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“My husband says I should ask you if you have a big dick,” Jenny giggled as she placed her phone on the bar and smiled at the well dresses black man seated beside her. He had been flirting with her in the dimly lit hotel bar for nearly two hours and he’d been undeterred when she mentioned that she was married.

“Tell him it ain’t small,” he replied in a deep silky baritone while a confident smile danced on his handsome face. His expensive Italian suit was draped over broad, powerful shoulders and did little to hide his bulging biceps.

“So that stereotype is true?” Jenny replied softly. Her long, thick eyelashes batted playfully and her bottom lip curled into a sexy pout. She had been exceptionally flirtatious when she was young but she’d become reserved and conservative as a middle age mother of two.

Her pulse quickened as she lifted her iPhone from the bar top and relayed Kelvin’s answer to her husband. She felt naughty and more than a little horny. She’d never been with a black man before and she was intrigued by the idea.

Jenny had grown up in the northeast in a small town with few minorities but she’d secretly wondered, for as long as she could remember, what it would be like to have sex with a black guy. They all seemed so masculine and dominant and her physical attraction to muscular, dark skinned men was undeniable. She was a playful but naturally submissive woman and the idea of being with a strong dominant black man made her wet beyond imagination.

“I’m pretty small, you might not fit,” Jenny giggled with a playful smile. She tensed her thighs and a jolt of electricity shot through her needy cunt. She and her husband had been in the midst of a sexual dry spell and they hadn’t fucked for almost a month before she left on a week long business trip to the west coast.

“I’ll go slow,” Kelvin replied quickly. He flashed his perfect white teeth and held her gaze as he nodded slowly. He knew what she wanted and he was prepared to meet her needs. He didn’t care that she was married. That was her husband’s problem and her husband’s fault for not satisfying his sexy wife.

Jenny’s phone buzzed and she glanced away from Kelvin’s pretty dark eyes. She opened her husband’s message and her heart raced. She and Tim had been faithfully married for fifteen years but he’d recently confessed that he sometimes fantasized about watching her with another man. She’d been shocked and a little hurt by his admission but it had also ignited a spark of curiosity inside her. That spark had led to several fantasies and her mind began to spin slowly as she looked back at Kelvin.

“What did he say?” Kelvin asked as he gestured to her phone. He looked into her big, pretty blue eyes with a smoldering expressing and watched her wrestle with indecision. He had been with a few married white women before and while he wasn’t overly experienced in the cuckold lifestyle he wasn’t a stranger to it either.

“He said that I should have fun,” Jenny replied. Her small voice trembled with an unfamiliar mix of fear and excitement. She and Tim had had recently started talking about trying new things to spice up their sex life but she’d never dreamed he’d be okay with her having sex with a black man she’d just met in a bar.

“It’s decided then,” Kelvin said in a low, soothing tone. He placed his hand on top of hers and closed his thick, meaty fingers around her small, pale hand.

The heat from his hand sent a shiver down her spine and she sighed deeply. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest and her body began to hum. She felt a surge of moisture saturate her hungry sex from his electric touch.

The subtle aroma of his expensive cologne wafted over her and she breathed deep, drawing it onto her lungs. Her knees felt weak and her first step was like that of a newborn fawn as she grabbed her phone with her free hand and followed him toward the door.

“Are you sure,” Jenny typed quickly. Her hands were trembling and her eyes darted nervously from side to side even though she didn’t know a soul in San Diego. She hit send on her phone and moments later her husband replied, in all capital letters, “yes.”

Kelvin pressed the button for the floor to his room and then turned to face Jenny. He was a foot taller than the short curvy brunette and she shuddered as her eyes traveled down from his dark, sexy eyes to the impressive bulge in his slacks.

The hairs on the back of her neck rose to attention and she brushed her fingers against his crotch, feeling his big imposing cock. Her husband had a nice cock. It wasn’t especially large but it was a snug fit in her tight little pussy and touched the right places.

The elevator chimed and Kelvin stepped aside letting her out of the car. He placed his big strong hand on her shoulder and guided her to the right. She could feel the strength of his grip and it excited her. Her head was spinning and she breathed steadily as they paused while he opened the door to his room.

Jenny reached for his pants as the hotel room door closed but he brushed Betturkey her hand away and gave her a stern, serious look. “You’ll get cock when I say so. Do you understand?” He barked in a firm, commanding tone. His confident, dominance sent shivers down her spine and Jenny nodded.

