Impregnating Sarah — Part 3


Impregnating Sarah — Part 3

Sarah and Derek

“That morning, I was unsure how to act around Matt, particularly when we were with family. I realize it is silly now, but I thought people would be able to tell that we had had sex. I was terrified my Mom would notice and I developed a stomach ache worrying about how I could explain myself to her. Of course, there is no sign that magically appears on someone after they have had sex, so by the afternoon, I had calmed down and had resumed being me. My biggest concern was that sperm would continue to leak from my vagina all day. I am sure my memory exaggerates the actual conditions, but it seemed like I was dripping sperm for hours. I remember changing panties four times that day.

“Later that afternoon, Matt and I were sitting on the edge of the pool by ourselves and he suggested that we repeat our sexual adventures that evening. Some small bit of sanity had reached my brain, and I told he we could not risk having sex in the house again, it was too chancy. That was my ineffective attempt to tell him ‘no’, but he countered by suggesting that we go to Derek’s apartment and do it there. He assured me Derek would be out and that no one would bother us. I asked how I would explain our absence to my parents and he had an answer for that, too. He said I could tell them Derek had invited us to a pool party and bar-b-que. I couldn’t find any serious fault with his plans, or maybe I didn’t really want to and, once again, my self imposed form of peer pressure simply would not permit me to refuse to go with him. So I said, ‘ok’. He reminded me that to validate my story about a pool party, I would need to wear my new bikini. I accepted that logic with mixed emotions because it was the new bikini that had lead to our frenetic sexual activity the previous night and it appeared to have a role to play in the activities he had planned for that evening, too.

“I changed my clothes, putting on shorts and a T-shirt over my bikini, and asked my Mom if I could go with Matt to Derek’s house. Her mom-antenna must have sensed something out of the ordinary because she asked me a bunch of questions about who was going to be there; how old they were; was there going to be any alcohol; and the usual good parent questions. I told her the truth as far as I knew it. She told me that she really didn’t know much about Derek and that if anything looked like it was going to get out of control, I needed to have Matt drive me home. I could honestly tell her I would do that because as far as I knew, Matt and I were going to be the only people in the apartment. With my assurance that I would stay close to Matt, she relented and told me I could go, but I had to be home before 10:00 pm.

“The ride to Derek’s was very short, in fact we easily could have walked, but since it would be dark when we returned, Matt thought having the car would be a good idea. When we got to the apartment, Matt knocked but got no response. I was a little bit relieved when it looked like we might have to turn around and go home. But Matt told me Derek always left a key under the door mat, which he located quickly. In seconds, we were in the apartment. I was very uneasy being in a stranger’s apartment because I had no knowledge of Derek and didn’t really know if he knew we were going to be there. Matt tried to calm me down, telling me he talked to Derek all the time and Derek knew we were going to be there and most importantly, Derek knew why we were there. I was shocked that Matt had told anybody about us and told him so. He didn’t think it was a big deal and he didn’t think Derek would have let us use his apartment if Matt hadn’t told him. I was still upset, but Matt told me Derek would understand because he was 24 years old and brought women back to his place all the time. Somehow that reasoning made sense and I quit pouting.

“Remembering it now, Derek’s apartment was a dump. There were clothes on the furniture, dishes in the sink, and a musty smell that Matt said was evidence of past parties that couldn’t be vacuumed out of the carpet. It was only about 5:30 in the afternoon, but Matt was eager for my body. He took my hand and led me toward the couch. We had to clear off some clothes and old magazines, but we settled onto the couch. Matt took me in his arms, and we began kissing. He quickly unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and pushed them down below my knees. He didn’t get them all the way off, and I had to finish removing them by kicking my legs. My t-shirt was next and it came off easily and quickly. Matt pushed me down on the couch and moved his hand under the cup of my bikini top as he kissed me hard.

