Jennifer and her husband Chris were in a bind. They were a young couple, she was 22 and he had recently turned 23. He had been in the military since he graduated high school. They had just gotten the news that his unit would be shipped out. She needed a place to stay while he was serving his country. So they began to search local papers for a reasonably priced room with someone who was already established.

They were in luck. A single woman in her mid 30’s was looking for someone to move in to her spare bedroom in her apartment. The place was a steal at what she was charging, being that it was in a high-rise downtown. Jennifer called the number listed in the ad, and arranged to meet with Janice at a local café.

She was a bit surprised by Janice’s appearance, guessing her to be around her mid 20’s rather than well into her 30’s. Jennifer found herself attracted to this woman; even though she was married to a man, she had entertained fantasies of women before. She tried to put those thoughts aside and focus on the task.

They hit it off well, and Jennifer moved in with Janice the next week. Chris and she had put most of their furniture into storage, so it was an easy move. The place was astounding! It was huge, had several bathrooms and three bedrooms. One of the rooms Janice used as a home office, and there was extra space for Jennifer’s computer.

For the time being Jennifer was not working, but she was taking a few classes online. Janice was a successful real estate agent working for a company that dealt with large estates, which sometimes required her to work odd hours for the eccentricities of rich business people. Jennifer quickly grew accustomed to seeing her roomy at odd hours.

Though she missed her husband, Jennifer found herself fantasizing about her roommate more often as the days passed. Hearing Janice’s heels click against the tiled floor sent shivers racing through her. Seeing her in sleek black stockings and short skirts often sent Jennifer to her bedroom to relieve the tension as soon as the door clicked shut.

One evening when Janice got off work, the two decided to rent a few movies and get a bottle of wine for each of them to celebrate Casibom one of the realtors’ recent successes. She had just closed a major deal, and was ready to kick back and relax. Janice headed straight for the shower after she got home, and Jennifer headed to the store. She returned home to find Janice on the couch with her hair in a towel and wearing nothing but her robe. “I’ll go get comfy, do you want to start a movie?” asked Jennifer.

“Sure, you go ahead. I’ll uncork the wine too,” Janice replied.

After a few glasses each, they started to get comfortable, and were acting as if they were old friends. The women started discussing the finer points of the steamy romance they had picked to watch first. Giggling like schoolgirls, they started to make fun of how unreal sex in the movies was. Jennifer found herself wondering again, what it would be like to caress Janice as though they were in a movie.

Janice noticed that Jennifer seemed a bit distracted. She had noticed that over the past couple of weeks Jennifer would stare at her sometimes, as though she were interested, then quickly it would pass. Janice wondered if there was anything more too that, or if she was just missing her husband.

Inhibited less by the wine, Jennifer decided to pry a bit and find out if her attraction was all one sided, or whether Janice shared her feelings. “So, um, do you have a boyfriend?” she asked shyly.

Janice beamed and replied, “No, I don’t have time for a relationship. Besides, I am not into men.” Jennifer nearly choked on her wine. Janice chuckled and said, “Does that surprise you?”

Jennifer shook her head and stammered “No, but I was not expecting you to be so blunt. I mean, um…”

Janice grinned and said, “I did not get this far by being subtle. Let me ask you, have you ever been with a woman?”

Jennifer shook her head again and blushed. She might not have made her next statement, but wine does strange things to people. She confessed, “I do have… thoughts… fantasies I guess you could say.”

Janice smiled and said encouragingly “Well that is normal. I mean, it took me years to figure out what I was. I went back and forth, between bi, straight Casibom Giriş and lesbian before I decided. Hun, I hate to say it, but I think you married to young. You are a beautiful girl, and if you are having these urges then you should be free to explore them.”

Jennifer sighed. “I think you are right too. I often feel as though I married too early. I mean Chris is a great guy, but I think I am missing out. So you really think I am beautiful?” Janice nodded.

“I think you are stunning.”

For a few minutes there was a tense silence, mostly caused by Jennifer. “I wouldn’t know how to start experimenting anyway, I mean, I don’t know how to pick up women or…”

Janice cut off Jennifer by holding a finger over her lips. “I have seen you looking at me. I can show you how you start, you start like this.” With that, Janice put one hand under Jennifer’s long black hair, and pulled her closer for the first kiss. It was long and tender, with all the longing of the past few weeks behind it. Jennifer swooned as Janice slid her free arm around her petite waist. After a few moments, Janice pulled back and looked deep into Jennifer’s emerald eyes.

“Are you sure you want to continue?” asked Janice in a soft voice. She knew the answer before she asked, seeing her own feelings reflected in Jennifer’s eyes. Jennifer nodded slowly. The two embraced again, a little more passionately, less tender than before. Need surfaced in both of the woman like a sudden hunger in a wild beast. “Let us not rush things,” whispered Janice, wanting to savor every moment of their first contact. It had been some time since her last encounter; she wanted to make this one worthwhile.

Janice lay Jennifer down across the couch slowly, and admired her satin nightgown. “Green to match your eyes.” Janice cooed. The gown came down to her knees, and was cut to be comfortable and seductive at the same time. “Did you choose it on purpose?”

Jennifer blushed, adding to the color the wine gave her. “I think perhaps I did, although unconsciously.” She could feel herself getting moist with Janice’s experienced touch. Janice nodded.

“I think I will show you the beauty of a woman’s body, and then Casibom Yeni Giriş let you explore.”

Janice ran her fingers over Jennifer’s supple breasts. She rubbed her fingers over the hardened nipples, underneath the smooth fabric. Slowly she slipped the nightgown over Jennifer’s head, revealing an almost perfect body. Jennifer had been blessed with natural beauty. Janice admired the not too large but by no means small breasts that went well with her size. Her legs were graceful like a dancers, and her stomach was flat from the exercise that she did. “You are truly a treasure,” Janice purred.

She kissed her willing partner again, and moved to her neck, tenderly fingering her rock hard nipples. She kissed her way to those pert nipples, making sure to leave not an inch of Jennifer’s milky skin untouched. She sucked on her nipples lightly, teasing and tantalizing her. Jennifer could feel her clit begin to pulse at the mere thought of Janice’s tongue.

Janice smiled noticing the shy movements Jennifer made, in some futile effort to hide her reactions. “Just let go,” she whispered. Janice kissed her smooth stomach and ran her fingers along the inside of Jennifer’s shapely thighs. Unable to hold back any longer, she begged Janice with her body, arching at her touch. “Oh so that is what you want” Janice teased. She continued to kiss a line down to throbbing cunt.

Janice opened Jennifer’s lips spreading her so she could have better access. “Such a pretty kitty” she whispered intoxicatingly. Janice lapped at her swollen clit a few times, watching Jennifer arch her back in reaction to her tongue.

“Oh please” she pleaded.

“Ok, I will show you what it is like to cum for a woman.”

Janice inserted two fingers into Jennifer’s dripping sex, instantly finding her g-spot. Jennifer moaned in response to the action, lost in a bliss she had never known. Janice resumed lapping at her clit, reveling in the sweet tender fragrance of the younger woman. She enjoyed seeing her reactions, as Jennifer arched and moaned in response to the stimulation. It was hard for her not to smile as she concentrated.

Jennifer came at last, with a scream. Janice felt her inner walls clutch at her fingers, gushing as though she had just had her first orgasm. The girl was flushed from wine and passion, and she lay there breathing deeply as Janice sat back. “And that is how you begin…”

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