Isabelle , Simon Ch. 01

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AN: Hey everyone, this story is being co-written by myself and LitStorymb. If you enjoy this first chapter and want us to continue with what we have planned for it then leave us a comment or some feedback. Anyway, have a great day!

I promise right now that this is going to be a sibling love story, so don’t read this expecting gangbangs or threesomes etc. It will also take us time and a few chapters to establish our characters and storyline so don’t expect immediate sex or sexual activities.

Disclaimer: Isabelle & Simon are BOTH over 18! Any & all characters involved in sexual situations at any time or point in the story are over the legal age of 18!


Where the hell is the stapler? It should be in Isabelle’s computer desk! She’s usually very organized and always keeps things in the same place. I (Simon) needed to get out of her room before she finished walking the dog and returned!

It was verboten with a capital ‘V’ to be in Isabelle’s room! I know it sounds dumb. All I was doing was borrowing a stapler, but I knew she’d freak if she caught me.

Her whole focus in life now was herself and her cool, new friends. She took everyone else for granted. Mom and dad and I were nuisances to tolerate, and if we intruded into her dream world in any way, she got irritated. She couldn’t freak out with mom and dad, so they got lots of snide sighs gaziantep escort reklamları and rolled eyes. I didn’t get the same restraint! She had no trouble yelling at her ‘younger stupid jerk’ of a brother!

Isabelle’s room was her sanctuary where she beautified herself and chatted endlessly with her vapid airhead friends who only cared about their social standing. We were not privy to her social life and dared not enter into her sanctuary. Heaven knows what chaos we might create in her life if we inadvertently did something wrong in her room!

It didn’t use to be that way, but my relationship with Isabelle had gone downhill in the last year. Big time! Ever since she had turned 19, She’d changed, and not for the better! In fact I wouldn’t hesitate to describe her as a bitch these days. And I say this with the utmost sadness.

I used to be very close to her. I liked having a big sister. She was a year older than me, and I could talk to her about things like dating, university, and the future. I respected her and valued her opinion, and I thought she was cute! She had a pretty face with dark brown hair, long sexy eye lashes, hazel eyes and a toned body like a fitness instructor with a curvy ass and flat stomach. I used to love watching her ass as she bent over with painted on yoga tights, gaziantep escort bayan reklamları and she grinned when she caught me. Now she grimaces and sprouts obscenities while calling me a pervert! She has perfect perky C-cup tits now. I try not to look, I really do, she is my sister after all!

That is what I missed the most about the whole situation. I had lost my sister. From being as close as twins and doing everything together to basically becoming enemies, it was not something I had ever thought would happen. I still loved my sister of course, but she was always gone at night, off to parties at her friends houses or frat parties even. She would come back home really late sometimes, which would leave my parents tired the next day at work, as they would stay up until she returned. I also stayed up until I heard her return home each night, but I doubt she ever noticed. Whenever she was home we would fight, we would have shouting matches and she would sometimes throw things at me or even try to hit me, though I would never hit her back no matter what.

I even liked her old friends. They used to visit our house all the time, and I tagged along. Rachel, Isabelle’s best friend, thought I was cute and didn’t mind talking to me, which I loved! I was several inches taller than Rachel, and I worked escort gaziantep reklamları out, so I was in pretty good shape, better than most 18 years olds anyway. Not a muscle man but lean and mean! I had dark, almost black hair and brown eyes, and I guess Rachel liked my look! I sure liked talking to her!

But Isabelle’s old friends were gone. Cast aside for cooler kids. When she turned 19 Izzy’s boobs started to finally develop and her butt got even curvier, she was a late developer but once she developed the ‘in’ crowd noticed her. She liked the attention and started to hang out more and more with them.

Her new friends were loaded, and had cars, and lived in expensive houses. I think Isabelle was embarrassed to have them see our place, so she always hung out at their homes. I saw her less and less, and when I did, I was a ‘nuisance’ as mentioned.

Isabelle even had a sign on her bedroom door now, “Do Not Enter – ANYONE!” It was directed at mom and dad and me. I could see brushing me off, but who the hell did she think she was saying that to mom and dad! How disrespectful! They owned the house and had never intruded without knocking anyway.

Yup, things …


Oh, shit! She was back!

“What are you doing in my room! Can’t you read the sign on the door! Moron! Get out!”

“I was just looking for a stapler.”

“Get out! You should have asked!”

“Okay, can I borrow your stapler?”

“No! Get out!”

“I didn’t touch anything! I just wanted to borrow your stapler.”

“You should have asked!”

“I just did!”

“Get out!”

I lost my temper. “Fuck you!”


“Fine!” I left, and she slammed the door, and then I heard the lock click.

See what I mean! What a bitch!

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