“In addition to being dirty, the couch was in terrible shape. It was lumpy and very uncomfortable. I told Matt we needed to move and he Porno hikayeleri suggested we use the bedroom. I wasn’t sure if Derek would appreciate our using his bed for sex, but I knew the couch was not going to work, so we moved to the bed. It, too, required some cleaning before we could get on it. We tossed a pair of jeans on the floor and I picked up another magazine that I thought was a sports magazine. It was a porn magazine and Matt said we should look at it to get some new ideas. For some reason, I thought that was a good idea and we sat together on the edge of the bed and thumbed through the magazine.

“The photographs were very high quality and very detailed. The first scene we turned to featured a woman sucking a man’s cock. Since I had done that with Matt, I was interested in the photos. The last series of photos showed the man’s cock shooting sperm into the woman’s mouth and it looked like she swallowed most of it. I asked Matt if he would have done that to me the previous night. He said he hoped we would try that tonight.

“The next scene showed a man having sex with a woman doggie style. I didn’t know the term back then, but Matt was quick tell me. He told me lots of men liked that position because they could watch their cock fuck the woman’s pussy. He thought we should try that, too. I laughed at him and for some bizarre reason said that if we didn’t get started, we wouldn’t have time to do anything. He tossed the magazine to the floor, stood in front of me, and told me to take off his shorts. I unbuckled and unzipped them and they dropped to the floor. He was not wearing any underwear, so I was once again staring at his penis. This time it was semi-erect which surprised me because I had only seen it fully erect in the past. He put his hand on my head and guiding my mouth to his cock said I should know what to do by now.

“I took the hardening member in my mouth and began to move my lips up and down its length. Because it was not fully hard, I was initially able to take the whole thing in my mouth, but as he achieved his full erection, I was able to handle less and less. In its fully erect state, he was about six inches long and I was only able to take about half its length in my mouth without gagging. But Matt did not appear to mind my oral limitations. At one point during this early stage of the night, he had both hands on my head and was thrusting in and out of my mouth, taking care not to enter too deeply.

“After a few minutes of using my mouth, he was ready to move on. He withdrew and urged me to take off my bikini and lay back on the bed. While I unhooked the top of the bathing suit, he pushed and pulled the panty portion until they lay in a heap at my feet. I stepped out of them and lay on the bed. Matt’s fingers went immediately to my vagina and began to stroke softly along my moist slit. Soon, my juices were flowing and he inserted his middle finger between my labia and into my womb entrance. The contact felt good and I began to anticipate receiving his cock.

With the impatience of youth, he stopped fingering me and moved quickly between my legs, pushing his cock into my pussy. He immediately established a rapid in-and-out thrusting that probably felt good to him, but was not doing much for me. I boldly told him to slow down and take his time, I wasn’t going anywhere and no one was going to bother us. He stopped, told me I was probably right, and then proceeded to pump into me at a much more controlled and sensual rate.

“I was starting to respond to his thrusts when I heard a noise from the front of the apartment. Matt heard it too, because he stopped moving in and out of me. I asked him about the noise and he replied that it was nothing to worry about. Just then I heard a voice call out, ‘Matt, you here?’ I panicked, and tried to get up so I could dress but I couldn’t move. Matt was lying fully on top of me, and there was no way I could force him off. Again the voice called to Matt, but this time Matt responded, ‘Derek, that you? We’re in here.’ Matt resumed fucking me during this exchange. His strokes were short and slow, leaving most of his cock inside me.

The owner of the voice came into the bedroom and turned on the overhead light, exposing us to the full view of a very dark, African-American man. Matt did not change his rhythm, but I tried to bury myself in his shoulder to hide my face. I heard Derek ask, ’Is this the little girl you been telling me about?’ Matt responded that I was the very girl. ‘Is she cute,’ Derek asked? Matt lifted himself up on his arms, keeping his cock fully buried in my pussy. His motion exposed my face and most of my body to Derek. ‘Oh yeah, she’s cute,’ Derek answered himself. ‘How many times have you fucked her?’ Matt just laughed, and then Derek Sex hikayeleri asked if Matt was riding bareback. I guess to illustrate his condition, Matt pulled completely out of me to show Derek he had no condom. He quickly re-entered and resumed fucking. Derek laughed, too, and said he liked a woman that was not afraid of a little sperm.

