook her head in acknowledgement, “Huh?….Oh…oh…yeah. Lets’ go to lunch…sorry just got a little lost there for a second. I’ve had a lot on my mind.”

“Anything I can help with?”, inquired her lovely friend.

“Oh…no. Not really….well, it’s just…”stammered Jewel.

“It’s just what? You know I’d do anything for you! I’d be hurt if you couldn’t confide in me.”, cried Vera.

“Well, I’m curious…have you ever thought about girls?”

“What do you mean?”, Jewel could tell by her tone that she knew what was going on, she just wanted to hear her say it.

“Well…have you ever thought about girls…you know……sexually?”, Jewel paused, waiting for a reaction from Vera.

Suddenly a smile started curling the edged of her lips and Jewel saw her bite her lip ever so slightly.

“Why do you think all the guys think I’m perfect?”, she said slyly.

Jewel was floored. Was she really hearing what she thought she was hearing? Was her best friend, the sweet little Vera that she’d known all of her life, confessing that the reason men hounded her was because she was into women? Jewel could hardly believe it…what about all the boyfriends? How could she have not known? Why didn’t she say something to this beautiful woman sitting next to her sooner?

Vera called out Jewels’ name and rightly so, for just as Jewel brought her attention back to the road, she was forced to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of her that was coming to a stop for a red light. Only inches from collision, the two girls just had to laugh. They smiled at each other and continued silently on their way. Not another word was said until they got to the restaurant.

They sat down across from each other but for some reason, Jewel couldn’t meet Vera’s glance. Vera reached over and placed her hand over Jewels’. The little blue eyed vixen jumped at her touch.

They both blurted out an apology and again shared a moment of awkward laughter. The waitress came and they placed their order and then they were alone again. Vera began chewing on the end of her straw and Jewel could tell she was trying to get her attention.

Finally, she took a big breath and started to speak. “So…how long…how long have you liked girls?”, she whispered.

Vera couldn’t help but giggle at Jewels’ paranoid concern that people were going to listen.

“Since I was 16. I met a girl at summer school…do you remember Dana…she was tall, long blonde hair, blue eyes? Not as beautiful as yours but, blue nonetheless.”

Jewel blushed at the compliment. “Yeah, I remember her. You mean? Oh wow…she was beautiful. You’re so lucky. I’ve never even seen a woman naked….well, except myself…and some on TV.”

Vera smiled at Jewels’ innocence. She’d always known Jewel to be a bit awkward around guys but, she never thought that THIS could be the reason why. All these years she had been dreaming about this sexy and sultry woman and never once would she had thought that Jewel had any inclination that way. She’d always seemed like such the good girl. Now that she knew otherwise though, she intended to take full advantage of the friendship they had shared.

Their food arrived and they ate silently, only the sound of their utensils hitting their plates broke the quiet of their meal. They both seemed to have lost interest in the days’ further plans. Their eyes told a different story now. They finished and paid and upon returning to Jewels car Vera made a suggestion.

“So, listen…how about we forget the rest of the plans we had today and go back to my place?”, as she took a step closer to her beautiful friend.

“And what do you propose we do to fill the hours of the afternoon?.”, Jewel asked playfully as she felt Vera’s hand brush along her shoulder blade. Her body shuddered slightly at the touch. That shudder sent a bolt of electricity straight from Vera’s hand straight into Jewels’ most intimate of places. bursa escort bayan

Vera reveled in Jewels’ subtle reactions and smiled as she replied, “I think you know what I want to do. The rest is up to you. Remember, I told you already that I am yours today.”

Jewel just about melted right there. Just before she felt her legs collapse, she heard her car start. In her daze, Vera had taken her keys and climbed into the drivers’ seat.

“Let’s go, my love!”, she said with another of her magickal smiles.

They sped furiously back to Vera’s house and Jewel couldn’t help but sit in total awe of the woman who sat next to her. Just minutes ago they were only friends…and now….now they were about to become lovers.

