If I Knew Then… Ch. 06


I had everything ready to go in the car when the call came on Saturday morning. I was at Jill’s house in twelve minutes, and the door was opened by Jill in a dressing gown, and I thought, nothing else. That thought was confirmed once the door was closed and I could take her in my arms to kiss her.

She was already very turned on, and slightly wild eyed. Between kisses she said “Upstairs” so we made our way to the foot of the steps and then she broke off and ran up them. I followed, spurred on by the fact that as she ran Jill was undoing her robe, and dropped it behind her as she opened the bedroom door, calling out “It’s Sean, honey!”

I stopped at the door to stare. Jill was lying naked on top of Penny, who was also naked. They were kissing, and Penny’s hands were smoothing over Jill’s body in a desirous fashion. I could see that both were using their tongues, and Jill was playing with Penny’s left breast, squeezing the nipple between thumb and finger, and at the same time moving to get her knee between Penny’s. She was pressing her pussy down on the top of Penny’s thigh, and as I watched Penny opened her legs, raising the one between Jill’s thighs and pressing her own dark hairy mound up against the pale leg that was rubbing between her soft tanned limbs. Penny was obviously in a state of high arousal.

I wondered what to do. Strip? Join in fully clothed? Let them carry on and just watch? It looked like Penny would come soon, and if that hand of Jill’s was heading where I expected …

Penny’s body lurched upward as Jill’s fingers ran through her pubic hair, over her mons and down her naked lips. I watched as Jill curled a finger upwards, pressing in and parting Penny’s thick outer labia, catching the moisture within, bringing it up to her clit, pressing a fingertip on that sensitive bud, driving the breath from her body. Penny was overwhelmed. Her body shook and her legs flailed as she almost screamed. For a moment Jill was shocked into stillness, but then renewed her efforts. She had moved her own leg back to allow her hand access, and now bent her head to take a nipple in her mouth as she began rapidly rubbing her fingers up and down over Penny’s swollen pussy. Penny’s body responded, her gasps getting higher pitched, her hands clutching Jill’s head as she came.

From my viewpoint at the bottom of the bed I saw Jill move to kiss Penny, her hand releasing Penny’s pussy, leaving it open to my sight. Her dark hair was thick and only slightly curled, her Mediterranean colouring showing in the darkness of the inner lips just showing through the tanned outer labia. I had to kiss them.

I moved to kneel between Penny’s feet, bending to worship her beauty with my mouth. The first touch of her pussy was made with the tip of my tongue. Her thighs jerked to close, then relaxed as I explored her with lips and teeth and tongue and nose and chin. I was able to push her legs wider and lick down the whole length of her, pressing my tongue into her depths.

Jill was still kissing her and playing with her breasts, and Penny began fondling her in return. As I ran my mouth up to concentrate on her clitoris, savouring the delicious taste of musky salty sweetness, I saw Penny’s hand reach for Jill’s nipples and the other slide down over her stomach to explore the pale pink folds and light brown curls below.

Jill moaned, and my erection caught in my jeans became uncomfortable. I wanted her. Her pale thigh was only a few inches away, curving up to her upraised bottom. Her breasts hung down with Penny’s darker hand gripping one. I could just move to stand behind her, drop my trousers and take her from behind. I could grip those slim pale hips and sink my cock deep, and come in her as she kissed Penny and fingered her. But Penny was approaching another climax as I lapped at the top of her slit and slid a finger carefully up and down the lower part of it. I couldn’t stop now.

I found the entrance to her pussy, and pressed gently in with my finger tip. Penny gasped “Oh, oh my! Oh what are you doing?”

I didn’t reply, my mouth was busy. I gently pulled my finger out and pushed it back in, deeper, feeling her soft warm wetness. She wriggled and again said “Oh, oh my!”

I repeated the motion, and with each penetration I licked her clitoris, and as I pulled out I pulled gently to each side or down, relaxing her muscles, stretching her. After half a dozen strokes I had my whole finger in her and had spread her open with my tongue. I paused to look at her.

It was a strangely familiar sight, in memory from another life, Penny’s pretty pussy with my finger in it, inner lips dark pink, almost purple edged, dark haired lips spread, tanned thighs wide, conical tits with dark nipples pointing at the ceiling, gasping as my thumb rubbed her clitoris and the finger inside her pulsed against the inside of her behind her mons. Of course in memory Jill had not been there, sucking those dark nipples, and having her own pussy fondled by Penny.

I felt Penny’s inner muscles contract in waves around my finger as I latched onto her clit again Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort with my lips and flicked it with tongue tip and hummed deeply at the same time. As she came I pumped my finger in and out in time with her pulses and her gasps.