“Yes Sir,” she answered meekly. She had never really been with a true dominant but she’d long known that she was naturally submissive. Most of her knowledge of BDSM was from the 50 Shades of Gray series and while she knew from the online reviews that it wasn’t especially accurate it gave her an idea of what to expect and how to act. “I’m sorry Sir. It won’t happen again.”

Kelvin grinned menacingly and nodded. “It had best not or you’ll spend the night with your ass in the air getting smacked. Now take your clothes off and show me the goods,” he boomed with a demanding shake of his head. He was twice divorced and in his early 50s, though he looked much younger. His past marriages had taught him a lot about himself and about women. He knew what he wanted and he demanded it in no uncertain terms. It was an attitude that served him well socially and professionally and the women he’d met seemed to respond to it.

“Yes Sir, thank you,” Jenny replied. She giggled nervously and lifted her low cut cotton shirt over her head. Her big, natural DD cup breasts jiggled inside of her black lace Victoria Secret bra and her chest warmed as it flushed under his penetrating gaze. She felt another surge of wetness flood her pussy as she reached behind her and unfastened the bra, letting it slide down her arms and fall to the floor.

“You’ve got nice tits but I knew you did. Your stomach is tight for a breeder too. That’s good. Take your pants off and show me your ass,” He said calmly. He back up to the bed and sat down as he watched her with a keen, discerning eye.

“Yes Sir,” Jenny replied. She was surprised at how natural it felt calling him Sir and she smiled warmly. It was surreal and dreamlike as she unfastened her jeans and pushed them down past her wide hips. She’d been a petite, busty girl in her twenties but a largely sedentary lifestyle and giving birth to two children had conspired against her and she was a curvy 50 pounds heavier than when she had married her husband.

“Leave the panties on,” Kelvin said in a breathy tone. He sounded excited and that made Jenny hot.

She paused and dropped her arms to her sides as she kicked off her shoes and stepped out of her jeans. She felt naughty and wicked. She was exposed and vulnerable and goosebumps appeared over her pale naked flesh.

“Turn around. Show me your big fat ass,” he demanded. His words were the kind that would usually make her angry or upset but she knew instinctively that he didn’t mean them that way and her cheeks warmed as she turned around while he studded her round dimpled ass.

“Nice, get down on your knees and face me. Let me see your big titties hang low,” Kelvin ordered sternly and Jenny quickly complied. She heard her phone vibrate and she remembered for a moment that her husband was back at home in Massachusetts with their two teenage sons.

“Bring your phone over here,” Kelvin said abruptly as he crooked his dark ebony finger at Jenny, beckoning her to him. Her heart began to race anew. She pulled her phone from the pocket of her jeans and crawled slowly across the floor with her big blue eyes affixed to Kelvin’s handsome round face. His smooth bald head glistened with a fine sheen of perspiration and his thick, powerful neck eas taut with thick veins pulsing with energy. She was as turned on as she’d ever been in her life. Her pussy was soaking wet and her panties were drenched with her fragrant juices.

Kelvin nodded and smiled as Jenny drew close. Her huge tits swung like pendulums and her big nipples stiffened under his approving gaze. He looked expectantly at her and she stopped between his thick, powerful legs. His cologne engulfed her and she inhaled it into her lungs as she awaited permission to free his black cock.

“May I see it Sir, please,” Jenny asked. Her voice was thick with lust and it shook with tremolo. She gazed up at him with needy, pleading eyes and waited for several long seconds as he considered her request.

“You may take my cock out but you can not touch it once it is free,” he replied with a devilish grin as he took the phone from her small pale white hand.

“Thank you Sir,” Jenny smiled. She had been aching to see his dick since she had brushed her fingers against it on the way to his room. He’d said it was big and it certainly felt big but she needed to lay her eyes on it and devour its beauty.

Her fingers shook as she unfastened his belt and his pants and unzipped his fly. He lifted his ass off the bed and she lowered his slacks and boxers to the floor. His cock sprung free and Jenny gasped loudly.

“My God,” she sighed. “It’s beautiful.” It was long and thick with straight ebony shaft and a bulbous pink circumcised tip. The natural musk of his hard, muscular body wafted Betturkey Giriş over her and her mouth began to water. She’d never been a particularly enthusiastic cock sucker but her first thought when she saw his big black cock was how much she wanted to taste it. Her second thought was that she might have been right when she’d joked earlier that it might not fit. It was slightly thicker than her husband’s but significantly longer.