“Rather than turning out the light and leaving the room, Derek began to strip off his clothes. I told Matt that Derek wasn’t leaving, but Matt told me to relax, and if Derek wanted to stay, he could stay. I started to insist that Matt get off me, and that I wanted to go home immediately. Matt stopped his rhythmic pumping and looked directly into my eyes. His demeanor and personality changed dramatically. The change was reflected in his hard stare. He was no longer my dream lover and protector, he wasn’t even my uncle – he was someone I didn’t know, and I realized that I was in serious trouble.

“’Look,” he told me, ‘we came here to fuck and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. I’ll take you home when we’re through with you and not before.”

Sarah paused, looking up at the ceiling, tears welling in the corner of her eyes. She turned toward Laura, “Those words will be burned in my memory forever because that was when I, as an innocent and na? teenager, understood that I was being used and that neither love nor affection was involved.”

Laura held up her hand to stop Sarah’s monologue. “Are you alright?” she asked, handing her a tissue. “Do you want to stop?”

Sarah replied, “I’m ok,” wiping her eyes as she struggled to retain her composure.

“Are you sure,” Laura questioned?” Sarah nodded.

“What did you do?” Laura asked.

“What could I do? I was trapped in a room with two men; one of them was having sex with me and the other was getting ready to take his turn. I was physically too small to fight them and yelling for help was out of the question. I don’t think I made a conscious decision regarding a course of action, but in the end I guess I did whatever I had to do to survive the night and leave the apartment.”

“What did you have to do?” asked Laura.

“Derek was nude and had joined us on the bed. Obviously, I had never seen a black man before and his size truly frightened me. Even semi-erect, he was easily eight inches long and very thick. He moved up towards my head, and as he moved, he asked Matt if I had sucked his cock. Matt told him I had done it twice, but he was quick to point out that he had not yet cum in my mouth. Derek made a joke about me being an oral virgin, and said he would have to take care of that.

“As Derek crowded onto the bed, Matt moved his upper torso off of me at an angle. He continued to move his cock in and out of me, but he was no longer lying directly on top. His movement allowed Derek more access to me, particularly my face. Derek cradled my face and head in his hands and made some comment about my sweet, innocent face. He also said he knew how to make me beautiful. With that, he kissed me, his tongue probing my lips.

“I refused to open my mouth and he backed away, his eyes were hard and almost threatening. He questioned Matt, making the statement, ‘I thought you said she would cooperate.’ Matt’s response was to challenge me, telling me to relax and enjoy myself. Derek repeated Matt’s thought and suggested that we try again.

“As he lowered his lips to mine, I was desperate. I didn’t know what to do. I knew that if I kissed him back, he was going to have sex with me, too. But if I didn’t respond, there were implied threats in their speech and body language; I was terrified they would hurt me. When Derek’s tongue began to probe my lips again, I reluctantly opened my mouth to accept it. Derek murmured something into my mouth that sounded appreciative and began the first of a long series of long, wet kisses, accompanied by a relatively tender groping of my breasts and nipples. After several minutes of a frantic series of tongue wrestling matches, I, too, was breathless and even sexually stimulated.

“Matt had continued to thrust in and out of me during my session with Derek and made some comment about my pussy being really wet. Derek then said he needed a little head. I was a little unsure what he meant, but as he moved to straddle my chest, I quickly understood what he wanted.”

Sarah laughed, “One of the best parts of that whole day occurred when Derek swung his leg over my chest. He accidentally kicked Matt in the side of the head, momentarily causing him to think about something other than having his dick in my pussy.

“Derek had straddled me so that my head was imprisoned between his knees. He told me to open my mouth and he guided his massive cock between my lips. He was so big Sikiş hikayeleri that my mouth could only take his cockhead and one, or at most, two inches of his shaft. My jaws hurt from being stretched. Fortunately, he did not attempt to force his cock into my throat. He was content to move the head of his cock in and out of my mouth. Once, he pushed himself in to the point that I almost gagged, but he stopped, telling me that I may have been cute before, but I was truly beautiful with his cock in my mouth.