She was almost breathless and weeping by the time I let her close her legs and climbed up the bed beside her. She clung to Jill as she kissed her and held her, and I snuggled behind her, wrapping my arm around both girls. I kissed Penny’s neck and Jill’s lips. Jill smiled, and ran her tongue across my mouth, tasting her friend’s pussy on my lips. “Mmm.” Jill crooned.

“Hi Penny. You okay?” I said gently.

“Uh huh.” she snuggled against Jill’s shoulder, “Very.” Then she giggled. “You never told me about that, Jilly.”

Jill laughed “Good isn’t it? And did he put his finger inside as well?”

Penny nodded, “I think so. It felt weird. Nice though, especially when I came.”

“Hmm, I know what you mean. It is good to have something inside when I come. Speaking of which, I need to come now, with something inside me. Help me get Sean out of those clothes please.” Jill said, and released Penny. She rolled off her side of the bed, and came round to my side as Penny rolled over to face me.

Penny kissed me then, as she pulled at my jumper. I made sure to touch my tongue to hers, and smiled when we parted to let her pull my clothes over my head. I pulled her back to kiss her and said “Your mouth is as delicious a your pussy, Penny.”

Her eyes went wide and she looked shocked as she broke the kiss. She blushed as I said “You can taste it on my lips, can’t you? And don’t you taste good?” and I kissed her again.

“Oh,” she said “I, I …”

“No false modesty now, and no silly prejudice.” I said sternly. “Kiss me again, and tell me how I taste.”

She did as she was told. “I suppose it isn’t bad.”

Jill laughed. She was at my feet, undoing my shoes and taking off my socks. “It is odd the first time, honey. But I like it now. The same with Sean’s cock. The first taste was strange but then it was delicious.”

Penny was blushing fully then. “Sean’s … Sean’s…” she spluttered.

“Penny darling,” Jill crooned, and came up to put an arm round her “You liked it when he kissed your pussy yes?” Penny nodded “And I love it when he kisses mine. So it makes sense that he would like being kissed there too, doesn’t it?” Jill asked in gentle, reasonable tones.

“And you did that?” said Penny. “You have kissed it?”

Jill nodded “You asked me last night if I would show you everything we do. Well that is one of the things we do. You don’t have to do it, okay? Now, I want to get Sean naked. I want to play with him, and make him come, like we said last night. Is that okay?”

By this time the two girls were kneeling side by side on the bed, with me infront of them, lying facing them, my head at Penny’s end of the bed, my waist about level with Jill’s knees. I had my right hand on Penny’s bottom, just cradling it, and my left on her knee, again just holding her. I smiled up at her as she looked down nervously. “It’s ok, Penny darling,” I said, “We can all put our clothes back on if you want.”

She giggled, and automatically raised an arm to cover her breasts. “Oh I’m sorry. I just feel rather silly suddenly. I mean, you have just seen me naked. I am naked. It’s all a bit weird.”

I raised myself on my elbow and reached to take her chin. I said “Yes, I have seen you naked, and you are beautiful. From top to toe, and all of the bits in between. I am very lucky, I know it, to have two beautiful young women naked on a bed with me, and it would be an awful shame if they got dressed so soon.” I kissed her, and drew her down to me, letting her develop the kiss, letting her run her hands over my chest, as I touched her sides and breasts and back and thighs. I whispered how beautiful she was, complimented her smooth skin, her firm breasts, her tiny oval navel, her bottom. I had to admit when she questioned me that it wasn’t as round as Jill’s, but it was beautiful none the less.

Jill had moved off the bed. It was not really large enough for three. I was conscious that I was neglecting her as I seduced Penny, but she knew what I was doing. I rolled Penny on her back and began to kiss my way down her body. Jill came and sat on the edge of the bed, stroking Penny’s hair and saying “He is right you know. You are beautiful naked. Open your legs for him Penny, let him look at your pussy again.”

She did as she was told, and I kissed her there again, saying “Such a beautiful thing, so complex and pretty, and soft and sweet,” and I kissed her deeply.

Penny gave a great relaxing sigh. Jill said “That’s better eh?” and moved to lie beside her. They kissed, while I nibbled at Penny’s pussy, and Jill lifted her leg so I could slide two fingers into her very wet slit. Jill began to pant quite soon as I worked my fingers in her and Penny’s kisses and caresses fired her nerves. She brought Penny’s hand down to join mine as I used my thumb on her clit, and I heard her say “Rub me Darling, make me come, Penny.”

Penny obeyed.