“Thank you,” he said with a rye smile. “Put your hands behind your back like a good little slut. Is that what you are Baby? Are you a good little slut?” He snapped a quick picture of her with her phone then switched it to video and pressed record.

“Yes Sir, I’m a good little slut,” Jenny panted wantonly. Her ravenous cunt continued to leak like a sieve. She enjoyed dirty talk but her husband wasn’t very good at it and not only was Kelvin a good talker he was recording her on her own phone which was very exciting. Her nipples stiffened and her heart raced wildly.

“Yes you are, ” he praised, “and whose slut are you?”

“I’m your slut Sir,” Jenny groaned. Hearing her words made her shudder with unbridled lust. She couldn’t believe what she was doing. She had just met him a few hours earlier and she was on her knees in his hotel room wearing a tiny thong and nothing else as she granted him ownership of her mind and body.

“That’s right Baby you are MY slut and before I allow you to feast on my big black dick we need to discuss the rules.”

Jenny nodded. “Yes Sir,” she smiled. Her cheeks were flushed crimson and her body was on fire.

“Good. The first rule is you do what I say. If you don’t I’ll throw your bare ass out in the hall. And if you hesitate or question me at all you will be punished as I see fit. Am I clear?”

“Yes Sir you are clear,” Jenny responded in a soft trembling voice. It was a verbal contract and strangely that made it hotter. Her leaking pussy had overwhelmed her thong and she could feel her juices running down her thick meaty thighs.

“The second rule, I don’t do condoms and I cum were I want. If that is a problem tell me now and then get your clothes and leave,” He continued in a calm collected manner. He looked hard into her wide eyes with an unyielding stare and she gulped hard. Tim had a vasectomy years earlier and she wasn’t on the pill but she nodded and threw caution to the wind.

“Yes Sir,” she squeaked. Beads of sweat gathered on her brow and she breathed deep and steady.

“My third and final rule is this,” Kelvin paused and grinned. “I like when you call me Sir it shows respect but that’s not quite right here. You see you aren’t my pet or my toy, you are my slave and I am your master. So rather than reply yes Sir I demand that you always reply Yes Master or Yes Master Kelvin. Do you understand and accept these terms?”

“Yes Master Kelvin. I am your slave and I accept the terms of your ownership,” Jenny replied clearly. She knew of safe words but he hadn’t mentioned one so she was flying without a net.

Kelvin ended the video and handed her the phone. “Send that picture and the video to your husband so he knows what you will be doing for the next several days,” he smirked. He wanted the man to truly understand what he had agreed to when he told his wife to have fun.

Jenny breathed deep and swallowed hard as she sent the picture and then the video to her husband. She wasn’t sure how he’d react but he’d given her permission and told her to have fun. She was having more fun than she’d dreamed and she and Kelvin had hardly touched each other yet.

“Good slave. Now tell him that you love him and you will talk to him tomorrow. You belong to me now,” Kelvin said forcefully. He waited for her to text her husband and then took the phone from her hand. He turned it off and placed it on the night stand.

“Worship my cock slave,” he said pointing at his big flaccid brown dick. He kicked off his shoes, slipped off his suit coat and unbuttoned his shirt baring his well defined chest as Jenny moved between his legs and took his cock into her eager mouth. She sucked him slowly, savoring the feel of his silky flesh against her tongue.

Jenny knelt with her hands clasped behind her back and ran her lips up and down his turgid shaft. She inhaled deeply drawing the smell of his body inside her. She closed her eyes and sucked his big heavy balls into her eager mouth. Her mind was swirling.

A low moan rose from her chest and she licked the entire underside of his big beautiful cock. Her lips parted and she wrapped them tightly around the bulbous tip of his throbbing cock tasting the briny flavor of his precum.

Kelvin laced his fingers into her thick dark hair and he began to guide her up and down his prodigious manhood. His eyes captured hers and he held her gaze while she slobbered noisily on his dick.

Jenny sucked and licked him for ten long minutes. She took him into her throat and held him deep while tears streamed down her cheeks and saliva spilled from the corners Betturkey Güncel Giriş of her mouth. Her jaw ached but she loved the taste and feel of him inside her so she fought through the ache and reveled in the act.

“After worship it’s time for the offering,” Kelvin laughed. He pulled Jenny’s talented mouth off his dick and turned her around. “What do you have to offer me slave?”