Her heart began to race realizing the reality of the situation. Her best friend wanted to make love to her, wanted to have sex with her. Her beautiful best friend, who had been her friend since second grade, wanted to touch her in the most intimate of ways…and she wanted to return those affections. The excitement raged so quickly, so much so that she could almost feel an orgasm about to hit her as she sat there, still as a statue. Her face was flushed and she could feel that she was blushing. She just sat there, not saying a damn word until they pulled into Vera’s driveway. It seemed as though they were just here.

Jewel felt weak, like her legs wouldn’t work even if she wanted them to. She was scared. She was afraid of messing this up, of losing her friend, of changing things between them…but, most of all, she was afraid of disappointing Vera. She wanted to be the best lover Vera had ever had. Jewel had only been with one boy though…and had only kissed a few more than that. How would she know what to do?, she thought to herself.

That didn’t seem to bother Vera. As confident as ever, she climbed out of the car, came over to the passager side door and helped Jewel to stand up. They walked inside together, arm in arm, looking just like best friends should. She helped Jewel into a comfortable chair and moved away to lean against the counter at the edge of the kitchen.

“Would you like a drink?”, Vera said to Jewel.

“Yeah, I think that might help.”

“Anything in particular?”

“Whatever you’ve got is fine.”

Vera knelt down, making sure Jewel would get a good view of her beautiful round ass and tiniest of waists. She pulled out a bottle of top quality merlot and poured a perfect glass for each of them. She moved like silk over to Jewel to hand her the chalice. They sipped in the aroma, the heady, oak scent with the slightest bit of cherry flavor. Vera could feel Jewel’s eyes all over her body.

Vera placed her glass on the table and licked the excess merlot off her lips, staring at Jewel as she did so. Suddenly, Jewel rushed her, as though she had suddenly found the Fort Knox of courage and embraced Vera closely, taking her lips completely. She covered Vera’s mouth with her own and all Vera could do was respond with a tender moan. Jewel tasted so sweetly, of cherries from the wine and this lustful, almost sweaty taste…as though she had been waiting in anticipation for hours.

The passion that was released was untouchable, Vera had never felt anything like it. It was obvious Jewel had been keeping this secret for a very long time. Jewel slid one hand around Vera’s waist and pulled her close as she could and let the other hand wander up to that perfect, massive breast. The weight of it surprised her, as did it’s firmness for it’s size. Vera moaned into her mouth and she took it as encouragement and began to kiss her deeper, sliding her tongue over Vera’s lips and taking in her scent.

Vera never would have guessed that this was the first time Jewel had ever touched a woman. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing. Lost in the sensations that her novice lover was washing over her, she could hardly pull herself away to suggest moving to the bedroom.

Jewel was raging. She was feeling totally consumed by the feeling of kissing Vera. A fire was quickly spreading through her entire being. She followed Vera to the bedroom and once again encountered her feelings of insecurity.

“Are you sure you want to do this…with me? I don’t want this to mess up our friendship.” said Jewel.

Vera looked at her and smiled so lovingly, “My dear Jewel, I have loved you for a very long time. If I had known that you liked girls, I’d have made a move on you long long ago. It’s time. Besides, wouldn’t you rather be with me, someone you know, you love, you trust…rather than some stranger who could take advantage of you?”

Vera stepped in close to Jewel again and took her face in her hands. She bent down slightly to kiss her cheeks, her lips, her eyes…she pulled Jewel in close and held her tight. She felt the small woman relax in her embrace and Jewel began to slide her hands up and down Vera’s back.

Vera responded readily, making a small purring noise in the back of her throat, barely audible. escort bursa She stepped back and told Jewel to make herself comfortable on the bed.

Jewel did as Vera requested and propped herself on some loose pillows and began to bask in the beauty before her. Vera put on some music, some earthly mellow stuff accompanied by the sound of soft winds and rain. Then the drums started and Vera began to dance. As she moved, she slid her hands over her own body, teasing Jewel with smiles and glances of seduction. Jewel thought she was going to have to be the aggressor on this the night of her sexual revelation but, now she felt very warm and safe in the presence of her Vera, her best friend…who was going to show her how to make love to a woman. The excitement was so thick it was very nearly tangible.