I had two fingers in Jill and one in Penny when Jill came. She was clutching at Penny’s hair and back, kissing her deeply and wildly and rubbing her breasts against Penny’s. Both girls hips were jerking and rocking, and I felt Penny begin to contract around my finger as she held Jill in her arms. Her orgasm was not as intense, but she shook and moaned, and the two kissed like lovers reunited after a month apart.

I gently moved my hands to release them both, and watched as they wrapped their legs around each other.

They were beautiful. Stunning. Pale skin and honey, slim and curvy, pink and brown. Both lost in post orgasmic haze.

I was touched by it, and a little frustrated. I decided to remove my trousers but keep my underpants on so as not to freak Penny too much, and I climbed onto the bed behind Jill.

I spooned her, and nuzzled her neck. Her hand came round between us to grasp my cock, and she had to fiddle for a moment to get her hand down my waistband. I pressed against her, my hips moving in a rhythm of their own.

Jill matched my movements, and I began to get quite heated. I was reaching round her to hold her breasts, and I could feel Penny’s against my hands as well. Over Jill’s shoulder Penny’s face was peaceful and sated, she had her eyes closed and head back, hair wild about her head, face gently flushed. As I watched she rolled onto her back, exposing her pointed breasts and matted bush. There was room for Jill to roll onto her back beside her, if I made a tricky manoeuvre holding myself on one knee and one hand. Then I could move between her legs, and she opened her thighs and arms to embrace me.

“Hi there beautiful woman, how are you doing?” I said

“Doing good, handsome man. But I want you.” she hoarsely whispered.


“Now and always.” she smiled, and we kissed and my cock grew harder. She opened her legs more, and lifted them, so I pressed on her wet and open sex. At her moan Penny opened her eyes and when she saw what we were doing she grinned.

“Oh, Sean, no trousers?” she said coquettishly.

“No pants either if you’ll give me a hand.” said Jill, and she pulled at the top of my knickers.

“You sure?” asked Penny, as she got to her knees beside me.

“Yes Darling. I’ve done this before.” said Jill. I raised myself to let Penny pull them down below my knees, then lowered myself on my knees to lift my feet. As I did so Jill caught my cock, and began to wank me. I longed to take her right then, just sink into her pussy, but I knew Penny would freak. As it was she was pretty surprised.

“Oh my goodness!” Penny cried. “Jill, Oh my!”

Jill laughed, and said, “Pretty isn’t he?”

Penny was kneeling with her hand covering her mouth. “Jill, is Sean’s… Is he… Jilly?”

Jill held up her hand to Penny and beckoned her. “Come down here love, it’s ok, honey.”

I had held still, and smiled at Penny as she moved to Jill’s side. “That’s it, honey, come here.” Jill said wrapping her arm round her friend, and stroking her hair and back. “It’s fine, look.”

She pushed up on my chest, and I lifted up, so Penny could see. “Oh.” was all she said.

Jill made another stroke and pulled me toward her, dropping her legs and closing them so I could straddle her. I moved up over her stomach and she pulled me further. My cock was over her breasts, six inches from Penny’s face, as Jill slowly pulled my foreskin back. She held me with just one finger and her thumb, so Penny could see. “Isn’t it pretty?” said Jill

Penny looked dubious. Jill said “You can touch it if you like.”

Penny glanced up at me, and then at Jill and then reached out a finger. She touched my shaft gingerly. “Oh. It’s soft.”

“Actually it’s quite hard, although not fully hard.” said Jill “Hold it. Go on. Put your hand round it. That’s it, a bit tighter but not too tight, like this,” she said, putting her hand over Penny’s. “Now if you move it like this, it is like when Sean put his finger in you, but the the other way round.”

I gave an appreciative moan, and said “That’s nice, Penny, thank you.”

Jill smiled at me, and winked. Then said “Ok, can you keep doing that? Alright then I can do this.” She wriggled further down, and kissed the tip of my cock. Penny was wide eyed, but kept stroking me.

I pulled a pillow to support Jill’s head, and lowered myself so it was easier for her to reach me. Jill said “Thanks Sean, now could you just wank him with two fingers into my mouth please Penny.”

Hearing her say that, and feeling and seeing them do it, was a serious turn on.

Jill was making a show of it, and Penny was watching closely as she licked the underside of my glans, and up over the opening, round the top and back down before sucking me in with her whole mouth. I pushed forward, so several inches went into her as she sucked, and Penny’s fingers touched Jill’s lips. I pulled back, and did it again, finding Penny’s quiet exclamations of “Oh. Oh my!” an amusing and arousing sound track.

“Could you pull Sean’s foreskin up and just wank the tip please, honey, I want to lick his shaft and balls.” Jill said in deep and wicked tones.