“Anything you want master,” Jenny panted like a wanton whore. She bent forward at the waist, her hands sliding down her smooth, freshly shaved legs. She’d been a gymnast in high school and she had stayed limber in spite of the weight she’d gained. She grabbed her ankles with her ass in the air and waited.

Kelvin caught a heady whiff of her fragrant juices and he hooked his finger into the back of her thong. “You’re very wet,” he mused as he pushed the fabric aside and rubbed her sloppy hole. “Do you get this wet with your husband?” He laughed knowingly and sank two meaty fingers into her murky depths making her moan like a bitch in heat.

“No master, only for you,” Jenny answered honestly. She had never been that wet before and she groaned wantonly as his thick fingers stretched her eager cunt. She felt his thumb press against her tight, virgin asshole and she shuddered. She had sometimes fantasized about anal sex but her husband wasn’t interested in trying it.

Kelvin left his thumb against Jenny’s asshole and guided his big cock to her soaking wet cunt. He pressed his hips forward, easing the tip inside. She was very tight but the copious amount of natural lube allowed him to enter her easily.

“Oh Fuck!” Jenny gasped. He felt huge and she groaned loudly as he grabbed her hip with one hand and buried his entire delicious cock in her dripping hole.

Kelvin began to thrust and his big balls slapped against her swollen vulva. The head of his prodigious cock pounded her cervix and her eyes rolled back in her head. His dick was amazing. It was rock hard and felt huge. She had never been overly concerned with the size of a man’s dick but she had sometimes wondered what a really big one would feel like and it felt incredible.

Jenny felt a knot form in her belly and she panted and moaned with each thrust of his cock. A stream of unintelligible profanity poured from her lips and the knot inside her tightened with each stroke. Jolts of pleasurable pain shot through her each time he hit bottom and her legs began to quiver and quake.

He felt her already tight pussy contract around his thrusting manhood and he drooled spit onto her puckered asshole. Her body began to shake and her urgent cries filled the room. He pushed his thumb into her ass and she yelped like a scolded puppy.

Jenny came hard as Kelvin’s thumb penetrated her virgin ass. Her body convulsed wildly and a loud, guttural scream rose from her chest. She felt warm liquid pulse from her cunt and she steadied herself by grabbing the bed, lest she collapse onto the floor.

Kelvin pulled his cock from Jenny’s sloppy wet cunt and pushed her roughly to the ground. The rich aroma of her juices assaulted her senses and she stiffened for a moment. She had long been reluctant to taste herself. She had never sucked a dick after it had been inside of her pussy nor did she like kissing her husband after he’d gone down on her.

“That’s two lashes later for hesitating Slave,” Kelvin braked loudly. He grabbed her hair and forced his long cock down her throat. The taste of pussy was not, in Jenny’s mind, pleasant and she’d never understood why her husband enjoyed eating her but he did and he was very good at it. The sudden image of her husband licking her pussy while she sucked Kelvin’s dick filled her head and she began to slurp eagerly on his tangy flesh.

Kelvin grinned and bucked his hips. His heavy balls slapped her chin and she choked and gagged as he fucked her mouth hard and fast. Saliva dripped from her chin onto her jiggling tits and her eyes watered profusely, making her mascara run down her cheeks. His cock filled her throat and his strong hands held her head steady.

Kelvin fucked her mouth for several minutes and then pushed her away from his glistening black cock. “I need a rest,” he mused as he laid back on the bed with his cock pointed skyward.

Jenny scrambled onto the big, king sized bed and straddled his trim waist. She looked into his eyes with a lust clouded gaze and lowered her creamy cunt onto his beautiful cock. Her eyes fluttered wildly and she took him to the root before leaning forward so her big, natural tits hung in his face.

Kelvin grabbed her breasts and squeezed them hard making her wince in pain. She liked rough sex and when he slapped her tits and pinched her taut nipples her body throbbed. She bounced on his big dick taking him balls deep and she felt another climax building quickly inside her. Warm waves of pleasure rolled through her body making her tremble and she tenses as a fresh flood of juice poured from her ravenous cunt, soaking his chocolate brown flesh.

“Turn around so I can watch your big ass while you ride my dick,” Kelvin demanded. His deep masculine voice and commanding tone made her shiver and she quickly acquiesced to his wishes. She lifted her thick body off his dick and then lowered herself onto him, reverse cowgirl style.

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