Vera swayed her hips back and forth, spinning slightly as to eventually give Jewel a 360 degree look at her body as she slowly undressed herself. First she untied the knot in the front of her strappy top and played with the ties a little. Then she let the straps fall playfully and she slid her fingers along the lines of her shoulders. Jewel made a small mental note to kiss that exact spot. Veras hands moved over her breasts and she lifted them, in all their glory, to create a crevace between them so dramatic, Jewel almost gasped aloud. She continued to move to the music as she turned her back to Jewel to lift her top over her head. Jewel almost felt her breasts pop from the restrictive material and saw them settling on her chest from either side of her back. Vera continued to massage her large members as she twisted and turned back to Jewel, showing off her slender body with such shocking contrast to her amazing bust. She allowed one hand to slid further down still, to her stomach and to the waistline of her pants when she began to roll her body around again so that Jewel could watch her magnificent ass be exposed to the crisp air in the bedroom.

Jewel was nearly breathless. She wanted Vera so badly, to touch her, kiss her, taste her. The lingering thoughts of insecurity were all but gone with the visual display of Vera’s experience. At least she knew that even if she didn’t do so hot for her first lesbian experience, Vera would definately should her a good time…and they would definately cuddle afterwards. Vera was right, Jewel thought to herself, this wouldn’t be nearly as good if it were a stranger.

Finally, Vera had strip-teased down to her thong, which looked like it had been painted on. Her body was so fair and the black of the thong was so dramatic against that iridescent skin that it made her body shimmer. Her breasts swelled with each lustful breath she took in as she climbed onto the bed towards a trembling Jewel. She barely touched her, skimming her fingertips over her friends smooth, slender legs. Higher and higher, she allowed her hand to drift but completely avoiding Jewels’ jewel. She slid her hand all the way up under the dress, around Jewels’ waist and pulled her into what would be the missionary position. From here, she began to massage Jewel’s body, sliding her hands over her thighs to her ass, over her chest and breasts, gripping the beautiful dark haired woman at the base of her neck as she kissed her, finally, deeply, with passion that would shake a mountain. It shook Jewel at least that hard. She felt her body respond immediately, her skin covered in goose bumps and her clitoris screaming for attention. She drove her pelvis into Vera’s as the redhead above her continued to indulge herself in Jewel’s lips. She moaned, loudly into Vera’s mouth and this only seem to encourage the fiery girl on top of her.

Suddenly, Vera pulled away from Jewels’ kiss and pulled her into a sitting position. She took the dress and lifted it over Jewels’ head and paused at the sight of the young woman naked.

Her body was like none Vera had ever seen. Pale, almost as pale as hers but bluer instead of pink but her nipples….her breasts; they were perfectly perky and perfectly proportioned to how Vera preferred them, not too big but enough to fondle with nipples erect and so incredibly pink. She guessed maybe a mid-C cup…maybe a little more. Jewels waist was even smaller than her own, only not as accented by such a highly endowed chest however, Jewel had a very womanly flair to her hips that Vera found immediately irresistible. Her skin felt like silk and smelled of roses and patchouli, a combination that most women wouldn’t even consider but for Vera, right here, right now, there was nothing she could think of that made her feel more intoxicated.

She slid her hands over the body of her best friend, admiring her perfect skin and staring into her eyes. She wanted to kiss every inch of this amazing woman. She meant it when she said that she had loved her. She didn’t just love her, Vera was IN LOVE with her. This was like a dream come true and she could only hope Jewel felt the same way.

She kissed her companion over and over, finally moving to her long neck that has always reminded Vera of a graceful gazelle or of those tribal women who wore those rings to extend their neck. Jewels’ perfect face sat upon a long and equally pale neck that seemed to defy physics. Vera had envied it for a long time and now it was hers to devour.

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