Penny almost squeaked “Okay.” and watched amazed as Jill slipped under me, licking my shaft up and down then kissing and sucking and licking my balls.

“Oh, girls, that’s good. If you keep that up I’ll come.” I groaned.

Jill stopped what she was doing and said “Do you want to come in my mouth or Penny’s hand?”

“Your mouth, if you want it”

“Hmmn yes please.” said Jill.

Penny stopped wanking me and looked down at Jill “You want him to do it in your mouth?” Her voice dripped with incredulity an horror.

“Oh Penny honey, you should taste him. It’s delicious darling. And his come is lovely. No really, trust me. Here come closer, doesn’t he smell nice?” Jill pulled Penny nearer to my cock, and I lifted up towards her. “Now Penny, try it. Do what I was doing, you’ll see. Just a little kiss.”

Penny pursed her lips, swallowed her uncertainty, and gave the end of my cock a light peck.

“Oh you can do better than that!” said Jill, craning up to lick my balls. “Give Sean a proper kiss.”

Penny did as she was told. I made a small whimper of pleasure and she looked up at me, so I smiled to reassure her and said “Thank you Penny dear, that was nice. Would you do it again?”

She did it again, looking up at me, her big brown eyes full of wonder. “Oh yes, that’s lovely.” I said “Oh yes, that’s nice too, oh, I like that. Can you take a little more in, so your tongue can… Oh yes that’s the spot.”

She had taken the end in her mouth and was licking the underside of my glans the way Jill had done. Jill was watching her, and said encouragingly “Good girl Penny, now try sucking it”

I moaned. The noise made Penny look up again but not stop. I could see her eyes smiling and she moved her hand back and forth, wanking me as she sucked, wanking me into her mouth. I almost came. A stab of near orgasmic muscle twinging pleasure dragged another groan from me and I nearly fell forward. Jill laughed. “Oh Penny, he likes that!”

“Oh, oh, I have to lie down” I gasped.

Penny released my cock and said “Are you okay?”

I gulped air and Jill said “He’s fine honey. It’s just like when you are going to come. Your legs get wobbly, yes? Here darling lie down here.” She moved from under me, and pulled me back onto my heels, them lowered me on my back. She kissed me, and glanced at Penny “It’s ok, you can suck him again now” she said.

Penny bent to lift my cock, and put it in her mouth. She responded to the movement of my hips and began wanking me and sucking at the same time, bobbing her head. I reached for Jill’s pussy as she kissed me, and played with her nipples. Jill hummed, and dropped her lips to whisper “Come in her mouth.”

I groaned, and tried to whisper “Lick my balls” but it was loud enough for Penny to hear. As Jill shifted to do it, Penny ran her mouth down my shaft and began lapping at my balls, copying what Jill did earlier. Jill laughed as I writhed and said “Well done Penny, mind if I join in?”

Without waiting for answer she licked me and took me in her mouth, bobbing her head up and down, sucking me, wanking me, pulling my leg wide to let Penny get a better approach to licking me, doing everything to make me come.

In seconds I was panting and my hips were jerking, Jill pulled her mouth away but kept wanking me hard and fast, and I heard her say “You want to suck him? He’s going to come in a moment. Suck him Penny, come on.”

Jill’s body was in the way so I could not see, but I felt the mouth on my balls stop and a second later hot lips closed on my cock as Jill kept wanking me. A hand closed on my balls, and Jill said “Come now Sean, come for us, come on, come in her mouth!”

I had no alternative.

Jill kept wanking me, my hips heaved up, Penny sucked and I felt the rush of spunk out of my balls, forcing up through my cock, pulsing out into the mouth that held me, the tongue that swirled around my tip. Seven ass-clenching, ball-twitching jets of come shot through me and my breathing stopped. I was rigid. Arched. My cock thrust deep in Penny’s mouth, Jill holding still, squeezing my shaft.

I collapsed. Every muscle relaxed, breathing in gasps. I barely felt them letting go of my cock, and long moments passed before I raised my head to see the girls kissing deeply over me, their long hair brushing my stomach and thighs.

When the kiss was over Jill looked in Penny’s eyes and said “Didn’t I tell you he was delicious?”

“Hmmn. Okay. You were right. But I can’t believe I just did that. And I can’t believe I enjoyed it.” Penny sat back on her heels. She looked around like someone waking up. “I’m sitting here, stark naked, with a naked man. And a naked girl. Who I’ve been kissing. Both of them. I’m not sure which should be the more disturbing. Why am I not disturbed by this? I mean, look at me. I’m naked. I’ve spent eighteen years wearing clothes my parents approve of. I have kissed four boys, including you, Sean. Three of them in the last three weeks.”

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