“After a few minutes of oral sex, Derek asked Matt how much longer he was going to fuck me because, ‘Her pussy looks pretty good.’ Matt said he was getting there and increased the speed of his thrusts. Derek moved off of my chest and lay next to me so he could watch Matt fuck me. Matt’s thrusts were deep and powerful. I tried to ignore the sensual feelings caused by his rutting, but I was too young and too inexperienced. Soon I was panting in unison with Matt’s thrusting groin, and low throaty groans were escaping from my clenched lips.

“I was close to orgasm, but Matt was closer. He thrust completely inside me with each stroke, pounding his groin against mine. He grunted with each thrust and I knew his sperm was flooding into my vagina. Soon he collapsed on top of me, breathing hard. I could feel his cock twitch sporadically, but he was finished.

“I did not want him to stop because I was close to my own orgasm, but I didn’t know what to do or say. Derek seemed to sense my need and literally pulled Matt off me. Once Matt was out of the way, Derek moved between my legs, using his knee to spread my legs even wider. Gripping his cock in one hand, he guided the massive head to my pussy and rubbed up and down the length of my slit, using Matt’s sperm and my own juices to lubricate his member.

“He entered me slowly, always maintaining a constant pressure, but never forcing himself in. He was so big his entrance hurt somewhat and I winced several times. Derek knew he was large and he took his time, allowing me to adjust to each inch. Suddenly he asked how it felt to have nine inches of black cock in my tight little pussy. At that moment, I was focused on absorbing the pain of having the walls of my pussy stretched, so I was confused by his question. He raised himself up with his arms and told me to look.

“I looked down to the point were our bodies were joined and saw that his black, tightly curled pubic hair was mashed fully against my groin. He was completely inside me. As I continued to stare, he slowly withdrew a few inches of his cock and as it emerged from the folds of my labia, I could see his shaft was shiny and wet with my secretions. I also noticed that when he withdrew, my pussy lips were stretched tight around his shaft, but when he re-entered me, my lips folded in on themselves as if trying to follow the shaft into my womb.

“He continued to fuck slowly in and out, and I continued to watch, mesmerized by the vision of his black organ vanishing into my body. My pussy was adjusting to his size and a warm sensation began to grow in my loins. At one point, he pulled his cock almost completely out, leaving only the head at the entrance to my vagina. I thought he was done and before I could control myself, I cried out and grasped his hips with my hands to draw him back into my core. He smiled down at me and said he wasn’t going anywhere until he had cum in my pussy.

“He then began using short strokes to move his cockhead in and out. The sensations were overwhelming. I opened my legs wider and drew my knees back toward my shoulders, giving him even better access, but I could not hold them in that position. Derek recognized that he could drive deeper into me with my legs drawn up in that fashion so he hooked my legs around his arms and used his arms to prop my legs open. Once I was in position, he began to stroke deeply into me. It felt like his cock hit the back of my womb with each stroke.

“I was close to orgasm. The size of his cock combined with the depth of each stroke had driven me to new heights of passion. The muscles of my inner thighs had begun to spasm; my breathing was ragged; my face and chest was flushed. I grunted and grasped him in my arms, holding him as close to me as I could just as I felt a flood of warmth burst in my pussy. I was cumming and I wanted him deep inside me. I gasped for breath with each orgasmic spasm. That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had – even to this day.

“As my climax began to subside, Derek’s began. He clutched my body tightly to his and shoved his cock into me as rapidly as possible. I could feel his cock expand and then, through clenched teeth, he announced that he was cumming. His balls released a torrent of hot, thick cum deep into my womb. He grunted with each spurt, and continued to grunt for several seconds. I did not think to count his vocalizations, but he must have produced a shot glass full of cum because the sheets beneath us was soaked.

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